7 Trends to Stop Buying and Start Trying, According to Fashion Week

Hello, beloved trash pandas (raccoons, for the uninitiated). Welcome to the end of New York Fashion Week and the beginning of spring anticipation, a juncture at which you might very well find yourself in a shopping mood. You might also very well be asking yourself what trends from last season are Rip Van Winkling (my new term for when trends go to sleep for a bit, with full expectations to revive in a decade or so, neither “in” nor “out” but perhaps temporarily less discussed) and what new ones are gunning to take their place in the upper echelons of our collective shopping carts and Instagram feeds.

That’s where I come in, your handy dandy fashion forecaster, to predict where things will land in this seasonal reshuffling. Below you will find a list of senior trends on the cusp of reaching their point of saturation and graduating from the zeitgeist, along with the names of incoming freshman marching in to fill their seats.

Graduating Senior: Ankle boots

Incoming Freshman: Knee-high cowboy boots

It was a miracle I didn’t slip the entire day!

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Based on my recollection, ankle boots have been gradually trickling away from most runways and street style round-ups for the past few years. It’s been kind of been a boot free-for-all in the interim…UNTIL NOW. New York Fashion Week’s Fall 2018 collections and attendees alike put forth a very clear impending boot trend winner: knee-high cowboy boots, seen at Creatures of Comfort, Tibi, Frame and Zimmermann, among others. Giddy-up.

Graduating Senior: Leggings

Incoming Freshman: Sweatpants

ok but why am i not wearing this right now #aestheticaf

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Leggings have been many a human’s off-duty athleisure uniform of choice for…well…about as long as the word athleisure has existed, I’d say. When coupled with loafers and a blazer, or a big sweater and fun mules, a leggings-centric look can lean in the leisure direction quite swimmingly. But I should have known a powerful seed was planted the day Gigi Hadid wore sweatpants tucked into boots and the internet freaked out, because lo and behold, I saw that very outfit replicated (and decidedly elevated) at Rosie Assoulin’s presentation.

Graduating Senior: Fishnet tights

Incoming Freshman: Colored tights

Colored tights are very much happening. Also HI ALISHA

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I know saying something is “everything” is a little bit eye-rolly when it comes to fashion, but seriously, COLORED TIGHTS were EVERYWHERE during fashion week. My favorite example appeared at Saks Potts, wherein frequent Man Repeller model Alicia Bansal was wearing smurf-blue tights to match her ice-blue coat. For a while I really thought fishnets were going to have an extended moment in the sun as the fun “It” stocking du jour, but now I can confidently say Crayola tights are claiming the throne. I’ll take a whole rainbow of them, please and thanks.

Graduating Senior: Camo jackets

Incoming Freshman: Animal print jackets

Leandra campaigned for the camo jacket last spring, and I subsequently searched high and low for the perfect one to pair with floral tea-length dresses and such. But I never ended up buying one, and I’m glad I didn’t, because animal-print outerwear is about to be the thing, I can feel it. Just kidding, that’s a lie, I can SEE it: zebra (Adam Selman) and tiger (also Adam Selman) and leopard (Tom Ford) and even some cow (Kate Spade) all made a multitude of appearances of the past week. I sort of love the fact that with camo retiring and animal print hiring, we’re going to go from looking like we’re on safari to looking like we’re in one.

Graduating Senior: Millennial pink

Incoming Freshman: Hot pink

Pink perfection #ToryBurchFW18 @selenaforrest

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Hot pink officially eclipsed millennial pink as the trendiest pink about town, spearheaded by Tory Burch, Ulla Johnson and Oscar de la Renta. I’m pretty psyched, personally, because millennial pink was starting to feel more common than black and therefore in need of some competition by means of its slightly garish cousin.

Graduating Senior: Scrunchies

Incoming Freshman: Banana clips

It seems 90s hair accessories are really having a moment, huh! It started with scrunchie mania, transitioned into cute little hair clips and clamps and now, courtesy of Alexander Wang’s latest collection: full-on, utilitarian, drugstore-style claw clamps. I’ve been wearing these for years to put up my hair without getting kinks in it from hair ties, so the fact that they’re now fashionable is really tickling me.

Graduating Senior: Felt hats

Incoming Freshman: Knit headgear

Fare thee well, wide brims! Hello, beanies and balaclavas! Who else is toterly psyched about the prospect of putting on two sweaters every day next winter — one for your body, one for your head?

That question was not rhetorical. Please answer in the comments, and tell me what other trends you’re excited to try while you’re at it.

Photos by Simon Chetrit; follow him on Instagram @simonzchetrit.

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  • Emmie

    banana clips are still a no from me – knit headgear on the other hand..

    • Minky Bojangles

      Either the claw bits snap off, or the pin drops out of the middle… I’ll stick with my old reliable scrunchie.

    • Kattigans

      What about mini banana clips? I’m kinda into those. my mom used to have some with pretty but large rhinestones on them..kinda wouldn’t mind those coming back

  • I’m here for the banana clips.

    • Julia

      I do have a question though about how to wear them. Like scrunchies are so easy but how do i clip up my hair without getting that weird early 2000 fan at the top

      • This is a fair question. And a fair answer can be found here: https://www.allure.com/story/alexander-wang-brings-back-the-banana-clip.

        Although my actual answer would be: throw it up and let the aimlessness of it be the look.

      • magiblin

        omg THE FAN

      • liz

        just embrace the hair fan and don’t forget to pull one or two long dangly face adjacent strands out from your updo ala MKA

      • Emma

        You will tear my claw clip out of my cold, dead hands, I love them that much.

        I find that the best way to avoid the fan is to roll your hair, twist it up and tuck the ends back under, close to your scalp. Then clip it. My hair is long enough that I can double it over but as long as your hair is shoulder length or longer it should work.

  • Pancake
    • Rae


    • hailey thompson


    • Eliza

      You have been blessed

    • Phoebe

      shocked that they were ever in retirement!

      • Pancake

        Well my aesthetic went from leggings/skinny jeans and cowboy boots to wide leg/cropped pants and flatforms/ankle boots but it is definitely time to put them back in rotation. 😉 holler if u see me in these streets


    • Kasey

      this might be the best shoe I’ve ever seen

    • Mira G

      yes, please

    • Cynthia Schoonover

      Wow! I’d love to have a pair like that.

  • Jessica White

    When you say sweatpants, should that only be jogger style sweats? Sweatpants can be pretty versatile in cuts. There’s more room for error when applying sweatpants to an athleisure look than leggings. I could see myself trying to athleisurely rock my 10 year old Roots sweats with “Canada” applique’d across my ass and just looking like a high school kid who doesn’t bother to get properly dressed. Yes, that is exactly how I dressed in high school.

    • Kiks

      I have a pair that say CANADA down the leg, I got them from Joe Fresh a month ago! But everything is black so I’ve decided it’s ok.

      They mostly don’t make it out of the house, though, as I have three cats…

  • Rosemary

    I’m super down to *add* clips into my hair rotation but scrunchies will NEVER LEAVE. Also, this native Texan is so happy my unironic cowboy boots are entering the zeitgeist!!

    • magiblin

      Fellow Texan here- YES TO COWBOY BOOTS ALWAYS

    • liz

      They are really a staple here on all kinds of people. I genuinely feel like cowboy boots are never not “in” if you live in Texas.

  • Kattigans

    I have been on the sweat pant as athleisure for the past winter and omg I love it. I have a black pair ($20 from gap !!) that I wear with an oversized black iro sweater, adidas slides and a big oversized black coat to feel my most paris in SF chic. I’ve worn this outfit to the spa, my house, greeting post mates, my parents for xmas. So versatile and I don’t ACTUALLY look like a slob.

  • The American Giant classic sweatpants are my favorite. Would highly recommend. They are so warm, even in -10 degree weather.

  • Elizabeth Beanland

    I know it’s kind of old news at this point, but I’m stoked about stiletto-heeled everything (oops, used the E-word). My eyes were begging for something new to chow down on because the market was soo saturated with chunky heels. Buying my first pair of skinny kitten-heeled boots was cleansing — metaphorically because I’ve had block heels and other chunky shoes on the brain for so long that I forgot their counterparts even existed for a while, and literally because my closet was begging for some thorough cleaning-out.

    I’m tentative about colored tights because they make me think of my weird art teacher in high school who wore layered strands of nuts for jewelry and multicolored tights basically every day — but hey, she was probably onto something. My undeveloped teen brain obvs just couldn’t handle. The cool thing about fashion is that it often challenges deeply-held sentiments about other people’s personal style. My dad and his big, white New Balances? Normcore! Grammy’s vintage stacked-heel Ferragamos? You’re a hot commodity, grams. The kid who moved from Texas but still wears cowboy boots even though he clearly ain’t in Austin anymore? We owe it ALL to you!

  • Alexia

    Ankle boots can’t go. You can wear nice ones with tights to work and get away with it as business-y!!!

  • Lily

    Seriously who can I thank for all of the practical trends this upcoming season? Insert raising hands emoji!

  • Hil

    I’m always looking for more recommendations for comfy and flattering sweatpants and joggers. Anyone have some they love?
    My favorite right now is the outdoor voices running sweats.

  • Linda Ingram

    Oh please… a beanie? Do you know anyone outside of a certified model who looks good in one? And a balaclava? Great for skiing downhill or holding up a bank, maybe. Here in the South, I suspect we’ll stick to hats. They frame the face and make a gal look pretty. (If that still counts for anything.) 😉

  • Marie Sivils

    Nooooooo… not the banana clips! God i HATE thosee things lol. Well, atleast 1 thing my mom has will be fashionable.

  • Hannahloupe

    I have felt like tights were dorky for the longest time and I’m so so so happy that cool kids are wearing them now because sometimes my legs are cold, you know?

  • I am here for a LOT of these trends, especially sweatpants, cowboy boots, and colored tights. May I shamelessly self promote? I wore colored tights in my most recent BLOG post. https://www.shypony.com/single-post/2018/02/15/That-One-Thing-Lace-Dress I’m all about it.

  • DelphineGarnier82

    Living in NY, I can’t imagine a scenario where it makes any sense for me to wear cowboy boots. Plus, I prefer ankle boots anyway. They make more sense with my choice of outfits. Sweat pants bring back memories of gym class so I’m not a fan. Colored tights I don’t mind, but I never get around to buying any. Sidenote: Can we stop declaring things “in” or “out” and just let people wear what they actually like?

  • B4B

    I’ve been wanting cowboy boots since the beginning of last year! do i count as a trend forecaster now lol?

  • Amber

    Banana clips (did not know they were addressed by such a glorious name, thank you for this) are great for no-kinkage but they HURT. Any recommendations for comfortable ones (in the UK if poss…)?

  • Kasey

    I really want amazon to have an assorted pack of colored tights because I want them all and can’t choose.

  • Banana clips are back yessssssss <3

  • Kinsey W

    Cowboy boots are cute and kitschy in NYC, but I feel like that won’t translate to the South lol.

  • Caroline

    Really excited to read this article while simultaneously wearing cowboy boots and a banana clip in my hair.

  • gwendomouse

    When I was 5 or 6 my mum made me wear a balaclava all winter. I hated it so much I accidentally-on-purpose lost it in the kids’ ballpit in Ikea. As I was being told off, I swore to myself: no balaclavas ever again!

  • Cynthia Schoonover

    I’ve had cowboy boots for sometime and I wear them with everything. They’ve always been in style, as far as I’m concerned. I’ve always had colored tights, too. I don’t follow the trends, I wear what I like.

  • Boo Yakasha

    Excited to use “toterly” instead of “totally” in 2018 <3

  • “Graduating Class: Leggings. Incoming Freshman: Sweatpants”
    THE most beautiful sentence I have ever read. Could be because it’s day two of riding the crimson wave, but whatever, I’m here for it!
    Not that I want to give up leggings, but seeing sweatpants as trendy again makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Thanks Harling!