More Than a Couple of Couples Get Real About Love

13 pairs of partners and one solo artist on what being in a relationship means


This story was originally published in 2016. We’re re-sharing it in honor of Love Month.

Every relationship is different. There are no set rules for guaranteed success, no universal guide, no answer key located in the back of the textbook like there was in grade school math. (Wouldn’t that be nice?) But there are stories. These stories that we share — the funny ones, the sad ones, the honest ones — they act as headlights to help us find our own narratives. Or at the very least, they make for good reading during whatever leg of the journey we so happen to be on.

Which is why we asked 13 couples and one wise single woman to tell us parts of their stories. It’s less about “how we met” and more about the best parts: the best parts of being in a relationship, the best part of being alone, the best part about the partner and of course, the best advice each person has to give, because even though we don’t always ask for it, it’s nice to know it lives somewhere cozy, just in case you need it. You know?

You know. Click through the above and add your own stories to the comments below.

Photographed by Simon Chetrit

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  • Alessandra

    In a world and society where rules and “dos and don’ts” often seem to reign supreme, we forget that at the end of the day, love is a unique and individual thing. This put such a smile on my face.

    • Amelia Diamond

      I’m so glad! Eff the rules!

    • So true! Couldn’t agree more. Even today when I see my gf, I feel so satisfied, that this one thing, is what I have done right in a pitiful life I’ve had.
      Manish @

  • Elizabeth Tamkin

    cutest story 2016. love is so diverse and seeing it from different couples makes me hopeful about the beauty in life.

    • Yvonne Dunlevie

      Elizabeth Tamkin you are the beauty in my life

      • Amelia Diamond

        omg you two..

  • wow, loved reading these! i def LOL’d at ‘single, hear me roar.’

    • Amelia Diamond

      she’s so cool

      • Des

        Amelia why, why are there no black couples?? It’s like here’s a conspiracy to break black people up and pair them with anyone else! You have at least two white male, female couples but none who are black? Show our love a little more respect!

  • Aydan

    This just rings so true! I love all of the different perspectives and different relationships. Everyone is so right — you never know when it will hit, but when it does you know! Def a good way to start of my Friday reading these!

  • meme

    Loved this. A lot of good common sense be kind to each other kind of advice.

  • allie

    I really appreciate the diversity of couples! Great job.

  • Stephanie

    Ok this was the sweetest post ever! How did you find all these couples + single? Were they randoms off the street or are they friends or a little of both?

    • Leandra Medine

      combo platter!

      • Lua Jane

        Leandra, you have so much of your dad’s features and expressions.

  • I read this while getting a pedicure. Thanks for adding some love to my already lovely lunch break. And slide 16— anxiety PLEASE BE CAREFUL ON THAT ROOF.

    • Yvonne Dunlevie


  • Kristin Kelly

    Such a great article. As someone who is struggling with the place my relationship is in at the moment I took the advice to heart. Rachel and Ian’s advice about taking a timeout during an argument was exactly what I needed to hear – it can solve many problems if you reevaluate whether or not it’s worth the pain that comes from fighting. Please continue sharing stories like this – it makes me hopeful that by taking the right steps and appreciating each other, couples can make it for the long haul.

  • mollie blackwood

    I love Love. I also love Leandra’s mom’s hair. Precious parents.

  • MMR

    I was expecting to see MR and Abbie come up! Great post

  • Loved every bit of this: the unique stories, bits of advice, and sweet words of love. Thank you for such a great story! xoxo

  • Esty Turner

    This was such a sweet post. I really like how almost all the couples featured were just regular people (not that there is anything wrong with being a famous creative director of some label or artist or designer or DJ.) It made a concept that’s so abstract seem so much more down-to-earth and real. One of my all-time favorite posts on MR.

  • Jessica Peterson

    As I read through these, I wanted to pick a favorite and quickly realized that they’re all fave-worthy. Love, commitment, fidelity, loyalty all come in different packages. Sharing the better part of the last 10 years with my husband has been great fun. Making memories that no one else can touch – that no one else can ever know – that neither of you can ever forget. Then living every day together knowing that these moments will also become your fondest memories. It’s thrilling, to put it lightly.

  • yona

    this was really refreshing amelia!

  • This was a really cool article, I loved it. Great job as always!

  • kforkarli

    I loved his! I’d have loved to see Leandra and Abie as a surprise at the end!

  • Jeanne Zamansky

    Very sweet to see you parents Leandra ! Mine have been married for 40 years (they’re not that old they just got married at 20) but I could never ask them for advice, like they are my parents and not real human beings who are in love. Even though I know they are and I think that gives me confidence for the future 😉

  • The Medine’s are prefect, and Mrs. Medine’s hair is bitchin! That rooftop picture was not doable for me, I had to scroll down so I couldn’t see her cute shoes hanging off the edge 0_o

  • ashley

    The rainbow bagel!! #NOM

  • Meg S

    Somehow I never got the memo that being single means orderly bedsheets. My queen size bed is mine and is always messy. I definitely agree that being single is an excuse to be a little messy when you know no one will see it. As I told my best friend, I’m too busy working and doing things to better myself to worry about dating. After I went back to school, I think I need to make time for yoga. Realizing that being single with zero plans for marriage or even a relationship is important, and I think I’m finally there. Maybe.

  • Marielle Nicol

    I love seeing a story about couples! While I am very grateful for all pieces about being single, going through breakups, relationship woes, etc. etc… it’s nice to read about some success stories 🙂

  • I feel like ‘Alyssa’ didn’t take this at all seriously.

  • <3

  • yay diversity! was afraid I wouldn’t find a woman/woman relationship in this story because I’m so used to us being underrepresented but I knew MR would never disappoint