Welcome to Blackout Month July 2018
Welcome to Blackout Month

One of 2018’s great ideals is the concept of “unplugging.” There is no luxury quite like an intentionally (i.e. not because you broke or lost it) phone-less weekend. There’s no better sleep than the one that comes after you forgot to check Instagram for an entire day. You know all this.

Maybe once everyone gives up sitting for good — viva la standing desk? — our Matrix-like addiction to being “plugged in” will be made the official “new cancer,” and we’ll ditch our phones for good and return to sending owls like they did in the good old days of Harry Potter. But until then, this is our reality — and being plugged in does have its benefits (bless you, FaceTime and Google Maps), so how do we find the balance?

We’re going to aim to explore all that and more this month with our August theme, “Blackout.”

Now, before you shut off your phones completely, do let us know what you’d be interesting in reading about within this vein.

Are you secretly scared of boredom and want to get better at the art of doing nothing, for example?

Are you concerned about not being in touch with society if you were to stop Instagram and Twitter scrolling?

Are you kind of sort of thinking about meditating again?

…Would you prefer to hear a DEFENSE of NOT unplugging?

Let us know in the comments. And if you’re shutting your phone off the moment you wrap this sentence, feel free to send us that aforementioned owl instead.

Photo by Louisiana Mei Gelpi; Art Direction by Emily Zirimis.

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