I used to think I looked ill without makeup, an admitted delusion I blamed on a beauty-industrial complex intent on selling me a “better” version of my natural face. But around last June, I stopped wearing makeup. And, aside from helping clear up what I thought was unshakeable acne, it made me realize my bare face doesn’t look tired or sick so much as…makeup-less. It just took some getting used to, that’s all.

None of this is to say I don’t enjoy watching people put makeup on for literal hours on YouTube (I thoroughly do) — I just equally enjoy seeing more bare faces around these days. And I get especially excited by trends like face-doodling and glitter eyeliner and matching lipstick to acne that hint we’re ushering in a beauty era for which the impetus is fun instead of “flaws.” Dark circles, spots, redness, puffiness, short eyelashes, neutral-colored lips…these things don’t make anyone look ill (most men have them in spades); they just make us look different.

In the spirit of an increasingly popular makeup approach that’s less “full face” and more “a dab will do ya,” I asked a few MR team members to tell me the one thing they wear when they sport an otherwise bare face. See what they told me below and then give me your answer too. (Bonus points for pics!)

Haley (I’ll go first)

What’s your product and how long does it take you to apply it?

Glossier Cloud Paint in “Haze,” and it takes under a minute to apply. Thanks for asking, self.

Why is it your go-to when you’re wearing nothing else?

Once I started defaulting to no makeup, a little color on my cheeks was the first thing I missed. I wasn’t looking for something dramatic, just the pinch of pink I get after exercising or something. Most of the time, I’m a sheet top-to-bottom; I’ve never been a natural flusher. (Harling hates that she blushes. Grass is greener, I suppose.) Then I got a sample of Cloud Paint at an event and loved it so much that it quickly became the only thing I wore on days that I wanted to look a little extra alive.

What makes this particular brand/product well-suited for this scenario?

It’s a liquid, which I’ve always preferred over powder for anything makeup-related, so it blends in with my moisturizer really easily. I like using blush alone because it makes me look like I just blew in from the cold, know what I mean? It doesn’t make me look like I’m wearing makeup (like say, eyeliner or mascara would), which is what I’m after since I’m usually not wearing any.

Any application tips?

I dole it out in tiny-ass drops and pat it on with my fingers until it looks like a natural flush. It’s really easy to go overboard, though, so be careful. One drop can be enough. The super-small bottle lasts forever. (I love that.)


What’s your product and how long does it take you to apply it?

Brow pencil. Specifically: Charlotte Tilbury’s Brow Lift Three-Way Shape, Lift & Shade Eyebrow Pencil in “Naomi.” It takes me about three minutes to apply.

Why is it your go-to when you’re wearing nothing else?

I’m assuming it’s because brows frame your eyes and those are the windows to your soul and whatnot. But filled and shaped brows instantly make me look I’m like “ready,” for some reason — regardless of what the rest of my face/hair/outfit/life is doing.

What makes this particular brand/product well-suited for this scenario?

The angular shape of the pencil end makes it easy to shape, extend and fill brows at the same time. I used to use the super-thin brow pencils, and while those are precise, it takes a lot more time and blending to create the final shape. I also love the size of the spoolie on this product in particular, and if you open the pencil in half, there’s a highlighter sponge for brightening under your brow if you’re fancy like that.

Any application tips?

Start and finish with the spoolie! Use it before you start filling to get your hairs going in the right direction(s), then follow up again after you do your drawing to help blend the product and get rid of any harsh lines.


What’s your product and how long does it take you to apply it?

L’Oreal Paris Double Extend Beauty Tubes. I have never timed myself putting on mascara, but now I want to! Under a minute?

Why is it your go-to when you’re wearing nothing else?

When I was deep into my eyelash extension addiction, I went to a wedding in Miami without getting an eyelash touch-up. I felt I had wonky cow eyelids without them — you know, a few super-long ones, sparse short ones — which looks sooo lovely on cows but not so much on me. Anyway, in a scene that looked like something out of a mascara or tampon commercial, my friend Roxana was like, “Forget the eyelash extensions. You need to try this mascara. It’s life-changing and will make you look like you’re wearing a set of falsies. Plus, because of the ‘tubes’ technology, you don’t need makeup remover to take the mascara off. You just use warm water and very gently pull off the mascara with your fingers.” Honestly, sometimes I think I like the removal part more than anything. It’s like raking a little zen garden on my face. As for the mascara itself, I always feel much better with big fat eyelashes!!!

(I dye my lashes too so that they have some tint when I’m not wearing mascara — and I curl them every day whether I wear mascara or not.)

What makes this particular brand/product well-suited for this scenario?

It makes my lashes long and comes off easily in a way that feels much kinder to my lashes themselves and the area around my eyes. I practically had to use paint thinner and a Brillo pad to get my old mascara off.

Any application tips?

Do not do in a moving vehicle — and apply fast. It dries quicker than the average mascara, so you have less time to get it right.


What’s your product and how long does it take you to apply it?

Some version of a tinted lip moisturizer. It takes about three seconds to apply (four, depending on how many times I feel like swiping across my bottom lip). My favorites are Dior’s Lip Glow color reviver balm, Ilia’s lip pen in the color “Dress You Up,” and while this one isn’t a moisturizer, the color is good on an olive-y skin tone: Glossier’s Generation G in “Like.”

Why is it your go-to when you’re wearing nothing else?

For the longest time, winters made my face feel somehow incomplete. I’d look in the mirror and feel like something was missing without being able to pinpoint what it was. I’d put on lipstick but felt like it made me look either too done-up or like I was 10 years older (I also only believed there was one color lipstick among the rainbow of applicators and that its color was red). Then, because I am a very late bloomer, three years ago in Paris, Emily Weiss gave me a sample of a new product she was launching for Glossier. It was a skinny lip pen in a color called “Like.” I put it on and still looked exactly like myself, just slightly more alive. The color — a sort of dusty plum or something — enhanced the natural color in my lips without exaggerating it, and THAT’S WHEN IT OCCURRED TO ME! My face wasn’t incomplete! Facial parts still intact, my dumb lips were just dry and pale!

What makes this particular brand/product well-suited for this scenario?

For Glossier’s “Like,” the actual color just complements the color of my winter skin, which is to say slightly green, slightly dead. The Dior Lip Glow and Ilia colors are great too, but since they’re moisturizing, I like that I don’t have to walk around with cracked-ass lips all day.

Any application tips?

Yes! Blindfold yourself and hope not to miss the slivers of tender skin that separate your chin from your philtrum.


What’s your product and how long does it take you to apply it?

Joey Healy Brow Lacquer in “Oak” — it takes me about 30 seconds to apply.

Why is it your go-to when you’re wearing nothing else?

I was first introduced to this brow gel when I met with brow specialist Joey Healy for a story about fixing my eyebrow patchiness. It’s so easy to use and makes my brows look 10,000x less sparse, so it’s the least I can do when I’m too lazy to spend more than a minute on my face. Of all my makeup products, this one gives me the most bang for my time’s buck.

What makes this particular brand/product well-suited for this scenario?

The pigment is pretty opaque, so I feel like it does a very effective job of making my eyebrows look fuller without much effort.

Any application tips?

I use it very lightly, just to fill in the sparseness at the edges of my brows. Because the pigment is so opaque, you can’t be too heavy-handed or your eyebrows will look like cartoon caterpillars.


What’s your product and how long does it take you to apply it?

W3LL PEOPLE Bio Brightener Stick, and it takes me about a minute to put on.

Why is it your go-to when you’re wearing nothing else?

I like that it brightens my face. I put it on my cheekbones, eyelids (under my eyebrow and on the inner lower lid), and bridge of my nose. It’s one product, but I put it EVERYWHERE. Even if I wake up late for work all groggy, I like to imagine it makes me look awake and glowy.

What makes this particular brand/product well-suited for this scenario?

Since it’s a stick, it’s easy to draw on your face like a crayon — it’s fun! And I feel like it quickly enhances my entire face, not just my eyes, lips or cheeks specifically. Also, it’s natural, which has been a requirement for me since I switched to an all-natural beauty regimen (which you can read about here!).

Any application tips?

Apply, use setting powder, apply again for MAXIMUM GLOW.

Photos by Edith Young. 

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  • Nia

    Like Erica and Harling, I’ll usually do my eyebrows even if I have no other makeup on. I feel like my whole face looks better when my eyebrows are filled in a little bit.

    • Charlie

      Agreed! I can go without any other product (I don’t use that much anyway) but when my Glossier Boy Brow runs out of product I run out of ways to look well slept and ready for the day!

      • kay

        third-ing the solo boy brow

        • Abbie

          FINE. I finally bought it. I lost my Anastasia spoolie somewhere and I’ve been putting brow powder on with a not stiff enough MAC brush and it has really been messing up every day by like 1.5%. Time for boy brow!

    • Agreed. I use Boy Brow daily.

  • Love this…. beautiful ladies!

    Also … Leandra your necklaces !!!!

    • Leandra Medine

      Lizzie Fortunato my friend!

  • Bea

    Haley – I want us to be BFFs. Move to London pls.
    Harling – your skin looks uh-mazing, what did you do?

    I’m waiting for Glossier to release their exfoliating product. When they do I’ll defo try the lipstick!

    • Haley Nahman

      Will let you know when I move to london, am available as a new york best friend until then

    • Harling Ross

      skincare PSA comin atcha on THURSDAY because fate !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fabiana Copelli

    one of my absolute least favourite things is when I psych myself up enough to go makeup free and someone says: “are you feeling okay? you look a little sickly” or something along those lines

    • This reminds me of Haley’s piece about “weather appropriate” dressing.

      • Fabiana Copelli

        Yes exactly!! It feels so backhanded… I get that, as for weather-shaming, it might stem from a place of concern, but it’s just never ok. Who even has a natural glow or natural rosiness? Especially in the winter months when getting sun and fresh air is a rarity.

        • Laura Jammal

          Unless you’re like Harling, or moi, when natural rosiness just means your face gets red af at the slightest bit of exertion 💁🏼

          • That’s me, as well!

    • coffeebee

      it happened to me this week at the grocery store. the cashier (a woman) looked at me and asked, “are you still tired today?” i was actually feeling great about my looks so it was annoying, but i still felt great even after she asked.

      • Isn’t it like universally known that saying “You look tired” is insulting?

        Let’s be honest – it’s not that you look tired, it just that you’re making them uncomfortable because you’re bucking ~*~societal norms~*~

        • coffeebee

          It does feel backhanded. I enjoyed my response to her – “Nope, I’m feeling good!”

    • pamb

      My ‘favorite’ was when I was going on my first road trip with my then boyfriend, now husband. He always told me ‘you don’t need makeup!’ so why should I put it on to sit in a car for 8 hours? When he picked me up, he asked if I had gotten a good night’s sleep… I looked tired. I said ‘that’s because I don’t have makeup on!’ lol.

      • Fabiana Copelli

        ahaha classic

  • Adrianna

    I never, ever wear make up. It’s an easy way to avoid ever getting the question “Are you feeling ok? Are you sick?” Personally, I prefer to spend my morning eating.

    My intention is to wear La Roche-Posay sunscreen, though you could imagine how hard it is to introduce that into your morning routine when you don’t have a morning routine. I always feel “fresh” when I tear off a layer of skin with St Ive’s Apricot scrub.

    I’ve also been happy with Beekman 1802 Pure Goat Milk Body Lotion

    • Rosemary

      I’ve never identified with anything more than the first few sentences of your post. Food and sleep over makeup always!

  • I admit, I can’t go totally makeup free! But honestly I don’t use that much makeup (since I stopped using foundation my skin turn out to be so much better). Nowadays, I leave my house almost everyday with concealer and mascara. Sometimes I put eyebrow pencil and eyeliner, still concealer and mascara are my essencials! But almost everytime I hang around like that people ask me if I’m sick or something, because I’m very pale! That’s my life….

  • Jessica

    I’ve been doing the no-makeup on a daily basis thing pretty much my whole life, and can I just say I’m super excited to that this is becoming a thing lol. I tried wearing a bit of grown woman makeup to work a few times and is it weird that having makeup on for that long gave me like…face claustrophobia or something? All i know was i couldn’t wait to get home and get that sh*t off.

    Anywho, my go to when I wanna feel like im doing something is Glossier’s boy brow. Maybe cloud paint in haze and a lil haloscope if im feeling it that day.

    • Madeline C

      Face claustrophobia is a real condition. lol, I stopped wearing makeup everyday like two years ago and now if I put it on its like I feel my skin just stops breathing (v dramatic but still).

      • Jessica

        not dramatic at all that’s exactly how i felt!…like i was having a mini panic attack haha. glad to know that’s a real condition! I’m always so amazed by the women i see on youtube that can layer it on with primers and foundation and blushes and highlighters…it looks beautiful but god it gives me anxiety just thinking about having that on for a full day

        • Rosemary

          yes I feel exactly the same way!

    • LMB

      Word, if I wear “real” foundation I feel like I’m wearing a tight-ass face mask all day. I do a cc cream at MOST (the It cosmetics cc cream is amazing btw). Honestly if I can’t do my makeup in under 5 min. for an everyday look I’m not interested.

      • Kelsey

        Same. The it CC cream is my SPF so I do wear that everyday and then I’m having a *moment* with my Becca light chaser highlighter so that’s probably my one product for now.

        • Christine Dyson

          I experienced this when I used Ester Lauder Doublewear light foundation. I felt like I was suffocating, at the time I thought I must be allergic to one of the ingredients. Fortunately its never happened since with any other foundation.

  • Allegra

    Ooh love this article! I only wear a full face of makeup on the weekends (never eye makeup to work because I’ll inevitably rub my eyes when I’m tired and get it all over my face!) so this is perfect.

    My one product would be my Smashbox bb cream w spf that I just put on with my hands and it takes about 10 seconds. Makes me look a little less tired and smooths out red spots. And then I’ll sometimes see myself in the mirror and pinch my cheeks to make them flush – janky but it works!

    (Also – shoutout to Erica’s locs, they look so cool)

    • Rosemary

      My grandma taught me the pinch flush trick, it feels so old-school I love it! Second on the shoutout to Erica’s awesome locs too.

    • Michelle

      Yesss the locs! Erica is my MR girl crush

  • Jennifer

    I LOL’d because the first thing I thought was that everyone did look like they were on the mend from a head cold. BUT it’s my darn eyes! They need to be un-trained to believe that women need to have rosy cheeks, pouty lips and long, thick lashes, as if all that is natural! Well it is for some people (ex. Zayn Malik, Taylor Hill, etc.) but the rest of us not so much, and that’s ok! I look like a baby rat without make up and I need to do some work to reverse how I feel about myself being dependent on how much mascara and blush I have on. The sad thing is I don’t know what make up step I’d subtract from my routine…maybe face powder?? I’m getting anxious just thinking about going without mascara or Boy Brow! Ahhh!

  • Madeline C

    I don’t wear makeup everyday but if i do put one thing on, my go to is a little matte bronzer (Hoola from Benefit) on the eyelids. I don’t know anyone who does this but I have a very pale complexion and in the winter it just makes me feel less sickly by warming my face a little. I just put of this on my eyelids with a regular eyeshadow brush. bada bing, ready to face the day.

    • Emily Stark

      I have always used pressed powder bronzer on my eyelids. It goes a long way!

  • coffeebee

    i love, Love, LOVE seeing more women with bare or “natural” faces. freckled, acne-ed, oily, dry, whatever you have going on skin. it feels modern and confident. on no makeup days, i will use concealer on any particularly egregious chin spots and then use a tinted balm or lipgloss. for some reason, i love the look of a totally bare face paired with a bright, shiny lipgloss.

    • Rosemary

      I love using glossier balm dotcom as a dual lipgloss and eyegloss! eyegloss on a bare face also feels so pretty and fresh

  • Natalie

    I love either Smashbox or Lancôme primer to reduce shine. I always apply these with my fingers. I have long lashes and to enhance them, sometimes I just use Covergirl natural lash clear mascara. Pop culture has us thinking that the “fresh-look” is the make-up look. Find a good regimen for skin care, own it and rock that natural look ladies. We are all beautiful!

    • LMB

      Yes! I decided 2018 is my year to focus on skin care instead of makeup! But you’ll have to pry my lipstick collection out of my cold dead hands.

      • #goodskin2018 is my motto too!

  • Tinted lip gloss was one of my life discoveries, too, I even sometimes apply it at home. But mostly it’s my beloved Lavera gloss, transparent, so as not to disturb the spot I am sporting under the zinc cream…


  • I usually just do tinted moisturizer, although because it has SPF, I suppose that’s more of a skincare essential and less makeup. For purely cosmetic purposes, I like applying blush because – as cheesy as this sounds – I have to smile to apply it well and if I’m having a crappy morning, it helps.

    I also wear mascara, but only if the stoplights are well-timed on my way to work. 😬

    • Rosemary

      This is so cute!!! I’ll remember this when I put my blush on ☺️

  • Christine

    I was a bridesmaid in June and poorly applied false eyelashes (not by me) resulted in a solid chunk of eyelashes being ripped out at the end of the night (by me). After considering whether I really did in fact value my baby blues more than a prescription for Latisse, I opted to go the other direction and just stop fucking with my eyelashes all together. It started with no mascara and then dwindled to very little makeup at all. In the end, Glossier Boy Brow in Black is always the last man standing. If I need a little extra, its Boy Brow + Gen G in Zip or Crush.

  • Catherine Schepp

    Amelia, I am so obsessed with that mascara I almost started a blog yesterday just to write an ode to it. Thank you for doing it justice! It’s also my go to when I’m wearing no other makeup (about 60% of my life).

    • I just ordered it because curiosity 🙂

  • BB cream all day everyday no matter what because I have weird uneven skin and it has serious SPF.

  • Mascara every day! I like to think I have pretty decent lashes, but boy do they just literally stick STRAIGHT OUT, even if curled naked. L’oreal Lash Paradise anyone? It is THE BEST

    • Olivia Lauren Hawk Moore

      same! so long, but so straight they could stab you. mascara is my one must.

      • Rosemary

        I weirdly love the look of straight lashes? They’re so distinctive and always draw me to the person’s eyes!

  • b.e.g.

    I, too, just do my eyebrows. Even when I play tennis, golf, w/s, whatever. Brows are a must. I stopped wearing daily makeup when I was 35 or so. I still wear eyeshadow and macara and lipstick for dinners out, parties, etc. I used to envy my friends brave enough to go barefaced. Then one day one of them showed me that we all have the one thing we should enhance. Never does everyone need to enhance eyes, brows, lips, and cheeks. But by figuring out the one for you…. mine were the brows. Main reason was because when I was a teenager we plucked the heck out of them, not realizing what our mothers knew (but who listens to motherly advice when they are 15??), that our brows may be damaged and reshaped forever. Plus I have a scar in one brow from playing with slings. I have always used a taupe colour eyeshadow applied lightly along the original shape of my brows. It apply it when my moisturizer is still moist so it sticks.

    But I am going to try all those ones recommended here. I love you ladies for sharing your makeup finds.

  • Hannah Betts

    I love that no one said under-eye concealer because mine is UNDER-EYE CONCEALER (Bobbi Brown). I’m 46, but this would have been the same at 17, on account of being a pale, vampiric brunette with pitted black rings. That said, I don’t count eyebrow make-up (Armani) as make-up, rather a fixture.

    • Abbie

      Same because I have a baby and never sleep. I like the Becca duo,

  • Leslie Hitchcock

    Lipstick, either Bobbi Brown ‘Blue Raspberry’ or Glossier Generation G ‘Crush’ over a layer of Stowaway lip and cheek color. +Leandra, the only thing I don’t like about Glossier Generation G is it seems to settle in my lip creases if there’s not a base. Is it because I has the olds? <3

  • LMB

    Rihanna once said that if you don’t wear any other makeup, wear lipstick, because it tricks people into thinking your whole face is done. I do whatever Rihanna tells me, so I always wear lipstick if I have nothing else on. Usually something from Glossier or Fenty (because, again, Rihanna).
    However………………………if I have lipstick on but no brow gel, I feel lost, so ???

    • Olivia Lauren Hawk Moore

      this is so interesting, I NEVER wear lipstick unless my whole face is done. a shiny chapstick maybe, but never lipstick

      • LMB

        I usually wear a cc cream and brow gel + lipstick, but if I’m in a mega hurry or just lazy, I throw on an aggressive lip color and I feel complete. (Actually what Rihanna said was that lipstick tricks boys into thinking you have a full face on because boys are stupid lol)

    • Cristina

      I’ve really been into the no makeup but yes lipstick phase lately. It makes me feel like a natural beauty even though I have zero makeup on. Now if I could just get used to some shade other than a peachy nude, a brown nude, or a pink nude lol!

      • LMB

        I recommend the Glossier lip colors because they’re pretty sheer and buildable! The Sugar Fresh tinted lip balms are also a good option. And I love the Clinique black honey almost lipstick- sheer and universally flattering. And when you’re ready to go hard… Fenty beauty Stunna lip paint or her new matte lipsticks!! Such great pigments and so easy to apply. Be brave!

        • Cristina

          I actually wasn’t a huge fan of the brown Glossier, but I keep telling myself to try Like. I should, they have a great return policy. Black Honey is on my list to try actually, as well as a Dior Glow. Andddd I can’t believe I’m about to say this but I bought 2 Fenty lipstick (the Spanked and Freckle Fiesta were TO DIE FOR) but I returned them. I know. My lips had quite literally never been drier and were flaking off my face like a damn croissant! It was terrible! It took me days to recover lol!

          • LMB

            Oh NO!! So far I only have the Fenty mattemoiselle in Griselda and I didn’t have any issues but I’ll be on the lookout! The lip paint is great though if you want a very aggro red which I often do lol. The black honey is a great everyday lipstick for me bc of how sheer it is.

          • Emily Stark

            OK so I do love Dior glow but before you buy that try Burt’s bees tinted lip balms! I find them comparable, and like a third of the price, with the only difference being that the Dior glow has some mild shimmer.

  • Claire Conley

    This couldn’t come at a better time considering I just left to study abroad in France and left all of my makeup at home 🙂 The only thing I have purchased is mascara because I feel it makes me look more human (my lashes are very short). If Glossier shipped to France I would go with the Cloud Paint in Dusk as my one product.

  • Julia

    Oooo love this. I’m super proud of the fact that I have minimized by weekday makeup to just Boy Brow (brown) and Cloud Paint (haze). It took a while for the “are you sick?” questions by coworkers to end, but now that they realize it’s just my normal face, all is well! And my morning routine is that much shorter.

    I also recommend the NARS Matte multisticks. They sort of dry down to a powder, so they have great staying power, even for those on the oily side. This article will forever inspire me: https://intothegloss.com/2014/03/the-new-nars-matte-multiple/

  • Lindsey

    I think mine would have to be blush. I have very sallow skin that’s all one shade the whole way down, and I just feel like blush brings to me a level where I at least look living. I use the Tarte cheek stain in flush (I’m in agreement with Haley that cream blushes are by far the best), and I have no desire to change that product. The color, the texture, it even smells good!

    A close second product is the Boy Brow. Never have I ever used a better brow product. Fills in my sparse areas, holds them in place, all the while looking 100% like my own brows.

  • Cristina

    I’m currently embracing the natural makup/makeup free look. Down south/midwest I’m definitely the off woman out haha!
    Gosh I don’t know if I could pick one so it has to be 2. Concealer and blush. My faves are Glossier Stretch Concealer (use with a brush and dab it all over like tinted moisturizer. This is the first product I have used completely up! And tie between Cloud Paint in Dusk and Bite Beauty Multistick in Almond. Depends if I’m feeling peachy, or flushed!

  • Rosemary

    I don’t wear makeup at all on a regular basis (longtime lover of the philosophy that your face is not incomplete/there’s no need to hide/”fix” things that yes, most men have in spades), but Cloud Paint has become my “plus one” product, as opposed to “just one” I guess! My face features are really strong/large and I basically have no bone structure, so most makeup feels too dramatic or fake on me, and I also just don’t like having product on my face (I rub my eyes allll the time). Cloud Paint feels like nothing and looks like the tiniest but most perfect pop of color! Beam is my favorite, it’s so happy.

  • Beth

    My super lazy, “no-makeup” look just consists of me quickly swiping on what’s left on my makeup brushes from the day before. Usually some leftover eyebrow powder, eyeshadow, foundation powder, and blush brushed on in about 30 seconds does the trick.

  • Julia Park

    quick q for leandra – how do you keep the glossier lip accoutrements on your lips for more than an hour or so?? i have the gen g in like and it’s always gone from my lips so fast. or am i just a lip stain rookie and one must always re-apply? (have a feeling this may be true, but holding out for some unknown lip-wisdom.)

  • Rachel B.

    The Loreal Beauty Tubes mascara is my favorite product ever and I live in fear that it will be discontinued because I feel like no one I know uses it. I also sound like a crazy evangelizer when I tell people about it, but honestly, it makes your eyelashes look unbelievable, it doesn’t smudge, it’s cry-proof, and it’s incredibly easy/verging on fun to remove. Long live the beauty tubes!!

  • Jessica

    Feeling like an outcast down here because even if I’m doing a full face of make up, I don’t do anything to my eyebrows.

  • Sugar Bones

    Work day cat-eye! I love The Balm’s liquid liner.

    On the weekend a swipe of Baby Lips (that name is horrid, yes) does me right.

    • Sugar Bones

      I awoke with a start in the middle of the night last night, the lie I had told this community weighing heavy on my heart. I wear mascara in both of these instances.

      • Rosemary

        This cracked me up. Thanks for the confession, enjoy your mascara guilt-free!

  • Zoe

    i love you!

  • Missy Iampietro

    I love the feeling of wearing no makeup on my face, and I believe my skin looks a lot better without it! The one and only thing I need is my liquid liner for my cat eyes. It is weird that I love such a dramatic eye but I never wear mascara (I hate the feeling of it too!). I just curl my lashes and apply the liner half way and out as a cat eye. Its just my style to have this certain eye that I have been rocking since high school. I used to cake on the makeup 18 years ago and can’t believe some pictures I see of myself! EEK.

  • cloud paint in haze does WONDERS

  • shopcalico

    I feel like even my “No Make-up Makeup” has about 3-4 products! LOL I love the Glossier Cloud Paint – I think it’s a toss up between blush and mascara!


  • Tata Harper’s Very Highlighting luminizer (+ L’Occitane’s shea butter for the lips but that’s more like skincare anyway). They leave me feeling healthy and glowy.

  • pamb

    Lipstick or gloss is my must have. Girls, as you age, your lips lose color! They become pale and disappear off your face. I’ve also developed a prominent lip line, so it kind of looks like I have faded lip liner on and forgot the lipstick if I don’t put something on. Attractive! Anyway, I have now become a 50s housewife, saying “let me put a little lipstick on” several times a day to my co workers as I leave the sales floor.

    Also mascara and eyeliner, so I look awake.

  • Emma

    This was so nice to read. Thank you. For me, the less I think about makeup the more content I am with myself. So these tips are helpfull.

  • Thamsa

    Ill always opt for doing my eyebrows. Though, I’ve never used a pencil to fill it in, i just use a mascara brush. After a tiny application of castor oil to moisturise my lids, lashes and brows, I brush up my eyebrow hair to give it a fuller look! I’ve been interested in that Glossier cloud paint, but it’d be too much of a hassle to ship to where I am.

  • Áine Hegarty

    Totally on board with just cream blush! This post inspired me not to wear mascara today.

  • cicillionaire

    “Your skin is so great! What do you use? What do you do?”. The same stuff you use only I don’t paint over it every day. Seriously, foundation/concealer/powder ruins your skin. I understand the appeal, and I use it for the occasional VERY special event, but daily wear is out of the question. There is so much power in saying that you look amazing because YOU say you look amazing. I know it sounds like a Pinterest panel but it is true! And when you stop with the makeup you really do look amazing.
    Also, BLUSH. Blush is amazing. It transforms your face! Plus you can be picky about the ingredients and you can get really simple formulas that don’t absorb into the skin (if you’re worried about that kind of thing).

  • Frazier Sandlin

    Gah yall are all so stunning without makeup. I am in LOVE with the feminine positivity on this site!!!!

  • Holly Lyons


  • sonu

    I just love seeing other women confident enough to wear no makeup, honestly there’s nothing as beautiful as bare skin! Having said that I’m a blush addict, but if I could only do one thing before leaving the house it would definitely be curling my lashes.

  • LostInUnderland

    Am I the only one that doesn’t put any product on my face?

    • Eve

      Granted, I’m perpetually broke, so I don’t have much money to experiment with the good stuff, but my skin is never better than when I do nothing but rinse with water and maybe a little moisturizer.
      Except, I must admit, retin-a, which is the shit, but I had to give it up because I cant find a sunscreen I don’t have a reaction to. :/

  • Néo Bourgeois — Christum

    jolly ass office workers:)

  • Camila Caicedov

    I love this article. I think my favorite product is The Balm Brow Pow for the eyebrows.

  • ladle

    I hate foundation. Hate it, my face itches, I look too perfect, and I never feel like I’ve taken it off well. So I don’t use it.
    I still use other makeup, and I love eye shadow. I don’t wear it daily, but when I do I do my eyebrows as well. Otherwise I do as is, with nothing on. But if I want to feel done up but not too done up, I use only lipstick. It makes me feel good and alive.
    I never really got into blush either, I feel like even a little makes me look weird.

  • Thelma

    If I won’t be wearing makeup, I sure would use some eyeliner. Can’t leave home without it and of course my ring light mirror comes in handy to ensure I look good without the makeup

  • Andra Maria Gill

    Mac’s coppertone blush! It’s honestly the nicest colour and gives you the best pick me up when not wearing any makeup! https://youtu.be/e6ALfXBq5q0