Welcome to Love Month on Man Repeller

If it weren’t for my debilitating fear of saying the wrong names (or worse: mispronouncing them) mid-ceremony plus a pretty sincere dislike of speaking in front of moderately-sized groups of people, I would have become a marriage officiant long ago. I love love so much that I love being in the presence of it, even when it’s not mine. I love to watch people fall in love, be in love, talk about love. Tell me about your love on the subway when I’ve never met you before and I will be like, “Start at the very beginning and tell me everything.”

I love to be around families who love — mine, others. I’ll say “I love you” to your aunt, I don’t care. If she feeds me I do love her. I love to be around my friends, who ooze love out of their pores while making fun of me. I love to listen to songs about love, watch movies about love, read about love. I know you get the picture, but I even want tell you about how, although I disliked both of my (21-year-old) Las Vegas experiences, I saw Cirque du Soleil’s Love and I loved it. Blew my mind.

That’s why I love the Man Repeller’s theme of the month this February: Love, in case you hadn’t guessed yet.

This month, we’ll cover the gamut, from the best love story you’ve ever heard to love redefined. This morning, we’re publishing a story about how some truly great loves are boring.

It’s also Black History Month. There’s a piece going up today by Celeste Little about finding her own unique sense of “black girl joy.” A shopping guide centered around black women-owned businesses and an exciting styled editorial are in the works, too.

It’s also fashion month! Get ready for the trends-even-though-trends-don’t-mean-the-same-thing-anymore.

But as always, it’s not a month’s theme opener without your suggestions about what you’d like to see. So have at it in the comments section.

And if you’d like to start weighing in now with your takes on Valentine’s Day (do you love it for the chocolate or hate it because CVS ruined it), by all means!

Photo by Louisiana Mei Gelpi; Art Direction by Emily Zirimis. Featuring Fish’s Eddy cake stands.

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  • Carly

    Amelia, I completely relate. I work at a flower shop and can never understand why people are upset around Valentine’s Day! It’s so wonderful to see people giving flowers to one another and being surprised by a bouquet etc. I would love to see anecdotal stories about Valentine’s Day in people’s families. My mom had a tradition of giving my sisters and me chocolates and a card and pajamas on Vday. I feel like we always frame Valentine’ Day around romantic love or ‘galentines,’ but what about all the other love stuff?

    • Amelia Diamond

      what flower shop do you work at??

      • Amelia Diamond

        sorry for ending a sentence w a preposition!

        • Carly

          It’s in London! It’s called Stems Floral.

    • Jessica

      Well, if you’re feeling alone already, it can be difficult to always be happy to see other people appreciating each other and loving each other because it just serves as an extra reminder of how you’re feeling.

      • Carly

        Jessica, you’re right, it can compound those feelings. I think it can be a time for self love too, tho.

  • Although I see how Valentine’s Day could be upsetting if you’re longing for a special someone to spend it with, I think it’s a beautiful opportunity to celebrate love, whatever form you’re experiencing it in! This might just be my emotion-driven brain projecting onto everyone else, but I think love is the greatest gift ever & it’s such a complex, uniquely human emotion that manifests in so many interesting ways. I’ve never had a significant other, but I look forward to Valentine’s Day every year, because I could go on and on about how love is the one thing connecting us all. I wrote about this last Valentine’s Day through the lens of my favorite movie, Aquamarine 🙂 Anyone else remember that movie or love it as much as I do??

  • I’m already loving this month. <3

    There are so many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. In our language it’s called ystävänpäivä which basically translates to “friends day”. This year I’m planning on a sleepover at my grandparents.

    • Rosemary

      This is so cute!!!

  • Andrea Raymer

    Love is my word of the year! I have always enjoyed Valentines day despite never being in a relationship. there are just so many other forms of Love to celebrate. I think our society tells us that we are supposed to find some greater meaning in romantic love, but there is so much more to that. For my this year is about loving myself, loving my neighbor and meeting the needs of my city and community wherever I can, learning to really love my friends in the ways they best revive it without expectation of receiving something in return. (and loving god without resentment because I am a church girl).

    • Amelia Diamond

      i love a word of the year!

  • Jessica White

    Valentine’s is my favorite holiday (tied with Halloween). I don’t even care about the romantic aspects of it. It’s a holiday dedicated to PINK, RED, HEARTS, and just cuteness. I love decorating and dressing up for this holiday. Mixing red and pink in my outfit brings me so much joy. If you’re resenting V-day, celebrate it in the eyes of a child-decorate a heart shaped cookie, buy cute stationary and mail something sweet to your grandma. It’s just a fun holiday that you don’t have to associate with the high expectations of receiving flowers, going out to dinner and a movie, and having the most romantic experience of your life. But…before Valentine’s day don’t forget about MARDI GRAS!!! February rocks.

    • Ashley S

      yessssss to red and pink

    • YES!!!! yes to everything. I completely agree.

    • Kiks

      I send my grandmother a Valentine every year. She’s always so happy to find the pink envelope in the mailbox. Also yes very excited to wear all my pink and red outfits.

    • Olivia Lauren Hawk Moore

      this is great advice! my last lonely valentines (before I met my husband) I started buying kids paper valentines and mailing them to friends, and its a tradition that has kept. I honestly enjoy it more than romantic vday stuff with my husband

  • Adey

    This is why me and Amelia are kindred spirits. I think love has always been my favourite topic (hence my http://www.adeyfarah.com/loverlovedliar#0 project). Can’t wait for the greatest content this month on Black History Month, Love Month and Fashion Month!

    • Amelia Diamond

      Adey I can’t waittttt to read those poems when I finish with my work!

      • Adey

        Aahhhhhhhh thank you!!!

  • Vicky Alvarez

    Hey Amelia, I would like for you to talk about loving ourselves… Many of us, me included, often decide to give our love to someone or something else. I feel we need to start by little acts of self-appreciation just like deciding to wear something against our insecurities, ditching a toxic or a one-way relationship, trusting our instincts when making big decisions, and so on. Empowering someone towards loving themselves can be a challenge, but totally worth it.

  • Ashley S

    After reading some of the more *heated* comment sections lately — I honestly miss articles about fashion. No disclaimers. No relation to a larger political theme. Just fashion. I say this as a grad student who studies intellectual experiences of marginalized peoples. I just want to read a story this month about red and pink paired together a la Yves St. Laurent.

  • Lucy Negash

    Hi Amelia! Don’t want to make a downer comment, but I would love to see an article on how people honestly, truly deal with issues in their relationships as women (other than working through it with their partner). I am definitely guilty of taking my issues to my sisters, crying in my car, talking myself down, reading articles online, unloading on my therapist, etc. I know that the beginning and end of any relationship issues should start with “talking to your partner about it,” but I’d love to see if I’m not alone in this and how other women deal too.

    • Amelia Diamond

      Hi! To get clear: how women deal with relationship issues (romantic relationship issues, or all) OUTSIDE the prescription “talk to your *partner* about xyz” ?

      btw that’s me i talk to everyone except the problem, often

      • Lucy Negash

        Yes! And (if this is even possible) if any of those options are helpful or constructive…would be SO curious to see what other people think!

  • February has always been my favorite month and Valentine’s Day my favorite day because 1. Who doesn’t love a day dedicated to chocolate and reminding everyone you love of that love. 2. Red and pink are the best color combo. And 3. The most important: my birthday is merely two days after Valentine’s Day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ME. 🎀💕

    • Can we get a post on best pastry, chocolate, and flower shops in NYC?

      • Amelia Diamond


    • Amelia Diamond


  • Heather

    How to love yourself and someone else, simultaneously. I have yet master this. When I’m completely single, I am very focused on improving myself and being the master of my life. As soon as someone else comes into the picture, I forget everything. I drop everything to be what they need and be there for them, and as a result I’m no longer there for myself. How do I find a healthy balance?!

  • Holland Kennedy

    love it!! <3

    • Amelia Diamond

      holland not to be creepy but did your avatar photo change? it’s so cool!

      • Holland Kennedy

        Hi Amelia! Yes it did, from one of my illustrations to another! 🙂 Thanks!!

  • Fayla Garcia

    February!!! Write about….oh! who is your favorite person and why you love them so much? Would love to hear from all of Manrepeller. I feel like love is wonderful whether it is romantic, plutonic, or it’s love for yourself. Love can be complicated sometimes but it would be great to read about how it can be so amazingly easy too. I love my dog so much, I don’t even know how my body created this much love for this chubby, dirty, messy, lovable creature.

  • vss

    One of my greatest yearly joys is walking through the red and pink Valentines Day aisles of Target/ Walgreens/ CVS. It has the magic that reminds me of being a kid at Disneyland.

  • Suanny Garcia Barales

    Amelia, I want to hear about your love stories. 🙂 xo

  • Gigi

    As a longtime believer in & Tru (!) supporter of Lov… I am so excited

  • Mallory

    My husband’s birthday is February 14 so that whole week is always filled with love and fun dates. If anyone doesn’t feel like celebrating Valentines Day this year – feel free to celebrate my Brian’s birthday!

  • Romeo

    Hi Amelia, also don’t want to be a downer but I think something that is not talked about often is “forbidden” love. Just writing it sounds medieval but living in a big city with a lot of different diverse cultures I’ve seen some of my friends experience it and have heard even more stories. From racial issues to sexual orientation and even religion, it seems crazy that in 2018 some people don’t feel comfortable (or accepted?) enough to be with who they want to be with. Or if’s their parents/community who is intolerant, how to navigate these situations? and be there for the people who are going through it. The whole “they’re assholes” is kind of limiting (often times the people aren’t assholes but it’s such a conflict that I think both parties just give up). I’m a sucker for love so whenever I hear these things I’m just like BUT WHY. You guys have a pretty diverse staff, so it would be interesting to hear different perspectives on this (if anyone on team MR has experienced them) and how to deal.

  • Ursula Castrat

    I would love to read an article about how Leandra will get married if she has to do it all over again tomorrow