Do the Perfect Workout Leggings Exist? I Tested 4 Bestsellers

I have publicly expressed my aversion to workout attire that tries a little too hard, as well as the fact that my dream exercise ensemble would probably be baggy shorts plus a cumulus cloud. Nevertheless, even the resolve of a staunch mid-thigh mesh devotee like myself is no match for winter’s sub-zero sting, which is why I have recently found myself in search of the perfect workout leggings.

Even though I appreciate the functional superiority of leggings in a workout context compared to, say, bulky sweatpants, I’m not always a huge fan of how they make me feel (i.e. constricted and self-conscious). As a result, I’m pretty picky. To me, the qualities of a perfect workout legging would be:

Supremely comfortable (soft, no excessive waist constriction, etc.)

Sweat-friendly (quick-drying to the extent that I don’t look like I peed my pants during SoulCycle)

Thick…ish (or rather just thick enough that my underwear or lack of underwear isn’t apparent and I’m properly insulated from the elements, but not so thick that they are suffocating during a workout)

“Flattering” (I put this word in quotes because calling something flattering in its most literal sense is subjective to the point of B.S., but when I ascribe it to a garment I mean that it’s something that properly fits my body and in doing so makes me feel emotionally confident and happy to be inside my skin, you know?)

Armed with these appraisable attributes, I embarked on a soul-searching, sweat-inducing journey to test out four of the most popular performance leggings on the market and see how well they lived up to my high standards. These are their stories [DUN DUN DUN].

1. Outdoor Voices Tech Sweat 3/4 Legging

I immediately took a liking to this pair because it turns out a “3/4 legging” is actually a “4/4 legging” on someone who stands 5’4″ tall. In other words, they were the perfect length, and comfortable at that (the material is superrrrrr smooth). I wore them to work on a Friday and slouched all day in my swivel chair without a constrictive hitch. Then I wore them to a Cardio Sculpt class at Modelfit where I proceeded to perspire a medium-large amount. At the end of the workout I did detect some visible moisture in the crotchal region, but not a lot.

2. Lululemon In Movement 7/8 Tight Everlux 25″ 

To be perfectly honest this pair felt like WEARABLE BUTTER. Soft and very thick (no sheerness whatsoever) with a high waist that felt like a hug. I wore them to a hot yoga class and definitely had some visible sweat at the end, but only because it was coming out of my pores in buckets and it would have been impossible for it not to show in some capacity. I will say that the leggings dried very quickly after the class and I was able to consume my subsequent dirty dinner without feeling like I was sitting inside a swamp.

3. Tasc Performance NOLA Crop Tight

I was very excited to try these after reading more about Tasc on the brand’s website (“We were never fully satisfied with the standard processes, which yielded garments that either: A) felt good, but did not perform (Cotton) or B) performed, but irritated the skin and retained odor (Polyester).”) Tasc’s mission sounded like a dream extracted from my own brain. I was also intrigued to learn the fabric is made with bamboo, which is supposedly the secret to striking the comfortable/functional balance. After pulling on the leggings, I was delighted to find they were supremely comfortable. I was even more delighted when I emerged from my SoulCycle class with zero sweat swamps on my bottom half, and the moisture I did feel dried quickly on my 5-minute walk home. The only downside was how thin they were. I wouldn’t wear them to a brightly-lit yoga class (you could definitely see skin through them in a downward dog position), but I will absolutely wear them again to another dimly-lit workout. They’re also $58, which is pretty budget-friendly in the world of high-performance workout gear.

4. Nike Power Legendary Women’s 28″ Mid Rise Training Tights

Another day, another Cardio Sculpt class at Modelfit. When I started to pull on these leggings I could immediately tell they weren’t destined to be “The One.” It wasn’t really their fault but more so mine in the sense that I hated how the sheer panels felt on my skin. I know they were just trying to help me out with extra breathability and such but, alas, I was not a fan. There were also way too many seams, which added to the overall irritation and lack of smoothness. That being said, the sweat-wicking fabric kept me very dry and comfortable during my workout.

Regardless of their individual cons, all four pairs were clearly well-made. I can see why they’re bestsellers. The Lululemon pair won in my book though, followed by Outdoor Voices. Both pairs were thick, soft, smooth and very functional. For a more budget-friendly option, I would recommend the Tasc pair, as long as you don’t mind the potential see-through element. While I didn’t love the Nikes, I love the brand in general and would definitely be open to trying other pairs.

It’s time for my favorite part now, though: What are YOUR favorite workout leggings? I’m looking for holy grails here, ppl!

Photos by Edith Young. 

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  • Well, I do my morning yoga in my Granny Pants 🙂 and no-name (=forgotten) yoga top and most of my workout in … no-name tights (the name is washed out and probably not famous anyway) or Nike sweatpants. Since I mostly do my workout at home, I needn’t bother anyway.

  • Cassandra

    I can’t really stomach spending a ton on things I regularly sweat in. The only fancy (aka Lululemon) workout leggings I have were a gift, and while they are very nice, the Champion ones I got at Target the other weekend for 25 bucks feel just as nice. And they come in “long” which is the dream.

  • Hannah

    Girlfriend Collective makes loooovely leggings. I say they’re a 19… only because nothing is perfectively perfect, right?

    • kay

      YES team girlfriend!!! have 2 leggings and just got a bra from there and it is also the cutest/comfiest. love them

    • leilanigl

      They’re SO, so, so good. And I love the recycled water bottle aspect/fair trade/high standards.

    • Cay

      YES. Omg, they are the most perfect.

      I would also give them a 19, deducting that single point because in the dead of a NYC summer, they are a little thick and constrictive, so I couldn’t use mine last July/August. But literally everything else is perfect.

      • Rosemary

        yes yes yes!!! I have some and I love them so much even though they get a little toasty in Houston heat/humidity. I’ve thought about getting Outdoor Voices ones bc #trendy but honestly I’ll probably stick to my Girlfriends. They’re so comfortable and flattering!

    • Mira G

      Plus one for them , all the way from London:)

    • Georgia

      okay I just devoured their site and they look soooo gooooodddd — about to purchase but can they handle sweat?!? are they see through? help a sister out please

      • Ashley

        I have high waist in black and red ochre. Both are squat proof. The red has shown sweat ONCE, but I forgive them because it was ~literally~ the hottest day ever recorded in San Francisco.

        • Georgia

          BLESS YOU

    • Laura Glendenning

      It makes me so happy to see people loving Girlfriend Collective cause it’s my cousin and her husband who started and run the company! I have the high waisted black leggings in XS and they are probably the thickest yet smoothest leggings I’ve owned. They also seem to fit pretty snug, no danger of them escaping during down dog or a run. The only points I would take off is the high waist (I prefer low or mid waist), and that I usually prefer workout leggings to be of that fabric that has a sheen to it (like the lulu luxtreme style). But there would be nooooo way the girlfriend leggings ( at least in black) would ever be see thru. They also haven’t pilled and I’ve had them for over a year I think.

      • ByeBeckz

        All time BEST leggings I’ve ever worn! Shout out to your cousin for offering them free with just shipping for a while- I was intrigued so got a pair like that and fell in love and when I move back to the states will be purchasing some for sure. Already got a few friends to order them bc everyone thought they looked and felt so good.

      • Alison Dick

        I wore my Girlfriend Collective leggings while I ran a marathon in Ventura, CA. They are extremely comfortable, even after 26 miles!

      • Vi Huynh

        i jumped on the GFCs early when they were still only $19 but even now I would pay full price for them! They feel amazing (how are they so buttery??), give a great amount of compression without being uncomfortable, are sweat-wicking, and don’t have that weird yoga pant smell (you know what I’m talking about!!) After several washes, they still hold up as well. Cannot recommend enough!

      • that’s amazing, i love their leggings!!! offering a free pair at the beginning was genius. i see them all over town, and i don’t even live in a big city (missoula, mt). (we are big into our outdoor sports tho, so makes sense that a good pair of leggings are a staple.) i LOVE the high waist for yoga, no shoulder-stand stomach spillage 🙌

        • fluffinella

          I was just reading through this thread and was like, omg girlfriend collective, and then OMG LAUREL HILL!!! I have two of your bracelets and they just… changed my life basically. I feel so powerful when I’m wearing them. (Although my brass temple cuff got stolen a while back and I need to replace it!) You are my favorite jewelry designer!

    • Catalina

      And they are made from recycled bottles!

    • Harling Ross

      I’ve heard that!!!!! Edith Young is a fan and i trust her implicitly plus this comment is the final straw i need 2 try

    • TinySoprano

      Omg thanks for putting that on my radar… AND THEY SHIP TO AUSTRALIA YES PLEASE TAKE MY MONEY.

    • Amanda Roussel

      After ordering GC leggings in the “just pay shipping” period of the company, I am utterly COMMITTED. No other leggings compare; I will not venture to Barre or the gym without them.

    • Aradia123

      I sadly had the opposite experience. I bought them when I only had to pay for shipping, and they’re still a “bottom of the workout clothes drawer” item for me. The high waist is very high on my stomach and I feel they’re too thick for working out in. Wearing as activewear for errands – yes. Sweating lots – no.

      • Alison Dick

        They have mid rise now! I am 6’0″ tall, so I definitely appreciate how high the “high waist” is.

    • Allison McElligott

      I really like the Girlfriend Collective leggings! I love wearing them to workout and around town. I was actually in the bunch that received “free” leggings when they were launching (had to pay shipping). However, I wore them to a hot yoga class… and NEVER again. Because of their supreme thickness, I thought my leggings were on fire.

      • Catherine Keene

        I ordered them at the same time and wore them to a regular pilates class (in Phoenix, so maybe it was warm in the room) and was dying within three minutes. They are so hot, and then the waist is so high rise I found them very constrictive. I think I’ve tried them on a couple more times, but they’re just too thick and non-breathable.

    • Merrynell

      Yes! I was just gonna say. Girlfriend Collective all the way! I would give it a 19 out of 20, too!

    • I got two pairs during the free promotion and they are my absolute favorite leggings. They are fully squat proof and I think they look nice enough to wear to work with longer sweaters. Plus the material is so smooth and maybe a little slippery? I don’t know, I love it and I just find myself touching my legs when I’m wearing them.

      Also, Robin ordered the dusty rose color and they came with a free boob pouch.

      see the boob pouch here:

    • rien de rien

      Yes yes yes. I never had a pair of leggings that fit properly until the Girlfriend Collective high-waisted pants came along. You wouldn’t think it would be so hard to find things to fit an hourglass figure in the world of spandex, but I’ve spent a lifetime fighting to get pants over my muscular legs and (relatively) big hips only to have them fall down every few steps while I’m running. Thank God there’s finally a brand that seems to get that some tiny-waisted women are out here making sure we keep that ass, not trying to lose it.

      • Anna

        Thank you for this; I totally identify.

    • vsriv

      Girlfriend collective literally is THE BEST

  • I love Athleta Sonar tights; they’re high-rise, thick, with just the right amount of compression.

  • Amanda

    GAP tights with “blackout technology” or whatever….SO COMFY. All my workout gear is from GAP and it’s all stood up for years.

    • Andrea Raymer

      I second this! I LOVE Gap activewear. and loungewear. and underwear. and really most of their things

      • Anna

        YES! Nothing will ever compare to the GAP just-over-knee navy with perfect turquoise trim and a subtle butt pocket for ccs yoga pants that I bought in 2009. Actually this is a sad thing.

  • Caroline Tribe

    I LOVE Uniqlo leggings because they cater to short legs (I’m 5 feet), are great for any activity and cheap !! I also enjoy the J Crew x New Balance leggings, I bought a pair for my sister-in-law and ended up keeping them for myself ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • akd

    I’m obsessed with the Girlfriend Collective leggings. They feel like baby seal skin and have perfect compression without squeezing out a muffin top or belly roll. I’ve got one in every color, and three in black and I wear them every day for over a year with no visible signs of wear. Great price point, too and awesome company.

  • Leandra Medine

    Ov gal through and through but i do also love the beyond yoga leggings!

    • I love Beyond Yoga as well! Bonus points for sophisticated crotch construction (can’t believe I typed that on the Internet) and being made in the USA. The only catch is that you have to try them on in person because the sizing and attractiveness seems to vary by style/ material, especially since they’ve gone pretty deep into the crazy yoga pant trend – a lot of the options now have lace, cutouts, extra ties, etc that don’t always work out (no pun intended). But their classic leggings are the softest and have lasted years.

      PS: my favorite part of this article was putting flattering in quotes. Your explanation is gold, Harling.

      • Harling Ross

        thank you! felt that was a necessary disclaimer

    • Court E. Thompson

      BY forever! The spacedyes never fail to look and feel amazing!

      Though Alo is a very close second.

  • Adrianna

    I bought some Under Armour on Amazon last year when I was training for a January half-marathon. They don’t have cutesy or feminine marketing like Outdoor Voices, so I think a lot of people forget to try it. Admittedly I wear the leggings underneath pants or tights on cold days more than for exercise. They got me through a trip to the Arctic Circle.

    • Rosemary

      ok this is so real! Nike used to be all I wore, but they’re so hit or miss now

  • If the Outdoor Tech leggings were 4/4 leggings on someone who’s 5’4″, they’d be 7/4 leggings for me…

    Charmaine Ng
    Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Lauren Michele

    Old Navy is seriously the best kept secret in cute, yet comfy, athletic wear. Also, it’s old navy and soooo cheap. I got 4 pair of leggings, 4 tops, and 2 pullovers for the price of one pair of outdoor voices (which i love, but c’mon!).

    • Abby

      Yes! Their running leggings are my favorite!

    • Yesssss! Honestly my favorite leggings are the Old Navy high rise compression leggings. Comfy, opaque, and “flattering.” Plus when you hit a sale you can get a pair for under $20.

      • Cristina

        I used to love those, but they have changed material and they are totally see through for me now!

    • Allegra

      Came here to say this! So comfy and cheap!

    • Harling Ross

      ooooooOooooooooo okay very much noted

    • Lauren

      YES! I’ve been wearing Old Navy workout clothes for years and don’t think I’ll ever really commit to any other brand! I recently bought a pair of the Outdoor Voices leggings, and while they’re very nice (though a little tight in the waist, I’d argue) I still find myself reaching for my Old Navy leggings every morning.

    • Mary

      Literally scrolled down to the comments to say this! They are surprisingly well made for the price. The high rise compression leggings are amazing and I pick them over the other brands in my closet almost every time.

    • JessK

      Yes! Old Navy high-waist compression crops are my absolute favorite! Thick, flattering, comfortable and all for less than $25! And if you want to break out of standard black, they’re available in a huge array of colors. Why spend $100 on something you’re just going to sweat all over?

    • Vi Huynh

      YES. i buy the tops in bulk whenever they’re on sale.

  • Amelia

    I get all of my leggings at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s and they’ve never let me down… I think the brand is 90 degree!

    • Rachel

      Yesss! That’s where majority of my leggings are from! Good price and great options:)

  • Christina

    No love for Zella??

    • AC

      LOVE zella! highly underrated leggings.

      • Julia

        I love the Zella material! I have a pair of crops i have worn to workout in at least once a week for three and a half years. I don’t like shiny material just a basic smooth cottony thing and Zella’s rock

  • Rae

    I’m pretty loyal to Adidas or Zella leggings – they both strike the best price/performance balance for me. Also, wanted you to know that I appreciate your clarification of your use of ‘flattering’! It’s one of my least favorite words when used in the conventional sense and I love your definition.

    • I second Zella. My faves are both by them. I also have a hard time imagining spending much more on clothes I’m for sure going to get gross in.

  • eva

    I really default to my girlfriend collective leggings! i might bite the bullet on a pair of american giant ones though because i have the hoodie and it is top notch

  • mapillski

    I go to Good Will in fancy neighborhoods for Lululemon leggings that still have the tags, it’s the smartest thing I’ve ever done

    • Rosemary

      YES I do this all the time!

    • Kristi Ellis

      Same!! I feel so sneaky and awesome about it

  • Holland Kennedy

    girlfriend collective!! snagged them when they were $20, but I would definitely pay full price now. They’re perfect (and sustainable)!

  • Just checking out outdoor voices and I see they’ve added “Filter by Activity: Dog Walking”.

    These are my people.

  • Autumn

    Oddly enough, the ones I’ve bought multiples of are $20 Target Xhilaration brand ones. They fit great, feel nice, and the waist band doesn’t fall down.

  • Jamie

    Adding to the chorus of GFC leggings lovers. I own three of their sets and wear them bouldering regularly. They’re good for hot and cold temps and they seem to be fairly durable – no holes yet (knock on wood).

  • Natalie

    I’m very sad to see your choice in Nike tights to test. As a former athlete working in a Women’s Professional League and a Man Repeller/Celine addict, I hope you can give Nike another chance and test the Nike Sculpt Lux. High waist, soft, thick(ish), sweat wicking, and absolutely flattering! After all, Nike’s priority is the Athlete!

    • Rosemary

      Thanks for this comment! I have some old Nike standbys I love, but a couple styles that have been misses for me. I think they just have a wide variety, you inspired me to check them out again starting with the Sculpt Lux!

    • Julissa

      Yeah, I’d much rather spend my money on companies that actually test their products. I don’t think many of these “athleisure” brands do.

  • Mariel

    If you’re looking for more reasonably priced ones, I love the C9 Champion leggings by Target! They are usually like $30-35, feel really nice and have held up pretty well for me. I also loooove Athleta when I’m feeling a bit more spendy.

  • Tesla Yoga Pants High-Waist on Amazon are amazing. I do a lot of hot yoga and cycling and they are extremely comfortable, not see through, and I didn’t notice any sweat marks (and I sweat A LOT) there is the high-waist version as well as a crop version and mid-waste option. Oh and only $16!

  • Love crop with super high waste to hold it all in. My ideal leggings are black, with few seams, 3/4 (most flattering on me), and a super soft material that feels like I’ve worn it forever. I’m looking for somewhere between sucked in and extra flexible. Breathable would be nice, but I rarely consider that when I look for leggings. I used to really like the Everlast boxing leggings, however they were see-through on the butt!

  • Lindsey

    GIRLFRIEND COLLECTIVE!!! No other legging has come even marginally close.

  • TGB

    Why has no one mentioned K-Deer!?! The best material and cut IMO. Onzie is a close runner up. I want to love OV but the regular cut accentuates my love handles and the high waisted is just a bit too high.

  • Cristina

    Can’t stop laughing at sweat swamps.
    Still advocating for the VSX Knockout Pocket Capri. They are beyond everything. I’ll never wear anything else!

  • Rita

    For me the best ones are those technic made by GAP. They are perfect and make me feel so good.

  • Emily M

    I just found JoyLab, Target’s foray into fashion-y activewear, and I am obsessed!! Their high-rise leggings are actually high-rise – with longer inseams to accommodate this – and they STAY UP. I am a distance runner and had just accepted that I was going to have to pull up my leggings multiple times per mile, but I don’t have to touch these babies. Plus, y’all they are affordable bc #Target!!! Only downside is that they tend to sell out quickly so the size you need may be a wish and a prayer away…I check every week for a specific pair in my size, with no luck yet 😐 but the ones I do have are my favorites!

  • Hayden Pigott

    Zella Leggings from Nordstrom are the best! They are nice and thick so you don’t get any weakness in the thigh area and they never show sweat. You can get them on sale at Nordstrom Rack too!

  • Vero Smith

    Sure, sure, leggings are great but TELL ME ABOUT YOUR PERFECT RAINBOW SWEATER, HARLING

  • Kattigans

    I like OV (have the sweat tech and are v comf) and I also really like Athleta. I live in workout gear on the weekends bc I’m lazy so I have lots of leggings.

  • Kristin

    Are my tech sweat different than yours? Cause definitely cannot wear underwear, and have at times questioned whether people can tell but otherwise still think they are the best. Except I want 8/8ths length and 7/8 and 3/4 get more colors

  • Nicole Winograd

    I love Gap Body’s cotton fabric workout leggings. They don’t even move and are very warming for the winter.

    Also, I have a pair of 3/4 length Zella leggings (from Nordstrom) which I LOVE! They have a little mesh, but it’s stylish and comfy. However, some of their leggings have gotten baggy in the crotch area, so they can sometimes be a hit or miss.

    Hope this helps!

  • Jeanie

    I never shopped at old navy for anything else, but their leggings are surprisingly amazing! I ended up getting 3 pairs of this one that has side pockets and mesh. It’s black with grey on the sides so I look extra skinny but with curves in them. Better than some of my expensive ones. Squat tested and budget friendly.

  • Ruta Undefined

    I am all for the Aritzia TNA leggins, until I’ve tried them I didnt know how actually leggins might be comfortable and flattering on the body…

  • K

    Woo to baggy shorts! I hope you are not going to abandon them Harling? Such is my commitment to them that I am now in a weird situation where I wear leggings to bike to and from the gym (best I’ve found for outdoors are nike, I have a old pair that are super warm) and the change into shorts at the gym. Leggings = too sweaty indoors for me.

  • Angela Price

    I bought a pair of leggings from Women’s Best and I was extremely happy. They are a bit thin but they’re actually quite warm. (I live in the desert so I can’t say if they hold up to frigid temps.) I wear them to walk my dog in the mornings and am only a bit chilly, for thin leggings that’s not bad. I bought the black pair and when I noticed sweat kind of gathering it was gone quite fast and it wasn’t noticeable. They also pass the husband test. He always makes sure you can’t see my undies through my leggings before I leave the house. Lol.

  • Rosie

    Harling, like the leggings, LOVE your jumper! Where did you get it?

  • Zauberwald

    You need to try the Zella Live In leggings fron Nordstrom!

    • Lyla

      You need a prodigious bum for those! I’ve tried a couple of pairs and while they can comfortably fit my “strong” thighs, they slip slide their way down my rear end. I had to leave half way through a yoga class because they would not stay up. A size smaller and I couldn’t get them over my knees.

      • sunny

        Totally have the same issue with Zellas which are otherwise sooooo soft.

  • margherita

    Zarely probably made the most flattering leggings I’ve ever seen! They’re quite expensive but worth everything… I mean, they’re made for ballet dancers, those guys definitely know how to flatter a line!!

  • Allison McElligott

    Harling/Everyone, You should try K.Deer Leggings! They run about $98 and are EXTREMELY LONG so… for taller girls, they are probably perfect. On me, they kinda bunch at the bottom, or during hot yoga I pull them over my feet about halfway. I have 2 pairs– black and this crazy striped pair. Even though they are thin to the touch, they DO NOT show panties or any private areas. They are ULTRA high waist and literally suck you in so you are engaging your core. I also wore them when it was freezing in Louisiana as a thermal underneath my regular pants.

    • TGB

      K-Deer are my absolute favorite too!!

  • shannonmcc

    big supporter of ANYTHING athleta!! especially these guys

    • Anna

      Obviously it’s subjective but I can’t get over how SENSIBLE and MATRONLY almost everything from Athleta looks

  • I really like Alo Yoga’s Goddess leggings for barre-I can actually pull them over my heels, which is unusual given my disproportionate limbs, ha!

    For barre, yoga, run, (every day of my life bc I don’t like real pants) I love Athleta. They have a wide range, but my default is the stash pocket salutation tight. The material is super soft and I don’t have to put my phone in the waistband! Full disclosure: I work there part time, largely for the discount…so yes, I was a superfan even before 🙂

  • Zoe

    I was hoping for a review of Girlfriend Collective in here! I love OV and have been wanting to try out GC.

    • Ashley

      Oh I have a pair and love them!! Had them for a while now and they are holding up well. Prefer them to the Lululemon ones I own. The only slight drawback I would say that they have quite ‘sporty’ stitching, not a major issue but stops me being able to disguise them as pants for work (I like being comfy, especially in winter!)

  • Josi

    My absolute favorite leggings are Athleta powervita fabric 7/8 leggings. They’re super soft, wash really well (I don’t dry them), and Athleta has a great return policy if they fall apart or get a hole or anything. I wear them for yoga, general gym-ing, HIIT, whatever. They’re also the most comfortable leggings I have for daily wear–they’re never too tight, only a little compressive, and SO SOFT. And they’re never ever see through. My second faves are victoria’s secret knockout leggings. You can basically always find them on sale for $40, all of them have a drawstring loop to keep them up (never have to pull them up!) and if you get the right size I haven’t found them to be see through ever. They’re less soft, and a thicker fabric, so I feel like they keep me a little warmer? But I can still wear them for an indoor work out no problem. They also have more pockets than Athleta powervita pants. Side note: I have a big butt and smaller waist so I struggle to find leggings that fit my waist but don’t go see through over the butt. I find that Athleta I can size down and it never goes see through and for VS I size up but they have the drawstring in the waist so it’s not a problem either.

  • starryhye

    I’m always weary to shell out cash for workout clothes by brands I don’t know. Lululemon, while pricey, is reliable for quality and fit. I have not been impressed with Nike in the past, but have found some great options at Old Navy and Athleta. At this point though, I’m looking for the brand that has the brightest, loudest, most colorful prints. I’ve got black leggings for dayyyys. Gimme those obnoxious tights!

  • Jay

    Well… being the runner I am… I am of course hooked for shorts rather than leggings. just more comfy and can show of my calfs (and hide the lack of but).


    I am a #Fabletics fan.

    And @Harling Guess that is really something for you:

    They are
    High rise (try the Salar)
    Rather thick material (so no embarrassment and next to no panty lines….)
    Personally never had sweat issues – and I do use them for like pretty hardcore running – Intervalls for 50 or long runs for 21k
    Come in fun colors and styles – you could actually wear them all day…

    And they are – if VIP and spend your money wisely – reasonably priced… they dont go that long a way, so not perfect but yeah…

    Like #Lululemon, which are my classic. But actually not so good for running. I wear them for lounging.

    But you guys never underestimate the Sportswear by #HM and #Hunkemöller both great and really affordable.

    By the way, if anyone interested in ordering #Fabletics, I might be able to get you a discount, because apparently members can do that when inviting new members… the usual… we know the rules… so respond to me and I might be able to get you there…

  • BrooklynBridge

    Ready for everyone to disagree, but I love the Forever21 workout leggings. They have an expanded workout section that’s quite cute – I found the tops a bit ill fitting but all I wear is their ($20) mid-rise athletic leggings. Flattering, held up, not too hot, but warm enough that i wore them under jeans during the “bomb cyclone” and was toasty.

  • Serena

    I have the Lululemon ones and they are supremely amazing. On that note, I’d resorted to doing my home yoga practice in an Adidas one-piece swimsuit. Does everyone do this too? It’s a great hack for wanting to be as comfy AF but to keep the boobs and things in check for all the poses

  • rah.odum

    Thanks for this leggings post! Always keeping an eye out for ones that will do the job. I’ve loved my OV pair, and have heard great things about Girlfriend.
    Question: What is everyone wearing UNDER their leggings? A thong? Seamless underwear? Going commando? The first option has always seemed counterproductive to the idea of being comfortable while working out, and the commando option has always felt a little…i don’t know, but I usually end up with the middle option, but wishing for a better solution. The goal? Highest comfort and mobility possible for exercise, with no VPL.
    Thanks for any opinion on this!

    • Anna

      Even though it’s not always flattering, I wear cotton boy shorts (CK) under leggings. Supposedly pure cotton is healthiest for the nether regions when working out.

    • Elizabeth

      I love the thickness and the high waist of Girlfriend Collective. Underwear I normally just wear high waist briefs called Breathe from Gap Body, the shape stays put for me. If you want seamless bikini or thong my best friend swears by Lululemon Namastay Put Underwear for workout and also in life as just great seamless bottom.

  • Amy

    I swear by Under Armour heat tech. No visible sweat, they stay up, they aren’t see through and as far as flattering goes they’re not too bad – they’re high waisted or mid waisted (I hate low waist leggings). Not being see through is the number one thing I look for, and now I own 5 pairs of Under Armour leggings so that’s testament itself. I wore Nike for years but the Under Armour are so much better in my book. I feel like Nike has compromised on it’s quality lately.

  • Bee Green

    Lululemon Align pants. They are the most comfortable ever, the Nulu fabric is super soft, and the seam at the waist is so flattering. Also they come in long, 7/8 and cropped lengths.

  • Alice

    I am obsessed with leggings by Montiel. Also their V bras are great- I have double Ds and its one of the few cute sports bras I can wear.

    I was disappointed with Girlfriend collective- far too stiff for me. And Zella has a fabric that I am not nuts about, and tends to start to smell weird. Montiel is my total favorite!

  • Fay

    I know this is so late but honestly Sweaty Betty (UK company) are the best leggings I have ever worn for exercise. They have a couple different types including a line that sucks everything in and makes your bum look amazing for those days when you want to feel like an off-duty model in your spin class haha

  • Jeffie Martinek

    I am a guy that loves wearing tights for running and cycling or even lounging around. You go girls!