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Age Is More Than Just a Number When It Comes to Getting Dressed

In partnership with YOOX.

If it weren’t considered rude, I would ask everyone how old they were. I like the context that age provides. I like thinking about how pivotal years tie into people’s history: the age of first loves, career steps, the span of time it takes to realize grand revelations or come into one’s self.

Most recently, I’ve been curious about age as it relates to style. Within the last six or so years of working in an industry that revolves around clothes, I have noticed a considerable shifting away from “Age Rules” in fashion. Gone are the days of arbitrary parameters around what a woman must wear at 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100… (I could keep counting decades — the rules used to feel this specific.)

Today, varying silhouettes and colors are no longer reserved for categorized ages. Both young labels and established designers are worn across the spectrum. Trends, whether or not you consider them obsolete, are there for all who dare to dip a toe into them. I see this with my own eyes in the city: women of all ages wear the same thing, and a million different things, all at once, all in a plethora of ways. Their outfits showcase that personal style transcends age. And yet it is age — number or not, disclosed or private until asked — that roots style into the ground by providing another layer of uniqueness. Imagine a funky new designer’s strange-shaped skirt on you (hello!). Now picture it on your grandmother. Both would tell an entirely different, captivating and worthy story.

For the second in a three-part series in partnership with YOOX, I dressed three different models in three different age brackets in labels (all found on YOOX) that were founded within the last 10 years: Vivetta (2009), Simone Rocha (2010); Isa Arfen (2011); Off-White (2013); Rosie Assoulin (2013); Rejina Pyo (2014); Racil (2015); Natasha Zinko (2015); and Attico (2016).

For this photo, the women styled themselves.

After I finished styling, with more time than usual left over, I asked the women to style themselves using the leftover clothes on the racks, because why not? Then I asked how they felt in both concoctions — mine and theirs. Each woman, though they agreed the looks were a funkier departure from their standard fare, had something positive to say. At the very least, the laughter on set confirmed that fun was being had while playing dress-up — an ageless activity.

The overall unspoken sentiment of the day — the shoot’s purpose, really, was that just as classic dressing (when pieced together thoughtfully) can suit minimalists, in-the-middle-ists and maximalists, women of all ages can find something in the designs of young labels to connect with. And while age has little to do with whether or not one can “pull something off,” each year, give or take, adds an element of individuality to the overall outfit. It’s nature’s best accessory, and ironically, it’s timeless.

Photos by Tory Rust. Styled by Amelia Diamond. Modeled by Katharine Kjerland, Pat Tracey and Anais Lord. Makeup by Regard Tang. Hair by David Cruz




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  • Paige Kay

    Kinda wish this article had a direct link to the pieces the models are wearing. That silver coat, and that multicolored striped dress are gorgeous.

    • Mae

      Links in the slideshow!

  • Anna Impson

    Watch the Advanced Style documentary! Those women are all sorts of inspiring and glamorous.

    • kay

      !!!!!!!! they make me excited to get old

  • magiblin

    “At the very least, the laughter on set confirmed that fun was being had while playing dress-up — an ageless activity.”

    “And while age has little to do with whether or not one can “pull something off,” each year, give or take, adds an element of individuality to the overall outfit. It’s nature’s best accessory, and ironically, it’s timeless.”

    Beautifully said, Amelia!

  • Stephanie

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately as I dive down the clickbait hole of “what you shouldn’t wear if you’re older than x”. Love the looks on all three women and makes me think confidence is the #1 key to pulling off an outfit! What’s the saying, you’re only as old as you feel?

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    • MippysMom


  • Junglesiren

    As I age I care less about what’s “in fashion” or what anyone thinks of what I’m wearing. It’s so freeing, honestly. My taste is MY taste…. and I like it. This is me, just yesterday. Four years ago today I had a major brain surgery so… I’m just happy to be alive. I turned 57 last week!

    • Amelia Diamond

      omg i love these happy happy pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Junglesiren

        Thank you. I never go for the glamor shot. “Fun” is the most I can offer.

  • It’s all about personal style, that trumps age or rules. I follow fashion closely because of my work and selectively pick what suits or appeals to me but always remind myself to keep an open mind and be on the lookout of inspiration everywhere. Style evolves with you, I don’t see it as an age issue. To change and evolve keeps it interesting.

  • Permanent Bishface

    I recently turned 46 and I refuse to follow those style rules. I just stick with what I know looks good on me and what I feel comfortable wearing. I do keep abreast of the trends and incorporate what I like, but I’m not trend driven only. Right now I’m stocking up on wide leg pants and jeans, since I wear those no matter what.

  • The styling in this piece is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!