The Best Street Style Photos From Paris Fashion Week

If there were ever an apt application of the expression “balls to the wall,” it would be Paris street style. Out of all the fashion weeks and all the cities, Paris is consistently the place where attendees go ALL OUT. This extreme dedication to producing outfits that wow is particularly evident this season given Paris’s uncharacteristically low late-February (and now, early March) temperatures. In the midst of a cold snap locals are calling the “Siberian freeze,” denizens of fashion week are still dressed to seriously impress.

Click through Simon Chetrit’s photos for proof. We’ll keep adding to this same slideshow as more come in, so be sure to check back for additional rounds of a game I like to call How Cool Can You Make Your Outfit When It’s Cooler Than Zero Degrees?

So far, the answer is very.

Photos by Simon Chetrit.

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  • Anne-Sophie Gerardin

    Hey ! For your investigation purposes, this slideshow (or any slideshow lately) is not working for me: I use Safari on Macbook Air 🙂

    • Ellen

      Ditto using Chrome on a PC!

      • Elly

        For me the first photo takes a full 10 seconds to load, in Microsoft Edge on a 2-year-old desktop PC running Windows 10. After that it works fine. But there’s definitely an initial “hhhhnnnnngggg whhhhyyyyyyy meeeeeeeeee” for the first photo to load.

    • Julia Park

      same for chrome on macbook!

      • clarethetable


      • Svenja


      • Simon Chetrit

        Just tried in Chrome on a Macbook for me, it worked… Maybe it’s been fixed!

    • Xenita

      Yes! Every time I click “up” to look at more of the caption, I have to restart the slideshow =/

    • Simon Chetrit

      😭I am sorry to hear this, hopefully it’ll be fixed soon!!

    • jillian

      On the other hand, for months I could not view any slideshows or use any mr title links on my mac using Firefox and a vpn, but now it all works seamlessly, so thank you!

    • Simon Chetrit

      I just tried this in Chrome on a Macbook and it worked for me!

    • Harling Ross

      should be fixed now! thanks so much for your feedback

      • Mandy

        nope still doesn’t work

      • Could you add a grid option?

  • Julia


    • Simon Chetrit

      New York is the appetizer, Paris is the entree, dessert and aperitif, all in one. They go hard here!

  • Emily

    Side note in Britain we are actually calling the ‘Siberian freeze’ the ‘beast from the East’ cos we live for drama

    • Harling Ross


  • Julia Park

    the women in slide 25 is GORGEOUS! i would love to be her friend.

    • Simon Chetrit

      She’s a friend of mine!! She is thrilled about the comment, haha.

    • Nell-indoa M’Béding

      Wahouu thank you

      • Julia Park

        ah golly, well good to meet you!!

  • Ann

    Yup… Still Slideshows MUST Go…. such a bummer that they don’t work and I have to go somewhere else for my street style fix

  • I went to Paris in 2015.. actually aroud this time, Fashion Week was going on! And I remember thinking I have never seen so many well dressed people in one place. Also, I feel like their black fabric is much blacker than our black fabric? Anywho, this slideshow was a treat!

  • Rosemary

    Spotted the turtlebob’s new best friend: the turtlebeard! Also who are the sisters/twins with the pink bobs and matching outfits in 121? They look like absolutely lovely people!

    • moonygirl

      the twins are Ami and Aya, they are models/DJ/and japanese brand Jouetie creative directors.

      • Rosemary

        whoaaa so cool!

  • Teresa Maria

    Guys, I love Man Repeller, and this slideshow is a torture 😭 it takes minutes (5 or more sometimes) to load! It was so easy before! Please do something about it! Big kiss from Portugal!

  • Haha I live in Paris and I’m in survival mode. I never looked less stylish

  • me

    This wouldve been a great feature *IF* the photos had been much larger, as they had been in MR’s older street style posts.

    Even zooming in to see a pic in greater detail didnt help much: the photos were still so small that I coudnt even finish the slideshow.

    MR street style posts used to be amazing (thanks, Simon!). But if this is the way the photos are going to be displayed from now on, then I’m out, sadly ….

  • jillian

    Wow, they mostly all look great. It seems the difference between Paris and everyone else including NY is that they nearly all nail proportions and fitting, whereas I often see people who should know better attempting fashion without regard to FIT, so they end up looking just sad. But it’s a joy to see the skill presented here!

  • Natty

    I’m only 30 photos in but had to pause to go change my outfit.
    Let’s. Get. Weird.

    • Harling Ross

      haha amazing

  • Yes!

    I usually go to Fashion Week Berlin ‘cos I’m too lazy to go anywhere else, even though I get invited to Australia, Paris & New York!

    But if only people would take a leaf out of the Parisians as everyone over here, often only wear black!


  • Alexa Sanger

    I use Mozilla / Windows 10 — slide show not working :/ Any tips on what to change so that the pictures started to download?

    • Simon Chetrit

      I just tried it in Chrome on a Macbook so that worked for me… Maybe try that?

      • Alexa Sanger

        Thank you fot the tip! I just downloaded the presentation on my iPhone and it worked fine. Also I do not have Macbook so I will figure something out for my VAIO.

  • Winston Queensboro

    Even though it was very cold it did not stop people from looking at their best. I love the fur coats and graphic print jackets.

  • Alexa Sanger

    As far as I got within the presentation – no. 134 is gorgeous – tasteful, elegant although I am not pro real fur. Also these photos inspired me to think about the good taste vs. fashion. That would be a great topic to read about on MP!

  • Sarah

    Hi I can’t see the pics on either android or iPad 🙁

    • Harling Ross

      Over the past few days we were able to pinpoint the slideshow loading issues to ad blockers and have just pushed a fix so that our users with ad blockers can now see photos in our slideshow too 🙂 thanks for your continued feedback!

  • Carina Toledo

    Wow 480 pics is a lot! I wish there was a thumbnail gallery view so we could choose which pictures to expand as who really will look through nearly 500 pictures? o.O
    Personally in a post about street style I am not that interested in seeing close ups of models faces… that could perhaps be a beauty post?

  • Style_ Steph

    This is making me so excited for winter fashion here in Australia xx

  • Sabina Gyory

    This doesn’t work for me at all, losing interest in this site…

  • Merrynell

    ID on the shoes on 64 of 480 please?

  • Sofía

    fix the slideshow pleaseeeee 🙁

  • Fiona

    Heart eyes! Does anyone recognise the woman in slide 71? …. or more I,profanely! Her shoes???

    • Fiona

      Sorry ‘more importantly’…. not profanely

  • Um, I would like the red fleece jacket in your story photo