What My Private Instagram Habits Say About Me

You can tell more about a person by her Instagram bookmarks than by her actual personal feed. I developed this theory fairly recently when I compared mine with those of MR Fashion Editor Harling H. Ross. On her screen shone a grid of bright colors, sharp angles and so much sparkle. It was a veritable parade of eye candy, a colorful reflection of her colorful personality. Mine, in contrast, was unsettlingly brown, made up almost entirely of low-res animal photos and videos I found special and insisted on bookmarking for impending use cases, like, for instance, if and when I’m suffering a hangover.

Last month, MR’s Head of Creative Amelia C. Diamond took us through 19 things she’d recently bookmarked on Instagram, and in doing so curated a charming collection of art, fashion and design. Fitting, too, don’t you think? I’ve done the same for you below. I’m not sure what this ragtag selection says about me, but as MR’s Digital Editor who just published a piece about refocusing her consumption habits, the first thing that springs to mind is the urgency with which I need to drop my phone off a cliff and look at literally anything else.

That said, I need you to look at:

1. This really fun foot


A post shared by Raven Smith (@raven__smith) on

It’s hard to say why I’m so taken with this Cinderella foot trying to squeeze itself into a glass slipper, but I think it might have something to do with the foot’s length, which is at least twice as long as the ankle’s proportion demands. Would I frame this in my home? Yes.

2. This peachy duo

I bookmarked this because it made me realize MR Photographer Edith W. Young should shoot more models holding random, color-coordinated objects. Also because I was inspired by the gender-fluid dressing, and believe everyone should try a midi skirt at least once, just to make sure they don’t love it, because what if they do?

3. This quote about friendship

Harling sent this to me after a conversation we had about “relationship neutrality” — an idea I’ve been mulling over for a few weeks now and intend to write about soon. This quote may be featured in it.

4. My beautiful home

Only positive vibes going into February

A post shared by Super Deluxe (@superdeluxe) on

I bookmarked this around the time I was developing a thesis around modern friendship because it not only speaks perfectly to the fucked up narrative our generation has propagated about friendship, it also features some kind of possum in a cardboard box. This is my ideal content.

5. This Gucci ad

The Pekingese is one of the most majestic dog breeds; I follow several on Instagram to glean tips on grooming and poise. I bookmarked this because I felt deeply fulfilled that Gucci realized there was a Peke gap in the fashion market.

6. This precious stop-motion animation

Put on sound for verri perfection omg 10/10

A post shared by Alexander Unger (@guldies) on

I love @guldies stop-motion work. It’s so utterly charming in its simplicity and unlike anything I’ve seen before. I love the idea of being so dedicated to a personal vision that you’re willing to spend days on a what might amount to a 10-second video clip. It’s refreshing.

7. This Botero poodle

I love that this poodle, painted by Fernando Botero, was a short-lived meme about being a good boy. He really does look like such a good boy, don’t you think? Please bookmark.

8. This little doodle

I’m consistently drawn to artwork that riffs on the expression “OK.” I love the kind of optimistic ambivalence of it, and I appreciate how this little illustration seemed to capture that in such a simple and clever way. I want it on a shirt or something.

9. This cat getting a massage

Literally why are you making me explain this?

10. This important, expressive gif

TGIF #illtryanythingonce #maybetwice 😝💕💕💕💕💕

A post shared by Jess Collins (@beruwhitesunlars) on

I bookmarked this out of FEAR that I would lose it again. I found this important gif a long time ago, and have continued to lose and re-search for it several times over the last few years. It’s perfect. I’m keeping it close this time.

11. This terrifying bunny eating berries

The original Vampire Bunny feasting on berries 😭 _______ 📸: @bunnypigi

A post shared by BuzzFeed Animals (@buzzfeedanimals) on

This is art of our times.

12. This Zeit issue about the female gaze

I saved this post by MR Contributor Claire because it gave me pause and made me think about the female gaze. What defines it? What would my female gaze capture? (Definitely necks, if we’re getting specific, but also certain subtle movements.) I found the prompt thought-provoking and wanted to remember to come back to it.

13. Lettuce shoes

A post shared by earlboykins (@earlboykins) on

I have a personal rule that I bookmark any photo that features non-shoes worn as shoes, because it’s never not funny.

14. This mesmerizing video

I love @annettelabedzki‘s work. As with @guldies, I find her stuff so unusual, and a true testament to the power of making art that speaks to you, even if some people don’t get it. That said, I definitely get Annette’s work. It’s heaven and makes me want to aimlessly play with paint.

15. This dream of a photo

@ceciliebahnsen S/S 2018

A post shared by Patricia Gutiérrez Monllor (@maggieontherocks) on

I’ve looked at this photo so many times I know every detail. There’s something almost unnameable about its appeal to my senses; I wouldn’t change a thing about it. I also want to wear this whole outfit, top to bottom.

16. This Q-tip art

Qtip-top Shape

A post shared by Adam Hillman 🌈 (@witenry) on

As a life-long food-player and object-fusser, I find @witenry‘s arrangements so delightful. They make me want to find new ways to look at mundane objects, and they remind me that art doesn’t require much more than idle hands and a curious mind.

17. This corgi floating in the ocean

This video made me cry.

18. This apropos bag

I love how @emotionalclub always manages to pinpoint the dark irony of living an emotional life in a world that constantly demands you smile.

On that fun note, what have you bookmarked recently?

Feature photo via I Am That Shop; @iamthat_shop.

Get more Humor ?

    I have a deep desire to go through not only the saved Instagram posts of the people I love, but also the screenshots on their phones, their draft tweets, and (for those feeling really open to intimacy) the shit they write in their notes apps. I just want to know people on a truer level is that wrong??

    • Rosemary

      Oh my goodness same I am so nosy and wish that word/concept carried less of a negative connotation

      • Right?? I am a v nosy human but it is all out of genuine interest / love.

  • Elisaaa

    Yes this, this all is the content that I want, thank you

  • K

    Your Instagram habits say: I want to hold more satsumas in the crook of my elbow.

    It looks cool, sure, but how will you type?

  • carter 🖤

    the best part is that you can save things to collections so I have a collection fully dedicated to only red photos & one for yellow and orange and they are everything to me

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a0f936fc43d49b4d785095e8d6cb7a72fa6c2a2d8be8167dedfb31211c0b62ff.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4e51aac94a1b2063e420863b1e14016d5dc8974a8210bf40fc8063bedc49420f.png

    • These are so satisfying to look at oh my god

      • carter 🖤

        right ??? collections are one of the few things ig has done right in a long time

    • wow I feel so inspired to do this now omg I love it

      • carter 🖤

        you need to it’s the best it makes me so happy to look at

    • Rosemary

      I just started color coordinating my collections and it makes my heart sing

    • I had no idea that you could make collections until now. You have honestly made my day.


  • Morgan Heuer

    I did not want this list to end.


    • Holly Laine Mascaro

      Agree. The Bunny.

      • kitmcc

        Agree. The Bunny.

  • Jessica

    Immediately followed @guldies because there are very few things in the world that make me happier than watching stop-motion.

    Also think I have sent that poodle pic to my boyfriend like 4 times now, and it’s still great every single damn time. My personal instagram saves are a mixture of black/white/grey outfits I like and may want to recreate at some point, and tattoo inspiration. (Plus a few pictures of my dog that I posted myself but keep in there for easy access when I want to see her little face)

  • Autumn

    Just noticed my Instagram bookmarks fall into three categories: animals doing adorable things that make me cry, pretty home interiors, hiking gear. Also, I don’t hike.

    • Rosemary

      Why is this so relatable? Also I appreciate your candidness in saying straight out that you don’t hike because though it’s been two years since I’ve actually hiked and I rarely even consider making future plans to do so, for some reason I still hold out on declaring myself someone who fully “doesn’t hike”. You have inspired me to own my truth

  • Rosemary

    On my personal account, the “rEaL mE”, I bookmark a deliciously unorganized (let’s call it eclectic) assortment of oddball memes, cute animals, good writing, and generally strange or thought-provoking images. And my secret: I just started a miscellaneous “blog” account that I barely post on or advertise, but basically only use to save aesthetically pleasing collections (including one for each color) of fashion, art, interior design, nature, food, architecture, you name it, all the pretty things. Also, a collection solely of pictures of Timothée Chalamet.


    Haha – love this!

    I gave up Instagram for lent so have not really been on it since shrove tuesday/pancake day – weird! Has been refreshing, though I do miss the occasional keeper 🙁 also have not seen a meme in weeks. So bizarre. I love that tshirt and am going to try and find one to buy!

  • Basil

    Love it!
    I have the memory of a newt right now, so going back to my saved pictures has been fun and exciting.
    There’s this: https://instagram.com/p/BfPxmeenvHQ/ which as an African fills me with so much joy
    And this awesomeness https://instagram.com/p/BfJKylanlMp/
    Some nice soothing painting, similar to the above https://instagram.com/p/BcXy9xWll4p/
    And finally – three potential new husbands should anything happen to my current one (the caption is everything!) https://instagram.com/p/BY0YS1QnraA/

  • Cassie Richardson

    Please have all Man Repeller staff do this, I love getting a sneak peak into peoples minds! My collection is primarily chic women with bobs and bangs that I want to emulate, Timothee Chalamet, and beauty tutorials I probably will never replicate.

  • Morgan

    I’m going to go ahead and bless you with an account called @dogs_infood https://www.instagram.com/dogs_infood/ it’s the best thing i’ve ever seen and i’m surprised I lived so long without it tbh

  • Elizabeth

    I love this article. I wanted you to know about this Nathaniel Russell poster. Talk about ambivalence. It’s barely barely making the okay sign. ❤️ You might love his work. http://www.bloompress.com/interesting/nathaniel-russell/

  • If you like the ok illustration you might like this: http://alxndra.com/product/stay-positive-patch
    Unfortunately her design has been ripped off recently by some cheap online stores, original is the best!

  • Natty

    If Botero makes you laugh, do yourself a favor and google the Botero museum in Bogota… I saw that poodle painting in real life and it is HUGE. All of his paintings are massive, actually — something I didn’t appreciate until I visited in the flesh — which makes them 10x funnier IMO

  • Cora Kiermeier

    I love what Annette Labedzki does but the scraping sound in her videos is making me anxious…is this just me?

  • Emily M

    Is it just me or…does anyone else not bookmark ANYTHING because I feel like if I bookmarked SOMETHING I would need to bookmark EVERYTHING. Literally 99% of the stuff I come across on Instagram inspires me in some way so it overwhelms me to think about choosing what to bookmark…so I just don’t pick any of them. Typing that out makes me realize that this might be an obsessive issue I need to deal with, lol…