The Best Natural Beauty Products, According to the Internet

In January, Amelia interviewed Man Repeller team member Nikki about her recent obsession with natural beauty and conscious effort to make healthier lifestyle choices, including a greener makeup cabinet. Nikki considers herself a religious makeup-wearer, but she’s still in the process of finding the best natural products on the market, so she ended the conversation by opening up the floor for suggestions.


You swooped in to deposit hundreds of natural beauty recommendations of your own, turning the comment section into a virtual slumber party replete with best-kept beauty secret swapping. And thus, the story below the story become one unto itself. So, for the sake of immortalizing that, I compiled the best suggestions under their very own headline. Take a scroll and enjoy, and if you have more to add, feel free to stir up another slumber party-worthy discussion down below.


Weleda Skin Food

“My single skincare obsession … , especially in the Winter when my skin is dry AF, is Weleda Skin Food. I SWEAR BY THIS SH*T PEOPLE — it’s a $12 tube of heavy-duty moisturizer/balm and I just slather it on my face like it’s the elixir of life. When I wear it under tinted moisturizer it also looks super glowy because it has a little sheen. I AM OBSESSED.”

Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water

“[I]mportant to read ingredient lists for micellar water products. Scary stuff in most when it seems like there wouldn’t be.”

Nexcare Acne Absorbing Covers

“A holy grail product.”

Super Salve Company Coconut Cream 

“Hands down the best facial, neck, body moisturizer.”

Suntegrity “5 in 1” Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen 

“I mainly love it because it’s very sheer.”


Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick

“Stays on for hours, even when eating and drinking, is made of all edible ingredients and comes in tons of colors!”

Burt’s Bees Natural Moisturizing Lipstick

“I just blot and the colour is good for 4-5 hours.”

Dr. Jen’s House of Beauty Lipsticks

“Her lipsticks are all deep colors and everything has the cleanest ingredient lists I’ve seen. One of her original goals was making non-toxic makeup for the drag community in Seattle so the Glossier-style natural look is not well-represented, but for bold stuff with clean ingredient lists, she is so good.”

Kosas Weightless Lip Color

“Hands-down my favorite lip range for texture, wearability and hydration (doesn’t dry out the lips at all). Their shades are limited (think they only have 8 so far) but are all pretty universal.”


W3ll People Expressionist Mascara

“A favorite in this space because it defines the lashes well.”

Love Lash Magnetic Faux Lash Extension

“If you’re looking to dip your toe in the magnetic lash world, Love Lash is new and costs like $40 for a pair that lasts 2-3 months — kind of a no-brainer.”

Lily Lolo Natural Vegan Mascara

“The only natural mascara that […] make[s] my lashes look good.”

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Lash Mascara

“My fave for years, doesn’t flake”

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara

“The best mascara I’ve ever tried, natural or otherwise. It’s both lengthening and volumizing with no clumps, and it smells amazing! I haven’t tried their other beauty stuff yet but they have a huge range of products and super high environmental and safety standards, definitely check them out!”

Mineral Fusion Eyeliner 

“I love how it goes on smooth and [I’d say it] stays put at least 8 hours.”


Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream

“I love it! I [have] a combination skin type with super oily T-zone area but the coverage and wear of this product has been phenomenal. It really keeps both my oily and normal-to-dry areas in check. It’s super dewy, which terrified me at first, but I just set it with their translucent powder applied with a damp beauty blender, then brush over it with a little bronzer. Gorgeous! Being [m]ixed-raced [with an] olive complexion, I find it extremely difficult to find my color in natural brands but Juice Beauty has a lot to offer in the face makeup department! Very impressed with their skincare and price point too! Check them out!”

SheaMoisture CC Cream

“SheaMoisture is a natural brand that focuses on women of color and offers C creams in darker shades of the rainbow.”

Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Illuminating Primer

“[It] has a slight luminescence for those looking for a glow and is a liquid formula for those not wanting to use powder.”

HAN Skin Care Cosmetics Pressed Blush (in “Coral Candy”)

“[It’s] the best match I’ve found yet [for a Nars Orgasm blush/highlighter dupe], and it’s super affordable.”

Kjaer Weis Cream Highlighter (in “Radiance”)

“Expensive but the most luxe texture/finish.”


Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Shampoo

“The price is 100% worth it. Honestly I talk to everyone about this because my hair has never looked better and I get compliments all the time. It’s nuts. Truly life-altering!”

Organic Soapberry Shampoo

“If anyone is looking for natural shampoo I can unreservedly recommend Soapberry shampoo. It is so good. This is going to sound like a commercial but I can’t help it — I looked for two sad years for natural shampoo that didn’t suck that could be used every day, and Soapberry is everything I wanted — all natural, no sulfates, almost no scent, with everyday use my hair is not dry, not greasy, not build-up-y, it’s just clean hair.”


Lavanila Sport Luxe Deodorant

“Lavanila is practically clear and never damages anything plus it works. Would it work in Mexico in July all day? Not without reapplication, but for an average workday it’s great. Would love if it came in different smells but whatever, it’s free of toxins.”

Ursa Major Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant

“The ONLY one I’ve found to work [with] a consistency close to non-natural [deodorant].”


James Robert John Nail Polish

“My go-to for natural nail polish that stays forever.”

J. Hannah Nail Polish

“[F]lexible, natural polish with some really earthy, awesome colors. Somehow, I can even apply this nail polish myself and it still looks good.”


JĀSÖN Powersmile Toothpaste

“It’s the only one that gets close to as foamy as non-natural, and it’s aggressively minty which I enjoy.”


LUSH Lust Solid Perfume 

“Their perfumes are made with essential oils so not only are they more natural they are also pretty distinctive. My go-to everyday perfume is Lust and OMG. It smells amazing.”

Plus! Brands people repeatedly swore by:

100% Pure
Andalou Naturals
Badger Balm
Bite Beauty
Burt’s Bees
CV Skinlabs
Deborah Lippmann
Dr. Hauschka
Dr. Bronner’s
i+m Berlin
John Masters Organics
Juice Beauty
Kjaer Weis
Mad Hippie
Meow Meow Tweet
Nature’s Gate
Nu Evolution
One Love Organics
Piggy Paint
Red Flower
Skin Food by AB
Tata Harper
The Honest Company
Ursa Major

And, finally, places to shop:

Integrity Botanicals
Petit Vour
The Detox Market

What’s missing?

Collage by Louisiana Mei Gelpi.

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  • magiblin

    RMS Living Luminizer is the best. highlighter. ever. Not glittery and it stays dewy all day long! Better still, it comes in this skinny tub that fits so easily into small purses for evenings out. When I reapply, my cheekbones are so bright they can summon Batman on a cloudy night.

    • Kattigans

      When have you bought a skinny tube??

      • magiblin

        Not a tube, a tub! or I guess you could call it a pot?

        • Kattigans

          Ah misread! Nvm. I have the pot too and a tube stick would be awesome

  • Wow, you have mentioned all the brands I swear by, surely that means something … 🙂 My absolute favorite is the black soap though (Dudu Osun). I wash my face with it, use it to shave and shower with and may yet try to use it on my hair a few times, to find out what happens (Lavera being the queen of my shampoos for quite some time now). Apart from that mascara Amelia mentioned last time and a cocoa hair wax, it is the only beauty product that gets me excited and happy. As in, high on life.

  • VickyB

    What kind of lipstick do you recommend that won’t come off on my man’s member?

    • Keisha

      You will need to apply a henna lipstain

  • Every Man Jack’s sandalwood deodorant is phenomenal. It goes on totally clear, leaves no stains, and lasts for a whole work day (unless it’s a stressful day, in which case, a second application is needed). Also, $7! I used to use Lavanila’s but it stained my clothes, didn’t last more than a couple hours, and costs $14-$16.
    I used to use Schmidt’s deodorant but it kept giving me terrible sweat gland infections (even the sensitive formula).

    • magiblin

      I have tried so many different “natural” deodorants, and they all have irritated my skin! I’m back to using Dove and it’s like the irritation never happened. 🙁

      • Cristina

        Most of it is the baking soda. Well, die hard guru’s will tell you it’s your diet and alkaline and yada, but the baking soda. Check for arrowroot instead. Also, there’s a few brands starting to come out with charcoal, which I’m curious about! I say all this but I’m currently on Dove myself, because I just got tired of being stinky all day lol

      • jilline

        I use lavender essential oil straight (luckily it doesn’t irritate me, but of course also don’t try that right after a wax/shave). It is anti-bacterial and kills whatever germs cause odor. I’m also not above a quick swab with a paper towel, a drop of soap and water in the restroom at the end of the day if I need to. Another quick couple of drops of lavender and I’m reset for the evening. Anything to avoid commercial chemicals.

    • Julia Park

      primal pit paste is the same! also gender neutral which is fantastic.

    • MellieOleson

      Is the smell strong? I hate when toiletries fight your perfume. I use Schmidt’s Charcoal and Magnesium which I think is effective but a little rough. I’ve done the Lavanila Vanilla Lemon (not very strong), Eau des Minimes (effective if you put on at night for the next day but heavy scent), liquid crystal (so-so but not strong), Native deodorant (only tried a couple times, still needs a real test), Tom’s (fuggedaboudit), Lush bars (which broke and I ended up using a brush to apply like a powder; so-so performance).

      • I loved the smell of the charcoal/magnesium Schmidt’s stick! I’d say this is strong, at first, but wears down quickly to a nice mellow scent.

        • Female Glenn

          I’m in love with Schmidt’s Bergamot Lime deodorant. Smells fresh and pleasant, and keeps me dry until I remove it!

      • Rikki

        Primally Pure is pretty amazing. Their charcoal deodorant is bomb. Has arrowroot powder, baking soda, eucalyptus and peppermint. They have many other scents that I haven’t tried. I use their oil based skin care, too. Their Fancy Face Serum clears up any breakouts quickly. Everyone should check it out! And everything comes in glass bottles, which I love.

    • tuberoseandvetiver

      I use their body wash in the same scent and it’s great too.

      • I’ll have to grab a bottle and try it out.

    • Beatrice

      I loooove Every Man Jack! I’ve been using the sandalwood deodorant from them for about 2 years now. It’s the only natural deodorant that doesn’t irritate my skin & actually works.

  • Rosemary

    This is amazing. Going to source all my beauty/care products from this list from now on forever k thx (also I’m in here! aaah!)

  • I’d really love to see more discussions about why different people use natural beauty products, because I think there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. For me, personally, there are some natural brands that I love and use–Dr. Jart, Bite, Dr. Bronner’s, just because they work really well. And Heritage/tons of more generic “basic” products that are super cheap and gentle on my sensitive skin, like castor/rosehip seed oils (which is why they’re not really talked about as often, I guess? You can’t make as much money off them?).

    There are other brands I don’t use as much, like Weleda, because their products tend to feel too heavy/fragranced for me–and because not having enough preservatives/stabilizers in them means having to repurchase more often, which I can’t afford. (My Skin Food grew mold inside the tube.)

    But I don’t use any of these brands because they’re ‘natural’. I still don’t know what that means! Why is there no universally agreed-upon definition of this that everyone is legally obligated to follow?

    I really want to know what other people think about this–and how do we reconcile buying natural/cruelty-free/”green”-er beauty, with companies that often espouse these values but don’t show that respect for, like, other human beings? Beauty brands get away with a lot on both sides of the table–we’ve got Tarte being racist, but we’ve also got Agent Nateur’s founder posting on their feed about believing in chemtrails, and RMS being deliberately rude/shady on social media (specifically to @thecriticalbabe)…

    • Emily

      I had exactly the same thought while reading this piece. What is “natural?” This piece relies on the usual buzzwords of “natural” and “greener” without offering any real criteria by which to judge a product. And I agree with you re: quality – I have been especially disappointed in Weleda and RMS. I cannot understand why either of those brands are so highly regarded. I bristle at the term “natural beauty” because many of these products include incredibly irritating ingredients, specifically essential oils. I recently saw an Instagram ad for a moisturizer with PEPPERMINT OIL. Why not just dip your face in capsicum?

      There’s also a difference between natural/clean/green/whatever products vs. SUSTAINABLE products. Does the food grade lipstick come in a reusable container? Are the “natural” pigments being sourced from ethical and sustainable sources, with minimal or positive impact on the ecosystem? Where does the packaging go when you’re done with it? There’s a selfish aspect to this where we are so deeply concerned about shady scientific claims regarding our personal health but we do not concern ourselves with the greater (and very undeniably real) impact of what is ultimately an industry of non-necessities. I’m happy to see more brands popping up with plastic free packaging, reusable packaging (like Kjaer Weis) or minimal external packaging like Kiehls has been doing forever.

      Final point – please USE FLUORIDE! For those of you who think the government is poisoning you, I’m not saying you need it in your municipal water supply. It’s not in mine, but I use fluoride toothpaste twice a day and it helps a lot. A topical application of a controlled dose is different than drinking it. It’s good for your teeth and healthy enamel is ESSENTIAL. If you refuse to use it in your toothpaste then go get the gel treatment at the dentist. Using natural makeup is relatively low risk but when it comes to actual health it’s time to get real about all the bullshit information out there.

      • Adrianna

        Omg thank you for bringing up fluoride. Ever wonder why your immigrant parents have bad teeth? Lack of fluoride. Both my grandparents and parents teeth are wildly different from mine, and a Filipino-American dentist told me it’s fluoride.

        • Emily

          Yes, I was surprised how quickly a lack of fluoride made a noticeable difference for me. I live in a city without fluoridated water, so my only source is toothpaste – I once accidentally bought a fluoride free tube and noticed that my sensitivity had increased in only a few weeks. It seems like a no brainer especially if you are one of the millions of Americans without adjusted fluoride in your water supply.

      • Kristen Bertiglia

        Emily, I think you’re totally right that retailers, brands, publications, etc have a responsibility to the consumer to make the distinction between, as well as define the terms, “natural”, “safe”, “clean”. Unfortunately there is no clear agreed-upon definition for any of these. It’s really up to the consumer to educate themselves and choose what they want to use. For example, many natural products contain essential oils rather than toxic synthetic fragrances. On the one hand, it’s great news for consumers, but on the other, it opens up the question about allergies. To your point, many people are allergic or sensitive to specific essential oils. I think it’s on the part of the consumer to read the label and determine if it’s the right product for them.

    • Stella Ray

      I define “natural” beauty products by how well they score according to the EWG. Beauty products with a score of 1 to 2 are considered excellent in terms of the safety of the ingredients, the sustainability of production, and the transparency of the company. You can search beauty products and brands here: to see how they score.

    • I am not as interested in beauty products as I am in fashion. I buy just a few and need a deo, a shampoo and my 4€ anti aging cream like 80 % of the time. That’s all. So I buy those few exceptions in good quality and after checking the ingredients – there’s an app for that in Germany and it offers much information. Don’t know whether I could afford a real organic beauty regime, probably not. So I am just pragmatic.
      But: I really think there is a difference in clothes – my skin adores organic materials and there’s a shop for that in Germany (+acceptable work conditions)

      • Elly

        Actually my favourite beauty blogger, venusianglow, is from Germany (I think she’s Polish though), she focuses on thrift and uses natural products a lot of the time, but in a very pragmatic way, plus her blog has a treasure trove of bra-fitting advice. I think thanks to her I at least halved my beauty budget, and made my beauty regimen more efficient too. Plus my bra fits, so yay!

        • Sounds great! 🙂
          (I explored the topic ages ago too – my life hasn’t been the same since having discovered the importance of the right bra size )…

          A thing I often do is smear things (hair, lips, skin) with lanoline and/or coconut oil from the kitchen … not bad either.

          But: I sure look like someone pragmatic in the beauty area! 🙂 Maybe your blogging friend doesn’t?

          • Elly

            She doesn’t post pictures of her face, though she has posted her hair, and I’ve followed her haircare advice with pretty good results as well. She doesn’t so much recommend using a certain product as give tips on how to wash, condition, how to check the elasticity and porousness of your hair, etc. Similar for other beauty treatments.

            The basis of my skincare is a facial massage with some kind of oil (I’m on avocado at the moment but I’m finding it a tiny bit too greasy) and then rinse with cornflower water, and moisturize with aloe vera gel. But I subscribe to Birchbox too so I use whatever they throw my way, which kind of impacts the minimalism of my skincare regime.

            I like coconut oil too, mainly for hair, or to make a body scrub with leftover coffee grounds.

            But to be honest, though I enjoy all that stuff, it smells nice and feels good, having translated cosmetics catalogues for a living I’m never sure how effective they are – I’d say the ones you buy in the pharmacy probably are, but otherwise, like with the oil I think it’s the massage that’s good for the skin more than the properties of the oil. And I’m pretty sure you get more benefits from eating aloe vera than just putting it on your skin, though that doesn’t hurt. It’s more the opportunity to check in with my skin and hair – which after all reflects your overall health – and the ritual first thing in the morning and before bed, that I enjoy.

          • Wow, that’s some awe-inspiring amount and depth of knowledge you have acquired – sounds really good!
            I have only just started a low carb life to see whether I could gain some energy and the answer is yes, but my skin is unhappy with all the additional fat for now, so I need to find out, what exactly works for me. It is as always: life is hard work 🙂

      • Josepha

        Could you tell me the name of the shop please?

        • Yes, gladly. I buy most of my better clothes (and have just bought again) at hessnatur and some of them at waschbär. Both are members of the Fair Wear Foundation, among others.

    • Kattigans

      FYI tarte is not a natural make-up bran. Google – they just started marketing with that schtick but their products are not natural and are not free of toxins.

      • Oh I know, and I don’t support them either! I meant more since they’re cruelty-free, which I counted as part of this new wave of “conscious” consumption. I struggle to necessarily equate any of it with ethical consumption in this late-stage era of capitalism…

    • Kristen Bertiglia

      This is a super good point and one I thought about in the first iteration of this discussion as well. Posts such as these need to be moderated (especially the comments) in order to help clarify to those reading what is actually “natural”, “clean”, etc. I tend to use the term “clean beauty” simply because not everything that is safe for you needs to be “natural” (just as not everything that’s “natural” is safe — ie lead!). Most everything we’re exposed to every day is made up of chemicals. Chemicals are not inherently problematic.

      With that said, many chemicals, especially synthetic ones, are known to be toxic to our health and our environment. Many more are understudied, meaning that we simply do not know if they might cause harm. We’re at a point where education is paramount and unfortunately that means we, as consumers, need to take this into our own hands. Fortunately there are companies like Credo who are doing this analysis for us and presenting the products they deem the safest and most effective.

      I do have a bit of a problem with throwing around these brands and products with the loosely-defined term of “natural” as not all products mentioned above are natural! It’s really important to make the distinction, otherwise we risk perpetuating and normalizing green-washing.

  • Emily M

    Cocokind Skincare!!!!!

    I’ll say it one more time: Cocokind Skincare!!

  • Julia Park

    for fragrance check out na nin vintage! they make their own and it’s heavenly. my favorite is farewell. (also lush has been proven to not be as “clean” as they claim, fine look at ingredients shows parabens, ingredients similar to anti-freeze, and synthetic fragrance blends that cause hormone disruption. not to say that are all bad, but watch out there!)

    • Mollie Ward

      YES! I LOVE NA NIN! I wear Jolene <3

    • lauren bonifacio

      POUR LE MONDE PERFUMES HAS THE BEST NATURAL FRAGRANCES! Sorry for the bold but I can’t stress this enough. They are the only certified 100% natural perfume on the market plus they are vegan and cruelty free!!

  • Joy

    Schmidt deodorant is the best natural deodorant I can buy in the store hands down and is comparable to clinical deodorant! I know because I used to use only clinical (20% aluminum tetra/sesquichloride as the active ingredient) and had to make a switch. Through trial and error, I have kept to Schmidt’s for over a year. I like their Bergamot and Lime so far. I hate the Lavender and Sage and I think the Rose and Vanilla is feminine, like baby powder, but too strong for me personally. Very unique scents.

  • Abby

    Guys! So surprised Alima Pure isn’t on this list. They are fantastic. Their loose powder foundation and blusher are phenomenal and have like 3 ingredients. I credit them with clearing up my acne after my derm told me that literally every second ingredient in my Estee Lauder liquid foundation was clogging my pores. AP applies like a dream, stays all day, no one can ever tell you are wearing foundation, the shade range is incredible, and they are defo comparable (/better) quality than really upscale products. AND! Affordable. I really encourage you guys to try it!! (p.s. not a rep in any way, I am just a v enthusiastic customer.)

    • Sara

      Hey Abby! Thanks for the love! I’m actually a rep for AP. Please provide your email. I’d love to connect.

  • Bea Guerrero

    Perfectly Posh!!

  • yessss to Meow Meow tweet! Also, swear by crystal spray deoderant, dr bronners, and shea butter as a moisturizer! There are also a ton of brands i’ve yet to try but I feel like they are probably awesome

  • gamingnails

    Pai skincare is lovely, highly recommend the cream cleanser and the moisturising creams, and the rosehip oil blend.

  • KathND

    Dr. Jart+ Cicapair SPF 30 is my new favorite product and probably something I’ll be using for a long time to come. It’s a physical sunscreen plus a de-reddifyer and I think it’s a wonderful makeup primer, too. Highly highly highly recommend. And a little goes a long way in my experience.

  • Stella Ray

    For face creams I swear by Derma E and Andalou.
    For shampoo I would recommend Nature’s Gate and Acure
    For face wash I like Avalon Organics but recently I’ve been using Trader Joe’s Facial Cleansing Oil (Trader Joe’s has a lot of nice beauty products worth checking out).
    For deodorant I use Primal Pit Paste and Dr. Schmidt’s interchangeably.

    • JennyWren

      I love DermaE stuff- I don’t care so much how natural my products are, but I do care about them being cruelty free and as sustainably produced as possible, and DermaE is really good about that. Their overnight peel is great.

    • Kattigans

      Andalou’s products are so good!!!

  • maegan

    um first of all, super big fan of MR, this whole dang feature, Harling and also, natural beauty. it is absolutely an extension of the personal ritual, choice and expression that is fashion and i’m gonna just stop myself and skirrrrt by that (sulfate-free) soapbox.

    just wanted to mention a few favorites i didn’t see yet : 1) VERY into true botanicals lately and love how clean AND results-driven they are. (i haven’t gotten as many compliments on my skin since i was a newborn angel baby) 2) w3ll people’s bio correct concealer is actually life-changing bc Lord knows these dark circles put up a fight and by fight, i mean i’ve been asked if i was in fight bc of “no that’s just my makeup-less face” black eyes. between better life/food choices and that dream creamy concealer, i look like a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed fox. 3) after trying no less than a bajillion pit options over the years, vapour beauty’s new super-luxe AER deodorant is excitingly GOOD. i went with the palo santo blood orange scent. old spice husband has taken notice.

    (over and out, there went my first comment in the MR community; i couldn’t resist joining in the fun. everyone here is so cool and nice and great. <3)

    • Hil

      Second true botanicals! What from their line do you use? I just started using their calm oil and even though it hasn’t miraculously fixed every skin problem, I’m so impressed by how well it works as a moisturizer and how smooth and soft it has made my skin. I also want to get the antioxidant booster and one of their serums.

      • maegan

        My hoarding is about to show, but full disclosure, I work at a store that carries the line, so while I definitely only buy products I love, whether we carry them or not, I do get a discount on TB – before I start looking like Daddy Warbucks over here. 😉
        I travel a lot and with the weird weather, my skin goes from dry to acne flare-ups, so I’ve been alternating/trying out both the Clear and Renew lines including the cleansers, Toner, Nutrient Mist, Cellular Repair Serums, Clear and Renew oils, both boosters, and the Resurfacing Moisture Mask.
        Of all those, my top faves are the Clear oil (I’ve already restocked twice), the Clear cleanser, toner and Renew mist, (can’t decide between them!) the Renew serum, the Vitamin C booster, (noticed a serious difference in evening out the tone of my skin and adding the elusive and oversold “glow”) and the mask is really a great one for exfoliating/brightening. (I go back and forth between that one and goop’s instant facial.) The Antioxidant Booster IS good, I’m just still trying to really fall in love with it – the consistency doesn’t blend or absorb as well as the Vitamin C, thus leaving me going to bed with an orange swirly lookin’ face. Sorry, I suppose the short answer here would have been: ALL OF IT. haha

        • Hil

          I’m so glad you gave the long version! As soon as I can justify the expense I’m going to one by one get the antioxidant booster, renew serum, and clear oil.

    • bryn

      omg the AER deodorant, right!!??! I’m loving it. so effective – though it’s caused a minor breakout while I transition to it I think. still obsessed.

  • Kim

    Soapwalla Deodorant. For me, the ONLY natural deodorant that actually works.

  • Juliana Salazar

    drunk elephant vitamin c serum! and pixi glow tonic!

  • Marta Andujar

    Hey has anyone heard of Nature Republic. It has helped me so much, I had hyperpigmentation and large pores , mega blemishes and adult acne prone skin. There products are always labeled green strip because they are natural. They do not get alot of hype I believe it has do with there website and everyone thinking their best store is in K-town Manhattan, NY. No it is not their best ones are the one in Union Square and Flushing, NY: they have wonderful flash sale, a kind wheel of Fortune, earning points from your purchases,and best yet discounts if you are in the educational field just need to bring ID at all times. K-town store in Manhattan does not offer this at all. And when you reach a certain amount on your purchase you get free stuff at cashier counter woohoo!!! I am not a rep I just love there business and specifically their products!!! I go four times a years, fourth time to use my points and get great gifts for the holidays!!!!

  • Tabitha Cavitt

    I’d like to see more people reviewing Limelight By Alcone professional makeup and chemical free skin products. Once people try our products they WILL BE HOOKED FOR LIFE!!!!

  • kay

    want to give some love to native deodorant, the only reason i didn’t blab about it on the og post last month was that haley did a whole post about it at one point. but since haley’s post i’ve tried it and it is the one. i also got for basically everyone on my holiday list even tho its an awkward gift. merry christmas and happy chanukah stinkers!!!

  • Kattigans

    Good list but Burt’s Bees is OWNED by Clorox!! Also “natural” is not FDA regulated so any company can put “natural” on a cosmetic and it can have 5-10 different meanings. Pls MR, I love you but do the due diligence before putting out a list like this.

    • Kattigans

      Also Lush products contain parabens – another brand that markets itself as a hippie dream but is not!

  • Jules Harding


  • Kristen Bertiglia

    Hi MR team — I think it’s a bit dangerous to continually use the term “natural” as a one-size-fits-all bucket for non-conventional beauty products. It’s incredibly misleading for consumers. Dr Jarts, Nexcare, Alterna…none of these are wholly natural. They actually contain many controversial chemicals. Also linking to Amazon is problematic since they rarely provide the full ingredient list, making it difficult for someone to research on their own.

  • Samantha

    Au Natural….I can’t believe they weren’t mentioned! All of their make-up is basically skincare with great pigment.

    Pyunkang Yul and LXMI are skin savers too. also Tata Harper but they’re more of a splurge.

  • pamb

    Surprised not to see Whole Foods as a place to shop. Too obvious? For those who have Sprouts or Fresh Thyme, they also have great beauty sections and frequent sales. Target also has a big natural selection, more online than in stores.

  • Frances

    Girl Undiscovered! 100% natural 100% wild! Amazing face scrub and elixir oil for your face!

  • Megan

    Two brands who have entire lines that are absolutely amazing: SheaMoisture and coco kind. Don’t be put off by coco kind’s website, it’s a small company in CA that’s amazing!

  • Ella Rohde

    Fat and the moon! It’s a perfect natural brand. They have skin care that’s amazing, deodorant, shampoos, makeup and maternity products. Truly an incredible makeup brand

  • Mary-Bailey White

    I think beautycounter is missing from this list— their lipstick, and tinted moisturizer specifically and they score really high on EWG! I also second the post below me that mentions straight rosehip seed oil— the best, just plain, on its own, for everything.

  • Julia

    Check out Lavido! It’s an amazing natural skin care (and body) brand from Israel. All natural products that are clinicallly tested to work. (Often natural products aren’t tested for clinically proven results, these are). The serums and eye cream are amazing!

  • AmberLundy

    Some of my faves that I didn’t see mentioned that I’d highly recommend are : Fat and the Moon deodorant cream (game changer), OLO fragrance (Cedar and Rose 😍), Everyday Oil, Captain Blankenship Mermaid Sea Salt Spray and Goe Oil !

  • sally

    Aw i feel so spesh being quoted by MR several times in this article! Just wanted to state again that yes “natural” means different things to diff people and for me, this is a purely selfish “natural” product obsession – I solely seek out products that do not have endocrine disruptors in particular as I have a hormonally based auto immune condition. I believe wholeheartedly that one of the many reasons for the uptick in auto immune disease, particularly in women, is the daily use of toxin laden cosmetics and the fact that the industry does not care about the depths of women’s bodies. To the readers I say, do your own research, decide what is right for you and your body and read your ingredient lists to be sure for yourself. Sometimes it may be worth a dodgy ingredient or two, totally depends on your life and needs and beliefs, and one woman’s “natural” is certainly not necessarily equivalent to another’s.

    Something important another commenter I think in the past thread taught me that has changed my life: Dr Bronner’s full strength is too strong for the lady bits! What was I thinking?! Gals, don’t do it! I switched to Kiss My Face Olive Oil soap and it’s awesome! Lady bits are much happier on the reg.

    Also, Lavilin deoderant is great and comes from hot ass Israel. I use the roll on version and put it on at night. Nothing clear or subtle about it but it really works probably the best of any I’ve tried with consistent application.

    This is one of the topics that has most consumed my life in the past few years and it’s fun to be able to share. Thanks for indulging me. 🙂

  • delaneyjuniper

    love this article!!!! natural beauty is it people !! some recommendations that have been tried and true for me: liveclean shampoo & conditioner – picked it up at the grocery store for $5 ea. works super well and leaves hair clean and silky, primal pit paste deodorant – comes in multiple scents and works very similarly to regular deodorant / is at a very reasonable price point, lastly try dr. bronners toothpaste and castile soap – 2 simple products that work fabulously.

  • Xinyi Annie Chen

    I really love fragrances from Pour le Monde! It’s natural so I can spray it whenever and however I want! Also Envision from PLM smells almost the same as Terre d’Hermès Eau de Toilette from Hermes! Definitely a budget-friendly choice <3

  • Mun

    So many brands to explore. How exciting!