9 Outfits Team Man Repeller Wants to Wear This Summer

Man Repeller’s archive of style content is essentially a never-ending supply of outfit ideas. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dipped into its coffers with my proverbial ladle and dished myself out a fresh spoonful of inspiration. The only unfortunate thing is that, per the Internet’s oh-so-turnover-friendly nature, a lot of our best stuff gets forgotten — or worse, buried — in the ever-expanding void, which (not to sound like a cranky hermit husk) is a crying shame! In the interest of highlighting some of our past favorites, I asked Man Repeller’s creative team to dip in their ladles and tell me about a particular outfit they’re interested in bringing back to life via their very own wardrobes. Read their answers (and mine) below, and share yours in the comments.

1.Harling (Me)

What outfit do you want to approximate? A high-waist bikini bottom paired with a dramatic black-tie-appropriate top.

Why this one? I don’t think there are two schools of style more different than “black-tie” and “swimwear,” which is probably why I have a such a burning desire to combine them. I love the absurdity of this outfit, because it’s really only appropriate for a small cheese wedge’s worth of occasions, i.e. lounging by a pool at a safe distance from the water, clutching an aperol spritz. Nothing sounds more leisurely — and leisurely is exactly the adjective I would like applied to all my aesthetic decisions from now until Labor Day.


What outfit do you want to approximate? A Carrie Bradshaw-ified version of Edith’s men’s swim trunks.

Why this one? Edith Young is an icon of our time, but independent of that reality, it is important to note both the undertones that trace back to an episode of Sex and the City from season 4 wherein Carrie Bradshaw meets a doctor on the beach in the Hamptons and Charlotte pretends to be 27 and gets crabs as an inferred result. All of the looks from Edith’s The Only Summer Shorts I want to Wear are Mens Swim Trunks abide by the basic styling tenet that was evidenced in that episode, but doesn’t she just make dressing that much more relatable? I invite you to judge both my attempt and the fact that this is not so much an outfit I want to try as it is one that I have already brainstormed in practice.


What outfit do you want to approximate? A white blouse and green swishy pants with big earrings and round sunglasses.

Why this one? I’ve always loved this shot from Harling’s menocore shoot. It’s the perfect combination of cool and comfortable and weird (much like Harls herself). Reasons being: I’m not immune to the white blouse trend, I really want some green swishy pants, and I’ve recently jumped on the big-earring bandwagon like the slow poke that I am. I want to wear this tomorrow and then every day for the rest of summer. Is that too much?


What outfit do you want to approximate? A pair of biker shorts with a sweatshirt.

Why this one? I’ve been wanting to try the biker-shorts-with-a-sweatshirt look ever since I saw photos of Princess Diana in various biker-shorts-with-sweatshirt outfits. Then I saw Imani do it and I was like ENOUGH ALREADY! IT IS MY TIME TO TRY IT.

I love the proportions, that it’s so clearly comfortable, that it’s air-conditioned-room-appropriate and that it leans into the 80s redux trend that I cannot yet seem to (nor do I want to) shake. I also have this nostalgic-y thing about sweatshirts and shorts in the summer: it reminds me of just having got my license, not having anything to do, and driving to get iced coffee and bagels with my friends. Anytime I can channel that “mood,” I want to.
Only modifications I’d make to the above: I’d probably do black or navy biker shorts and a white or gray sweatshirt? And tortoise shell sunglasses.


What outfit do you want to approximate? Something colorful and beach-themed in a kitschy sense, topped off with a giant hat.

Why this one? These photos (and Amelia’s A+ styling) convinced me to purchase this large straw hat from Mango awhile ago, but I sadly have yet to actually wear it. If I were to categorize this hat by instances in which I’d wear it, I’d say, “only when I’m OOO,” so this weekend is looking like the perfect opportunity. 


What outfit do you want to approximate? A floating midi-dress with an unconventional silhouette, belted by a bateau shirt, punctuated by lobster red accessories on ears and on toes.

Why this one? I think about this dress a lot. It’s menocore for when you just can’t stomach a muted hue. The outfit includes all of the trappings of a lobster trap: netting, lobsters, nautical stripes and the colors of a New England bay.


What outfit do you want to approximate? A white T-shirt, cool straight-leg jeans and heeled slides.

Why this one? Though I was very much on the tie-dye bandwagon in middle school, I sadly missed it when it came back around this spring. Nevertheless, I’m still drawn to this outfit due to its timeless silhouette. You can never go wrong with a white T-shirt. Plus, buying a pair of straight leg jeans and a pair of heeled slides has been on my to-do list for far too long. After reacquainting myself with this look, I’m inspired to invest in less traditional colorways for both items and maybe even drape a sweater around my shoulders like a country club dad.


What outfit do you want to approximate? A flowy slip dress (for ventilation) and a linen shirt to protect from sun rays plus dainty feminine accessories!

Why this one? Full disclosure, I styled this, so my choice is a bit narcissistic, but I just love the look of this yellow slip, dainty accessories and linen shirt. I could wear this to a cafe in NYC, on a rooftop with a drink, at the beach (swimsuit underneath of course) or headed to a dinner at The Boathouse in Central Park. It’s also an easy outfit to approximate. Go try! And feel free to picture yourself in any of the aforementioned locations or Mediterranean coastal city while you’re at it.


What outfit do you want to approximate? Head-to-toe Miranda Hobbes green, mixing a more structured dress with something fun and sexy like this sheer top.

Why this one? I can say that the most confident and fashionable time of my life was my Limited Too heyday of 1997. I confidently wore lime green plaid hip-huggers to sleepaway camp and topped it off with a pleather lime green raincoat and would mix and match neon orange and lavender tops for activities like capture the flag and forced canoeing. While I hated sleepaway camp, I look back on that outfit with an incredible amount of tenderness. I’d like to tap into my former self with this Miranda Hobbes green look, a little more muted but just as stylish and eye-catching. Even though I have always identified as a Magda-sun, Lexi Featherston-moon, I think it’s fully time to embrace all things Miranda.

Okay! Your turn! What outfit (from Man Repeller’s archive or otherwise) do you want to approximate and why?

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