If you need a brain break because it is Friday and for whatever reason, time is moving by like it has adopted the mobility of a snail, I invite you to consider the following hypothesis: if last summer was all about the kosher crustacean (kosher because, you know, we weren’t eating them, we were just wearing them), the one ahead of us will belong to the seashell.

Maybe by summer 2019 we will observe, think and talk about animal shells, like those of tortoises and turtles. Who knows. The world is crazy! But for now, the manifold designers took a page from Prada’s book of style, (see: Fall ’17, Spring ’96) and off they went.

Of course, the usual suspects continue to manufacture their best wears independent of what’s trending: Aurelie Bidermann (slide 1) is nary a stranger nor visitor when it comes to the neon puka shell. Rosie Assoulin (slides 2, 8, 10), has been drawing faces in the sand and calling them “Shell McFIERCEon” like the weirdo that she is with augers and tritons and clam shells since well before last summer.

Your turn…

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(Restaurant tables are not safe either.)

But why the hooternanny must you wait until summer 2018 to begin indulging in the offerings of Rebecca de Ravenel and the aforementioned Rosie or Sanayi 313, etc?

You know as well as I do that the only way to accelerate the time it takes between winter and summer is by pretending that winter is already over. So, yeah, wear your earmuffs — wear them proud — but make sure that when you take them off, you have a couple of conchs (my favorite are from Albus Lumen, slide 7) to clip into your lobes. (We also DIYed a pair using Amazon gold hoops and some shell charms we found.)

Thank your sweater for keeping you warm, but freckle it with Venus shells, like the gilded ones by Tohum Design (slide 7). And lest I forget the semele bobby pins (from Etsy and just $4)! If that’s not an excuse to take a risk and get bangs, I don’t know what will be.

But back to the brain break portion of this post. Please enjoy the eye feast of a slideshow above, artfully crafted by our visuals team for your consumption’s pleasure. Only 134 more days until #LoveSummerHateEverythingElse…

Photos by Edith Young. Creative direction by Emily Zirimis. Prada insert by Vogue Runway. 

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  • Marion

    These photos are so satisfying.

    • Emily Zirimis


  • Hilary

    I’m sad there aren’t more comments here because this photoshoot is gorgeous and perfect!

    • mandy

      It is! And there’s something about sea glass that makes me nostalgic for beach combing along the Maine coast, even though I never did such a thing.

      • Emily Zirimis

        Highly recommend beach combing as a form of therapy! 🙂

    • Emily Zirimis


  • Julia

    i’m so in on shells.

  • Oh yes!!! I’ve been calling this trend the sea witch look haha. Super into oyster shells personally, and antique coral!

  • Greer Clarke

    :O the Rosie shirts are beyond beautiful

  • Maddy

    Beautiful styling! Anything that evokes the ocean is always ‘in’ in my books! If you can’t be bothered with the Tohum ordering process – there’s a similar necklace here from a local Australian brand that I’ve been eyeing off: https://hansenandgretel.com/shop/womens/the-aloha-gold-choker/

  • Rosemary

    I’m in love with all these photos, especially the styling with the sea glass! Could sea glass itself work its way into the trend?? Mega here for it.

    • Ann P

      I second this. Three’s something so tactile about sea glass. I find it really, I don’t know… soothing? Weird yet true.

  • Ann P

    So it’s summer where I am (101 degrees today… I’m kind of wishing for a snow storm) and I haven’t yet noticed seashells everywhere. Which I now find devastating so I’m starting a one woman crusade to incorporate them into everything, including immediately ordering the Amazon charms to to DIY the heck out of my hoops.

  • Allison

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ef9d2dac7702b32c3431e4a250faae12b69d82f2c890dfa6680ca1347934bb26.jpg love this shoot, realized MR would probably love my usual arm party, a simple black shell bracelet made by an old Rasta pal to fund his surf lifestyle, and the other my leaving gift from my last job, a custom silver bracelet featuring the words party bitch with a spiny lobster (like a cray fish) in the middle, ie perfect heirloom jewelry

  • kforkarli

    I actually noticed this on kids clothing recently. I generally hate shells as they remind me of 90s feature walls and bowls of shells in bathrooms. The scallop shell imagery makes me happy though as it is the pilgrim icon and reminds me of walking the Camino de Santiago with my dad.

    • Kiks

      Same, I clicked on this expecting to hate it but with the first photo my brain was like “Ooooooooooh.” <3

  • The color coordinated sea glass photo is so satisfying to look at!

  • Clara

    I’m so into this. Summer spirit + dreaming of the sea. I think I need some seashell jewlery right now. #lovesummerhateeverythingelse

  • chouette


    bought one of these last year and get SO many compliments

    • Kiks

      Super beautiful pieces (and prices!), thank you for sharing!

  • Kiku

    Beautiful photo shoot! I’ve become a fan of Tohum Design via MR. However, I’m having a hard time figuring out how to purchase their items. Can you guys recommend how to purchase Tohum pieces? A website or a retailer? Thank you!

  • Babs

    Welp, I love everything. Trying to scrape up a reason I deserve that Aurelie Bidermann necklace in YELLOW. I do feel like there should be a trigger warning for those driftwood fingers tho…