Another New York Fashion Week just came to a close. And you know what that means: your feeds are likely already clogged with bookmark-worthy outfits, many of which appeared on the sidewalk as opposed to an actual runway. Allow us to add a few more.

You may have heard whispers about how the industry is “broken,” and how the fact that our sixth-month-ahead system (i.e. showing winter clothes when it’s about to be spring and spring clothes when it’s about to be winter) seems somewhat nonsensical given the immediacy of everything else these days. There are definitely counterarguments to this theory, though, including the valid case that brilliant designers put forth new and complex trends that require at least six months of digestion, not to mention the very real retail business cycle. However, that we are a generation of dressers driven by the impulse of immediate satisfaction is undeniable, and the see-now-buy-now model, while more popular than it used to be, is by no means the norm. So where does that impulse factor in?

Street style.

If the fashion industry is indeed fissured, I would posit that street style is the glue that holds it together. It provides the ahhhhh! feeling of immediate satisfaction that runway shows, though beautiful to look at, might not. It is a bridge from one season to the next, and a window into what people are wearing or want to wear now — not six months in the future. It’s an encyclopedia of trends and idea plucked straight from actual wardrobes:

+ Colored tights

+ Teddy coats

+ Hair bows

+ Loose trousers tucked into boots

+ Cropped puffer jackets

+ Translucent bags

+ Animal print

+ Monochrome

+ Chunky beanies

+ Unconventional scarves

Click through the slideshow above and help me add to the list.

Photos by Simon Chetrit; follow him on Instagram @simonzchetrit.

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  • Erin

    I LIVE for street style…I devour every shot. I need to start shooting here in Pittsburgh…I bought a domain, have a badass logo, even business cards…(I have a photography site/20 years in the field/currently teaching/freelancing)…but I have yet to rip the band aid off and just approach people that look interesting to me…I keep in mind your piece about what you would do if you had no fear. I’ve practiced a few times, during gallery crawls, etc. where I don’t approach, but just scan my surroundings for people who I would ask, if I was more outgoing. To my surprise I saw a few people that seemed like they would be into it, like they were really feeling themselves, you know? My luck I’ll finally get up the nerve and get shut down. This will be my year though! I’m at least going to give it fair shot…

    • NikNak

      If you dress like this, you want to be noticed. I would be so flattered if someone asked me. I am typically a shy person, but with these shots, I think you can let the clothes do the talking and not feel like you have to “model”. You should definitely ask you’d could make someones day. 🙂

      • Erin

        it can’t hurt to ask, right? and if they’re not into it, no harm no foul

    • DOOOO IT DOOOO IT!!! And then share your site here please!!!!! Love street style. Love Philly. Would love to see some philly LOOKs!

      • Erin

        I’m so glad I commented here, it’s totally inspiring/motivating! Thank you for the enthusiasm! I’ll be sure to share my site once I get some images uploaded

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    • Olivia

      Totally agree with both comments!

      That band aid isn’t doing you any favors, get rid of it

    • liz

      I feel like anyone who got asked for an outfit photo would be totally flattered. Even if they were too shy to agree to it, they would probably love it! A photographer asked to shoot my picture when I was in Paris once during fashion week and it literally was like the highlight of my trip.

      • Erin

        thanks for sharing this. I would love to see this outfit! please share the photo if you can, I’d love to see it!

  • Grace

    I’m realizing throughout this slideshow that once I see a great coat, I’m convinced that the rest of the outfit is gold… which maybe means my winter outfit struggle can be remedied by some new outerwear???

    • Leandra Medine

      Totally can! Your coat is like your car in this town.

      • Cait

        This is going to be my new life motto, Leandra!!

    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      Today I saw someone in a kick butt trench and that’s all she had on (jeans and sneakers was the rest) but it was amazing!!!!

  • As someone living in LA I am getting serious coat envy (you can keep your freezing temps tho)

    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      I’ll trade you!

  • stinevincent

    Clothes are cool, but all I’m seeing in this slide-show is a series of worse and further-reaching chilblains. Gloves can be cool, people, and I KNOW you can figure out a color to go with the rest of that kaleidoscope. Kudos to 20, 27, 28, 42, and 57 for realizing that.

    • Its 34*F right now in NYC. So, AGREED!

    • Millie Lammoreaux

      *insert link to MR article about weather-shaming that I’m too lazy to google*

    • Adrianna

      I’m with you, I hate it when people refuse to dress according to the weather and proceed to complain about how cold it is. But I will say I was too hot in my outerwear once I got inside the fashion show venue

    • Halina
      • stinevincent

        I disagreed with that piece then and I disagree with it still. Emotional comfort is important, but it really shouldn’t come so far ahead of physical comfort that you’re not putting anything on your hands in 30 degree weather. We also need to consider how norms and social pressures affect our emotional comfort, and when 80% of the images outdoors in winter have people bare-handed or bare-headed, and another 10% of those have people bare-armed, -midriffed, -legged, or -shouldered, too, then it’s not just about personal emotions. It’s about fitting a narrative, and that narrative is that physical comfort doesn’t matter, and MUST come after fashion.

        • Halina

          You make a great point! I just think it’s also valid that perhaps people, during a week celebrating fashion, would choose to wear something that makes them feel good or beautiful, even if they’re cold or hot. But definitely, I’m all for more narratives that celebrate physical comfort.

    • Bek

      Also confused by the lack of gloves. What do people have against a nice pair of leather gloves? It looks much more put together than shoving their hands in their pockets and/or claw-hands.

  • padutchchick

    Some of these things I wear but why don’t I look cool? (because I’m old and not in NYC)

    • brabra1

      I feel your pain.

  • HALEY- I love the gloves peeking out of pockets!

    • Also, 1 and 27 are FAB. Bur HOW are there several boob tubes in this lineup!? People are crazy.

  • smillipede

    jayne min 4ever there is nobody cooler

  • mags

    Clear winner is that little nugget of a child holding her cotton candy.

  • so. much. good.

  • Megan

    43 made my day

  • Ann P

    Please oh please bring back the old slide show format?

    • Gene Day

      I second this sentiment. I can’t see it on my phone (sony android, nothing crazy). Slideshow opens but I can’t swipe to see any pictures but the first one ,never had a problem like this before with MR.

    • Ann P

      Thanks MR!!! I can now go back to scrolling through this on any device, including on my phone in boring work meetings.

  • DK2LA

    2018 fashion has officially jumped the shark.

    • Adrianna

      Lol seriously. I stopped paying attention to fashion as much in 2017, and I am dumbfounded by what has transpired.

  • Woah that woven cream over-vest on 29 is so rustic/arcadian/sick

  • B4B

    Are teddy bear coats another trend? Seems to me like the fluffier, the furrier (of course faux), the better?

    • Alexa M

      They are! Get on board

    • Definitely a trend

    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      I LOVE teddy bear coats and they’re back on the runway / in presentations for FW18 again! So great because they’re for the most part faux and rly warm (and like a cozy poodle or stuffed teddy bear!)

  • gracesface

    um where can I find the rainbow coat from #13? neeed it.

    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      post screenshot!

    • Julia Park

      is it a raincoat one? if yes, probably stutterheim. if, not this is a fun rainbow coat!

      • gracesface

        I think it was fluffy but im too lazy to scroll right now, this is still SO cool and fun. god I love color.

  • Jillian K

    These are all so so good. But (!!) with the new slideshow format a lot of the pictures are distorted for me (they look like they’re stretched out)

    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      are you viewing on mobile?? which browser??

  • Katherine Burch

    uh do I need to buy white boots? what’s going on

  • Elaine Welteroth is so beautiful!

  • rachelattack

    HOW!? It’s raining in NYC but five hours north in Canada has had snow every day for two god damned weeks. It’s raining here today, if only to seal in the 1.5′ of snow I’ve been shovelling all week.

    Cold weather (activewear) street style could be so crazy. Imagine the forms and volumes you can pull off using wools and felts and down…

    • moon_water

      YES! I need a street style source for actual cold weather and gross sidewalk conditions.

  • rachel

    Love the pictures, HATE the new slideshow format. Come on, guys.

  • The crop hoodie in 23!! I want it gah

  • Kelsey Moody

    @amelia re: mt gay race hat, Im telling Clarke, my dad, his baseball cap collection is now in fashion

  • The girls in photo 11 look b0mb! 🙂

  • magiblin

    Speaking of street style: Haley made it onto Vogue’s best street style of NYFW!! Slide 83 if the link doesnt work!

  • Sarah Smith

    Who makes the iconic thank you plastic bag made into sturdy purse? It’s on slide 151. I’m in love with it. Google is not my friend today.

  • Hannah Laub

    I’m starting to notice themes…The 80s are back. The 90s are back. Eccentric grandma is back. Tailoring is kind of back.

    In other news, I would do anything to make clunky sneakers go away.

  • Jennifer

    Amelia’s forward lean in #90 KILLS ME!

  • Nora

    slide 7, the black suede kitten heels with the cream colored silk bow over the back of the foot… does anyone know where they are from? thanks! 🙂

  • Kathleen FitzPatrick

    I like the photos that show that people care but aren’t trying too hard.

  • Rosemary

    Whoever is holding the hand of this queen with the ombre blunt-bob-with-bangs and the spectacularly sculptural black and beige ensemble is a LUCKY MAN

  • Rosemary

    Let’s just talk about all the natural hair in this slideshow because every single style is KILLING IT and I love seeing the beautiful variety/creativity represented!

  • Serena

    Going crazy for the street style pictures! They are sooo creative and colorful!

  • Gigi

    “I miss New York!” is all I can think seeing the collective color & ingenuity.. I’m sure it’s obvious but not many people enjoy a rainbow coat in suburban Illinois 🤔 hence the “back to NY” fund I’ve had aside since I left about a yr ago. I miss all this buzzing creativity. the city is like a bumblebee in my head that delights rather than annoys (couldn’t you imagine a bumblebee with sunglasses & a jean jacket?? that’s how I see NY in my mind anyways) Thanks for the brilliant catalogue of NYFW, it hurts my heart to not be there to see it, but these articles are like hello kitty band-aids & make the absence bearable 🌹❤️

  • Andrea Aita

    could you guys identify the brand of the bag in this photo?
    I’m asking because there’s a brand here in Argentina, called Jackie Smith, with very expensive bags that they promote as exclusive desings and for what I’m seeing here, they’re ripping us off
    or maybe it’s theirs, but I don’t think so..

    • Leah

      mulberry. that’s their bayswater bag which is their most famous design

    • Julia Park

      definitely is/was a trend. i’ve seen louis vuitton do something similar with the color lines on a bag or wallet or luggage or whatever

  • b

    Can I just say that I really don’t like the new slideshow setup! The pictures take a really long time to load (and sometimes they just refuse, like now, which is why I’m writing this ranting comment) and the ads on the black page are gross and irritating.

  • cristin

    Great shots, but I’d like to chime in and say that I, too, find the new slideshow format very distressing. I couldn’t make it through the whole slideshow. Any chance of going back to the old format?

  • Marielle Nicol

    Hey MR… love ya… I’m not sure if its just my computer getting old (which it is) or if you’ve changed something about how your slideshows are displayed, but I’ve been finding it hard to see the photographs when I’m scrolling through them. After I click on ‘447 photos’ the page set up kinda changes, and the photos are quite small. If I zoom in, a portion of the image gets cut off, usually the shoes… THE SHOES!!

    Is anyone else having this problem? If I remember correctly one was able to move through the slideshows without leaving the page of the article.

  • Øcéane Leroy

    Hi Harling and everyone,
    I am desperately looking for these shoes (worn by the ginger fellow on the picture), where are they from please someone help, I’ve looked everywhere!!!

  • liz

    I desperately want to look at this slideshow but the pictures are soo tiny its not even worth it. Each image is the size of my iphone screen which would be chill except I’m on a laptop.

  • B4B

    Late to the party, but are dark jeans a thing now, or is it just me? Seemed to me like there were a ton of darker washes and black jeans vs the now ubiquitous light and medium washes…