10 Small Luxuries I Will Never Stop Buying

I’m a sucker for trends and I love trying new stuff (food, beauty products, appliances, etc.), which makes me a pretty fickle consumer. One week, I’ll be obsessed with a very specific green mud mask and the next I’ll crave an entirely different facial schmear. There are notable exceptions, though — things that have taken root like sturdy weeds in the riverbed of my loyalties because they’re simply too excellent to be uprooted in the the rushing tide of Try this! And then this! And then this! Things that, despite being small in size, bring me dramatically great joy.

Below, I’ve outlined 10 things that happen to qualify for this elusive and highly selective designation. Feel free to add your own list in the comments. There’s more than enough dramatically great joy to go around.

1. Early Bird “Farmhand’s Choice” Granola

I’ve sampled many a granola in my day, but I always, always come back to this one. It is the perfect combination of sweet and salty. It tastes great as a plain snack or on top of yogurt. It only has nine ingredients, all of which my mom would endorse. Its only con is also its biggest pro: once you start eating it, it’s hard to stop.

2. Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

My boyfriend Austin likes to get me things for my birthday that I wouldn’t typically spend money on myself, which is how I came to possess a pair of Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones this past December. At $249, they are definitely an unnecessary luxury and, true to Austin’s gift-giving strategy, not one I would be inclined to personally splurge on but OH MY GOODNESS THEY ARE WONDERFUL. They really do “cancel” noise to the extent that sometimes I pop them in without even listening to music whenever I need a complete silence writing cocoon at work, but they shine best of all on airplane rides when I want to hear the nuanced dialogue of Grey’s Anatomy above the engine roar.

3. Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

I came across this gem as a result of my journalistic endeavor to find the best razor ever. I decided to try it out after perusing a handful of its 3,486 glowing reviews on Amazon, and it did not disappoint. I’d never used a single-blade safety razor before, and I never want to use any other kind ever again. The shaving experience is way less irritating because it cuts off hair bluntly in one pass. I recommend it to everyone.

4. Bumble & bumble. Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil (Travel Size)

I purchased my first bottle of this when I worked at Estée Lauder Companies and had an employee discount, but I’ve continued purchasing it at full price because I like it so much. I dispense a dime-sized squirt into my palms and smooth it into my hair a few days after a wash when my curls start to frizz. It instantly chills them out and makes them look shiny again. I usually buy the mini version because it’s perfect for stashing in my mini bags for on-the-go hair improvement.

5. Lonely Lena Underwire Black Mesh Bra

This bra, man. I’ve worn it so much I think I’ve ruined it — not literally, because it’s held up very well, but figuratively, because it used to be my special pretty bra and now it’s my everyday bra. I don’t care, though. I like it too much to reduce its rotation. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also quite comfortable (i.e. doesn’t dig into my ribs or shoulders). Putting it on under my clothes in the morning feels like my very own version of Superman’s “S.”

6. Skinnygirl Lime & Salt Popcorn

I tried a Skinnygirl margarita in college and thought it was rather bad, but the popcorn is DELICIOUS — perhaps because the brand partnered with Orville Redenbacher to create it. I buy the Lime & Salt flavor mini bags on Amazon in bulk and consume them as snacks with great frequency. They contain a single serving of popcorn but it’s definitely slightly bigger than most single servings of popcorn, which I appreciate.

7. Mini Moso Natural Air Purifying Bags

I purchased a pack of these on a panicky whim when I realized my brand new, jumbo-sized hamper enabled me to avoid doing laundry for weeks, which is fun in theory but dicey when it comes to odor buildup. They contain moso bamboo charcoal, which naturally eliminates odor and absorbs moisture, so I can sweat my heart out at SoulCycle and indulge in the laziness facilitated by a large hamper without any stress. Win-win.

8. TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

I began researching “best foam rollers” when I was diagnosed with a fun case of runner’s knee and told that stretching and foam-rolling with a vengeance was the best way to heal. At $39, it’s not exactly cheap, but it had amazing reviews and I knew I wanted to invest in a high-quality option with a grooved surface for maximum impact. I loveeeeeeeee it. I’m now one of those annoying foam rolling-obsessed people who foam rolls every night and talks about it ad nauseam. When you consider cost-per-use, it practically pays for itself.

9. Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre

I got a teeny tiny sample of Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre when I was gifted a Birchbox subscription for Christmas long ago, and I squeezed the teen tiny tube to within an inch of its teen tiny life. Once I came to terms with the fact that every last drop was gone, I decided to pony up for the adult-sized version, which I was relieved to discover only costs 20 bucks. It’s the PERFECT all-purpose, gentle face moisturizer and/or makeup primer. I love trying different skincare products, but this one always nudges its way back into my rotation because it’s that great.

10. WeWe Faux Tortoiseshell Jaw Clip

In my eternal quest to moonlight as a Danish woman, I obviously had to arm myself with the appropriate hair accessories. Inspired by the Saks Potts Spring/Summer 2018 collection, I went in search of colorful clamps and eventually found this heart-shaped treasure for $12.99. Every time I wear it I feel like the best version of myself.

Okay! Your turn. Deposit your lists of tiny but impactful obsessions in the comments.

Collage by Louisiana Mei Gelpi.

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  • Lf

    i can’t believe i didn’t know about safety razors until your story, i bought one because of you and i recommend them to all my friends and family! i feel so much better not buying and throwing away plastic razors every couple months

    • Harling Ross

      aren’t they amazing????

      • grace

        harling, how often do you replace the blade? any special care or maintenance you do? it’s in my amazon cart right now, about make it official, but i don’t have any IRL humans to ask because eveyone i know uses disposables.

    • Eva Skewes

      SAME and I actually need to shave tonight . . .

      The care I have to take with a safety razor makes it a really relaxing and soothing ritual. I bought a sample pack of the blades when I bought the razor (5 different kinds for $12 or something) and I don’t think I’ll need to buy new ones for YEARS. Total money saver in the long run.

    • Andrea

      I bought one too but I am continually cutting myself. I feel like I’m thirteen shaving my legs… Hellllllp. Really wanted to get out of the expensive and wasteful Venus game.

      • Kristina

        I cut myself a lot when I started using them. You really have to take your time and don’t push down too hard. I never use mine in the shower – I always take a bath when I need to shave my legs. Maybe use extra soap or shaving cream or whatever you use. But I mean, like you said, it’s like learning to shave again.

  • miranda

    harling, can you tell us how/where to buy the lena bra? it’s gorgeous and comes in my size (!!) but i’d love to not pay the $25 shipping from NZ. do stores carry it? which?!

  • Meg

    Harling!!! I’m glad you did the legwork of finding my new foam roller for me. My cheapo one isn’t cutting it and I can’t get into my IT bands deep enough with my Physique 57 roller.
    What’s your fave shave cream to use with the Edwin Jagger razor? Will my Trader Joe’s Honey Mango cream cut it?

    • Harling Ross

      It’s SO good. Highly recommend. As for shave cream I’m a heathen and just use soap so I’m sure your honey mango cream will be perf

      • Kaylie

        try Cremo shave cream!! it’s in the men’s section of Target for like $6 and Cremo + safety razor = beeeeest shave of your life

    • Adrianna

      I personally find using a hard lacrosse ball more satisfying than rollers

      • Harling Ross

        i love using a hard lacrosse ball in a sock to massage my shoulders against a wall. best hack ever

    • PJB

      LOVE the Trader Joe’s Honey Mango cream. It’s a permanent fixture on my shopping list.

      • Meg

        TJ’s toiletry products are underrated. I always buy their shaving cream and moisturizer with SPF. Also obsessed with the blueb acai face scrub.

        • PJB

          ooh I need to try the face scrub. love their hand cream too, essentially the same as kiehl’s but so much cheaper.

      • jugarboo

        Their lemony body oil, and also hair mask, that just came out, are both great.

  • Hannah Betts

    GREAT TOPIC. Cannot wait for the responses. Here’s one thought: Lipstick Queen’s Hello Sailor, a shapeshifting sheer berry that suits man, woman and child, and is the only lipstick I’ve ever got through not one, but several of. Such a cinch one can apply sans mirror, or snog straight off, yet •such• a fetching hue. I bulk buy and stalk its genius creator. If it ever gets discontinued, I’ll top myself.

    • Jen

      I *just* got this yesterday, along with Frog Prince and Mornin Sunshine! I can’t wait to try them!

      • Hannah Betts

        GOOD CALL. Poppy K is a genius. I’m not a millennial – rather a hoary Gen X-er – but her sheer’s have got millennial written all over them. Just like Becca, in fact, which was doing all that Glossier stuff 15 years ago.

        • Hannah Betts

          SHEERS. Not sure where that random apostrophe came from.

        • Jen

          Yeah I’m borderline Gen X too! I’m just starting to dip my toes into lipstick. Buying those three literally doubled my lipstick collection. Sounds like I made a good investment tho!

    • Harling Ross

      “a shapeshifting sheer berry that suits man, woman and child” = best testament of all time

      • Hannah Betts


    • Maddi

      i keep misreading sheer berry as “beer sherry”, and would that not also be a beautiful colour? Sort of a deep golden-red.

      • Hannah Betts

        They have one of those too. I think it’s called “Medieval” – sublime on redheads. But sheer again, not deep. Still, they do everything…

        • Maddi

          sheer beer sherry sounds like a dream, maybe i’ll pick up a tube

          • Hannah Betts

            Do try. I’d never really got lipstick before, but it completely converted me. Possibly because it’s far cooler than the genre implies.

    • Julia

      I loveee lipstick queen’s frog prince and I wear it everyday. I should really get Hello Sailor to add into the mix

      • Hannah Betts

        DO! DO! You’ll never look back.

  • Stephanie Amato

    Harling! I’m sooooo glad someone is as obsessed with those Bose headphones as i am. My husband bought them for me for my birthday when we first started dating like 5 years ago and i can’t even go back to my iPhone headphones. They’re that good. I still use the same pair, despite them literally being held together with duct tape (i hope he gets me a new pair for this year’s birthday!)

    • Harling Ross


      • Christine

        I have these too and they are life changing!
        PSA-they will replace them FOR FREE within a year of purchase. The year starts all over again when they send you new ones. Jump on that warranty and you’ll never have to buy them again 🙂
        If the year has expired they’ll still replace them at around half the price of buying them new!

  • Jen

    Nivea Water Gel sunscreen from Japan! I used to get friends who were travelling to bring me bottles of it back with them but now thanks to the magic of Amazon I can just order it!

    It’s this light, refreshing, well…watery gel! It feels amazing going on your skin and then promptly disappears. No residue, no greasiness, no tightness…it’s honestly a miracle. I tell EVERYONE about it and every time I get angry that I have to have it shipped around the world! North American girls deserve this product!!!

    • Hannah Betts

      WANT THIS. How high does it go?

      • Jen

        They have a 50! The texture is *slightly* heavier than the 33, but still like heaven compared to the 50s you can get in Canada for even twice the price! And tons of the Japanese stores on amazon even ship for free – BUT it can take a while to get it. Order now while it’s still snowing!!

        • Caroline Christianson

          Above spf 30, they perform the same! Just had this derm lecture yesterday, should be reviewing it right now instead of hanging in the MR comments…..

          • Imogen Wetzell Ramsey

            Even somewhere like Australia?

    • tuberoseandvetiver

      I just bought it! Japanese sunscreens are perfect for summer.

      • Jen

        SO PERFECT. Like, I actually feel refreshed after using them.

    • doladex

      Just ordered this thank you!

      • Jen

        Yay! Hope you love it!!

    • Marta

      thank you for the advice!

  • Adrianna

    My most recent small luxury is Hu chocolate. I don’t follow a paleo or vegan diet, but these chocolate bars are soooo satisfying. I love chocolate, and I normally tolerate a small stomachache or headache since chocolate has added sugar. I haven’t felt that with Hu chocolate.

    Available on different websites if you do some searching


    • Harling Ross

      okay now i need this

    • Abby

      The crunchy mint and the cashew butter are the best flavors!!

      • Adrianna

        I’m all about the hazelnut butter and almond butter. Vanilla Quinoa Qrispy is basically an adult Crunch bar

    • gracesface

      I have been wondering about these! thanks for the review! recommending them to my vegan friend.

  • grace

    high quality coffee beans always!! once you’re hooked, it’s impossible to go back.

    • Leilani

      yes!! my coffee beans retail at $16.99 a pound ($12.99 on sale if i’m lucky) but it’s one thing i can. not. compromise on. i’ll eat beans and rice for a week but drinking my kicking horse grizzly claw/horse power in the morning is one of my life’s greatest pleasures

      • gracesface

        I’ve always wondered about kicking horse! good to hear you endorse it.

      • leilanigl

        Aahhhhh hi hi from another Leilani, and I also endorse Kicking Horse! It’s hard to get where I am, so I buy local beans instead (KH is local for my parents.)

    • gracesface

      another grace here who also agrees!!! although my favorite right now is boyd’s good morning roast. PNW coffee!

    • KaitlinC

      YUP! Very hard to drink “regular” coffee after. Have you ever ordered from Bean Box? I’ve had a few bags in my cart for a while now, really wanna try them out!

  • magiblin

    Matching pajama sets! And you can get really cute sets for not that much money: Everlane, J.Crew, even Target! There’s just something so spa-like when I have a mask in my hair and wrapped up in towel, a mask on my face and wearing a matching pajama set while watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

    • omg YES, I recently started wearing matching pajama sets and my quality of life has greatly increased since. I’m obsessed with Madewell’s!!

      • Yanna

        I laughed way to hard at this! I can relate.

        • Yanna

          oops! **too

    • Basil

      My ambition is to get proper PJs (the Desmond and Dempsey ones keep on coming up on my Instagram feed, taunting me) once I finish breastfeeding so I can feel like a proper grown up, in real Pjs. Not a super old ratty t shirt. Tracee Ellis Ross always has them in Black-ish and I’m inspired

      • Victoria Kapriz

        A proper pajama set totally increases that “quality of life” feeling! 🙂 I looove that new brand called Son Trava, they are so beautiful and the highest quality

  • Rachel Narowski

    Glossier Boy Brow! I buy two at once and get nerv if I don’t have an extra in my drawer ~just in case~

  • Taylor Coil

    100% with you on the Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre. Every time I try a different moisturizer, I regret it.

  • Sally

    Murad’s Oil Mattifier!!! I went from an oily-faced mess with blotting papers occupying half of any purse I own, to never having to use one again. HIGHLY recommend to anyone with oily skin! Used below my Estee Lauder Double Wear and it is the perfect daily combo. Your’re welcome 🙂

  • Cynthia Schoonover

    Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salts is an inexpensive luxury that makes soaking in the tub so relaxing. I add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the bag of epsom salts and mix it in with my hands. Dr. Teal’s does make a lavender epsom salts, but you get twice the amount of plain epsom salts for the same money.
    Clinique’s Chubby Sticks for lips are the best of both worlds with the moisturizing benefits of lip balm and the color of lipstick.
    Clinique’s Chubby Stick for eyes is foolproof, the colors blend nicely, and the creamy formula camoflauges my eyelid wrinkles.

  • Abby

    I’m in love with that Skinny Girl popcorn, even if I absolutely hate the name. It’s so tasty and convenient!

  • Charleen Taveras

    Try Lacrosse Myofascial Therapy Balls! They get way deeper into the muscle than a foam roller! Trust 🙂


  • mapillski

    TRADER JOE’S CHOCOLATE AND COCONUT COVERED ALMONDS! The only reason they aren’t in my kitchen right now is because I knew I would eat them all for dinner….

    • doladex

      These will be the end of me.

    • gracesface

      I love the dark chocolate peanut butter cups and the ranch chickpeas and that is where I most frequently buy la colombe canned espressos!

      • mapillski

        dark chocolate peanut butter cups and the cocoa truffles are a hostess gift staple for me, so cheap and great

      • KaitlinC

        Yas to the dark chocolate pb cups!

      • Sarahtonin

        Yesss to the La Colombe canned espressos! Their Draft Lattes = love, especially the peppermint mocha

        • gracesface

          I haven’t been able to find any of their specialty flavors but even just the regular is SO good

    • Erica

      THOSE ARE SO GOOD OMG! i feel like they’re a hidden gem inside the frozen food section. i haven’t had them in a while though, because i ate the whole box in one sitting and felt real sick after

  • Leilani

    1. josie maran argan daily moisturizer spf 47 – it’s $40 a bottle, lasts a reasonably long time (6 months a bottle maybe? I buy 2/3 a year) but it is the only beauty product i use that i am actually 100% behind.
    2. kicking horse coffee – $16.99 a pound ($12.99 if i’m lucky)
    3. nude label triangle bras (i like the basic bras too) – comfortable flattering bralette that can wrangle my D cups effectively!
    4. my gym membership. i guess a $30 a month YMCA membership isn’t exactly *luxurious* but it’s a cost i only started taking on 2-3 months ago and i love it!!!

    • Vida Rose

      What size of the nude triangle do you use? I’m a D too and always looking for a comfy no-wire bra.

      • Leilani

        medium! i’m somewhere between a 32D/34C/34D depending on time of the month/bra brand/etc. they have a tiny bit of wire on the sides (but just elastic underneath!!) which i don’t find uncomfortable in any way and helps hold shape?

        • Vida Rose

          thank you!

    • Archana

      I swear by the Josie Maran sunscreen too ! It comes in a glass bottle with minimal plastic parts.

  • gracesface

    God I love moso bags. And fancy chocolate.

  • Alice

    Yes I love my safety razor! Another plus is there’s so much less waste as your not buying those plastic razor heads all the time

  • Gaea Vilage

    Guerlain terraccotta khol…it makes me look a little evil but I love it anyway…and a big box of English preserves, marmalades, cake, tea and Christmas pudding from Fortnum & Mason once a year…Brits abroad ey…

  • Ema Dell’Orto

    I will’do the same answer : the Leonor Greyl oil for hair. Incredible.
    And The same black socks at h&m, I must have ten, you never loose a sock again because they pair between themselves. When you have to get rid of one sock, the other waits patiently to pair with another one. Changed my life (uh).

  • Kristina

    I make that granola at home! Look for “Maple and Olive Oil Granola” on Food52.com. Very easy. ETA: it’s exactly the same recipe, not just a similar one.

  • Lexie

    Stumptown Hairbender Coffee
    Name Brand Bras (Victoria Secret Body Collection or Natori Feathers)
    Weleda Skin Food (new obsession of mine)

    • coffeebee

      Hairbender is so good.

  • starryhye

    I have 2 of those charcoal air purifying bags in my car! They definitely work well 🙂 I just bought a bottle of O.P.I’s colored Nail Envy, in Bubble Bath. I kinda love it. It gives the look of a manicure but without the actual fuss of a manicure. Bonus points for making my nails stronger!

  • Aditi

    Sunday Riley’s good genes and bose bluetooth speakers.

  • Caroline Christianson

    La Mer facial sunscreen and moisturizer. And the dyson hair dryer. All weepingly expensive yet life changing

  • Kasey

    I got a mini version of the Embroylisse moisturizer handed to me in a gift bag during Paris fashion week while I was studying abroad and stalking shows (is that sketchy?). I used it for the rest of my time in Paris and LOVED it and decided to keep buying it when I got back. The perfect light moisturizer to put on after a morning shower and a good base for makeup!

  • Sophie

    My husband ALSO got me noise cancelling headphones for my birthday. I thought it was a boring gift but THEY HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE.

    (warning: they cancel noise sooooo good that I didn’t realise I was like doing a weird heaving breathing thing in on the bus until the song changed)

    • Imogen Wetzell Ramsey

      I wear noise cancelling headphones as well and didn’t realise that I was breathing weirdly either until some (mean) girl at the library made a weird comment about it. This was 5 years ago and I am still super conscious of my breathing!

  • Basil

    Eve Lom Cleansing balm. I can’t even remember when I started using it, it’s been so long (more than 10 years). I’ve tried others, but they’re just not as good. It’s EXPENSIVE- £80 a pot at the moment I think? But each one lasts me at least a year and my skin loves me for it. It cleans your skin without drying it out and gets it VERY clean. And it smells nice

  • Tatcha’s The Essence – it is SUCH an expensive product, but I have not found anything better in terms of hydrating my mug. A bottle usually lasts me 6-9 months with twice daily use, so not as devastating the ol’ bank account. I just tried to quit it and attempted to sub in Kiehl’s Essence, but that broke me out and just wasn’t the same.

    • magiblin

      Girl- try Missha’s Time Revolution First Treatment Essence Intensive Moist. I know what you’re thinking: the name is bananas. But it is amaaaaaazzzing

  • Pascale H Lane

    Original Creme de la Mer. I wear a CPAP mask overnight that leaves creases on my face. This cream pumps them out better than anything else. It started with a sample, and I resisted buying it for a long time because it’s so damn expensive. Nothing else gets my face ready to go out into the world faster, so it’s worth every penny.

    • lianeandthemusic

      Same, I hate that I love it so much but it’s the only thing that keeps my hypersensitive skin clear.

  • Cristina

    1. I will never NOT grab one of those hair clips when shopping at J. crew! They are insanely expensive (20 bucks for ONE tiny clip) but omg! Nothing in the world compares to how well they hold my hair. Totally worth it!

    2. Lip stick queen in medieval. It’s a red but not scary red that you need a mirror to apply. I put that on and instantly look put together. Somehow, the red blends to your natural lip color and it just looks great.

    3. Klean Kanteen aluminum water bottle. Because it actually kills the bacteria out of my water!! Wait. Is that true? I heard that’s true. Either way, I love my KK water bottles.

  • Ubers home from the grocery store when I stock up on seltzer and wine before a flight are my mini luxuries 🙂

  • Shelby Kate

    The Embryolisse cream has been in and out of rotation for 3 years for me and I am almost convinced I should just get the subscription at this point since every moisturizer I’ve tried in between has been sub par in comparison. Also rosebud slave for my desk/purse/bedside table/other purse is a must for my lips and cuticles. I even put it on my eyelids for a glossy youthful sheen! WOW We love a multi tasker

  • Kate Alexis Clausen

    Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour® Cream Intensive Lip Repair Balm — I cannot live without this. I wear it every night and it lasts for ages.

  • kash

    oh man! excellent topic

    1. fancy coffee beans. if i buy the cheap stuff, i end up just buying coffee out which defeats the purpose

    2. lipstick queen’s “medieval” and mac’s “ruby woo.” i will NEVER stoP with these

    3. aveda’s curl cream. it’s just… it smells better than the other ones.

  • AbigailatSea

    Mario Badescu facial spray with aloe, herbs, and rosewater. I have the small size for travelling, I keep the large size in the filing cabinet at work (next to the sriracha), and stash another large size in my truck. Light moisture, imparts a clean feeling even when that’s not necessarily deserved, and makes me feel fancy. All for like $8 a bottle.

  • Rebecca


  • Melissa Quint

    Simone Perele Amour 3D Bra is the best small investment to make for yourself.

  • Jennifer Niehouse

    How long does the color last on one’s lips from lipstick queen? What is so special about it?

  • Archana

    1. Tea candles that get used every single day
    2. Matching pjs
    3. white tea leaves
    4. Woolen socks to wear around the house
    5. Those steals that I occasionally find on RealReal
    6. Best underwear every from Commando.
    7. Fresh flowers
    8. Sk-II
    9. lavender essential oil that goes into a diffuser everyday
    10. One wild card item per year that totally steals my heart

  • Trooper Sinjin

    Stance socks!!!

  • Ingrid Jensen

    1.) REAL silk ribbons, because you can do anything with them.
    2.) prints of photographs or random pretty stationary to use as wall art
    3.) vintage shoes even if they don’t fit.
    4.) really rad t shirts
    5.) pants that are cut on any weird silhouette
    6.) Trader Joe’s chocolate, 72%.

  • snackwave_julie

    Harling, please help me understand the sizing of that beautiful bra. Even after looking at the size chart, I am lost on how to choose among band sizes of 8 through 16?

  • Katie

    I can’t rave about Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre enough! I live in the harsh, dry environment of Colorado and have been on the search for an amazing lotion – found this on a trip to Paris and will never use anything else. My face was breaks out horribly from being so dry and this actually brings back the moisture, kept acne at bay and lays under my makeup so well! It was only $7 for a big tube in France but I’m 100% splurging on the $20 it is here. Definitely try this if you have dry acne prone skin!

  • Rachel Elizabeth

    Huckberry sells these candles by Ethics Supply Co that are inspired by famous parks or landscapes in the US (Yosemite, Avenue of the Giants, etc). I received a set as a gift and I’ve been buying myself them ever since – they are TRANSCENDENT! There is one that is wild strawberry + moss and it’s just the most beautiful thing I’ve ever come across in my life. If they ever stop making them I will riot. If their stock is perpetually low, it’s me.