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How to Manifest Summer in the Winter

In partnership with Fendi Eyewear

I have a friend who has a vision board that she updates once every couple of months or more to manifest her hopes, dreams and the kind of life she’d like to lead. She taught me the value of laying out your goals if you’re a visual person. She says it helps you get really clear about what you want in life, which helps you get clear about how to go after it.

The bad news is I never have scissors at home to cut out my various visions. The good news (!!!), however, is that I prefer to use sunglasses as my vision board.

During winter in particular, I use sunglasses to manifest the summer I wish were my current reality. Rather than use tape and glue to create self-fulfilling prophecies, I grab a pair of shades and pair them with a swimsuit and maybe a hat if I’m really going for it. I turn the heat up in my apartment and voila! I am on a mental vacation and it feels great.

Since we’re visual people, Man Repeller partnered with Fendi Eyewear to show you exactly what I mean. (The particular sunglasses we used are from the Ribbons & Pearls capsule collection, a celebration of Fendi’s ultra-feminine side that nods to the brand’s frequently woven-in but often subtle ribbons and pearls motif. And how perfect, because seriously I think every vision board I’ve ever seen in real life involves ribbons.)

Meet the lovely Danyrose, who is going to help demonstrate the manifestation.

Fendi sunglasses styled with Lands’ End puffer, J.Crew turtleneck, Marysia bikini bottoms, Lizzie Fortunato cuffs and Anndra Neen earrings

Vision Board Scenario #1: A Warm-Weather Cherry Festival

I’ve never in my life been to a cherry festival — shame on me — but this February feels like as good a time as any to create my own. By jumping on the red monochrome bandwagon (which is also red, I imagine), I picture a red two-piece paired with a pair of sunglasses so delightfully round they’re like the cherry on top of themselves. So it’s a little chilly out to walk around like this — FINE, mom; add a cherry red puffer and a turtleneck if you must. It goes with the outfit.


Fendi sunglasses styled Fendi coat, Solid & Striped swimsuit, Lele Sadoughi earrings, Roxanne Assoulin necklaces and bracelets

Vision Board Scenario #2: A Lemonade Stand Freckled by Beads

Ahhhh. Nothing more summer than a homemade lemonade stand, just like the ones we had as kids. The only difference between our lemonade stands and those of Kids These Days is that today, enterprising young children probably prefer you pay in cryptocurrency. But anyway: Wear a whole lot of yellow, make sure your lobes get to hold a bouquet of flowers and, IMPORTANT, add sunglasses that look like they’ve been dipped in sugar (the “sugar” on these Fendi shades = the cool plastic U of the frames) plus a coat that’s as bright as the sunshine overhead. (So what if that’s actually a lamp? Manifest, manifest!)

Fendi sunglasses styled Fendi coat, Mara Hoffman swimsuit, Fendi shoes, gloves via Amazon, Lele Sadoughi earrings

Vision Board Scenario #3: A Backyard Kiddie Pool in the Summer Rain

Sorry to sound like my old online dating bio, but I love the summer when it’s sunny outside and it rains. It reminds me of being a kid, playing outside in the kiddie pool, the rain being an added cool-down bonus and a rainbow shining overhead because of prisms and all that magic. You obviously need a pair of reflective shades for this (I chose these Fendi ones because the two-side pearls reminded me of rain droplets) plus the most colorful bathing suit you can find — and a trench coat because I just said it’s raining! Sure, it’s snowing outside in reality, but that’s why our friend Danyrose is wearing gloves, silly.

Oh I’m sorry, you couldn’t hear me because the summer was too loud in your fantasy land? Totally cool. I get it. Now who wants popsicles?

Photos by Edith Young. Modeled by Danyrose Langeron of Elite Model Management

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