On Oct 15, 2018, 1:00 p.m., Leandra M. Cohen wrote:

Hey! You look so cool today. Tell me everything about what you’re wearing, and then I’ll tell you everything about this artichoke headband. (Spoiler alert, everything about said headband = it costs $913.)

On Oct 15, 2018, 5:57 p.m., Amelia Diamond wrote:

The best thing about that headband, even after you told me it was an “artichoke headband” and spoiler’d the $913 cost, is that it honest to god looks like a pile of artichokes on top of a headband. For some reason I hadn’t prepared myself.

On my bod I am wearing:

The best striped shirt from La Ligne that I struggle with because I like to wear it to bed, too, so it takes turns as a home shirt versus an out-in-the-world shirt. (I can’t find the navy/red/primary blue combo online, but this is the same shape.)

“The Aloe” jeans by AYR.

Vintage Les Copains jacket (I basically wore it every day during Feb PFW).

And I’m borrowing Harling’s shoes (they’re Miista London, and I love them) because I forgot my office shoes/only wore commuter shoes. Speaking of which, I walked to work in those new New Balances we both have and a men’s Barbour coat and essentially looked like Lindsay Weir from Freaks and Geeks. It was a unique commuting choice for me and I felt weird about the entire getup, so thanks 4 ur kind words.

All of my clothes suddenly feel foreign to me — things that worked before, or were automatic saves. Does that ever happen to you?

P.S. I like your outfit, too, especially your BARRETTES, WHO MAKES ‘EM? Like your shorts, too. (Your ability to withstand the elements is admirable.)

On Oct 15, 2018, 8:19 p.m., Leandra M. Cohen wrote:

Of course it happens to me — our closets are such an obvious representation of our personalities that sometimes I just want to yell on the top of my lungs, CAN’T YOU SEE WHAT I SEE?

Example: You know when you’re melting into a cereal bowl while watching Sex and the City and you’re sure you’ve never felt so good about feeling so bad? It is just about the only thing that can nurse you back to health in hangover mode, for example, but suddenly, out of nowhere, between Charlotte York’s conversion to Judaism and Lucky Charms marshmallows getting too soggy, it stops working? (Speaking of Charlotte York, btw, look at this four-strand faux pearl collar.) That’s you changing. Or that feeling when you need to turn off your brain, so you turn to, I don’t know, Bored.com because it always surprises and delights, but then, out of nowhere, during a routine lights-out session, it just starts feeling…static? Dated? Stale? Ch-ch-changes.

I started taking note of this change about a year ago because the thing that I do to shut off historically has been to scroll, scroll, scroll through product pages on the vast e-comm sites of the internet. It still works sometimes, but not the way that it used to, and for a while it scared the hell out of me because I was still far away from becoming and thus had no satisfying or gratifying release to help me escape the banality or downright social grisliness of real life. To be clear, I still haven’t landed on a gratifying release but am much more comfortable with the uncertainty because I know better than before that it’s just a phase. It’s fleeting and inconclusive and it’s raw, and experiencing it means that I’m still living, which makes it so, so precious, but…

But…I forgot where I was going with this! Did I tell you that when you walked in this a.m., I originally thought you were wearing leather boot-cut pants with New Balance 990s? That was my favorite misunderstanding of the day! And thanks for the compliment, by the way. I bought those shorts at Prada when I was in Italy, which makes me feel dumb as hell because these fitness shorts are basically the same thing.

Also, I love the rubber boots I’m wearing but sort of wish I was wearing socks and these sandals. The problem with socks and sandals, though, is that unless the socks have grips under them, you are destined to slide out of shoes every step you take. If that’s not a metaphor for living life in the make-yourself-uncomfortable-everyday lane, I don’t know what is.

Tell me more about your clothes feeling foreign. What’s going on?

On Oct 19, 2018, 9:10 a.m., Amelia Diamond wrote:

First I have to tell you that I’m writing this while drinking hot hazelnut coffee on my couch and I just don’t think hot hazelnut coffee is as satisfying as iced hazelnut coffee.

Clothes feeling foreign: I’m wearing Outdoor Voices leggings, a black turtleneck, a black half-zip fleece (the practical layering kind, not the fashion kind) and those same New Balances (once I hit send on this, I have to run to a breakfast meeting near my apt). And in the words of Regina George, “This is all that fits me right now,” but I don’t mean physically, I mean emotionally, because everything else in my closet feels like something a different version of me picked out.

Now, granted, a lot of my closet is also still currently in summer mode. My coats are at my dad’s, and I seriously have no idea where I put my thicker sweaters. I’m pretty sure they’re on top of my closet in one of those tight seal bags, but every time I think about getting a stool and standing precariously on it and pulling everything down from the top of the closet, I get tired and eat a snack, so if my sweaters are up there, I haven’t come in contact with them yet. All of which is to say, dressing for the sudden drop in temperature is hard for more reasons beyond my existential ponderings.

Still: None of my clothes look like “me.” If this were a relationship about to end, I’d tell them that they haven’t changed, I have.

I want all navy, black and cream right now. Brown and black suede and leather. Maybe a chestnut-colored sweater. I want nothing to do with frays or rips, or too much volume (I want everything really sleek and fitted). I can’t stand all the stuff that feels like stuff. And I’m aware it’s all kind of boring, but I want to streamline, eliminate complicated dressing mornings (like you were talking about) and only wear things that make me feel great. I feel like I do a lot of testing out/trying to make things work even though they don’t/wearing clothes just because they’re in my closet and I feel guilty not wearing them.

Do you know what’s currently “in my cart”? Everlane, only:

A black ribbed wool cardigan
This cashmere crew in black and dark navy
A gray sweatshirt
This “stone” colored fleece half-zip
Another navy crew neck sweater
And these black straight leg cropped pants

Don’t even get me started on shoes, because all I want to wear are kitten-heeled mules forever and ever, and while I’m commuting, Chelsea boots. Maybe those faux croc (fauc) Trademark ankle boots you sent me the other day, because they are perfect (and I also appreciate that you can pay for them in installments).

Step one, I think, before I pull the trigger on anything, is to clean out my closet first, but more intensely than I ever have.

The problem is that I have things like this silvery, blouse-y sleeved, deep v-neck top that I bought at a Zara with my mom in Portugul (which I mention because I clearly still have a memory tied to it), and it takes up space, and I never wear it, but EVERY once in a while I get invited to a disco-themed Halloween party and remember that this shirt is perfect. You know?

But I can’t keep a closet of just-in-cases!

And: Do you think your own self-soothing habits have changed because you have, because of age or because of motherhood? I guess you can’t look to motherhood for all your changes — you would have changed no matter what (we are still both in our Saturn Returns, don’t forget!) — but I just feel like priorities shift when you have two humans who become the center of your universe.

You’re their horoscope!

On Oct 19, 2018, 11:16 a.m., Leandra M. Cohen wrote:

You, my friend, are tapped into the collective subconscious. There is definitely a sentiment in the air that is pushing the agenda of less is more, streamlined is the right line — ultimately proclaiming that joy is at its best when you are free from the burden of stuff. I feel it, too, and as an aside, get so frustrated when I think I am experiencing a unique thought only to find that there are, truly, no unique thoughts out there! We are all projections on a cog, and to your point about my changing and that being a function of age vs. motherhood — it is both! But what I am learning is less about the granular symptoms of my change (e.g., cereal bowls, scrolling through sites not being as satisfying as it used to be) and more about the sweeping realization of the above. The world doesn’t revolve around me; we are all projections on a cog. It is strangely liberating.

Are you going to get any of that Everlane stuff? I would advise against the pants; you are going to be so sick of that crop soon. The fleece half-zip and cardigans are great, though. I want a shell cardigan like that to tuck into high waist skinny jeans (who am I becoming?), or a mid-length, a-line skirt. The sweatshirt is pretty much that perfect structure and silhouette we have been talking about (and would look banging with some jewelry layered over it). I like the grey one to pair with a silver chain necklace and Elsa Peretti cuff. I’m so into this black one. <3

To your comment re: the silver top — you bring up something important! Which is that we tie sentimental value to some of our stuff, and if you still feel connected to that because it reminds you a seminal trip, then I think that “joy” is reason enough to hold on to it. I have this Isabel Marant dress that I know I won’t wear again in the foreseeable future, and sometimes when I look at it, I think to myself that I should just sell it, but I can’t bring myself to because I was wearing it on the day we found out my dad’s first CAT scan post a late-stage colon cancer diagnosis and surgery was clear. Conversely, I had this other dress that I absolutely LOVED but shredded and threw down a garbage chute — actually threw down a chute — because I was wearing it when I found out my friend’s son had leukemia and then again five months later when we found out my dad was sick. I couldn’t bear to sell or give it away because why the fuck would I deposit its bizarre juju elsewhere?

The other thing is, it’s okay to have some flair! Just keep a corner of your closet reserved for the stuff you know you can come back to when you feel like looking wacky. I just ordered this Ganni top and feel not at all guilty about it. Hey, also, what are your thoughts on tie dye? I know you know mine because you were in the product development meeting last week wherein I suggested we make 101 tie-dyed totes, so I guess it goes without saying that I’m so into it, but only if it’s worn not so literally! Vermont garden party, I am coming 4 u!

On Oct 23, 2018, 5:10 p.m., Amelia Diamond wrote:

Totally. To all of this. I know that sounds weak, but like the changing needs of my wardrobe, I’m absorbing!

Totally, too, to your question about tie dye. I love it forever and always so long as the colors are muted. That color of that tie-dyed Ganni tee is perfect. Exception to the muted rule: this Proenza Schouler tie dye clutch that kinda looks like tiger stripes. (Speaking of tiger stripes, those Le Specs sunglasses you love are now on sale for $45.) It all makes me think about how, one summer, just before junior year of college, I was on a wild hunt for a tie-dyed bikini and finally found one, of all places, at the Gap. It also makes me think of Man Repeller’s Camp weekend and the shibori station and all the cool prints that came out of that party.

I haven’t pulled the lever on anything Everlane-related yet, though you’re so right: The pants are gonna drive me nuts. I’m doing market for a no-holes denim story currently and have my full train of thought sucked back to blue jeans, anyway.

So far, a tight sampling:

These Jacquemus ones are actually perfect, but they currently only come in black or white, and I’m keeping this super blue.

VERY open to recommendations.

I also haven’t said yes to the Everlane dress/entire cart hoard yet because I got distracted over in Pixie Market land. A lot of stuff I want is on a waitlist, which is actually perfect because it’s going to give me time to see if I even want it should I get notified that it comes back. It gives me time to figure out if I can’t stop thinking about it.

(Like this white slip, which I need in my closet for sure in general, I’m just not sure this is the one.)

…If I get this orange Staud skirt (I really think that’s my favorite brand right now!), will I wear it more than once? I love it after styling its jacket friend in the apple picking story.

Also, it’s COLD AS HELL AS I WRITE THIS AND I AM IN MY APARTMENT NOT FEELING WELL. I wish our navy holiday beanie with strawberry-colored stripes was out RIGHT NOW.

How do you think you’ll wear it?

On Oct 23, 2018, 8:48 p.m., Leandra M. Cohen wrote:

With the matching sunglasses and my hair tucked into it. Duh!

Possibly, too, with a boxy sweater, not-cropped jeans and a gold chain belt (dw, I found one for you, too).

BUT FORGET THE STUFF! NEVER MIND THE STUFF! Tell me something special — what is the best thing that happened to you today?

On Oct 28, 2018, 4:22 p.m., Amelia Diamond wrote:

Oh my goodness to that nautical ’80s chain belt. Thank you to all that is good and gold in this world.

Tell you something special! Okay well given that it’s a Sunday as I write this, I just ate half a slice of pumpkin loaf with cheesecake frosting swirled around the middle. It was good but didn’t blow me away, but I definitely don’t regret it. Also caught up on The Good Place, almost dropped my laptop but didn’t (the didn’t part was a high), Kate Barnett texted me a photo of a unicorn, and my dad came over! Just to hang for a bit! That was really nice. Oh actually (as I’m writing this out I’m remembering more and more), this morning, as Spencer and I walked to get bagels (same place I got the pumpkin thing from for dessert), all these kids were trick-or-treating at all the stores on Bleecker Street, and I saw this one kid dressed as a skunk and it was the cutest thing ever. I’m not sure why, but I couldn’t get over it. He had a knit pumpkin hat on…I’m not doing him justice, but it would break your heart. I also saw a baby dressed as Elton John, which was perfect.

Did you dress your humans up? Are they too young? What’s the best thing to happen to you today? Or this week?

…I know we just had a whole thing about enough of stuff, but you know what brand I’m very into right now even though I am trying to break myself of an athleisure-only habit?

Tracksmith. I found out about them at their pop up at Rowing Blazers (I love that damn place so much).

The men’s stuff is really good. Look at these stirrup pants.

And I love their sweatshirts so much.

^ On brand with my quest to not feel schlubby even if I’m schlubbing.

Another thing I’ve been thinking about: bangles. I keep picking them up, emotionally, like this Amber one by Cult Gaia, then putting them down. Why do bangles feels so intimidating? They shouldn’t be.

That’s it. Those are all the musings in my head. I’m going to go shower now. (I get weirdly excited to shower these days because Kiehl’s sent me a bottle of their “Made for All” Gentle Body Cleanser and it is the best-smelling thing ever.)

Photo by Louisiana Mei Gelpi featuring Trademark boots, Proenza Schouler clutch, Le Specs x Double Rainbouu sunglasses and Fallon necklace

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