3 Exceptionally Warm Winter Outfits That Don’t Suck

Here is a question I’ve been asking myself ever since the Bomb Cyclone hit New York and left behind an onslaught of low temperatures, wind and snow: Is it possible to feel exceptionally warm and look exceptionally great at the same time?!?

Perhaps you, too, have wondered the same while staring listlessly into your closet with the weather app open, contemplating the task of trying to beat winter at its own game (i.e. turning you into an icicle) while simultaneously accommodating your desire to put together an actual outfit — one that isn’t simply a utilitarian compilation of layers but in fact says something about who you are and how you like to get dressed.

Man oh man is it hard. Leandra just said as much, then broke down some common winter style myths.

But because the prospect of squashing creativity until the first thaw sounds so terribly dull, I decided to lace up my snow boot straps of the mental variety and prove to myself (AND THE WORLD) that “practical” winter dressing can indeed go mittened hand in mittened hand with a sartorial point of view, whatever that point of view may be. Keep scrolling to find three exceptionally warm and exceptionally great outfits I assembled as evidence:

1. For days when leggings are the only thing you can muster the will to wear

I honestly couldn’t be tickled pinker than I am at the prospect of pairing Outdoor Voices leggings with a Rosie Assoulin floor-length gingham coat, the latter of which is on sale for a whopping 70% off (though still admittedly pricey). More importantly, though, I think Camper might be the unsung cool utilitarian shoe hero of 2018. I had never considered them as such until I saw the perennially stylish Stella von Senger wearing them on Instagram and poof! I’ve been mulling them over ever since.

The purpose of this outfit is to facilitate your very human desire to wear home clothes outside the home when it’s 10 flipping degrees but still fire at all cylinders when it comes to piecing together the puzzle of an eye-catching ensemble, you know?

2. For days when you want to dress in head-to-toe sweats

Coziness has the potential to be a perfectly literal descriptor for what you are wearing, but it’s also a state of mind, and a sweatpants/sweatshirt combo happens to capture both of these sentiments in spades. I don’t know what it is about this material pattern that somehow signifies the utmost manifestation of slothful comfort, but I’m not mad about it. Neither is Lou & Grey, where you can purchase a full sweatsuit, my friends. A sweatsuit!!!!! Can you dream up anything more delightful? I cannot, frankly.

3. For days when you need to justify an impulse corduroy investment purchase

I’ve been eyeing these Sonia Rykiel corduroy flares for a few weeks now. They are definitely overpriced, and I definitely still want them. GAH. I guess that’s the beauty of Man Repeller’s In My Cart franchise: a vehicle for airing out the fantasy occupants of a shopping cart that may or may not ever reach the checkout line. I’m greasing the wheels a bit with this $49 sweater from Zara and $79 Adidas sneakers which I would wear to traverse all manner of snow drifts for the foreseeable future (accompanied by a lavender coat) and quickly pivot to grassy knolls come spring (no coat, just shorts).

How’d I do???

Collages by Emily Zirimis.

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  • JennyWren

    That coat is heavenly. But I’m just too practical I’m afraid- no way could I wear that thing in winter without getting the hem soaked and ruined in the slush and muck.

  • You done good Harling, you done good.

  • Cynthia Schoonover

    The lavender coat is beautiful, but then I am drawn to lavenders and purples.

  • Jordana

    Harling!!! Ça y est!!!!

  • eva

    i went to college in syracuse and my go-to frozen tundra survival gear was definitely leggings [and camp socks and boots] under full length skit.. it was 98-00 so FLEECE CARGO SKIRTS were a thing, and boy were they a godsend

  • smillipede

    the cordssss i want them too pls do a corduroy edit

    • Harling Ross

      hehehehehehehe (it’s coming)

  • elise castillo

    All three outfits have great components but i’m dying to see them layered together on a human body. Poor imagination i guess!

  • Jasmine Rodriguez

    Warm and comfy. Ugh can’t wait till warm weather. You did 👍🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • tmm16

    Want it all!

  • katherine

    Lou & Grey sweats are EVERYTHING. Have my joggers on weekly repeat…. honestly if I could make every outfit contain a sweatsuit, I would.

    • Sarah

      Same! I spend a LOT of time and energy keeping an eye on the sale section of Lou and Grey.

  • Emily M

    That. Zara. Sweater.
    Only issue is that I can already tell the proportions are gonna be off on me. Might just have to print out the picture of it on the model from their site and use it as my perennial mood board.

  • I live in Montreal where it feels like last week in New York all winter-long and can guarantee that those beautiful suede Gazelles are not going to stay white!

    • Kiks

      Hi, fellow Canadian! I just ordered those exact sneakers last week and then realized it will be months before I can safely wear them. 🙁

      • But there’s nothing cuter than breaking out a white sneaker on the first day that feels like spring!

    • kathyt

      From Colorado…and I second that. Plus your wet feet will freeze…sorry.

  • Kay Nguyen

    They all look so nice, I’m digging the last one the most! Thanks for sharing <3


  • Ben Pechey
    • Ben Pechey


      • elle

        I’M SOLD.

    • Rosemary

      you look so cute!!!

  • I need those warm Winter oufits! It’s freeeezing cold!

  • Hillary Baird

    I appreciate these outfits however I would like to see winter outfits that take the need for winter boots into consideration. I’m not wearing sneakers when the snow is up to my knees !!

  • Marie Rollin

    This last outfit is everything <3

  • Jay

    Personally really excited about the first one… leggings are awesome, and with a chunky sweater and some heels (and leg warmers) they even work better…

    Took my Lululemons out today, with a cropped Bright Red Asos Sweater and Pumps. And Leg Warmers.


    And warm.

  • stinevincent

    Thank you SO MUCH for focusing on dressing in cold weather! It’s so hard to find inspiration in the winter in part because no one dressing stylishly pays any attention to the thermostat. I like the looks themselves, but . . . ah . . . how in the heck do leggings keep your bottom half warm in 10 degrees? I’m wearing leggings under other pants at 20 degrees.