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Monocycle, Episode 65
I Am What My Mind Tells Me I Am
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At this point, it seems like welcoming you to the return of Monocycle with the promise that “This is it! We’re back!” is a feckless pursuit. My intentions are pure but the execution needs work, which seems apropos given what this podcast has evolved to become: a relentless work in progress on the topic of identity and the human spirit. So instead I’ll just be grateful that I can announce a new episode but skip the part where I tell you that I’ll see you next week because I can’t be sure if that’s true.

And now that I have cleared my throat sufficiently enough, welcome back to Monocycle! This week’s episode confronts a somewhat frightening but equally empowering concept: We are what our minds tell us we are. It starts with an encounter that has me sitting outside a coffee shop on the Upper East Side, age 21, when a purported mystic who can see the future approaches. “You’re going to be a big star,” she extolls. She sees nothing but bright lights around me. I smile kindly, rolling my eyes so as to play it cool, deep down wondering if she is right — and kind of believing she is. Fast forward seven years and I am met with a question: Would I have developed the courage, gumption, fervor to chase my dreams had she not given me that unwitting push? Would I have believed in myself enough to chase the possibility of what Man Repeller could become? If I had not, what would that say about the validation I seemingly require from external forces to plunge me forward into the future? And so on.

Have a listen, drink a coffee, and text me if you want to discuss.

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Photo by Jean-Lu Grzeskowiak/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images.

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