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3 Extremely Fun Ways to Wear a Suit to a Wedding

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Nothing gets me going quite like the official union of two souls before an audience followed by a party, so thank god it’s wedding season. There’s something about the tears, the hope, the dancing and the late night treats that come after the cake (petition to send out those grilled cheese and ice cream sandwiches before 12 a.m., please) that really do it for me — but above all, I relish in the opportunity to get dressed up.

So long as you don’t go inappropriate-rogue, weddings are prime platforms to take fashion risks. There’s a high chance you’ll never encounter at least half the room again, so why not go for it? Weddings also offer endless backdrops for various excellent outfit-bearing social media opportunities. And finally, they tend to include multiple occasions beyond the main event, which means you can try out different looks for the welcome cocktails, the ceremony itself, and the increasingly popular next-day brunch offering.

That may sound like a lot of expectations to place on a whole lot of dresses. So if you’re into the above and really want to go for the gold this wedding season, might I recommend packing your riskier slips and frocks for the bookend parties, and trying a suit for the big day?

We partnered with Express to demonstrate. Follow along as Paula Montes Pastormodel/pretend wedding guest, shows you three different ways.

For Day-Time Outside Ceremonies: A Whatever-Generation-You-Would-Like-to-Attribute-This-Color-To Pink Suit

Express men’s pink suit jacket, pants, gingham shirt tied around waist and floral kitten heel styled with IMAGO-A bag, Lowercase sunglasses, Brinker & Eliza earrings and ZaZa Bridal gloves

How to: Choose an oversize pink blazer (this one is from Express’s men’s section) for the purpose of playing with proportion. Find suit pants of a similar color, and if they don’t match up hues exactly, consider it stylistic licensing. Tie a bright long sleeve blouse around the waist for flourish — it’s also nice to change into should you want to ditch your sports coat for the dance floor. Even still, be sure to wear a simple silk top underneath if you plan to partake in a limbo competition. That always gets sweaty. Should these sunny nuptials require fancy dressing: add elbow-length gloves.

For an Early-Evening Ceremony With a Dress Code That Calls for Cocktail Attire: A Gray Suit, Plus a Corset

Express blazer, pants, gingham lace-up tube cop, gingham shoes and circle crossbody bag styled with Poppy Lissiman sunglasses, Brinker & Eliza earrings and Miranda’s Bridal gloves

How to: Procure gray suit with pants that hit above the ankles and a jacket that’s on the fitted side. Find the stretchiest corset you can — this Express one is like a lovely body bungee — slip it over and adjust to your liking. I’m partial to gingham right now, especially when you can match your gingham corset to your gingham feet. Add black gloves because you can’t stop once you start (see above) and a purse that practically acts as jewelry. If you get hot on the dance floor whether you limbo or not, don’t forget! You are already wearing a going-out-top on top of your jacket, which means that you can hop into the bathroom before act two, put on your stretchy corset as an actual shirt, and then loan your blazer to your friend who’s starting to get chilly.

For Evening Ceremonies in Shi-Shi Environments: A Navy Pinstripe Suit and Disco Ball Sparkle

Express pinstripe blazer, pants, sequin cami, shoes and stone fringe drop earrings styled with Miranda’s Bridal gloves and Andy Wolf sunglasses

How to: Find yourself a navy pinstripe suit. I prefer wide spaces between the standout stripes (as with this Express situation), but encourage you to find what kind of pinstripes sing to you. Add a blindingly sparkly top. Later, after enough celebratory bubbles have been consumed, the goal is for others to confuse you with the dance floor’s disco ball. Add earrings that help this cause. To throw the formal nature of this outfit off its axis just a bit and eliminate any potential lingering corporate connotations, go for open-toed flat sandals. And yes, of course you should add elbow length gloves yet again! Hunter green, please. You do not need an excuse, just a celebration.

Photographed by Edith Young at SECOND, a premier NYC event space located at 849 6th Avenue. Modeled by Paula Montes Pastor of State Management. Makeup by Whitney Ray. 

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