Models wear big earrings
The Best Big-Ass Earrings On the Internet Right Now

Let me tell you what a pair of statement earrings can do for you:

Put you in a great mood.
Make a selfie more exciting.
Dress up literally any outfit that needs it.
Inspire you to make an already dressed-up outfit dressier.
Tickle your shoulders if long enough.
Make pulled-back-dirty-hair feel deliberate.
Separate you from the crowd.
Start a conversation.
Make you feel great about using the word “statement” as it relates to an accessory item.
Give you a signature thing if you wear one pair often enough.
Take your lobes from soft fuzzy pinches of skin and turn them into soft, skin-pinchy pieces of peach-fuzzed royalty.
Turn your whole day around.
Turn your night into a N I G H T, if you know what I’m saying. (Even if you stay home on the couch. Imagine the fancy lounging outfit possibilities!)
Jumpstart spring.
Jumpstart summer.
Bring you to the beach, no matter your preference toward sand.
Give you a reason (if you needed one) to tie a scarf around your ponytail.
Give your red lipstick something of a romantic companion.
Make your whole face a canvas for decoration.

But let’s not forget that you can do a lot for your earrings, too: by carefully selecting a pair from the top of your dresser, dubbing them the thing to complete an outfit, then placing them on your person, you give these wind-swinging, ear-dancing, swish-swooshing head danglers a reason to come to life.

Besides, if you don’t wear them, aren’t you a little afraid someone else might come along and think they’re such a treat that they go ahead and eat ’em?

Photos by Edith Young. Modeled by Liv Solorzano and Imani RandolphStyled by Amelia Diamond. In feature photo on Imani: Christie Nicolaides crab earrings, H&M jacket, Hermes scarf, MAKE lipstick and on Liv: Zara green drop earrings, Levi’s jacket

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  • eva

    so many of these are SO GOOD! alas, my poor fragile lobes can only handle so much heft [and only a couple metal posts] but i am so here for this trend lasting because i love looking at everyone’s ding dang earrings!!!!

    • Amelia Diamond

      a lot of these are pretty light – we should have done a weight test with them!!! can you do clip ons too?

  • Rosemary

    IN. LOVE. May have just bought the Zara earrings on my way to class. It’s fine.

    • Amelia Diamond

      post pic here once you get i wanna see how you style!

      • Rosemary

        will do! Is it bad that I’m considering getting them in yellow too so I can mix n match???

        • Amelia Diamond

          ooo no i love that idea

  • Adrianna
    • Paige Kay

      lol I’m not sure if your comment was meant satirically or ironically, but we Black and Latin girls, esp in the hood have been wearing earrings like this for the past 30 years. This lady is no trailblazer.

      • Adrianna

        take a joke

        • Vey

          there’s nothing funny about repackaging black/latinx fashion staples and calling it trailblazing, but work

          • Adrianna

            relax. it’s a joke about a reality show

  • Aleda Johnson

    I wish my tiny lobes could take it!

  • DelphineGarnier82

    There should be an article about statement earrings that aren’t too heavy on the earlobes. I have a regular pair of gold studs as my everyday earrings, since my ears react badly to non-gold earrings. But for when it’s time for fun earrings, I want to make sure they don’t drag down the earlobes.

    • Amelia Diamond

      these are all pretty light but that’s a really good idea!!

    • Sara Lugo

      I’m a jewelry designer and looooove big earrings, too. For heavier earrings I use those plastic discs to help distribute the weight (you can search for “comfort clutch earring back” online and buy a few pairs), or you can also look for earrings with clip-on backings (or chop off an earring post and epoxy on the clip-on backing). Those aren’t perfect solutions but do help a bit. The safest bet is to look for acetate or resin earrings (like a few featured above) — they’ll always be super lightweight.

      • DelphineGarnier82

        I’ve actually been looking at articles about earrings recently and they keep mentioning resin. I was going to look that up because it seems like something that wouldn’t be that heavy.

        • Sara Lugo

          Go for it! Acetate especially is great, and you can go pretty big and colorful without feeling them very much!

    • Amelia Diamond

      Annie Costello Brown = SUPER LIGHT but huge dangly earrings

  • magiblin

    I want ALL of the ear bobs

    • Amelia Diamond

      ear bobz!

  • Charleen Taveras
    • Charleen Taveras

      wow, that pic came out way bigger than i had intended. srry.

  • Dea Fine

    No link for the glorious Mola Sasa earrings?

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Jessica Rubin
    Big earrings are my signature look! I make and sell my own now, these orange slice earrings are one of my favorites

    • Amelia Diamond

      !!!!!!!!!!!!!! these are GREAT!!!

      • Jessica Rubin

        thank you !!!!!

    • Ashley

      Wait but wheeeeere can we find them!?

      • Jessica Rubin

        Hi Ashley!! I sell them on my depop @jessrubinonthesehoes or you can message me through instagram @jessicaannerubin I have a highlighted story that shows all my stock and prices

  • gashgoldvermillion

    I love love big earrings and all these styles! I just cant wear post earrings, because as a former early aughts scene kid I tried (and failed) to gauge my earlobes and my holes are forever stretched out. Fish hook styles only for me, the sadness of my life.

    • gashgoldvermillion

      ps – Alllllso highly recommend buying lobe-support stickers if yr worried about heavy earrings or have droopy piercings like me!

  • ” Make pulled-back-dirty-hair feel deliberate.” — I love it!!

  • I found a pair of huge gorgeous trendy geometric earrings the other day that were made from gold LEATHER! Super lightweight but still such a statement!

  • ida

    if you like those zara earings but would rather support a small business check out my friend Jen

  • Heather Merlis
    • Amelia Diamond


  • Alex Blackstone

    Big ass earrings are my favorite! I’m on a year-long shopping ban and this list almost just broke me. Perhaps I am going to have to learn to make my own!

  • Basil

    I am a chronic big earring wearer and all of the above is completely true

    • Basil

      My favourite fancy big ass earrings are from here
      She’s a jewellery maker in Cape Town, South Africa, and her jewellery is amazing
      And, if you want handmade jewellery and to raise money for a good cause, this happens every summer
      I’m not affiliated in any way, just someone who has spent way too much money on jewellery