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Belt a Cardigan, Bunch Up the Sleeves, and a Handful of Other Fall Style Ideas

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I can’t recall if fall has always been a season of false starts — summer weather some days, winter weather the others — but the following point remains the same: Dressing during transitional times can get weird. I personally find that fall styling requires flexing a very specific kind of muscle, one that is emotional, and by that I mean sensitive to the temperamental fluctuations of the world in which it exists. A mutable muscle, if you will allow me to borrow some astrological language here, meaning not that the muscle is fickle like fall weather, but flexible. Adaptable. Like the best fall looks.

Looks like those my colleague (okay, boss) and dare I say friend (we’ve gone for sweet drinks together!) Leandra can put together with ease. This is a fact I have always known to be true but have become even more aware of since joining the MR team about a month ago. And it’s a fact you can confirm for yourself by clicking through the slideshow above, replete with six (mutable!) fall looks styled by Leandra to represent the muses of These “muses” represent the women who shop at all distinct, all unique, all capable of blending into each other if you are (to bring this back around) flexible enough to see it that way.

I can go on, but Leandra wrote about it, so I invite you to read her essay if you are curious.

And if you’re still hung up on our faulty weather patterns, join together a silk button-down blouse with cropped leggings and boots, or white-rimmed sunglasses with gray sweatpants, a blazer and velvet sandals. It won’t fix said weather patterns, but what better way is there to beat the weirdness of seasonal changes than with the converse weirdness of clothes that manage to make no sense and so much sense all at once?

ALSO!!! Watch Leandra discuss her exclusively curated edit AND consider the six muses that inform MATCHESFASHION.COM with a panel of special guests here!

Photos by Edith Young. 

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