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MR Writers Club Prompt: The Story Behind Your Favorite Recipe

Have you heard of the Man Repeller Writers Club? Every month we pose a story idea, you write about it and then send it to us ( with the subject line “MR Writers Club.” We go through all submissions and post the winner on the first Saturday of every month. Ready? Let’s go.

As transitional dressing segues into winter dressing and everything smells like pumpkin spice, I’m sure we can all agree: holiday season is upon us. And what do holidays mean? The traditional rehashing of family drama, sure, maybe, but also FOOD. Just the mention of Thanksgiving sends me in a tizzy thinking about greens, candied yams, stuffing, and my Aunt Kathy’s mac and cheese. My aunt uses sharp cheddar and a pound of pasta and milk in a can (evaporated) to make her famous gooey goodness, but the first time I tried to recreate this dish as a youth I accidentally used condensed milk, which is delicious in Vietnamese coffee but not exactly the right bonding agent for a savory cheese and noodle casserole. I’m sure you can guess how that turned out.

ANYWAY. For this month’s Writer’s Club, think about what comforts and indulgences have filled your mouth with joy. Then, in 500 words or less, send us a cherished “family” recipe and the story behind it. Maybe it’s a dish from your most memorable holiday meal, the food that makes you think most of home or your best friend’s banana nut bundt cake. The recipe you share can be anything as long as it means something to you — and you tell us what that is, of course. Email your submissions to write [at] manrepeller [dot] com by 12 p.m. EST on November 27th. Can’t wait to see what you cook up.

Photo by Culture Club via Getty Images.

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