The 8 Types of Friends You Have in Your 20s

There’s a reason the term “twentysomethings” connotes the stereotype of a permanent state of flux.

Twenty-year-olds are essentially baby grown-ups (I’m 26, so I should know). No matter how Type-A or on top of things you happen to be, the narrative of your adulthood is still riddled with loose threads by virtue of the fact that there are so many chapters of your life that have yet to be written.

Of those threads, I’ve found those involving friendship to be some of the squiggliest. When you hit your 20s, the bubbles of school and childhood burst with appropriate fanfare, exposing your friendship antennae to new spaces and people and ways of forming connections. There are so many different kinds of friendship that cycle through this particular decade of soul-searching and self-building as a result.

In the name of anthropology, I categorized what appear to be the most common friend varieties* you might encounter in your 20s based on a combo platter of my personal experience, keen observational skills and simply asking around. Scroll down to see which ones you’ve collected (they’re a lot like Pokémon in that it’s way more fun if you catch ’em all).

1. The friend with whom you shared a brief, dizzying closeness in high school and now only text occasionally to say, “Miss you!”

Part of me thinks it’s a shame that the potential for friendship of the dizzying closeness variety is (primarily) relegated to the fleeting four years of pubescent intensity known as high school, because wasn’t it such a thrill to be consumed in that way? To lie on a twin bed in a room that smelled like a mix of B.O. and cookie dough and get drunk on secrets? To give bad crush advice and pop each others’ zits and cut photos of David Beckham out of magazines to tape onto the ceiling?

Like all obsessions held together by circumstance, though, this one is easily harpooned with a change of location or sports season or homeroom class. The occasional “miss you” texts exchanged in subsequent years are bittersweet scraps overshadowed by the memory of yearbook signings that spanned paragraphs and paragraphs.

2. The college roommate who’s still your roommate

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This maxim certainly applies to the prospect of finding a living companion after college. Why would you initiate the stressful endeavor of trying to unearth a brand-new responsible human who’s your same kind of messy and gives you the last third of her or his avocado and pays her or his half of the rent on time when you already know a person who does all of these things and she or he happens to be moving to the same city? You wouldn’t, obviously.

3. The work wife

My preferred term for this particular friend is “human-resources-approved hunny bunny,” but I supposed work wife will do. Either way, in addition to being your go-to source for AA batteries in a pinch, he or she is also the guardian angel steward for your middle-of-the-day laughs, vents, crises and victories — and vice versa. This is the person you get lunch with every day, Monday through Friday, who will generously experience sympathy pangs if you suddenly decide you hate salads and want a sandwich instead. You’ll grab drinks after work, too, if there’s stuff to discuss that requires the lubrication of margaritas. If not, Gchat is your other favorite third wheel.

4. The FUN friend who always gets you off the couch (or at least tries to)

Though I’ve never been a fun friend, I’ve certainly had them, and they’re terrible and wonderful at the same time. They’re terrible because they hound you to put on your silver sequin going-out top even though you’d rather be wearing cotton cashmere sweatpants and beg you to call an Uber even though you’d rather be calling it a night and urge you to take a shot of Fireball even though you’d rather be drinking a hot toddy. They’re wonderful because you’ll probably end up having the best nights of your life with them.

5. The friend you pick up hobbies with

This friend is highly utilitarian in the sense that if you ever need a support buddy for your first time attending the slightly questionable-sounding belly-button workout class that nevertheless received a favorable review in New York Magazine, he or she is SO. THERE. The hobby friend’s hobby loyalty extends beyond fitness, though, accompanying you with both in-person and texting support through your knitting phase, your music festival phase, your dive bar phase, your intense skincare phase, your Riverdale phase and even your “I think I might stop eating cheese” phase despite a longstanding and well-documented love affair with lasagna.

6. The “we’re only friends because you’re friends with my friend” friend

Heaven forbid you run into this friend on a 40-minute subway ride from Soho to Harlem with too many open seats, lest you find yourself in the position of having to make small talk about the one friend you happen to have in common for precisely five of those 40 minutes and the remaining time discussing the weather while simultaneously trying to remember where he or she works (despite the fact that last time you attended a group dinner with this friend and the mutual friend your conversation flowed like fine wine at a bachelorette).

7. The social media friend you’ve never actually met face-to-face

This friend likes all your photos and quippy Tweetisms and sometimes DMs you to ask where you got those shoes. You may or may not have spotted him or her in a Duane Reade one time, but you hid behind a tampon display because you were wearing dirty sweatpants and dirtier hair and everyone knows the dress code for meeting a social media friend face-to-face for the first time is the same as the one for meeting Queen Elizabeth.

8. The friend you always make plans with that never happen

Bless this friend for maintaining a very solid co-appreciation of the euphoria that emanates from plans made and subsequently canceled. You probably met him or her at a work event, or maybe attended the same elementary school and lost touch but ended up moving to the same neighborhood and swear oaths to grab coffee every time you run into each other at the Starbucks on the corner. Either way, you like each other, but you’re not super-close, so the plans you promise will happen inevitably get de-prioritized behind finishing a deadline or sleeping an extra hour or watching Father of the Bride with your college roommate who’s still your roommate.

Did I miss any? Tell me in the comments.

*If you’re my friend and you’re reading this, you fall into the secret ninth category of friendship: The Friend Who Reads Harling’s Stuff on Man Repeller Even Though You Could Be Reading More Objectively Thrilling Material Like Harry Potter or Amelia’s horoscopes. I like you the best. 

Illustrations by Ana Leovy

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  • dietcokehead

    Don’t think I don’t see that beautiful Mara Hoffman swimsuit I want but could never fit into in the header illustration!

  • CMT

    These illustrations are amazing <3

  • May I add a secret tenth category, akin to #7? “The friend you met on the internet and actually, against all odds, became real friends with in real life.” A truly delightful friendship outlier.

    btw this brings me to a topic brought up in the comments section of last month’s post (A Case for Trying (Really) Hard to Make Friends as an Adult) on facilitating friend connections for MR readers who live in the same city…would still love for y’all to make this happen at some point kthxbye!!

    • Caroline Christianson

      Many cities have had meet-ups! Where are you so I can help you connect?

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        i’m in SF and want in on this.

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          Moving to SF in a couple months and I know ZERO people so I am totally living for a MR SF meetup 🙂

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          Oh hey, SF! 👋🏼

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          I’m late to the party, but I’m in SF too and would love to know about any future meetups!

        • Sophie Jackman

          I am reading this waaay late, but this is my first time seeing other bay area ladies in the MR comment section. I think an SF meetup would be amazing. If connecting via insta is a thing, mine is @sophiejackman 🙂

          @disqus_hKX5iwK6Eb:disqus @disqus_rhcQvuR5KM:disqus @disqus_n86OtE6cg3:disqus @disqus_eQTKNuKsQA:disqus

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            Hey Sophia! I just saw this where are you in the city?

          • Eris

            Hey! Just saw this and requested to follow you on instagram. My insta/disqus names don’t match though, so this is a heads up that I’m the total stranger who sent you a request today.

      • I’m in Minneapolis! Prob a niche market as far as the MR meet-up spectrum goes, but worth a shot

        • Erica Mutch

          hiiiii minneapolis local here!

          • Hi!! So cool to find another Mpls reader in the comments. Would love to connect on Insta (@jackiesaffert) and get a group DM going w Abby (above) to organize a meet-up

        • Abby

          I’m in Mpls too!!

          • Awesome!! What a small world the MR comment section is. Would love to connect on Insta (@jackiesaffert) and get a group DM going w Erica (below) to organize a meet-up!

          • Greta Konkler

            I am in Saint Paul! I want in on this!

          • Hi Greta! Awesome, another Twin Cities local! If you wanna connect with me on insta (@jackiesaffert) I can include you on the group DM

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        Uhhh Baltimore? No? ok 🙁

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        LOVE THIS! Any Nashville, TN people here?

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        Omg this would be AMAZING. Is there a DC one? I just tried searching “Man Repeller” on meetup but found nothing : (

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          I’m in DC and would like to meetup!

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            what is your facebook messenger handle?

          • Alexia

            alexia.gardner.14 🙂

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          heyyy dc! if you find one, I want in!

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        Anyone out there near Bakersfield, CA (a shot in the dark!)??

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          I know it’s not super close, but we have an LA group. If you comment with your email, I can add you to our Facebook group. We haven’t had our first meet up yet.

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        love this!! anyone here from Houston?

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          Yes Houston! So glad there’s another MR reader here 🙂

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          Moving to Houston in a month! Religious MR reader!

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            Ahhh yay! Welcome to the best city (with the best food!)

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          I am!

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          Coming back to this comment thread because I’d love to get a MR meetup started if any of you religious readers are interested! @nichole_kirlin on insta 🙂

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        • I mean…no. But I would fly out of Edmonton for MR and the chance to see green grass!

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        I’m in SF and would love this!

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      I would looove this!!

    • belle

      Ugh yes. I moved across the country and it’s very lonely.

      • You are not alone! I’ve def been v lonely at times, too—making friends as an adult is tough.

        • belle

          It’s very tough! Thankfully I have older relatives who moved far away decades ago, and they keep reminding me that it can take years to really feel “home” in a new place.

          • Totally, I think that’s true for most people! Not that that makes the time it takes to feel at home any easier, but it’s a good reminder nonetheless.

    • jiggahava

      One for LA peeps too, please?

    • Miciah

      Anyone in Atlanta??

  • Amelia

    how about “the college friend you weren’t really friends with at all in college but once you graduated and became a functioning adult you realized you were kindred spirits” or something

    • Emily

      definitely a friend

    • Sheila T.

      most of my local friends are this type of friend!

    • Adrianna

      I could think of two couples who knew each other vaguely in high school, but coincidently went to the same state colleges and later married.

    • One of my best friends now is this type of friend. We lived together for a whole year without really clicking and now we’re practically the same person!

  • mollie blackwood

    Is the follow up article the “types of obligation friends you have in your 30s”?…

    Suggested categories include Christmas card friends, dinner club “friends,” neighbors, grocery store cashiers, and “our kids are in the same class” friends.

    The illustrations are on point and I did the retro thing of pinning them all on a pinterest board.

    • Harling Ross

      Wait yes

      • mollie blackwood

        I can’t wait but I guess I will 😉

        • Adey

          What i’ll need at 28 or 29 and this is published before 30 because I am fast losing people and it feels GOOD, no it feels GREAT (but humbling).

  • Ha, hit le nail on le head, HR. X

    • Harling Ross

      I love when you refer to me by my initials like a wise professor <3

  • Frazier Sandlin

    Can I buy any of these prints? I would make a gallery wall of these!!

    • Frazier Sandlin

      Especially the Mara Hoffman- esque one up top!

    • Joyce

      Same! In love with #2

  • Lyla

    This post makes me feel like I’m missing out despite loving my friends. 1. The work friend who you don’t actually like that much and would never hang out with on the weekend, but you sit next to each other and have bonded over your mutual love of Cava and talking shit about your boss. They are the first person you tell when you quit and you will continue to tag them in memes about hating your job for a year. 2. The friend who you have a deep and meaningful text relationship with and who you can bare your soul to, but when you actually spend 1 on 1 time together you have trouble keeping the conversation flowing. You both secretly acknowledge this and keep up the constant stream of texting anyway. 3. The long distance childhood friend who you used to be super close to and still have stuff in common with, but who you never see because you don’t really care enough to travel the distance to catch up, but you both watch the bachelor at the same time and keep up a running commentary. 4. The girl you interned with 6 years ago who crashes on your sofa when she is in town and is a blast to catch up with over brunch, but you barely knew each other then and you haven’t really gotten closer yet having been hazed together makes you tight as fuck and you can reach out to her when you need career advice from someone who JUST GETS IT. 5. The girl you went to middle school with and were never friends with, but who moves to your city and somehow through social media you schedule drinks with and bond and realize that you both were miserable alone when you should have been miserable together. You aren’t super close and she never meets your other friends, but she’s perfect for grabbing dinner on a weeknight or going to the farmers market. You care about her, but you don’t have a ton in common yet she represents a chunk of your past that keeps you honest and it’s nice to have her around. 6. The girl who is your friend when you’re roommates, but then you never speak to again. You tell many stories about her as the best roommate you ever had once you live alone. 7. Your disappearing friend who would be a BFF if she didn’t vanish every 3 months only to reappear and be just as amazing as she was right before the last time she disappeared. It takes at least 5 years of this before you finally stop replying to her out of the blue texts. Two years later she DMs you on Instagram to wish you Merry Christmas . . . whaaaa? 8. Lastly, your ride or die who demands that you come over when your power is out because he knows you’re afraid of the dark and drives you to the airport at 4pm because they have a car and why should you have to pay for a taxi when those hours in traffic are great time to spend rehashing the Bachelor, debating whether Pottermore sorted you into the right house, speculating about the viability of your friends marriages, and who will cry on your kitchen floor with you when you have to put your dog down. They show up at your door with champagne when you get a promotion. You both work equally hard in this friendship and you love love love them.

    • Harling Ross

      OH MY GOD THANKS FOR WRITING THE REST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Kattigans

        Also adding this: gay best friend who was also you’re work husband and now has just become you’re BFF all because you two were stuck together in palm springs on a work trip retreat and were both hungover enough to know that all you really need is ditch the retreat for a 6 hour starbucks run thus take each other out of the misery of sitting in a hot room for 10 hours. You bond and instantly know you’re soulmates.

      • Madeline C

        @youremyjam:disqus Thank you for #8 bc i will now hold that perfect description of my two ride or die friends in my heart forever!

    • Sheila T.

      the intern friend description is so real!!

  • Teresa

    The friend who is really your sister and you *finally* understand what your mom meant when she said you’d appreciate each other one day (probably in the midst of you two screaming over wearing each other’s clothes).

    Sorry for the sap.

  • Shivani Lakshmi

    wait srsly who’s the culprit behind these amaaaazing gaugin-esque illustrations ?! (without the weird polynesian fetish, namsayin). leovy…like jill leovy the former LA Time journalist ?! is she moonlighting in the MR art dept.? WE NEED ANSWERS PLS THANK U <3

    • Harling Ross

      She’s an artist based in Mexico! Her website is linked at the bottom of the story 🙂

      • Shivani Lakshmi

        fuego!!!! thanks, hon. obsessed with your writing – happy 2018 whoooooo!

    • Adey

      I agree wholeheartedly!

  • Allegra

    This is similar to the fun friend, but the party friend! You reach out to them when you want to go out, they oblige, and you have an amazing time together always. Despite seeing each other pretty regularly when you go out or at parties, you can never remember things like where they’re from, if they have siblings, etc., only that they prefer whisky over vodka and love that one random bar.

    • Lyla

      I went to my party friend’s wedding a few weeks ago and the next day I had brunch with another friend and she asked about the girl who got married and I had trouble remembering any details about her life. Something with filmmaking . . . her husband is a . . . something to do with a family business that makes . . . I dunno. They met . . . traveling but I don’t remember where. All I know is she always knows about secret shows and can get us into exclusive parties and once did an amazing liquid eyeliner on me when she was 8 drinks deep and decided I needed a pick me up.

  • Kattigans

    Most of my friends have sadly become the type who are flakes with plans. It really pisses me off and I even sat one of those friends down (we’ve been friends since college freshman yr) and said “you’re a flake and if you keep acting like this no one is gonna want to put up with your shit for long”. Luckily, I’ve known her long enough to be able to be that brutally honest but I’ve had other friends where I’ve just pretty much stopped making the effort because their flakiness was so bad and we weren’t that close.

    Seriously, as an adult flakiness is the #1 habit that needs to stop especially in friendships. If you can’t commit then don’t reach out to me and make plans. That’s the absolute worse. Flaky friend texts asking to make plans and then bails last min on said plans. Like girrrrl byeee!

    Also yes to making friends in MR community. I’m in SF and live in Pac Heights. Would be down to meet some ppl and replace my flaky friends with some cool ones.

    Oh also another friend type: party friends.

    • Adrianna

      This was a major problem in my early/mid twenties. I think a lot of people who live in NYC have FOMO so they say yes to everything, but then are too overwhelmed with their existential twenty-something angst, so they cancel.

      I’ve visited SF a couple of times. Love Mensho Tokyo ramen.

      • Kattigans

        “but then are too overwhelmed with their existential twenty-something angst, so they cancel.” —> I totally think this is what it is. Its like they can’t see beyond whatever bs they’re dealing with that day in their own heads so it affects how they interact (or don’t interact with others). Ironically, the friend i used in my example made plans with me to have dinner last night. Surprise, surprise she bailed. And she did it at the 12th hour. So over this.

    • CaseyLee

      As an Oregonian who relocated to SF four years ago, I totally agree with you! I think the flaky friends problem especially permeates San Francisco culture. I swear I never used to experience this level of tardiness with no “I’m sorry,” no response to invites because it’s easier to not respond instead of politely say “no,” and friends who regularly flake out an hour or two before plans. Even some of my dearest friends (who never used to pull this stuff) have succumbed to it, likely because it just seems like a normal way to interact now. I’m ashamed to say I’ve caught myself doing it a time or two when I lose patience with constant failed plans. Anyway, you’ve got a friend here who get’s the frustration!

      • Emily

        Having grown up in the Bay and lived there as an adult the last 4 years.. it’s an everywhere problem, but it’s definitely worse in SF/east bay. It does become the cultural norm to an extent that you expect it, adapt to it.. and eventually start doing it too. I think it’s also easy to do once you have an established group of friends. Having just moved across the country, I’m trying hard not to do it because I think in the early times of friendship it’s crucial to show up!!

        • Kattigans

          I grew up in the bay area too and have lived in SF for close to 4 years. Idk if its an SF thing either or just a young people thing. I had this issue with people in college but maybe I didn’t notice as much bc I had a core group of friends. Anyways, its effiing annoying

      • Kattigans

        Haha thank you! Its super annoying and even my bf’s like “you need new friends”…I think he’s right. Its just really hard to meet girl friends that stick. I’ve tried haha

    • snakehissken

      I think it’s just so easy with texting/social media. It’s not like anyone has to call and hear the audible disappointment in their friend’s voice when they cancel, you know? And it’s such a meme to blow people off in favor of Netflix and Seamless.

      There have been times where I’ve been HOURS late to parties due to extreme anxiety/depression, but I try really hard to remember how it felt the times I’ve been looking forward to how much fun it was going to be to spend time with a certain friend, and then have them flake.

      I do have to say that I have one extremely close friend who did this every single time we made plans for probably 6-8 months so at least 10 or 15 times… and then she got a new job and she hasn’t done it once in the two years since.

      • Kattigans

        You think the job switch helped? I have anti-social/social anxiety tendencies so tbh I spend a lot of time alone just because I like hanging out by myself. But yeah, when I make plans with someone and they bail it always saddens me a little because I usually really look forward to it. In recent years, I’ve gotten more comfortable Marie Kondo-ing people out of my life who don’t add joy or bring value, like the fake friends or the vodka friends. Just a month ago, I straight up told a kinda friend who was my former rando CL roommate that I didn’t feel like she really valued the friendship bc when she’d reach out and make plans with me she’d usually bail last min every time. I wasn’t saying “hey we’re not friends”, but I just hate the BS. And so I feel inclined now to be more honest with people. It also didn’t help that I was never too excited to get together bc we didn’t really have that much in common. I just told her “hey it seems like your priorities are elsewhere and that’s cool”. Better to be real about it rather than do the fake song and dance of “lets get together!” every 2 months and have to do an entire catch up on our lives during that time.

    • kellymcd

      My theory is that since SF is so damn expensive that when it comes down to spending money on activities with friends, people bail but are embarrassed to say it’s because of money. I’ve definitely cancelled plans once I’ve started adding up the costs of Lyfts+food+drink+whatever else and realized “uhhh I need that money for more important things”. If only public transit was more reliable, I could factor Lyft out of almost all social interactions 🙁

      • kellymcd

        Ps-I’ll be your non-flakey friend though! I’m polite about my obligations

        • Kattigans


      • Kattigans

        I totally get that and I’ve done it too (never last min tho). But whatever the real reason may be, its an epidemic and I’m tired of it. If you’re poor, say it. Hanging out doesn’t mean we have to spend money. But if a friend reaches out to make dinner plans and then bails 15 min before the plan, I’m calling BS on $$ being the issue. A lot of the people I referenced or who do this to me are repeat offenders. But I agree, people in SF (as I’m sure is true in a lot of metros) can be flakey.

  • Alexia

    Your “wife” aka best friend who you plan to grow old with after your husbands/life partners inevitably die off because men don’t live as long as women #pussypower.

    • Lyla

      I love that. My grandma just became roommates with her best from elementary school so they could look after each other because both of their husbands died last year. They trade off cooking dinner each night and it is so cute.

      • that’s awesome!

      • Alexia

        This is my bestie and I’s goal!!

  • Lindsay D

    A guy I am newly dating told me I seem to have good friendships. best compliment I ever received since after my last breakup I spent 6 months dumping the obligation and flake friends and replacing them with girls whose company I enjoy!! I call my BFF “since birth” our moms were friends.

  • Mellisa Scarlett

    How about the FRENEMY! I didn’t even know that existed until my 20’s! lol ahhh the sweet, gross lessons.

  • Adey

    #7 is definitely, me Adey to @disqus_fUTzgza37h:disqus and it’s true and it is THE BEST currently.

  • Adey

    YES! #7 is me to @disqus_fUTzgza37h:disqus and it IS amazing I can confirm.

    • Amelia

      HI have u mistaken me for the man repeller amelia? we just have the same name!!! 🙂

  • Lau

    I find that two of my very best friends are people from my hometown (one from high school and one… I just happened to know who she was from partying at the same places) that I didn’t actually *knew* back then. They were acquitances. Does this mean we make better friends when we are adults? Is it because we’ve formed (or at least are trying to) our real personalities?

    • Emily

      at least for me, my friends in high school weren’t so much dictated by my interests/personality but more by having been friends for a looooong time! my small town high school was cliquey and by the time we got to middle school let alone high school there was little social movement. now, people i wasn’t friends with then are seeking me out in nyc! weird times

  • Emily

    9. the best friend from college who lives in your city and you’re still super close but also some newer friendships are more exciting/consuming, for both of you. it’s still a comfortable and comforting type of friendship and closeness that no one else offers, though, and feels like home.
    10. the ex-best friend who ghosted on you (maybe during a breakup)
    11. the ex-best friend whom you accidentally ghosted (during a breakup)
    12. friends from college whom you drifted apart from during senior year in that period where you figure out your adult self and what your post-college life is going to look like, but you have those years of closeness/cohabiting space so you still text each other nice things but it’s also v v awkward
    13. friends who live far away so they stay close friends, but if they lived in your city you’d be full on best friends
    14. acquaintances that dm you on instagram to comment on all of your stories, but you’ve only hungout once a few years back maybe for like half an hour.
    15. the old, old friends who you’ll totally hangout with when you visit home, but never ever text in real life.
    16. new friends that you make in a new city/town and that understand the evolving, new yet also true versions of yourself that you’re growing into <3

    being in your twenties is so weird because there's so much personal growth and change, and not every friend or friendship can adapt to fit into whatever you're becoming. i've always hated when friendships end but i'm trying to become more zen about it and accept that this period of change means not everyone can come with me at least in the same capacity. however, it's balanced by noticing how the right people stay, and how my new friends fit in a way others did not.

    • ida

      10 and 11 really resonate with me. Thanks for posting.

  • laura r


    so good. a project i am working on about being a 20-something:

    thank goodness for those friends and for each and every experience fumbling through this decade.

  • Maurissa Dahms

    Love this Harling! My husband is in the Navy and we’re in our third location (Guam) and will most likely be moving at least every two to three years for the next decade. So I can add to this: 9. The friend you make who is amazing in every way and who you immediately clicked with but, too bad for you, is PCSing halfway across the planet in 3 months. (PCS = permanent change of station) Actually now I’m the one moving (to DC!!!) in three months, and the temptation is to stop making new friends about six months before moving but of course I met an amazing new group of friends recently… Luckily our community is a small one and the chances of being stationed with old friends is pretty high!

  • Samantha Curran

    The highschool best friend, who calls you even when you don’t remember to call you back and has a baby super early to help subside your baby fever for a few years.

  • Rosie

    #9 The friend you met at your awful first job out of college, where you bonded over the shared horror. This friendship may not last forever because we all go in different directions, but it’s important none-the-less.

  • Ahaha I totally feel the mutual friend of a friend one. Has deffo made for some uncomfortable bus/subway rides!

    xx Julia

  • Jay

    OMG… I like so might be the No 8 friend myself?! When was it that life just got too busy?

    (Or I might be the friend who always wants to start a book club with her girls but then ends up reading all the books by herself, absolutely exhausted on her couch, and telling her friends that maybe next week…)

  • All of these are soooo trueeee!

    She Walks Blog

  • Allie

    “Close college friend you still see regularly post-college who you’re not sure if you actually like anymore but why rock the boat”

    • Omg I have too many of these hope they never see this comment

  • Sam Stanley

    The long distance bff that u have hours long phone convos w, tag in every meme on insta and swear ur saving to go visit…right after u buy these pair of shoes

  • My fun friend is also my ride or die friend and happens to be my ex highschool boyfriend who it turns out is gay. It’s a beautiful thing and the best outcome from a breakup ever. PS not pretending I’m in GIRLS this really happened.
    La Madeleine | A fashion and beauty journal

  • Flo W

    What about the high school friend that you’ve spend so many hours with and know to a fault but wouldn’t become friends with now ever never nope?

  • Lina

    haha loved it! Nailed all of them. Also love the illustrations!