Kindergarten Hair Is Back!!!

Remember those awful children who wouldn’t let that hungry rabbit eat Trix cereal? I doubt they were looking out for his health; I had a rabbit (Blue) and of the things she chewed (unplugged electrical cords, my hair), sugary cereal was hardly the worst. I think those kids were selfish and greedy — quintessential TV bullies who wanted the snack all for themselves. Why couldn’t they just let the rabbit have one bite?

I didn’t know I was holding on to this anger, however, until MR Market Assistant Elizabeth Tamkin pitched a story around hair decorations — “You know, bows and novelty clips and headbands and barrettes,” she said. And then I had a flashback:

FADE IN: A 25-year-old me, standing in front of my bedroom mirror, a barrette in my hair.

Me: [Has a barrette in hair.] I look nice.

Devil me: That barrette is cool in theory, but you look like a child. Silly adult; CLIPS ARE FOR KIDS. Take it out!

Me: [Sobs. Removes hair accessory. Exists in state of style defeat for rest of day.]


Well! Now that I’m older and wiser, with a whole streak of gray hair down the left side of my head, I would like to take back my retort and blame such judgment on a cereal commercial’s subliminal messaging that colorful sweet stuff is meant exclusively for youths. Damn the man! Hair decorations, in all their clamp-y, claw-y, Solange-inspired glory, are for anyone, at any age, who wants to add a little sunshine to their day.

Behold the slideshow above for proof: Scrunchies are back (you knew that), so layer them up the wazoo to declare your truth. Puffy headbands are still a standout — red in particular helps an outfit shout; barrettes make sweeping statements (as in, they sweep your hair off your face); combs sink their teeth into your overall “look”; and clips of all kinds clamp onto your wildest hair dreams and promise to never let go, Jack. (Then actually don’t.)

The best part is that all these trinkets exist in a range and work, depending on your natural styling habits, for the most bare-bones minimalist to the absolute maximalist. Certainly they work for the silliest of rabbits.   

And kids, I guess. So long as they promise to share.

Styled and market by Elizabeth Tamkin; Photos by Louisiana Mei Gelpi. Kule x Prinkshop 1973 striped shirts worn throughout.

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  • Anna Impson

    Kindergarten or Blair Waldorf? Either way, I’m sold!

  • Jules

    ugh YES. this gives me major flashbacks to highschool 5+ years ago when my friends and I would make our own bows (either regular fabric or knit) and rock them regularly!!

  • Caroline Christianson

    Lizzie McGuire was queen of whimsical hair accessories. I regularly cried out of frustration trying to recreate

  • abby thigpen

    While I have recently embraced claw clips, I am not ready for snap clips.

    The other day I watched my sister in law remove one from my niece’s hair. Her hair inevitably became trapped in that small, tricky circular part at the end. The pain on my niece’s face triggered the following memories:
    1. All the snap clips from hell that had to be cut from my hair.
    2. Tight ponytails that invited throbbing headaches so bad I often had to ask my kindergarten teacher to loosen it.
    2b. Being jealous of the girls that could loosen a ponytail without assistance because they were the ones rocking 15 clips at once.
    3. Overly generous gel that oozed on the nape of the neck, or dripped in the eye after stepping foot in the humid gym.
    4. Brushing out the dried gel in the evening, forcing me to watch Lizzie McGuire through tears.

  • Sofía

    Fix the slideshows please!!!!

    • Nikki Bent

      Hey Sofia, can you describe what issues you’re experiencing? We are continuing to make updates and want to ensure the next round of updates we have planned addresses your issues. Thanks for your feedback!

      • Mary

        not the original commenter but in general, i am so, so much less into clicking through a slideshow that opens in a separate box as opposed to integrated in the page 🙁 it’s a far less pleasant viewing experience. i’m viewing through chrome on a macbook air and you also loose so much space due to the black bars of the box it opens in that the photos show up smaller than what you originally see in the article.

        • Nikki Bent

          Thanks for the feedback Mary! We’ve just updated the zoom functionality in the slideshow and have design tweaks in the pipe to increase the size of the photos in the slideshow. Stay tuned!

          • Jane

            More feedback (don’t know if you need it but here we go anyways): I’m viewing the slideshows in firefox and the photo itself is tiny (about 1/8th of my screen) and totally squashed by all the black around it visually. The position is also slightly off, the picture is sitting in the bottom left corner with some weird scrolling bar next to it. Hope this helps! (and I lovvveeeed seeing these pics even though the viewing experience wasn’t optimal)

          • Nikki Bent

            Hi Jane, We always appreciate user feedback 🙂 Do you know what version of firefox you’re using? Sites like this make it really easy to tell: If it’s an older browser version, updating to the latest version of Firefox should do it!

      • Sofía

        They just don’t show up for me anymore. It opens the new “slideshow window” but is all black, no pictures. It happens on my iMac and my MacBook Air. I use chrome, they are both new computers.

        • Nikki Bent

          Hey Sofia, Do you have ad blockers installed? And if so, can you tell us which one and try whitelisting our site? In our testing, we found that the ad-blockers were blocking content and pushed a few updates to address this for the most popular blockers.

          • Lorange E

            I’m also experiencing no pictures in the slideshow window. I’m using Chrome (up-to-date) on a Windows machine with my ad blocker off. I tried it with the ad blocker on too, but no dice. I use AdBlock Plus.

          • Nikki Bent

            Hi Lorange. This was very helpful. I’ve have been testing with AdBlock Plus and made some additional updates to the slideshow specific to this ad blocker. Scenarios where AdBlock Plus would still block content that we can’t control on our end: 1. if you disabled Adblock Plus, but did not refresh the page. 2. Have custom filters that are blocking our content. In addition, I’ve also noticed that this ad blocker adds ~5 secs in load time to photos, so depending on how long the slideshow was opened, this might be why you didn’t see photos.

          • Lorange E

            I checked in today and it did load but after maybe 6 seconds? I probably would have closed the window if you hadn’t told me to wait… Thanks for your hard work on this. 🙂

  • Elizabeth Beanland

    I’m just grateful that 6th grade hair isn’t back. Because that’d mean gelled, slicked-back ponytails and fried-to-a-crisp straightened hair around my face and tufts of wavy hair in the back that I couldn’t see in the mirror.

  • Kiks

    I didn’t have enough hair for most of these when I was a child…

    …I still don’t now!

  • Jenna

    Multiple colored scrunchies are happening tomorrow! Also the red headband with the striped shirt and earrings is very Heathers redux. And I’m glad to see bows featured. Now need to figure out how to pull off Kindergarten hair without looking like a Kindergartener…

    • Mariana Rodrigues

      Just brush it once and throw randomly all the scrunchies and clips into your hair, exactly like you’d do in second grade! And then come play with me and my Barbies 😀

  • Mariana Rodrigues

    You know what you should wear to get the full “I don’t have to pay taxes yet” look? The babydoll over size dresses with Vichy pattern that were so hot about two years ago!
    Pair those dresses with these hair accessories and you’ll be sure to get away with speeding tickets 😀

    p.s: I’m not hating, I’m actually think this trend is very funny and perfect to welcome the warm weather (please spring come ASAP!)

  • Emily M

    I’ve loved snap clips for so long…I actually think they often look more “1950’s movie star” than “kindergarten”! Yay for a comeback.
    Only thing I will never get on board with is bows in my hair. I can’t get visions of cheerleaders with bows pushed so far forward on their heads that they defy gravity out of my mind.

  • DelphineGarnier82

    I’m only into the hairbows and some of the specific barrettes pictured on this post. Barrettes can be difficult to wear when you have thick hair though.

  • Dawn Duhaney

    LOVE IT.

  • Thank you for styling a woc with braids in this post <33

  • tequilamockingbird

    could we get a follow-up post on kindergarten hair for people w/ curls?

  • This is such good news!! Yay!!

    Eva |

  • Sophia

    There is no way I could walk hand in hand down the street with my 6 year old girl and have matching bows/hair bands! Would feel like such a clown!

  • Deb

    I’ll stick with Flexi Clips. 😊

  • Aydan

    yes yes yes! half up half down with a barrette is literally my work look when I haven’t washed my hair and can’t be bothered to do it! ;-D

  • Emily M

    Had to chime in again with something I just saw !!!
    The Notorious RBG is a scrunchie fan!!