481 of The Best Street Style Looks From Paris Fashion Week

Just as Paris Fashion Week is the grand finale of fashion month, Paris Fashion Week street style is the grand finale of outfit peeping, which is probably why clicking through the below slideshow feels a lot like tipping your head back and watching as the sky fills with exploding streams of light. Pink knee-socks tucked into metallic purple loafers, the perfect trench coat layered over the perfect sweatshirt, a cow-print cropped jacket, a sweater knit with a subtle boob motif, polka-dots on polka-dots, an oversized polo sweater, maximalist twinship, fancy hats — these are the components of what is very clearly a celebration of the joy inherent in getting dressed for a show. And I don’t just mean a runway show, I mean the communal spectacle that ensues when hundreds of people who love having fun with clothes have the opportunity to dance themselves down the same sunny sidewalk. There are few things more delightful, or entertaining, from a style perspective than that, so break out the popcorn, peruse Simon’s photos and meet me in the comments for a recap.

Photos by Simon Chetrit; follow him on Instagram @simonzchetrit

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