7 Outfits I’m Using for Style Inspiration Right Now

As you may remember, I am on my annual August-is-Still-Summer Campaign.

I am also on a bit of a shopping freeze, or at least trying to be, but I have been bitten by the NEED SOMETHING SPARKLY, SHINY AND NEW bug. The bite’s all swollen and itchy and I keep having to ask people standing nearby to make an X on it with their nails, just like a summer camp-obsessed pal of mine once taught me.

So fine, you caught me. I’m looking. But I’m also considering how I can take what I already own and mix it up with a few new pieces — and I’m hoping that some outfit inspiration by way of other groovy human beings can help take me there.

Let’s start with the model at the top of the post in those gold velvet pants and yellow swim top. Harling styled this look for her Slim Aarons-inspired shoot last summer and it’s been fashion-haunting me ever since I came across it again this summer.

I have a Hunza G two-piece (same one I put on “Charlotte” for last summer’s Sex and the City shoot) that could sub in here for the bikini. For the pants, I kind of want these strange yellow toille pants from Reformation. The slides and earrings are less of a priority for me here, but I’ll bookmark just in case.


Between her outfits, makeup, overall full looks and captions, FlexMami has to be one of my favorite people on Instagram. Sometimes I go through her old photos just to see what she was up to before I started following, and on this particular scroll session, I came across this outfit. AND I NEED IT! The gingham top, the pretty party skirt, the clashing patterns that keep it from being too cute. I don’t really have anything like either item so I guess I need both. But at least she’s not wearing shoes in the picture!


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Fine Weekend 🌹

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I will shed a single tear for the rest of my life for this absolutely perfect outfit. (All of Ana Gimeno’s outfits are pretty heart-stopping in my aesthetic book.) What I definitely do not need is another white shirt, and if we’re editing, I don’t need that bag. The furry sandals aren’t really my style, so I’ll go with a more plain version that already exists in my repertoire. I don’t own them, but the leather Trademark sandals we shot on Meredith Talusan would work great with this outfit. What’s most important here are the PANTS. Good god are they good.


I am not really worthy, but if I were, I’d say the best way to approximate Bettina Oldenburg’s outfit here would be to take a page out of Edith’s book, pick up a pair of mens’s swim trunks, pair it with my favorite pajama top, dig out some cool socks, and then maybe if I had a little extra cash money left over post-rent, I could think about investing in a pair of funky sandals to pair the whole thing with.


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Chloe and I in Miami ☯️

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Two outfit ideas in one photo? Today is my lucky inspiration day. I have enough jeans (don’t quote me the next time I say I don’t), but I really, really need a beautiful blue silk shirt like this. I could use it for the shirt above as well. On Molly, I love her dress, but for me it’s less about the dress and more about the clashing footwear she’s paired it with.  Her boots remind me of the plaid Tibi ones I’ve been dreaming of. They have green-dipped toes. Oh man are they beautiful.


This one’s trickier because you really do need the actual dress here. It’s by a brand called Norte, and everything they make is pretty lovely. If it’s the overall LOOK you’re going for, then all you need is a white dress, black sandals, black sunglasses and a black bag. Surely between the both of us, we can make this outfit happen.


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Gwyneth #isleofroses

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Well actually, this non-outfit is last. What if all I really needed to buy was a tortoise shell headband???

…And maybe this TulaRosa bikini top. Just the top! I’ll figure out the bottoms later.

Okay that it’s it. I’m done. Now tell me what outfits you need to be wearing.

Feature image by Edith Young of Austria Ulloa.

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