From Keratin Treatments to Glowing Skin: A Summer Beauty Guide

Hello and happy post-holiday hangover. If you are now back at work after a day of cooking out or you didn’t have yesterday off at all, you might be looking forward to the weekend with an unprecedented helping of lust. Or maybe you took the rest of the week off to recover from your hot dog and Rice Krispie binge. Either way, you may need some you time. And I humbly suggest you find it this weekend by luxuriating in your best summer robe for as long as possible. In order to help you achieve that lofty endeavor, I’ve rounded up a few of our best pro-vanity articles for your perusal.


Photo by Emily Malan.

A roundup of the team’s all-time favorite hair products.

“In my experience, hair products either don’t work, work incredibly well for a short period of time, or — most rarely — are immediately effective and continue to be over long-term use. Products in the latter category can be hard to come by, but they’re the ones you buy over and over for years, give as gifts and push on friends with an unnecessary urgency. “

How to make your hair grow faster. 

“Never, ever — EVER — use a brush straight out of the shower.” This applies whether your hair is course and curly, fine and straight or somewhere between the two. “Wet hair is at its most elastic,” explains Dueñas. “So if there are tangles, you’ll stretch them until they snap. Just think about fabric when it’s wet, how much more it stretches. So either use a wide tooth comb or your fingers.”

Advice if you’re considering a Keratin treatment.

“Now, I’m a full keratin loyalist. My hair is still thick but feels less so, the waves are more subtle, it’s only coarse-ish and it dries more beachy than frizzy. I wash it, let it dry and go. It’s still a little messy, but I like it.

A solid case for a pixie cut.

“I’ve also been fascinated with pixie haircuts, so with the warm weather, I thought it was a perfect time to change up my hair, give it a little break and hit the restart button.”

And, finally, how to get rid of ingrown hairs.

“The way I see it, there are two plausible explanations for this clear discrepancy between the bikini lines of famous people and those of the masses. Either celebrities are commissioning celestial creatures to come pluck their pubic hairs out one by one and massage each freshly emptied pore with a thimble of unicorn saliva, or…there is a Great Ingrown Hair Conspiracy afoot.”


Photo by Louisiana Mei Gelpi.

The one thing you should really have in your skincare routine. 

“Retinoids promote cell turnover. Essentially, they exfoliate and build collagen (the stuff that keeps your skin firm). By exfoliating, they clear clogged pores and reduce the appearance of fine lines, according to the AAD. They also prevent wrinkles from forming; some studies have shown retinoids can even prevent skin cancer. Pretty amazing, right?”

A roundup of skin care products team MR buys over and over and over.

“I asked everyone at Man Repeller to tell me what their hands-down favorite product was — the thing that changed everything, that they’d take on a desert island. That’s the good shit right?”

How to get that summer glow, even if you’re indoors all the time 

“In an effort to curate a summer skincare guide of sorts, I reached out to nine women on Instagram whose skin may or may not be featured on my private 10-year plan.”


Photo by Edith Young. 

The new “no makeup” makeup is so much more fun.

“Just as I was ready to give up and accept that the season’s sweatiest days would never yield to my typical makeup techniques regardless of how much setting spray I use, I took note of something interesting taking place on Instagram. People were finding creative substitutes for traditional beauty products — ones that could stand up to heat. So I decided to dip a cheek in myself. The result?”

Find your perfect low-key blush.

“I’ll warn: It’s subtle. But I think that’s the point of Cloud Paint. Do you want to look slightly like you just went on a run, slightly like you’re embarrassed, or slightly like you spent too long in the sun yesterday? Buyer’s choice!”

Channel Solange via your eyelids and go for bold eyeshadow. 

“One day, as I was stalking Solange Knowles’ Instagram, as one does, I was taken with her eye shadow approach: one. bold. shade. I bookmarked her cloud-white eyelids, and then her opaque, violet shadow a moment later. I found her lax yet artistic beauty approach so appealing, and I imagined myself imitating it until before I knew it, I was, with almost no effort.”

Feature image by Viv Yapp.

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