5 Spring Outfit Ideas I’m Stealing From Instagram

I can’t get dressed. It’s been a bit of a nightmare, given the persistently cold New York temperature, to walk to work naked each morning as a result of my lack of motivation, but when you give up, you really give up, you know?

It’s no one’s fault, of course. My clothes are doing a great job. (I love you, boots. I’m sorry I said that earlier. You’re the coolest cowboys on the ranch.) The weather, meanwhile, is just being weather, going about its day. The problem, the root of it, is that I’m sick of getting dressed FOR the winter. It’s about me, you see. I just have to change my negative thinking.

The solution, I’ve discovered (bit of a Band-Aid on the cranky wound, if we’re being honest, but it’s helping), is to plan the outfits I want to wear come spring by scrolling through Instagram — both my feed and saved folder archives — and beginning to think about who my persona could be this garden season.

1. I could be the kind of person who dresses up for Mondays.

In the best version of spring me, I’d wake up early enough to go to the gym, shower, AND wash my hair, then, instead of throwing on whatever, I’d be like, “Oh, how convenient! I just happen to have the world’s prettiest, most simultaneously low-key and elegant tank top lying around, begging to be tucked into this super easy white skirt that I’d pair with a gold necklace like whatever,” and run out the door in a casual jiffy.

2. I could stop talking about clashing prints and finally do it.

I clash prints and colors whenever I style for Man Repeller, but I can’t seem to do so on myself. I think that’s because, since I haven’t established print-clashing as my personal thing, because it isn’t inherently “me,” it makes me feel like I’m trying too hard? But so what! Maybe this spring I want to try hard! BRING ON THE CLASHING.

3. I could wear all black and not have PR flashbacks.

My very first official job was in public relations. When we worked events, we had to wear all-black. Ever since I left PR, I’ve had a hard time shaking the connotation. Wearing the color head-to-toe instantly made me feel like I was working, even though I love the look on others. One of my best friends works in PR, and every time I see her dressed in her professional monochromatics, I remark, “You look so chic!” And she does. It’s a classic for a reason. So anyway, this spring is the spring I get over myself and embrace the official uniform of New Yorkers and chic people everywhere.

4. I could become a plan-far-in-advance kind of woman.

A post shared by Maison Alma (@maison_alma) on

As in, I could skip spring mentally and plan straight ahead to the sweet spot of summer — you know, where you can wear a swimsuit outside without getting 5 o’clock leg shadow from goosebumps, but still wear a coverup without sweating, even just for the sake of a photo.

I’d also like to be the kind of woman who wears her utterly superfluous accessories to the pool!

5. I could also keep on keepin’ on and not change much.

I’m basically wearing the winter version of this outfit while I type this sentence, but the outfit above looks so much fresher. It’s a nice reminder that, while all these potential personas are fun (and I’m likely to try them out as a result), I don’t have to go topple a table over just to get through the last bit of winter wardrobe woes. Swapping in a polo for a sweater — plus a scarf (plus black mesh gloves???) will very likely do the trick.

Tell me about your spring outfits. I’d like to bookmark more, please!

Homepage photo via @lisafolawiyo and feature photo via @maison_alma.

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  • Pink. It is all about pink with me. Any pink. This is also a relatively new, very strange craving for me: it started as a tiny wish a few years ago and is flooding everything under as we read. Help. I am not a pink kind of a person at all…

    • tinygoldenpins

      I am really much older than most of you and I really really really find myself wanting to wear pink. I’ve never ever worn pink in my life. I must be having some sort of pre-death experience….

      • Well, I am not a spring chicken either :-), though I tend to suppress thoughts on death – something about wanting to live fully whenever possible. How pink figures in this wish (which has gained momentum these few years) I don’t know. I mean: I had no pink childhood or teenage years, wanted to be special as a student and did not want too show too much vulnerability as a working person. So pink was out all the time. And now it gives me comfort – a much needed one it would seem. So are we succumbing to a cliché or does this color offer something really needed? I have no idea really …

        • Elly

          I keep finding myself searching for pink clothes, especially corduroys, lately. I guess I can blame Harling for that one because she keeps posting such cool outfits involving them. But I rarely end up buying anything, because if I get pink feminine clothes it feels… tautological, somehow? Weirdly gender-neutral? I also keep adding pink short-sleeved men’s shirts to my wishlist and then removing them. I think it would either have to be some sort of trashy vintage T-shirt involving either palm trees or exploitation movies, or else a dapper Danielle Cooper kind of vibe, or the whole Tyler the Creator vivid colours thing. In which case I definitely need to get dude stuff, because women’s clothes tend to have some kind of feminine cut or extra details. Problem: I am a short big-boobed woman of nordic descent. So the fit needs to be either perfect or just, like, big and strategically buttoned (or just open). Then there’s the shade. Some shades of pink look perfect on me. Paler shades (as found on masculine shirts) make me look ill. I guess in general it’s too much of a precision exercise to actually decide on anything.

          As for attraction to pink as a memento mori, I dunno, I’m only 40 so I hope not. I guess part of my hesitation might be not wanting to create that double-take, lol.

          • Oh yes, you are absolutely right, imho: pink really does open this wide field of questions like: do I want tautology (nope)? Am I still that same person who prefers drama and seeming conflicts (yope :-)? So do I wear men’s tartan shirt and hot pink underneath for all to see? Absolutely. I am tall (and boobey 🙂 just like you) and don’t want to go Double Female Whammy ( that is how too much visible femininity appears to my dry, boring inner person, nothing I can do about it now) on innocent observers, so I take care to combine well, like you. It is just that in the past, pink would not have been an option at all, these days I try to chose hues that suit me but don’t exclude any beforehand … I agree pink can be difficult – I believe in the general principles of Color Me Beautiful, more or less, so I try to be sensible 🙂 You know, maybe you are right to watch but not to buy: maybe it woukd have been better for me to paint a wall in all the pinks i need and just look at them, no confounding effects there …

          • Elly

            It takes quite a lot for me to actually decide on a purchase, anyway. Often stuff stays on my wishlist for a couple of months, when I first add it I’m like “oh my god I need this!!!” and two months later I’m like… nah, actually I don’t. It’s actually super hard for me to commit to getting my wallet out in a physical shop. And since I’ve been shopping only second-hand, I’ve noticed that, even though items are unique, they stay in stock for far longer than on sites like Asos or Zalando where stuff flies out of stock in no time at all. So there isn’t the “nab!!!” impulse.

            And having said all I said, and standing by it, I note that I also have at least one pink summer dress on my wishlist (and one that’s more of a cerise). But that’s summer, rules are different, and if I do get that thing it’s going either with some vans sneakers or with my Dr Martens. The thing is I look super feminine as well, in terms of facial features and figure and so on, so I definitely don’t want to convey “soft and girly” or, worse, “Whatever happened to Baby Jane?” (I swear that movie even put me off mascara for like a month).

            Actually, another colour that’s creeping up on me, because I look at too many fashion editorials and street style photos, is bright purple. If you’d asked me last year I’d have been, ugh, purple, who wants to look like grapes? And lo and behold, I have a purple skirt on my wishlist (it has frills! do I have a temperature?).

          • So we must be the proof that women are impossible to understand… 😀

          • Elly

            Haha, yes. Though I once heard of a study where they asked a bunch of people how they liked their coffee, and people usually either responded with “completely pitch black” or else “tons of cream” and, actually, most of the time people don’t like their coffee that way. Similarly every time I find myself thinking “I want to wear nothing but masculine clothes!”, in the same moment I’m like “wooo pink dress!”. I guess part of it is trying to channel something complicated and deeply-ingrained (femininity) entirely through a one-sentence description of clothing preferences. And over-complicating consumer choices, leading to some seriously Goldilocks attitudes over “the perfect blazer” or “the perfect pair of corduroys”.

            I don’t know if you know the French blog Balibulle (if you read French), she only posts once every few months, but all her posts are these loooong analyses of how she chooses different kinds of clothing. It’s kind of awesome to read but also cause I’m thinking “ok I’m a bit over-analytical but thank god at least I don’t have a spreadsheet for this stuff”.

  • Cristina

    Blah, would like to see various body types represented in some spring outfit ideas!
    (not blah to you or the article, but blah is how I felt when scrolling the photos)

    • Amelia Diamond

      you’re so right, should have been in here! there will be plenty more of these kinds of posts since i’m refusing to think about winter clothes now, but here are a few more outfits I’m eyeing in case you want a head start:

      if you like color and prints and maximalism like this !!!! you will like rianna’s and nina’s closet —
      i’ve flagged a few ideas from them https://www.manrepeller.com/2018/02/rianna-and-nina.html

      https://www.instagram.com/p/BgNDveUHKPy/?hl=en&taken-by=the12ishstyle <- classic go-to but ahhh doesn't it look nice after winter stuff?

      v. much into the idea of a denim dress since weather-wise i think spring is the sweet spot to wear it (premme says they're thinking about bringing this back: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bet8gaUlUJa/?hl=en&taken-by=premme.us

      and i looove this idea of matching shirt + skirt (this may just be a wrap dress but i like how it LOOKS like 2 pieces – seems recreateable) https://www.instagram.com/p/Bf_U12mBwSJ/?hl=en&taken-by=daniebb3

      • Cristina

        oooo really loving #1 and 3, thank you!!

      • Ema Dell’Orto

        So cool of you to answer and suggest !

    • Stiletto

      I actually thought this was an inclusive fashion article with something for everyone, not just a size 0 model figure. That coral print kimono wrap silhouette and the long sleeve striped shirt are versatile for a lot of body types! plus the accessories are one size fits most!

  • Emy M

    Fun! And now, may I suggest that you please write an article on how to tie a scarf!

    • Alexandra

      Agreed, please demystify the scarf for us!!

      • Aliin

        Yes, please! Amelia’s insta contains has some excellently tied scarves for inspo 😛

  • Obsessed with the first lewk!!!

  • Alexandra

    i kind of want it to stay a little chilly but I too have burned out on my “reliable” winter looks (jeans or overalls with the same three sweaters over and over), so have spent a lot of $$ on bright colored turtlenecks/long sleeve tees (I looked up ‘lettuce trim turtleneck for way too long the other night’, a big denim chore coat, and new clogs that I can wear with socks now and no socks when its genuinely spring (next week? lol). also i bought two pairs of red earrings because color is good for the soul.

    • Elly

      Thank you for adding the term “lettuce trim turtleneck” to my vocabulary, I’ll have to look into those.

      Also it’s still chilly af here. Well, alternating between balmy af and chilly af. One thing I’m definitely ready to put away for the spring and summer is opaque tights. And I don’t like sheer pantyhose. So I guess it’s jeans under dresses for now. April is also about the only month of the year when I wear long skirts or dresses not on top of trousers.

      Denim chore coat sounds awesome! I keep looking at those and thinking “hmmm nah”, but coming back to them.

  • Basil

    “The problem, the root of it, is that I’m sick of getting dressed FOR the winter.“
    I hear you! I actually nearly cried when I saw snow forecast for London this weekend. I need to feel the sun on my skin
    These are all amazing, but my favourite is number 1
    Sadly, my spring wardrobe is going to be limited as I’m breast feeding, so in summary I need to be able to get my boobs out without mentally scarring anyone at all times

    • tinygoldenpins

      Wrap tees. Pretty wrap tees.

  • tinygoldenpins

    Can someone demystify boots for me? When in the season should a person stop wearing boots — or does a person have to ever stop wearing boots ?

    • leisurefox

      i wear boots year round but i like to give my toes a chance to wiggle free during the warm months as much as possible 🙂

    • Amelia Diamond

      i stop because my feet get hot!!

      • tinygoldenpins

        Ah, there’s that!

    • NEVER STOP WEARING BOOTS!!!! They’re the most versatile shoe and look kick ass in the summer!

  • Asshly

    Spring is the best time to buy more stuffffff