What to Buy If You’re in the Mood For an Impulse Purchase

I don’t know how many more times I can talk to you about all the things I would wear if I were not pregnant without boring the hell out of you, but in the event you’re willing to listen to me one more time (actually, I’m making no promises about the future of my shopping prose), here is an edition of “In My Cart” — a series wherein Man Repeller editors share what they’ve been storing in their digital shopping carts — that explores just that.

There is genuinely no reason for me to buy anything at this juncture (though I could probably argue this is true 100% of the time), but I have to say, what a difference a small self-indulgent, impulse buy can make! Particularly when it is slightly dreary outside. A little necklace here, or bracelet there, perhaps a pair of sunglasses or somewhat (extremely) frivolous satin mules. The key is that whatever you do end up buying can be used right now. Otherwise, what’s the point? If you’re in dream mode and thinking in outfits that aren’t necessarily practical but do rock, feel free to follow me on an expedition I’m calling: Winter Shorts: Why Not?

But let’s start with rhinestone jeans:

Topshop is currently selling these bomb ass high-waist, crystal-hem jeans and in my opinion, they are the perfect antidote to a red short sleeve polo that Billie Jean King may or may not have owned at some point in time. They are cropped enough to add a little boom to black satin sandals — a pair not unlike those photographed, by Loewe, now $267, or some ugly sneakers, which I have mostly been against until I saw this pair from Sandro. The bag and coat are fun adds, but you can decide how to freckle your main dish if you know what I’m saying.

For my next trick! A serving platter full of equestrian olives:

You must be wondering what an equestrian olive is. To be honest, I made it up, but if I had to guess, it is a breed of olive that makes your hair grow really long, really fast and enables you to jump over dramatic fences at the ready. Good clothes come along with it, too! Like this Isabel Marant muscle tee, which is worth $150 because you can’t make up a good neckline, particularly on a khaki t-shirt that will catch gold-plated jewelry so nicely. Or these $40 Topshop flared leggings, which say, “I am here to party but ready to fight,” which I believe speaks acutely to the current female experience. I included a pair of Isabel Marant cowboy boots because I own them (got them unused, on eBay, for $80 if you’d believe it), and let me tell you, the fit is A+, but Topshop makes an equally competent version, so if you’re in the market, you do you.

And the cojones — my winter shorts:

They’re not actually winter shorts, though, but so what, who cares? Wear them with a pair of knit-ass knee socks ($5!), add velvet sandal mules (on $ale, of cour$e), a striped shirt, a novelty coat, padded headband (also $5!) and boom! My dream outfit in a nutshell full of amniotic fluid.

There is one more thing, though:

You know how I was talking (and talking and talking) about small, self-indulgent impulse buys? Here are the ones in my cart, the most important being the hair clamp. Although to be honest, I feel it requires a rainbow choker and red frame sunglasses to truly thrive.

Hey, can I ask you a question while we’re all still here? What’s your favorite accessory category and why?(???) Asking because we’re working on some really fun stuff internally, and it won’t be the same without your ~input.~

Collages by Louisiana Mei Gelpi.

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  • Equestrian olives made my morning A+, thank you.

    Favorite accessory category – belts. Why? Because my hip-to-waist ratio is ridiculous and I need belts to keep my pants up, so they may as well be beautiful belts since they are so necessary for my body shape!

    • Zauberwald

      I’d love some fun/quirky belt recommendations!!

      • 1) https://www.jcrew.com/p/womens_category/accessories/belts/skinny-belt-in-calf-hair/G9402?color_name=camel-black
        – I love J.Crew belts. They’re nicely constructed, a fair price point, and come in a wide range of fun colors. I have a cherry red one from them that I love. They don’t have many fun/funky options right now, but check back and I’m sure you’ll find something cool.

        2) Expensive, but sooooo cool: https://artemisdesignco.com/belts/
        – I have their baby duffel bag and I use it daily for extra color/cheer for my normally black/gray/navy outfits.

        3) In general, belts from The Real Real are good scores/fun finds. You just have to check daily to find your size/price range/style.

        4) Rag & Bone belts can be pretty cool. I have one in taupe suede with black leather whip-stitching that I got for 75% at Net-a-Porter during one of their sales. Too pricey otherwise.

        • Zauberwald

          Thank you so much, Hayley! I missed out on a cherry red patent skinny belt (on clearance) from J Crew a few years back. It still haunts me!

          • You’re so very welcome! Uuurgggg I know how frustrating that is! When I see one I love I just have to scoop it up.

        • Andrea

          Thank you for this!!! I’m an all-black everything kinda girl but I like pops of color with accessories. I got a cheap leopard print belt at H&M that I’ve worn at least 3 times a week since i bought it, but obviously it isn’t lasting. Need to invest in some more.

          • My pleasure!

          • Zauberwald

            I found a really nice leopard print belt (of good quality) at Ann Taylor recently!

          • Andrea

            Thank you!!

  • Julia

    I love when you hint at an MR accessories line. I like jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, and earrings because they can really help an outfit but it’s hard to find fun stuff for not a million bucks

    • Zauberwald

      Target has some surprisingly good quality costume jewelry, FYI!

  • Hilary

    Seconding jewelry as favorite accessories – emphasis on large earrings!

  • Ashley S

    I’ve been looking at some vintage Roxanne online. So…should I singlehandedly bring back clip-ons? Y/N

    • Zauberwald


  • Emma Charlotte Pratt

    ~statement earrings~ no better way to zazz yourself up.

  • Erin S

    Favorite accessory category: EARRINGS!

  • smillipede

    v interested in $5 amazon headband but suspicious re: comfort level pls confirm/deny

    • Erin S

      Same question(s) over here!

      • Victoria

        Also, for those not working in fashion – wearable?

    • Sarah Spiller

      I’ve literally been wearing the headbands for years and as a lazy college student, I can confirm they are v comfy. you can also just go to the grocery store and get them too and they’re just as good. 101/10 recommended

      • smillipede

        sold! thanks sarah

  • Sheila T.

    can someone help me decide if hair bandanas are back and if I should wear them? I think the last time I wore one was 2003

  • My favorite accessory are cashmere scarves, because I love a blanket, and also ear studs – but I wish someone would make really interesting (silver) ones, so they are just my nr. 2.

  • Victoria

    Was on my way to an impulse purchase when I saw your post – https://www.matchesfashion.com/products/Raey-Asymmetric-hem-woven-cotton-blend-dress-1173517


  • Rae

    Glasses/Sunglasses!! Most glasses shapes happen to look good on my face (this is not a brag, it’s because I have a giant head) & I feel so much more interesting and put together when I’m wearing a good pair. Plus they never make me feel fat.

  • Maina

    my sunglasses collection would be offended if I didn’t publicly declare them as my favorite accessory

  • Eva Skewes

    My self-indulgent impulse purchase was a kilt from LeKilt after the . . . kilt story. It came this week and is perfect and I am so jazzed to wear it tomorrow.

    • You kilt it with that repetition! BA DUM TSHHH

  • Gwenn Guthrie

    From one ear pierced (like a pirate!) to multiple piercings in each ear, I’ve been all about the earrings since 14. [32 now]. I may have strayed occassionally towards bracelets, necklaces or rings, and these days, I find I can punch up almost any outfit with a scarf, but earrings have been the constant. Even as the pendulum/wrecking ball(?) of minimalism keeps swinging back and forth through my closet and jewellery, a tidy collection of earrings, and scarves, remains.

  • Andrea

    Literally wish I had more fingers so I could wear more rings!!

  • the rhinestone jeans i want in my life!

  • Hollie Bell

    I’m loving earrings for the first time since I got my ears pierced around 10 yeas ago… The Céline pearl ones you have are the best! But also loving fun socks, sunglasses and hair accessories, esp a Blair Waldorf hairband! This “internal project” sounds very exciting…

  • Nicola V

    I love bracelets! They add a little something and are easy to wear. Small and colourful silk scarves from MR would also be cute, to tie on a bag, and spot fellow readers in a crowd 🙂

  • Rosemary

    My giant mess of hair is my favorite accessory tbh, but I also love a thoughtful smattering of tiny, quirky gold or colored earrings! Oh, and scrunchies. Obviously.

    • Rosemary

      Oh my how could I forget SCARVES. Like necklaces, but ~soft~!

    • Zauberwald

      Yes to all of this! I bought some hand painted silk scrunchies on Etsy last year, and they are my go-to accessory!

      • Rosemary

        Oh my goodness those sound perfect link pls??

  • BTW: Have you already hired summer interns??? I remember that there was a post about it but I can’t seem to find it. Is it too late? If you want a Scandinavian supergirl at your office let a girl know, I totally have no experience just study loans.

    For the accessory: FUN earrings (feels quite manrepellerish?)

    My latest impulse purchase was made just about 5 minutes ago, bought myself a last minute trip to Nice, France with my girlfriends. Mhhh, all the cheese I’m gonna eat(+wine). Maybe not a “small” impulse buy but totally the best impulse buy

  • Minette

    My favorites are necklaces. They are the items that are worn most, yet doesn’t get lost, dirtied, and broken that easily.

  • Marie Webster

    Just made “I’m here to party but ready to fight”-Leandra Medine my instagram bio. Amazing.

  • Charlsey

    100% sunglasses because LA

    • garnishmywages

      Yes! because Phoenix

  • Small Leather Goods. I think wallets and small pouches have always been a favorite even though I don’t need multiple variations of them and yet here I am with two wallets, a beautiful red leather envelope clutch, and other various large wallets.I think I like the idea of carrying around the pouches themselves and the small hidden trinkets inside. Plus, who doesn’t love a good accessory!

    • Rosemary

      oh my goodness YES

  • Amelia

    Can I just called out this A+ sentence: “My dream outfit in a nutshell full of amniotic fluid.” thank u Leandra for making me lol IRL

  • 808kate

    How are we all feeling about the dad sneakers trend?

  • Aminta

    Rings! And Earrings! Anything with ring in the title! Clit rings!

  • Ludivine Auger

    sunglasses!!! the only accessories that can change a look into something else

  • حنين

    Earirings, hats, headbands, brooch, and clutches!

  • FashionistamomDC

    Leandra, you may find that, as a new mom, the backpack purse will be your best friend. You are going to need both hands available to take care of the kid. In addition, when they learn to walk and run, the last thing you need is a dangling purse or a clutch you can’t hold. My favorite are Prada and Coach backpacks. xo

  • Lorange E

    My favorite accessory categories are earrings and scarves. Both you can just throw on and totally change an outfit. Plus they’re a great way to add whatever color you might like, especially near your face. So if blue makes your eyes pop or your cheeks glow, you can always have that, even with an all-black outfit.

  • Gretel Stroh

    Would anyone admit to loving scrunchies? I bought a bunch of hand dyed silk ones on Etsy. My hair is too short to do a messy bun…but I can get all my hair on top and stuffed into the scrunchy to kind of do a faux messy bun….

    • Gretel Stroh

      oops…sorry I see that someone else below has already mentioned the etsy scrunchies the link is below where I also got mine…here I thought I was being original

  • zeynep yilmaz

    Bracelets and earrings for sure since I have 11 piercings in two ears combined..

  • Raquel Fernandes Felino

    Bags. Because is the thing I buy less because i want them to be special. Going between japanese designers, less known brands or some classics like Valentino ou Miu Miu. I buy an average of a bag a year, maybe add a clutch to that, so i think a lot about it and i want it to be great investment. Also is the piece that defines me the most. Small but funky 😉

  • garnishmywages

    Scarves! That I buy and don’t wear enough…

  • Davyn

    I’m obsessed with a good statement ring or necklace. Especially over the top ones. The tackier the better.

  • lftmi

    sunglasses AND pinky rings!

  • Bronte

    Clip. On. Earrings! I was too afraid of pain to get then done in my youth & now I can’t bear the thought of being stuck with the plain studs for > 1 month & thus my lobes shall remain virgins.

  • Jessica H

    Sunglasses! They’re probably the best example of how we express ourselves through fashion. We’re covering up our eyes (see also: windows to soul) and kind of masking ourselves and becoming whoever this pair of sunglasses makes us. Which is why I’m a fan of polygonal madness when it comes to shades.