A Guide on How to Feel Good
How to Feel Good: A Flowchart

Whew. It is full-on summer, y’all!  The solstice came and went, I’ve moved my AC unit out of the closet and in front of the window I should eventually install it in, and my heart now beats to the sound of Mister Softee. But as Amelia brought up in her Summer So Whats, it’s not always easy to enjoy these sweat-soaked days. You know you want to feel good, but you’re not sure how. Maybe you have guilt about taking time for yourself, maybe you have too many good ideas and can’t pick one, maybe you’re just too friggin’ hot to do literally anything. I feel you. I feel you so hard, in fact, that I put together this flowchart to help you combat your indecision and find your best-most-amazing-Man-Repeller-approved-summer-activity.

A Guide on How to Feel Good

Graphic by Madeline Montoya.

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