The 10 Most Popular Stories on Man Repeller in August

A poem for the month of August: Hot, sticky and sweet, the month of August can’t be beat. Leandra went on vacation without her babies, got dressed by Abie(s) and Myers-Briggs is still neat. Ta-da! Well anyway, here are your top 10 posts of the month, meet me in the comments for more poetry and maybe a popsicle or two!

1. I Let My Husband Dress Me For a Week and it Was Basically Couples Therapy 

“We have tried this once before (me letting him dress me) but that was only for a day. This time he has complete control over my exterior presentation for five days (a work week). Five! Do you know how much progress, or conversely damage, can be done in that time? ”

2. What You Need From Your Friends, According to Your Myers-Briggs

“For me, it’s been just as important to learn my strengths as it’s been to understand the kind of support I need when I’m not feeling strong — so I can ask for it, seek it out and surround myself with it.”

3. Why Do I Feel the Need to “Look Good”?

“Not: You are beautiful and don’t know it. Not: Fuck the beauty standards. Not: You shouldn’t care how you look. Just: You don’t have to look good. ”

4My First Week Away From My Daughters Was Delightful and Then Terrible

“Why hasn’t my mom dropped new photos into the shared album? I haven’t seen a baby update since yesterday.”

5. 8 Weird Things About ‘Miss Congeniality’

“THIS MOVIE IS SO, SO WEIRD, YOU GUYS. Entertaining, yes, but normal? Absolutely not. Read on for my carefully chronicled evidence of reasons why.”

6. Soak Up the Sun, Sheryl Crows! Your HOROSCOPES Are Here!

“Mercury and Mars are retrograde, but remember that it’s not even close to the end of the world. It’s a little annoying, yes, and things will move slowly, but that means you get to, too. Lazy Sunday/August.”

7. 33 People Share Their Most Memorable One-Night Stands

“When we got back to my place, he took off his jeans to reveal boxers that looked like tiny denim hotpants. I was slightly shocked but went with it anyway.”

8. Why Don’t I Want to Marry My Perfect Boyfriend?

“I met my boyfriend a little over a year ago. He’s wonderful, perfect, perhaps not everything I’ve ever imagined (he’s American, doesn’t have any Oscars, has never taken me to a yacht party, etc), but he’s one of the everythings I imagined. It’s easy to see that we love each other, and I’m constantly being asked ‘is he The One?'”

9. What’s the Psychology Behind My Fear of Overdressing?

The other day, I received a question via Instagram: “I’m constantly worried about overdressing. Would MR write a story about the psychology behind this?” Under the suspicion that my colleagues might have more thoughts on this matter than anyone in her right mind should, I posed it to them. Literal paragraphs followed.”

10. How Have We Never Discussed Carrie Bradshaw’s Home Decor?

Sex and the City Apartment decor man repeller Charlotte York

“Man Repeller is practically a Sex and the City encyclopedia and yet, there has been no discussion of the apartments in which these beloved characters’ lives unfold — apartments that beg to be unpacked like an overstuffed carry-on suitcase.”

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