If ‘Sex and the City’ Came Out Today, Miranda Would Be the Protagonist
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This story first ran in June 2017, but Cynthia Nixon’s recent gubernatorial bid contributes a whole new chunk of evidence to my thesis. If ‘Sex and the City’ came out today, do you think Miranda would get political?? Let’s discuss.

Out of the four main characters on Sex and the City, Miranda is by far the most universally maligned. Her name is the dreaded result at the end of a Buzzfeed personality quiz. No one wants to be the Miranda. She is basically Hufflepuff.

Bearing these truths in mind, what I am about to say may shock you. Contrary to popular opinion, Miranda is actually the best character on Sex and the City. Not only that, but if the show had premiered in 2017 instead of 1997, I’m fairly positive she would have been the protagonist instead of Carrie.

Did I just blow your mind? Is the coffee that was in your mouth now dripping down your shirt? Don’t worry. It will all start to make sense soon.

Let’s start by breaking down the women’s personalities via the following conversation from the first episode of season four (appropriately titled “The Agony and the Ex-Tacy”)

Miranda: Soulmates only exist in the Hallmark aisle in Duane Reade drugs.
Charlotte: I disagree. I believe that there’s that one perfect person out there to complete you.
Miranda: And if you don’t find him, what? You’re incomplete? That’s so dangerous!
Carrie: Alright, first of all, the idea that there’s only one out there, I mean why don’t I just shoot myself right now? I’d like to think that people have more than one soulmate.
Samantha: I agree. I’ve had hundreds.

Charlotte and Samantha lack the complexity to qualify as potential protagonist material in any decade given they are essentially walking bundles of stereotypes (Charlotte; a prudish Pollyanna and Samantha, a sex-crazed vixen), so that leaves Carrie and Miranda as the only viable contenders. Emily Nussbaum once pointed out that “Before ‘Sex and the City,’ the vast majority of iconic ‘single girl’ characters on television, from That Girl to Mary Tyler Moore and Molly Dodd, had been you-go-girl types — which is to say, actual role models.” In 1998, Carrie Bradshaw was the first of her kind: a bonafide female anti-hero. But consider the optics of Carrie’s personality and aesthetic in 2017. She’s a try-hard. She only tells people what they want to hear. Her enormous apartment and shoe collection are laughably unrealistic. She eats politically incorrect meat. Her aspirational lifestyle and personhood is held together by tenuous strings of deluded impracticality. Miranda, on the other hand, never tries to cover up the dauntless core of her raw, unfiltered self. She is unapologetically blunt and tells the truth — a combination often misconstrued as cynical. By 2017 standards, Carrie is the equivalent of an overly edited Instagram. She is the idea of a person. A snapshot. A fragment. Miranda’s authenticity is radical in comparison, and far better suited to our present-day hunger for “realness.” That’s what brands and identities are built on nowadays (Glossier, THINX, Jennifer Lawrence). In 2017, the raw, unfiltered self reigns supreme

Their respective personal styles reinforce this tipping of the scales in Miranda’s favor. Carrie is frequently celebrated for her bold fashion choices, and I would be the first to support her prowess in this regard. I frequently steal ideas from her various outfit combinations, which are an actual treat to behold across the show’s six seasons. But I take issue with the fact that Carrie remains Sex and the City’s single, uncontested fashion icon while Miranda is dismissed as the least stylish of the group, especially given that Miranda’s wardrobe is actually more in line with the proclivities of today’s fashion climate. In her signature sleek suits, black turtlenecks, trench coats, tiny sunglasses and effortless pixie cut, Miranda essentially looks like a French woman in Céline. Her more adventurous ensembles, like an overalls/puffer jacket combo, are reminiscent of Vetements and Balenciaga. Dare I suggest that her style might actually fit seamlessly into the “cool girl aesthetic” of 2017? She’s protagonist material any way you slice it.

Miranda’s relationships further underscore this claim. Skipper, Steve and Robert are her three love interests — a younger man, a man with a different socioeconomic status and a man of a different race. I realize these are paltry examples of boundary-pushing by today’s standards (and even now, the television industry still has a long way to go when it comes to tackling issues like stereotypical gender roles and lack of diversity), but in comparison to the other women, Miranda is by far the most progressive when it comes to relationships. Carrie, Charlotte and Samantha hook up with the same type of man over and over: handsome, financially stable, older and white. It was supposed to be “shocking” when Charlotte married a bald guy. A bald guy! I’m not forgetting Samantha’s brief dalliance with lesbianism. Unfortunately the show treated that relationship as little more than a joke, which renders it somewhat moot if I’m giving credit for bucking normativeness. Almost everything about the way Sex and the City depicts relationships would be problematic in 2017, but Miranda’s certainly come closest to meeting the higher expectations of today.

As I assembled the disparate pieces of this argument, I’ll admit I started to feel a bit badly for trying to kick Miss Bradshaw off her throne. I have a lot of genuine affection for Carrie. Her clothes are amazing. She’s massively entertaining. I rooted for her when I was introduced to the show in high school, and I still root for her now. But I stand by my conviction that Miranda has been dealt an unfair hand. The traits her character is frequently reviled for — cynicism, honesty, drive — are, in my opinion, the traits that make her character the most interesting. Miranda is the 2017 protagonist Sex and the City deserves; Carrie would likely fill the role of her stylish, witty, adorably deluded, love-obsessed sidekick. At the end of the day, I’d rather be a Miranda. Wouldn’t you?

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  • Anonymous

    also, she ends up with a healthy relationship AND kills it in the office AND is a good person. like really good, not shitty surface kind

  • Me and my friends always say we’d be Miranda if we had to choose! A bit awkward, or quirky, but somehow more dextrous on several fronts. The rest are rather intolerable, no?

  • Torp

    Miranda is obviously the best one, I mean who is really still deliberating about this. Although I am not sold on her bucket hat/atheleisure look. Also Hufflepuff are excellent. As if you would care about house cup points when you are at boarding school for ACTUAL WIZARDS.

    • Torp

      Can we have literally a year of posts on Miranda every day please, thanks

      • Harling Ross

        be careful what you wish for because i could easily provide this

  • Yvonne Dunlevie


    Though I must say that Haley just brought up a really interesting argument — she thinks Miranda is actually a Ravenclaw.

    • Haley Nahman

      Miranda is a ravenclaw this is undisputed between my several personalities but i understand the metaphor bc no ones wants to be a hufflepuff

      • Haley Nahman

        THAT SAID, I’ve always known I was a miranda and have never been ashamed

        • Quinn Halman

          I 100% agree with you re: Miranda as Raven claw but THAT SAID, I’ve always known I was a Hufflepuff and have never been ashamed

          • Haley Nahman

            Interesting Quinn interesting

          • Andrea Raymer

            when I tell people they are Hufflepuffs I always mean it as a compliment because their strongest quality is that they are very kind and a wonderful person.

          • Quinn Halman

            thank you! I think one of my strongest characteristic in terms of prevalence in my day to day being and its memorability for others is that I am a goofball! Who even was the “class clown” of Hogwarts, ya know?

          • Andrea Raymer

            Hogwarts housed are my favorite type of personality test. that and figuring out what instrument people would have played were they in High School Marching Band

          • Heather Chambers

            Sousaphone=Hufflepuff, at least 80% of the time.

          • Kelsey Moody

            Weasley twins, no??? Not to give more accolades to Gryfindor but if the foolhardy shoe fits?

          • Quinn Halman

            well one of them is dead, Kelsey.

          • Kelsey Moody

            Is my Slytherian showing? I apologize, Ill go back to the dungeon now

          • Haley Nahman


          • Quinn Halman
      • ValiantlyVarnished

        Agreed! I am a Ravenclaw and Miranda is DEFINITELY a Ravenclaw!

      • Carlyan Castellano

        I was going to comment there’s no way Miranda is a hufflepuff, she’s too type A.

      • Harling Ross

        DISAGREE. Charlotte = clearly the Ravenclaw of the group. Samantha = Slytherin. Miranda = Hufflepuff. Carrie = not a wizard.

    • Lindsey

      Agree! Charlotte is the Hufflepuff. Sweet, but boring to be around. Miranda is obviously a Ravenclaw.

    • lily

      Miranda is a Slytherin tho….

      • Cody

        I think she’s more HufflePuff (Cynical but always there for her buddies and hard-working and the most underrated); Charlotte is a Slytherin (Self-Serving Social Climber)

      • Cody

        Charlotte- Slytherin (Self-serving social-climber)
        Samantha- Gryffindor
        Carrie- Ravenclaw
        Miranda-Hufflepuff (also ME!) #Best

    • kay

      thank god you reposted this story bc i missed this comment thread the first time and it is amazing

  • Haley Nahman


    • Haley Nahman

      u r literally a queen

      • Harling Ross


        • Harling Ross

          just kidding i do have an adapter but it’s in another room and i’m in bed and i’m a slug

  • Abby

    i am miranda 4 lyfe

  • Mary Kate Kloeblen


  • Lucy

    i always wear the miranda badge with pride!!!!!!! when people try and make out miranda is the embarrassing option i’m just like #no #shame

    IN OTHER NEWS who is the miranda in Girls ???? i’m worried that it’s Marnie? Shosh?

    • I don’t know if the shows line up as well as we wish.

    • LalaN

      shosh if i had to choose, not from the earlier seasons but from season 6

    • ValiantlyVarnished

      Agreed! And I think it’s definitely Shosh.

    • Samantha Lee

      Miranda – Shoshana (knows what she wants and does what she needs to get it while trying to steer clear of the BS), Carrie – Hannah (mostly because she can be selfish – even though Hannah is an ATROCIOUS character), Samantha – Jessa (lives her life for herself, not sweating it either way, but a loyal friend), Charlotte – Marnie (unbridled optimism and a bit out of touch with reality)

  • Melinda

    Amazing article!

    I always self-identified most with Miranda… and I love how the Hogwarts houses and SATC suddenly click together so well!

    If I was the sorting hat, I would put Miranda into Ravenclaw (smart, skeptical, ambitious), Carrie into Slytherin (loyal to her friends on one side, but also having her own interest in mind as a top priority (remember the bagels without cream cheese she brought Miranda just to have an excuse to talk about Aidan!), Charlotte into Gryffindor (she gets more and more bold during the show and is everything but afraid to show her feelings and fight for love) and Samantha into Hufflepuff (she just “goes with the flow”, enjoys life as it is without worrying too much and is always down for fun).

    Sorry I am not a native english speaker, but wanted to share my thoughts on this important topic!!

  • *applaud emoji 10x*

  • Jasmin Aujla

    this is so on point Harls !!!!!!

    • Harling Ross

      TY JAZ

  • HARLING. MY MIND. IS BLOWN. Standing ovation.

  • Nina Hylen

    I have always been a little ashamed to be a Miranda and a Hufflepuff but this article has healed me.

  • Erin Koster

    I’m into this, with my only point of disagreement being that “realness” is the gold standard in 2017. I’d say we like the appearance of realness–think of “no makeup-makeup” looks that take 20 products, or the backlash against Jennifer Lawrence when she does something people don’t actually like. I definitely agree with the idea that Miranda is real in the sense that she’s actually honest and straightforward, though.

    • Eve

      Yea no one likes real realness, being too real comes off ironically fake.

  • alchemy

    “No one wants to be the Miranda.” News to me. She’s the most honest. She has a low tolerance for BS…she was the first to embrace “…he’s just not that into you.” She was right about Carrie and Aleksandr and Paris (though Carrie had to see for herself). In the final episode, “It suddenly dawned on Miranda that Steve’s list might have had more cons than pros.”…how many are willing to see themselves through that realistic lens? Miranda for all the wins.

  • stephanie

    It sill pains me to be compared to Miranda because on multiple occasions over the course of the series, they painted her as the “undesirable” one, and often used her physical appearance (“fat ass”, braces, etc) as punchlines and reasons for failed romantic attempts.

  • Reb Carlson

    Miranda also was able to have everything she wanted: marrying for love, a family, a successful career, wit, the ability to buy her own apartment and have $30k in savings (circa the episode where carrie needs money to buy back her apartment) to loan a friend. She also had a more realistically and moving storyline. The episode where she is going to her mom’s funeral and hugs the woman in the lingerie store still gets me.

    • ValiantlyVarnished

      That is hands down my favorite SATC episode (besides the one where Carrie and Aidan move in together). It was so honest and real.

      • breathlss79

        The one where Carrie and Aidan break up for good is also heartbreaking.

    • Harling Ross

      such a good ep

    • HannahInLondon

      YES, that scene in the lingerie store, goosebumps just thinking about this! And when she bathes Steve’s mom and Magda says, “What you did was love, YOU love.” Every time <3

      • tmm16

        Honestly chills @ that line and scene

      • Reb Carlson

        omg – that was amazing as well and i’ll randomly think about it from time to time. they should have just concluded with that scene for entire franchise. “YOU love”. boom.

        • HannahInLondon

          YES! Huge boom. #YouLove

    • the fox forgot

      One of the best, most underated episodes. Definitely the most moving.

  • Lindsey

    Ok, I agree with everything in this article except the opening paragraph. She’s a Hufflepuff??? No freakin’ way! Of all four them, Charlotte is the worst! She has no depth of character, and is so Pollyanna about life and relationships. She’s removed from reality in almost every sense. I get that Miranda has faults that the show emphasizes, like her quick temper and reluctance-bordering-on-refusal to ever be vulnerable. But I have always admired her for her faults, like you say, rather than think those are points against her. Miranda is great, and I love your staunch support of her. Kudos. (But Charlotte was always the worst!!) 🙂

    • Jeanie

      Well, Hufflepuff is actually a bit of the hidden gem, so the comparison is maybe even more valid. Newt Scamander is a Hufflepuff! He’s fantastic and has so much empathy for everyone.

  • This is amazing!

  • YES!! and miranda carried the movies!!! (pun intended) although if SJP played the role of a a stapler sitting on a desk, i would want to be a stapler sitting on a desk.

    • Quinn Halman

      that was a fantastic pun

      • Kelsey Moody

        hey guys

    • Kate Barnett

      OMG hi courtney.

    • Harling Ross


  • gamingnails

    Samantha and Miranda were always the most relevant to me as they’re both self-sufficient, independent, smart go-getters who didn’t give in to fairytales or faking. They don’t apologise for who they are, and that’s their most relatable quality.

    • And don’t you dare apologiZe for your “s” spelling. Own it. Poetic, really. “S” for Samantha.

      • Jessica Elkin

        That’s the British spelling.

        • Bringing ‘across the pond’ a little closer.

  • cbBKNY

    Top this piece off with a Miranda fashion photo gallery please please please

    • Holly Laine Mascaro


    • Harling Ross

      ugh if only getty had more!!!

  • AB

    I wish I could take this article and email it back in time to my high school self. As fun as it was to covet the idea of being Carrie, growing up has made me realize I am much more a Miranda as well. AND that it’s not something to be ashamed of either. Carrie is so fun and glamorous but she’s actually a v shitty friend. I’d take a good Miranda personality over Carrie’s any day.

  • ValiantlyVarnished

    YES YES YES!! THIS is what I have been saying since I started watching SATC millenias ago. Miranda is the character I have always related to the most. She was the most FULL. She seemed like an actual human and not a caricature of one and not only that but she embodied all the things that I liked most about MYSELF. She is outspoken, witty, and independent. And she was the only one of the women besides Samantha who didn’t seem to be desperate for a man. And she loved cats! And she was a redhead! Miranda rocks!

  • Abigail Larson


  • Maren Douglas

    I love love love this. Healing the hurt high schooler who got Miranda and Hufflepuff on the quizzes. Miranda 5ever

  • Jennifer

    This was great! I stand corrected. I too, am a Miranda, always have been!

  • Eliza

    I remember first watching the episode where Miranda goes off on the other girls, saying something along the lines of, “How is it that four smart women have nothing to talk about but men? What about us? What we think, what we feel?” Her little tirade may have its flaws, but at the time I thought it was REVOLUTIONARY. I cheered her on through the television.

    Miranda is great because she shows some serious personal growth over the course of the show. She struggles to recognize when she’s being strong and self-sufficient vs selfish and closed-off, and eventually learns to open herself and her life to make room for others, all without compromising her own beliefs. Carrie is all about never giving up on/staying open to the possibility of love, which is also great and important and everything, but I have a feeling that Miranda’s struggle may be a bit more relevant today….

    • Harling Ross


  • Lou

    I totally agree !! And I love Miranda, she is so real

  • Arina Kholina

    i am with you! saw few 4th season edisodes yesterday and thought that Miranda (and yes I love this name)) is NOW and Kerry is really very PAST. she is not a role model of 35 something girl – she is too much fixated on a stereotyped Alfa Man – rich and powerful, she does not care much about her job, and her sexual and love behavior up to me is based on something weird and nasty like Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. love her anyway but like my younger sister, stupid but sweet

  • Best. Post. Ever.

    Charmaine Ng
    Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • I’ve always been the “Miranda” of my friend groups. Well, the Miranda in Carrie clothes. 🙂 It’s surprising that someone that has her shit together and works on being a well-rounded person (with or without a partner) would be a negative thing to be compared to!

    • Harling Ross

      miranda in carrie clothes sounds like my kind of unicorn toast

      • It’s probably the most man-repelling combination you can come up with, in my experience anyway. Which is probably how I ended up here. 🙂

  • Roxana Sălăgean

    Yass!! Miranda is and will be the main reason i re-re-re-watch sex and the city. Her and the fashion.
    Totally agree she is by far the most interesting and real character and honestly she is the only one that makes progress throughout the series – professionally, her love life and ofc on a more personal, psychiatric level. She seems to be the only one actually learning from mistakes and experiences and not repeating the same pattern over and over again.
    And she is the feminist of all of them, not Samantha with her “do it like a man”, that’s the aggressive feminist of today. No, Miranda holds up to her male partners, takes care of her family all the while pulling off the effortless look with flying colors.
    Much love.

  • a couple of years ago I was discussing SATC with my roommate and I said I identified with Miranda the most and thought she was the most interesting character and I saw her as the best role model and she replied with a myriad of statements boiling down to ‘she’s too tough’. I was already feeling lacking in the feminine department, esp compared to her(lithe, blonde, beautifully high-cheeckboned, naturally sweet and caring) and this talk made me feel even more like I was too difficult, too direct, too blunt, too boyish, too whatever.

    so THANK YOU! I always knew in the back of my mind that both Miranda and I were totally cool beans to be but this makes me very happy nonetheless

  • The Eclectic Ginger

    Hey now no need to diss Hufflepuffs, we are fabulous and fierce folk who love spreading kindness and positivity. And we look damn fine in yellow to boot 😛

    • tequilamockingbird

      i wish i looked damn fine in yellow. that’s like a superpower. 🙁

  • Caitlin Crow

    i SUPER agree. also, not to toot (tote) my own horn, but i am the proud owner of a canvas bag bearing Miranda’s visage, with an accompanying button that reads “Miranda Solidarity”. i carry it everywhere so as to spread the gospel.

  • ReadER451


  • Lucille


    • Lucille

      My only edit is that 2017 Miranda would be an Uber exec and Carrie would be a fashion blogger.

  • Just finished binge watching SATC and couldn’t believe how much more I liked Miranda in my twenties than I did in high school. She has the most depth out of all the characters. I’d rather be a Miranda any day (but with Carrie’s closet)!!

  • Mari

    “sex and the city” is utter trash

  • Samantha Lee

    Haha, this is great. I recently started rewatching the series from the beginning. And you’re right – I love Carrie, but she really is middle of the road…not having a strong point of view on anything. Plus, do we really see her grow or learn from her mistakes? I’m only on season 2, and it’s been forever since I watched it all the way through, so maybe I’ll see it soon.


  • Mon Valdés

    She was always my favourite!

  • Krusty the Kat

    Agree 1,000%! It’s embarrassing how often I find myself thinking, “WWMD?”

  • Oliwia Widuto

    I love the article but the real elephant in the room is HOW DID SHE MAKE IT INTO THE FRIENDGROUP? could you please walk us, Mirandas, through entering into a friendship with Carrie and Samantha ?

    • gracesface

      Wasn’t there a series of books that got written a few years ago that explained their like high school/college years? And how they met?

    • kellymcd

      Like the amount of licks to the center of a Tootsie Pop, the world may never know

    • Alyson Linkchorst

      she was crying in a dressing room where carrie worked at the time.. the movie explains it. i think she fits in better then Charlotte to be honest. she seems to fit in better with samantha

  • Maggie Lanham

    If you love Miranda (resounding yes!), you should check out the @everyoutfitonsatc Instagram’s shop! They have prints and totes celebrating our beloved redhead!

  • Nadja

    Also, didn’t Miranda’s infatuation with Jules and Mimi predate modern binge-watching culture? SHE LED US TO THE FUTURE

    • gracesface

      Did you know that Jules and Mimi was based on the show Bob and Rose!? I found it at the library and watched – and it’s a short 6 or 8 episodes (it’s British) and it is SO good. Just a nice watch.

    • Xena

      So true!

  • tmm16

    I just love this piece so much, Harling, that I really don’t have the words to express how much. I only started to love Miranda as I got older (I of course still love Carrie, but agree that Miranda is obviously the most realistic and synthetic character).

    Here’s my fav quote by her expressing just how badass she is:


    • kellymcd

      As someone who has consistently dated men who make less $$$ than me the last few years, I feel this

  • Erika Galan

    THIS IS GREAT!! It was a beautifully written piece that I connected to so easily.

    Some other ideas on why Miranda was always a character we should have looked up to:

    -Miranda got pregnant and had the most realistic reaction/approach to the situation. Samantha, Carrie, and Charlotte were so left and right on the spectrum of pregnancy it was hard to relate to any of their advice or reactions. Miranda went through all of the true emotions: surprise, disbelief, fear, anger, consideration, and finally peace once she came to her final decision. I saw myself in her thought processes and final decision. Once she had Bradie I loved watching her navigate through motherhood. She never lost the essence of her true self and being a mother just made her even more of a #badass.

    -If you really think about it, Miranda was the best, best friend. She was always so honest with Carrie and really told her everything she needed to hear at the moment she needed to hear it. “I’m quitting my job and moving to Paris for a guy,” says Carrie. “WHAT?! What about your job, your apartment, your LIFE?” Miranda never babied or sugarcoated things for Carrie who would often talk her way through many bad choices in life. She is the friend you need. She is a great judge of character and isn’t afraid to use her VOICE. She is someone I would love to call a BFF.

    Also, she is so Ravenclaw.


  • Here, here and about time. Hobbes’ props are long overdue. Writing only of HBO’s tenure, not the flix, thank you. Hobbes was ever the favorite – and unto herself, at the brunch table. However, her relationship with Steve exhibited the most growth of any of the quad. Whether with Magda, Brady, her own mother’s death, and in the end, her mother-in-law’s nascent dementia, Miranda exhibited the most maturity. She seemed to ‘find herself’ in the fullest character arc. SJP oft said NY was something to the effect of the show’s fifth character. When Miranda compromised by buying in Brooklyn, she distinguished herself from Bradshaw’s perpetual Holly Golightly-ing. Key? Generally, when women make compromises in the domestic sphere, it can be witnessed – even fictionally – as a loss. Another consequence of the ‘have it all’ myth. Conversely, Miranda’s Brooklyn scenes only ADDED dimension to her character. Hobbes never left the Big Apple or struggled to maintain her lifestyle. Instead, she was the true ‘Big’ of the cast, eating the Apple on her own terms, in her own locale.

    Still? The quad might be viewed as some metaphorical attempt at the sexual complexity of (white)women. Samantha ran a close second for her approach to aging, sex-positivity, and self-possession. She is alpha untamed. Charlotte bought the fairytale and refused to relinquish it under any circumstance. She is the problematic, progressive female when mired in the romantic illusion. Bradshaw? Her Holly Wentlightly. Maybe there is a difference between a story’s narrator and the true voice. Because she hadn’t found herself, how could she truly speak to the show’s intent or evolution? When the golden ‘Carrie’ necklace broke in Paris, falling at her feet at the hotel’s front desk, one thought that was her moment to claim herself. One wondered if she might ‘face the concierge’ – one who suggests sites in The Unknown, and click her red, velvet Blahnik heels. Not back to not NY, but back to herself. That teachable moment, alas, drowned in the Seine. Hobbes? Lit up the Hudson and married in a red, velvet coat.

    • jinap

      Heya! The expression is actually hear hear! (as in “hear this excellent thing that this person is saying”). It originated in British Parliament.

      The Brits also spell apologiSe with an s (although z is fine too).


      • Appreciate the transatlantic options RE: ‘s’/’z’. MR’s learning curve swings deeper that irreverent accessorizing. “Here” was intentional. Actually meant “here” as a pun on ‘hear’; perhaps I should have better clarified. Meant ‘here’ as a woman’s comment fully claiming itself as in ‘right here’. Had I, however, been an error, always invite correction and good to know that perhaps the pun fell flat. The feedback assists…as we persist.

      • Appreciate another’s attentiveness. Had I been in error, your contribution would serve well. Actually, however, I fully intended the use of “here, here” as a pun on the original. Perhaps that choice did not fully translate. Good to know of the possible success or failure of such experiments in usage. I wanted to imply a deeper “here” than that of merely “hearing” what another says. My intent was to fully OWN my agreement with this astute article. As in standing for it, standing by it, right HERE. Sought to express more than the physical act of hearing as a nod. I personally champion/encourage such languaging that challenges us to inhabit our words more authentically. Again, however, your assumption about error suggests that this creative approach may require a better framework that some may require to first reference.

  • Beatrice

    Sooooo fucking true!!!!!! ❤❤❤

  • breathlss79

    Sometimes Miranda (especially in the early seasons) had too much of a second wave feminist vibe and was too one note about double standards. But I think Cynthia Nixon brought so much depth to the character that the writers started to catch up and write her as rounded. Sometimes she seems like the only one with any brains. And sometimes Samantha seems like the only one who’s not a judgmental prude–she’s kink-positive, has sex with women, isn’t scared of anal. But I love them all. The four actresses are terrific and each could carry a show.

  • pamb

    Harling, you have totally misconstrued why it was ‘shocking’ that Charlotte fell for ‘a bald guy’.

    Charlotte is a WASP Princess, looking for Mr. Perfect. When she found and married her rich doctor, she thought life would be perfect. It wasn’t. Her husband was a jerk with an intrusive mother. She divorced him and fell in love with his polar opposite, an emotional Jewish guy who didn’t have a great physique (or hair). She rushed the relationship by converting to Judaism to please him, but turned him off with the pressure. Eventually, they made up and got married. She even adopted a child after having fertility issues!

    Charlotte is not the protagonist, but let’s not reduce her learning to love a real person rather than an image to ‘marrying a bald guy’.

    • Eve

      I love Charlotte I think she grew a lot in the show, they all did really except Carrie I feel like she just got what she wanted in the end whereas all the other characters grew to be more accepting of life’s curveballs.

  • sin_plomo

    NB Hufflepuff is also the best house in Hogwarts.

    • sin_plomo

      Shocked by all the Hufflepuff haters below – what’s not to like? They’re kind-hearted and love food/nature/animals.

  • Mika M R

    Perfect concepts and writing 😀

  • Hannah Warner


  • tj

    I started reading this piece assuming your argument couldn’t possibly sway me to believe this — alas, you are 100% correct. Hail, Miranda.

  • ladle

    I was always more comfortable with Miranda than Carrie. Carrie’s flakiness was always annoying, and it was why I never really rooted for her. It might be because I was and still am stupidly responsible for my age, but Carrie’s attitude toward life reminded me of that one friend that you have to keep consoling while secretly rolling your eyes because “I told you this would freaking happen.” And Miranda actually changed, but didn’t change so much that she became a different person. She had her career and her kid and mostly took no shit.

  • Bo

    Well, the Hogwarts references got me all distracted and I just spend FOUR HOURS on Pottermore reading the entire e-canon of North American wizard history, revived my almost dead plans to write a screenplay about the origins of Hogwarts, also I did the online sorting ceremony and it turns out I’m a Slytherin? Which bothers me not as much as popular culture dictates it should. Also, I only ever related to Miranda. Thankyou for your time.

  • leila hu

    this articles makes me wanna see this again, only to see Miranda lol ! thx for sharing !

  • the fox forgot

    My husband and I (joyfully) binged the series recently and we came to the exact same conclusion! She kept it the realist.

  • CDC

    I LOVE Miranda. Pure, unadulterated love. I find her the funniest, most realistic, and really the only of the 4 girls I’d actually be friends with, which is my grading curve for this exercise.

    Nevertheless, I don’t think I can back you up wholeheartedly on the wardrobe issue… Her S1 outfits were rough, sometimes she looked like the female version of that scene in Clueless where Cher vilifies young men’s state of dress…

    My point stands however, because my platonic friendship with Miranda would be a solid one, not rooted on wanting to borrow her newspaper print dress as it would be with Carrie.

    She’s the best, hands down.

  • Emma

    am recommending the instagram account @mirandamondays if you like me enjoy seeing snapshots of Miranda from different episodes with hilarious captions

  • Spot on, Harling! Thank you for opening your mouth and many peoples eyes!

  • Mel

    Lol, I have not even seen more than a handful of episodes, but I love this analysis so much! 😀 #teammiranda

  • this one lady

    This is great, with one correction: Buffy was the first female anti-hero.

  • allison fargo

    used to be insulted when my friends would say i was the miranda of the group. now i’m like um yes bitch. i am.

  • Pam Pearson Firth

    At the end of the series, Miranda was a mother, wife, caring for an ailing Mother-in law, and living in Brooklyn. Her character her evolved in so many ways, while Carrie was still pining away for the guy who treated her like dirt (then blows her off on their wedding day). Mirada’s character ended up being the most “real” of them all.

  • Alexandra Queiroz

    Miranda has always been my favorite. Always. Back then, now and forever! Carrie’s wardrobe was amazing and I loved the character (as much as I did all other characters in the show) but I’d never want to be Carrie.

  • raissaemail

    Heh heh I’m totally a Miranda. Except the carreer. I used to love the series, but seriously, now I’m so unnerved about how immature they act. No self-criticism, no self respect, no depth..

  • Kristen

    YES!!! What’s funny is that I was watching SATC as I read this – more than a decade later and it’s still my go to show, and the first movie is one of my favorites. Miranda is by far the funniest character, and as I get older, the one I feel like I identify with the most. The episode where she and Steve get married is one of the ones I watch over and over again.

  • Harper H.

    This is awesome but the general consensus in my (imho) pretty amazing group of friends is that miranda is the best character, and that evolved chicks realize that they want to be miranda. SHE IS THE RESULT I PRAY FOR. WWMD? It’s not a bad thing to get her on the quiz, she is the brass ring y’all.

  • Harriet Corns

    Thank God!! Finally! I was starting to feel like the only one who was a Miranda fan! Carrie undeniably wins the style crown of the series, but I would kill for some of Miranda’s oversized coats and deffo the Mac DeMarco-esque outfit pictured above. Plus she’s rocking it for the gingers

  • Kaeli Conforti

    Miranda is and will always be my favorite but please give Charlotte a little more credit. I always liked her for being the hopeless romantic, probably because I am one as well. Her character dealt with some tough stuff (wanting kids but not being able to have them, etc) and she eventually converted to a different religion to be with the man she loved (Harry, the so-much-more-than-just-a-bald-guy guy). Her story line and Miranda’s are why I kept watching. Still hoping to meet my own Steve or Harry someday.

  • You did blow my mind actually – I didn’t realize people didn’t like Miranda. I don’t need to take a personality quiz to know I’m a Miranda, and I’d be pissed if I got any other result. To me, Miranda always was the protagonist.

  • Lindsey McLean

    I graduated high school in 1998 and I always admired Miranda the most. She’s hilarious and totally has her shit together. Go Miranda!

  • Alison

    this is great! i love it and agree! plus working mom! and for a lot of it a single working mom! I also felt her style was more accessible – especially in the later seasons.

  • Maximiliana Pycia

    How odd that just the other day I was thinking about just that! Forget Carrie, it’s Miranda all the way. Carrie was so annoying at times. She cheated on Aiden. She has that column gig and somehow managed to pay for that gorgeous place AND tons of luxury clothes and shoes and bags. Miranda’s style was fierce, and that career of hers is admirable. She worked her ass off and is a successful lawyer. Charlotte dropped everything when she decided to get married.
    So, yes, I’d pick Miranda any day over the other ladies.

  • Bridget Ausman

    I totally agree. I just finished watching the show this weekend… Yes I am a late bloomer. Miranda was amazing.

  • Sophia Dearie

    yup yup yup – finally the truth is told!

  • Neo-Seul

    Yes, OMG ! I have always felt like either Miranda or Charlotte !

  • streats

    Miranda is also the only one who goes to therapy (Carrie doesn’t count; she mocked it) which at the time had a taboo but now is no big thing. Taking your mental health seriously = 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    I also definitely agree that she is the best “friend”. She calls others out when needed but also has a real conscience and knows when she’s fucked up.

    ALSO I think she’s the only one who doesn’t routinely participate in the fetishisation of gay men (excluding the episode where they’re at Sam’s with a tape of gay porn) – whenever I rewatch I am so mortified at how gay men are stereotyped and all portrayed as queens and gay husbands etc. Miranda doesn’t really have much direct involvement with gay characters but when she does she just treats them LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE not fashion accessories.

  • RevolutionaryPetunia

    Miranda was ALWAYS the best character! However, it wasn’t that Harry was BALD that made him such a boundary-pushing choice for Charlotte — it’s that he was Jewish.

  • Lindsey

    Just need to come back to this post. I’ve been re-watching the series (for probably the…fourth time? fifth?) and damn. I always knew Carrie was flawed, but I never truly realized just how great Miranda is. She’s self-aware, incredibly witty, and takes no shit–either from men or her friends. I am 100% on the Miranda train. She’s amazing.

  • lateshift

    I will preface this by saying: I realize this is a ridiculous comment, and am properly shamed in advance for spending 5 minutes of my life thinking about this, and another few minutes typing it up, but….here goes: Samantha really only had four real “relationships” in the whole show, and half of them really don’t fit your description at all, the other two not completely. The man she wound up with wasn’t financially stable OR old when they met — he was 20 years her junior and broke, a service worker (a waiter), a recovering alcoholic AND someone who aspired to a career she loathed (acting.) I’m also not sure how you define “older,” since, besides the lesbian artist, the two guys she dated long-term were her own age.

    The rest of the time, she “dated” (as in, went out more than once with, and/or seemed to genuinely like or develop feelings for) a black man, a man more than a full head shorter than herself, a very senior citizen, a woman, an objectively unattractive and boring bald man with bad breath and glasses (“The Turtle”), a Hispanic dance club owner… etc etc etc. She hooked up with a college student, a UPS delivery guy, a working class fireman (twice) and too many other younger and blue collar guys to count. She kissed a Pakistani busboy and agreed to sleep with a gay male couple. You could accuse her of many things, but hooking up with “the same type of man over and over: handsome, financially stable, older and white” definitely ain’t it.

  • Mar

    I first watched SATC in 2008 after watiching the first movie (I was sixteen). At the time, obviously, I wanted to be a Carrie. Many years later, I think it was around 2015, I re-watched the show again and pretty much hated it – I couldn’t believe it. Specially Carrie, whom I saw as a needy, dumb character with a great closet. Miranda stole my heart that second time around. She is the best! I still wish for Carrie’s clothes, Cahrlotte’s hair and Samantha’s sassiness but Miranda is definetely my hero.

  • Gabriele Island

    HARLING omgosh your articles are divine! Thx for expressing AGAIN what so many of us are thinking. I remember my friends always saying “no one wants to be a Miranda”.. I definitely have never felt more attached to a tv-character and her struggles in the series have brought me to tears so many times (her mothers funeral/her pregnancy/her fight against sexism and misogyny at work). We should all aspire to become a Miranda! She’s the real deal. I think the writers put a lot more effort into her character than people think. besides, anything negative told about her is only based on superficial arguments like her looks or her haircut..

  • melrobot

    what?! charlotte is so clearly the hufflepuff that i did not read the rest of this piece.

  • Aloha Erin

    I love Miranda too, but what I love most about Sex and the City is the ensemble cast – the chemistry of the four friends and the other important characters together. Steve & Aiden, Harry, Smith…all of them contribute to the great story we love to hear over and over. I especially love Season Six because by then, all the characters have deepened so much. Samantha finds vulnerability and real love. Charlotte goes right outside of her Wasp comfort zone to be with Harry. Harry is not the stereotypical hot guy, but we fall in love with him because he is real and he loves Charlotte for who she really is, neurosis and all. Likewise with Smith teaching Samantha how to be more real. By the end of the series I can find parts of myself in all four of the main characters. Not in season 1 — we go on a long journey with them. Even Carrie and all her insecurities. I love them all.

  • Eve

    lol I hate Jennifer Lawrence.

  • Eve

    “Almost everything about the way Sex and the City depicts relationships would be problematic in 2017,” I have no idea what this even means

  • Kea

    Not here to shit on Miranda BUT here to propose a counterpoint – I think that of Samantha had gotten more of a storyline she’s the real modern woman. She also has a high powered job where she’s at the top of her field, but importantly she is a woman who is comfortable with her sexuality and bucks the ‘slut shaming’ narrative that women often get saddled with. Miranda is without doubt one of the most loyal friends no question, but I find that while she treats her friends well, she often treats her make romantic interests very poorly – not being willing to budge in a relationship. Women shouldn’t be pushovers and they shouldn’t give up pets of themselves and what they want… but in every relationship everyone needs to learn to compromise and offer acceptance for flaws. Miranda (at least as of season 5 episode 2, I’m catching up!) writes off men quickly and dismissively and often doesn’t have sexual empowerment the way the other women do. I say, dig into Samantha and explore how okay it should be to be a successful woman who is comfortable with her sexuality! Plus she accepts people for who they are but is clear about how far she can go when compromising or being lenient (cough, Richard, cough)

  • Holly

    Wait, people dislike Miranda? Whaaat?

    If I had to pick a favorite that would be her. Her partykiller vibe is hilarious.

    As a side note, Charlotte gets unfair treatment too. She seemed boring at first but she really grew on me.

    • gracesface

      Same, now when I watch episodes I really just love Charlotte. She was so sincere!

  • alchemy

    I fondly recall so many Miranda moments, including her rapid embrace of “He’s just not that into you.” Talk about a willingness to deal with reality, not waste time and angst with the feels, and efficiently move on. Sister I_TJ’s, does it get any better than this? 👊🏼

  • Allie Nard

    I love this. I remember seeing episodes here and there when I was younger and understanding that Miranda was the Ross of the group (Friends being a show I had seen every episode of at the time). But I didn’t ever sit down and watch the entire series until I graduated college in 2016 and by then I was like wait…. but I’m a Miranda? And I’m happy about it? Totally an outcome of not watching it until more recently.

  • Sophia

    I just think she embodies the successful, relationship and child juggling reality that a lot of women become.

    Carrie is to me a judgmental, selfish joke with no thought for any diverse parts of society.


  • Daria

    god I would hope not

  • curly215

    I’ve actually thought about this a lot! Watching the show back this past year, so much of what Miranda says is on point.

  • laura

    also, on the argument people make on whether they’re team big or team aidan, what about team STEVE?! okay yes his behavior is problematic in the movies but in the show, they were the most exemplary couple. not fireworks like carrie + big but as another MR article pointed out, the best kind of love can be boring at times.

    and my vote is miranda = ravenclaw, carrie = slytherin, samantha = gryffindor, charlotte = hufflepuff

    I could go into an essay about my rationalization, but I will stand by it.

  • Cody


  • YES YES YES! How did I miss this story the first time? What I love about Miranda is that she is the most modern out of all of the women, and her challenges, like working long hours at her law firm, are more in line with what women face today.

    I am also really excited about Cynthia Nixon being involved in politics. She shows up!

    Eva | http://www.shessobright.com

  • Kubla

    I love what Nixon is doing politically but Miranda was a bit challenged. Also very linear and a bit angry. I liked the episode where she ate cake out of the garbage. That is something I do. I think I’m like all of them. I think I would love to run for office. If Cynthia can do it then so can I!

  • I feel like I learned more from Miranda’s story lines than anyone else’s on that show

  • elpug

    YES she is the most realistic and maybe she used to be the most boring character to me but now I find her more and more relatable. Carrie is great but the depth of character isn’t really there. Also had no idea she’s running for governor! What a stud.

  • Reese Ferguson

    The amount of Sex and the City references….your header should say “Fashion, Sex and the City, Everything Else, Lookbook.” 😄

  • Camille

    Also, she owns a cat. <3

  • Allison Russo

    I can’t even deal with how much I love this.

    – Allison (nycismyboyfriend.wordpress.com)

  • Liv

    Hey you son of a bitch hufflepuff is great and anyone that shits on that house has a vast misunderstanding of Harry Potter lore and is in general an idiot

  • Caitlin Campbell

    Ugh I want to watch this show! Can someone PLEASE make it?