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The Best Places to Shop If You Have Big Feet

For most of my adolescence, I had precisely three pairs of shoes: gym shoes for gym, gym shoes for life and sensible black dress shoes for special occasions. As my friends amassed cute shoes for various barely-distinct events, I would wander forlornly down the aisles of DSW looking for the elusive bright yellow size 12 sticker, occasionally stumbling upon a pair of work boots or supportive mules.

Now that we live in the golden age of internet shopping, there are definitely more options for the ample-footed among us, but I still wouldn’t say shoe shopping is easy. If you, like me, are the proud owner of a pair of very large cloppers, perhaps you’re feeling a similar sense of dread about the annual spring/summer shoe transition. Cute, bright and spring-friendly shoes can be hard to track down above a size 10. That’s not to say they don’t exist, though.

To help take the stress out of your spring shoe hunt, I’ve put together a mix of my tried-and-true favorite places to shop for size 11+ shoes, as well as a few up-and-comers that have caught my eye. Take a scroll and then tell me what I missed in the comments.


My OG large-sized shoe shop is Nordstrom (or Nordstroms/Nordis if you’re nasty), which carries women’s shoes all the way up to a size 15. I was wearing size 10s by fifth grade, so Nordstrom kept me in cute (mom-approved) shoes all the way through high school. As a comfort-over-everything shoe buyer now, I’m very into these almost-denim/almost-Crocs Munro Oxfords. I predict I will tower over the dance floor of at least one wedding in these rust suede Clarks platforms. Plus these Gucci flats are practically begging to be paired with a caftan.

Pro tip: I buy all my sneakers almost exclusively from Nordstrom Rack, which carries up to a women’s size 13 and tends to have great deals.


I feel admittedly silly every time I have to say the name out loud, but Long Tall Sally has a great selection of shoes in sizes 10–15. These polka dot heels really appeal to the part of me that spent a year thinking I might like to swing dance. These floral sneakers appeal to the part of me that wants to look summery and fun but also chooses to walk home because the subway platforms are already a million degrees.

Bonus round: Check out these bug flats that may not be in season but are on sale and wow do I love them.

Sprung 🌻

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If you’ve ever watched wistfully from the sidelines as yet another line of gorgeous, well-made, too-small flats launched, Margaux is here to make all your dreams come true. Like the teenage dreamboat extending a hand to the wallflower at the senior prom, Margaux’s flats, heels and loafers will pull you under the disco ball and give you your time to shine. You can order shoes in standard sizes (up to a Euro 45 and a US 14) or have them custom fit to your very own feet. What luxury. I am OBSESSED with these bordeaux heels because I think Cyril Woodcock would wear them if she loosened up just a bit — and these saffron flats are basically summer style perfection.

New season, new hues 💛💙 🔎: 1241172, 1241198

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While I try to think of buying shoes as a long-term investment and take most of mine to the cobbler or clean them to prolong their lives, I tend to buy at least one pair each spring that I know isn’t going to make it through summer. Usually white or pink and pretty comfortable, I know I’ll wear the hell out of them, fast. Luckily, ASOS has great inexpensive choices for one-summer wears. With options like these $19 white sneakers and these $35 leopard sandals, ASOS is one of my go-tos for love-‘em-and-leave-‘em shoes or getting out of a “help! I need some shoes that match this one wedding outfit that I may not wear again!” bind.


Thandos makes the perfect park shoes: bright, patterned and easy to slip off if you want to give your toes some grass time. They’re also foldable, so you can toss them in your tote in case you need to make a post-work/post-beach costume change. But the perfection doesn’t end there: They’re also machine washable and go up to a size 15. I’m very into the colorway on the Akonmi Retro and am waiting patiently for the Hunter Canvases to be back in stock.

Make way, comin’ through

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If your style leans Scandinavian hypebeast, Eytys has your back. It offers a variety of streetwear-friendly sneakers that go up to a women’s size 13 in most styles. I’ve been gazing longingly at anything in this seafoam color these days, so 10/10 would buy. While Eytys shoes are on the pricier side, you do get to say, “Thanks! They’re Swedish!” anytime someone compliments them.

Zappos and Amazon also have a good selection of larger sizes if you know what you’re looking for. Let me know where else you’ve found big-shoe success and what footwear you’re dreaming of this summer. I’ll be waiting in the comments, metaphorical pen and paper ready.

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  • Size 11-er here — have two pairs of those Clark’s platforms. Mine have the light wooden heel though and are very 70’s. Sorel also has a great shoe selection (particularly sandals) for those with larger feet!

  • NikNak

    Nordstrom rack! I always see the best selection of designer shoes marked down there, especially if you are above size 8

  • lindsfein

    YYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS MORE OF THIS FOR US SIZE 12-ers!!!!!! When I was a kid I would go to the shoe store and sob. (Yes I was a 12 at the age of 12, by the time I was 7 I could no longer shop in the kids section.) Pre-internet shopping explosion I used to buy heels from drag queen shops, but mostly I just wore men’s sneakers.

    I’d like to add Nine West runs large and I have purchased a fair amount of their capsule collection in 11. I really hope they don’t fully go out of business. It’s so rare to find brands that actually sell a size 12 so usually I have to find 11’s that run big. Madewell, Jcrew, and Jeffery Campbell’s 11’s sometimes fit. I’ll search my size in shopbop and get lucky once in awhile. Loeffler Randall sells 11.5 but they usually go out of stock within DAYS. So sad. Stuart Weitzman also has size 12’s once in awhile. Although often they only stock their ugliest styles. WHY IS THAT? WOMEN WITH BIG FEET WANT COOL SHOES TOO, PREFERABLY ONES THAT MAKE OUR FEET LOOK CUTE AND DAINTY.

    I feel like with all the plus sizing revolution happening IT IS ABOUT TIME IT HITS THE FEET. THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT.

    • Kiks

      I still go to the shoe store and sob. I actually avoid it at all costs. All my shoes are bought online.

      I’ve also had success with Sam Edelman and Jeffrey Campbell when I don’t want to spend a fortune.

      Charlotte Olympia is my go-to for dressier shoes.

      Basically a EU 42 fits me perfectly but with US sizing I’ve seen companies claim anything from a 41 to a 43.5 is a size 11. It’s such a crapshoot.

      • Lindsfein

        Oh I will definitely internally sob at the shoe section of a store, but I’m only there to wallow in self pity. I haven’t purchased a shoe from a brick and mortar store for like 10 years. Except for maybe sneakers and hiking boots, but those are found exclusively in the men’s section where I get many incredulous looks from the salespeople.

  • Lauren

    THANK YOU FOR THIS!! as a very long time reader of MR this is my first comment, because this has seriously been a lifelong struggle! I’m a size 12/11.5 with narrow feet, I’ve found that Lands’ end shoes tend to run big and i have had a lot of success buying their size 11s.

  • Bridget Badore

    MARGAUX!!!! <3

  • Thaaaannkkk yoouuu

  • EjAy

    Shoes of Prey! Bespoke shoes in two weeks, up to a US 15, every colour, fabric and style under the sun and they aren’t ridiculously priced either. You can get flats for £80 and a heel from £150. Aaaaaaaannd if they aren’t right you can return them and change the whole style of you want to

  • Super appreciative of this big-footed post! I wear a size 10, which doesn’t sound extreme, but it is SO hard to find shoes that look good on big feet. I remember as a teenager seeing a shoe on display and thinking it was so cute, then they’d bring me the shoes in MY size and they looked like giant clompers. Especially given the heavy heels of the time. Next post is finding shoes that are sleek looking for women with bigger feet. Literally everyone I know is a 7.5 or 8. And I’ve spent all this time finding shoes with good heels that wouldn’t weigh my foot-look down. Dolce Vita is a good one, if anyone is wondering!

    Eva |

    • Kiks

      Yeah, the thing is it’s so easy for women with smaller feet to find stylish shoes at lower prices. Even if a company does make a size 10+, they usually sell out immediately because they make fewer pairs as it’s less common. So finding things in the sale section is almost impossible.

      My style would be on a whole other level if I could find affordable shoes in my size. I’m usually lucky if I find one pair a year that are actually current and not just whatever standard sneakers or loafers I can wedge my foot into.

  • Rachel

    nordstrom rack FTW. they also have shoe sales/events for 11+ I believe?
    I have personally emailed companies about being more “size-inclusive” in the past. I don’t know how many times i’ve lusted after a shoe (esp from a smaller/boutique-y brand) and they don’t make sizes above 9! I understand the cost to produce butttttttt us tall gals would like an in too!! 🙁 makes me le sad…

    • Lindsfein

      Ugh SIZE 9! So rude

  • Elli rvs

    YAY! thank you! big foot here as well…x

  • Genevieve A

    THANK YOU FOR THIS ARTICLE! I just wanted to add to the chorus of appreciation. I have size 11.5/12 feet and I find shoe shopping so stressful and unpleasant. I grew up feeling like I had missed out on one of the cliched aspects of being a woman (thanks a lot, SATC), which I feel stems from the fact that shoe shopping for most women is a more pleasant experience than shopping for clothes because of the lack of body awareness/insecurity involved. As a tall girl, it can be a bit depressing to have to explain to friends that if I lose my jacket or need shoes for a wedding ASAP, I can’t just pop by a store and get them. I wouldn’t trade my height for anything, as I think being over 6 feet has taught me a lot of important life lessons and grown my sense of appreciation for being different, but it can definitely be a downer when it comes to shopping, especially for shoes. I’m so excited to hear some solid recs!

    My own recs would be Frye boots and Birkenstocks, which both come in larger sizes. I also appreciate shoe stores that are targeted toward older women like Clarks and Naturalizers because they have some comfy, cute, and large shoes among some of the less hip. I’ll also echo someone else who said that Nine West runs large.

    • Lindsfein

      At least you got the height to go with the feet! I’m a size 12 and I’m barely 5’8. Not that I think 5’8 is short, but I’ve had numerous friends who are taller than me with substantially smaller feet. It drives me crazyyy!

      • Sarah A

        Ha. Same! 5’7 and a solid size 11. sigh.

        • Rosemary

          Omg me too! I’ve had size 11 feet since age 10 and I was supposed to be 6 feet tall when I grew up but puberty stopped early, leaving me at 5’7″ but with the disproportionately large hands and feet of the height I was supposed to have. Such a struggle!

          • Lindsfein

            Ditto on the hands too. It worked out positively for competitive swimming, although you can imagine the nicknames I was given…. 🙁

  • This is amazing!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!! I’m 5 foot 10 and I’m struggling to find long maxi dress and pants at an affordable price. Can you help?

    • Fitnessguru


  • Fitnessguru

    If you’re in the US, JCPenney & Macys have a lot of cute on-trend shoes in sizes 11s & 12s (wait, I believe Macys ships internationally). Penneys & Macys i think have cuter trendy shoes than what I have been finding lately at Nordstrom & N Rack. This Spring is the first time in my shoe history (49 years) that I have been returning size 12 shoes left & right because I have went hog wild with the online ordering because Penneys & Macy’s have soooooooo many CUTE shoes in my size 12, plus I have run out of closet space (this has never happened in my life -EVA!). Zappos is awesome too for large sizes, with customer service equivalent to Nordstrom. Happy Shoe Shopping!

  • kaitlin davis

    what?? an article specifically for me??? GOD BLESS!!!!!

  • TA Lindenbaum

    My mom is a size 11 AAA, which makes finding shoes even moreeeee difficult. Stuart Weitzman and Ferragamo are her go-to for that difficult combo.

  • doladex

    I’m still one of those people who has like 3-4 pairs of shoes. It used to be because I have large feet (only 10 but still), but it’s also because I have burned myself in the past by buying expensive shoes and then never wearing them and then THE GUILT. So I usually only buy shoes if they are “practical” and can go with many outfits and aren’t too expensive. For some reason I have a hard time shelling out for a simple flat. So I have like NO summer shoes. I have one pair of awesome leather sandals I found at Nordstrom Rack and then a pairs of leather vans sneakers. I need more! I like those Clark wedges – anyone have any suggestions for brands that have cute summer shoes that are decent quality, chic, and not so expensive?

  • Cassandra

    HOW DID I MISS THIS YESTERDAY. Thank you thank you for this, I’m a size 11 and resigned to only buying shoes online years ago. A few days ago I wandered into DSW and was doing the yellow sticker scavenger hunt but of course left empty handed. I went home and bought the shoes I wanted online instead. Just thank you for posting this, reg footed people don’t understand the +10 shoe problem. (Minor rant- also, why do all shoe makers think if you have big feet you much have big calves?? I can’t buy a pair of tall boots without getting a cobbler involved. Some of us have big bird legs and feet!)

  • Margs

    Ooof I have a dreaded size 10.5 and so many shoes go 9, 9.5, 10, 11….really limits things over here! but cole haan or brands with euro sizing seem to do the trick of fitting what apparently isn’t a big enough market for brands to care about my half size! cheers to all of us with too many squished toes in shoes that we really want to fit

    • Rosemary

      I’m an 11 or 10.5 depending on the brand and finding 10.5s is the worsttt but I’ve had luck getting 10s in open-toed sandals even though I would never fit a 10 in closed-toe ones!

    • HeyRed

      I’m leaning more towards a 10.5 these days too, which basically doesn’t exist, period. 10s are too snug but 11s too big. It’s as bad or worse than needing an 11 or a 12, because at least manufacturers produce those sizes, even if it is limited. Dress shoes are the worst but thankfully I don’t need them very often anymore!

  • Jen

    OMG thank YOU! I am an AU10 and very wide. I detest shoe shopping…you see that cute shoe on the shelf and then when they bring out the size 10 version it doesn’t even look like the same creature! That is if they even still have my size in stock. It’s nothing but trauma.

  • xtyb

    Once they told me at the Prada store that Germans have the biggest feet so that’s where they send all the 42s. It’s true! The store in Munich is where I found those first rope-wrapped-sole slingbacks that fit. And that’s how I discovered they have up through 43!

  • Manda

    so funny how many of us have those clark wedges! i love mine.. spilled tanning lotion all over them though so RIP
    im an 11ish-12 tall girl and lovee nordstrom rack.

    thank you for this post!

  • Linda G

    I find that Bandolinos run a bit large so they are my go to, especially for boots.

    I’ve been an 11.5/12 since middle school and Nordstrom Rack has been my saving grace. The Rack has a Big Size Shoe Event every year and has awesome deals! I go every year and chat with other big-footed fashion ladies <3

  • Judy Rae

    Why is it the larger sizes have giant heels on them. Usually when the feet are big the lady is tall so why would stores stock large sizes with 2 – 4″ heels. We tall ladies need a shoe store we can all go shop at.

  • Violife llc

    Thank you so much for this!! It very much needed, finding the right looking shoe while having big feet is not as easy. It is almost even dreading but thank you I will really check out these sites for footwear! I appreciate this post so much!