Kim Kardashian Runs So Many Errands in Yeezy Season 6

Yesterday morning at 11:11 a.m. EST, Kim Kardashian West fired off the following tweet:

From the lowercase “i” and winking emoji face to the suggestion that her *potential* forthcoming sharing spree is predicated on the happenstance that she woke up before her alarm and thus found herself in possession of some unexpected yet serendipitous free time, the tone of the dispatch feels closer to that of a text you might send to a friend from the dressing room at Bloomingdale’s than it does a tweet sent to 57.4 million followers regarding Kanye West’s consistently controversial clothing brand.

In other words, it was pointedly, artfully, dazzlingly nonchalant, and therein lies the marketing genius of what followed: 21 tweets, each featuring a look from the forthcoming Yeezy Season 6 collection photographed on Kim in the midst of a pointedly, artfully, dazzlingly nonchalant errand.

Some of the depicted excursions are specified, such as “Coffee Break,” featuring Kim sipping a cup of coffee wearing charcoal bike shorts and corresponding sweats, or “Kit Kat run,” wherein Kim is exiting a convenience store carrying a king-size bag of Kit Kats wearing brown leggings, a gray sports bra and a brown overcoat.

The narrative of others are left to the imagination, my favorite being the images of Kim wearing a brown leggings, a brown sports bra and baseball hat, simply captioned: “Errands run.”

Why this particular errand is not specified while the others are given context is not important, because Kim Kardashian West hasn’t dropped off her own FedEx packages since 2002, ergo, all of them are staged. What is important is the fact that instead of staging a dramatic runway show per past seasons of Yeezy, Kanye is instead presenting a first look at his latest designs through his wife’s social media channels.

The seemingly deliberate lack of fanfare stands in stark contrast to the epic media storms of Yeezys past. It’s so dang casual Kim even admits to a small hiccup:

No biggie!

That’s the point. The carefully crafted, hyper-nonchalant aesthetic of this mini ad campaign (that’s what it is, isn’t it?) makes a lot of sense, perhaps more than the expensive, over-the-top displays Yeezy presentations are known for. Yeezy collections have always been “errand clothes” — glamorous and stylized, yes, but errand clothes nonetheless: sweatpants, leggings, tank tops, sweatshirts, sneakers. Placing them firmly in this context makes the aesthetic ring true in a way it never did amidst the overplayed noise of a typical fashion week format.

And the approach is moving the needle (inside my own brain) as a result. While looking at the photos on Kim’s Twitter, I found myself contemplating the appeal of biker shorts and oversized denim jackets, or pairing jogger sweatpants with heels, or how to remedy my tragic neglect of a certain shade of brown (almost peanut-colored?) amid the ROYGBIV of my wardrobe.

The style of Yeezy Season 6 is not a huge departure from those of Seasons 1-5, but the manner in which it slipped in front of our collective eyeballs (with a shrug instead of a bang) most definitely is. Because it doesn’t take itself too seriously, it comes off almost as an inside joke between Kim and her followers: What? I just wanted some Kit Kats.

Feature photo by BG017/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images.

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  • Selena Delgado

    Smart marketing. So resourceful, kudos to them both. Although I’m not into the clothes, I adore the color palette.

    • Hannah

      Absolutely. Think of how much this cost them compared to the average big name ad campaign, it’s a little infuriating, but smart, nonetheless. She just reached 57.5 million people + all her other channels + the press it’s getting including this article. Also agree with you on the actual clothes 😉

  • Cristina

    Still counting down the days until the Kardashians are over.

    • ValiantlyVarnished

      Well it’s been nearly 15 years so…

  • Natalia

    I love that this type of advertising is becoming transparent. Its self aware and confident. A few years ago Kim would have worn the clothes and hoped to be papped, now she distributes the images herself. The evolution of the celebrity is so interesting; Kim is taking ownership of the story and harnessing social media and the press for her own gain. I’m impressed.

  • Adrianna

    She’s wearing leggings and spanx. She’s not spamming, she’s trolling.

  • Paola

    I honestly don’t know how I feel about Man Repeller producing content that involves the Kardashians.

  • Aleda Johnson

    That “Fed/Ex run” just gave me a flashback to 1996 when my mom painted my bedroom in that exact outfit.

  • Eliza

    I am not ashamed to say I love Kim K. I LOVE HER. She is dumb like a fox.

    • gracesface

      Can’t believe I’ve been watching the Kardashians for so long. I loved it when Kourtney and Khloe tried to take over Miami.

      • Eliza

        LOL I, too, hope to someday find out I’m pregnant in a run-down wooden bathroom somewhere in the deep deep south.

    • ValiantlyVarnished


  • elpug

    So many questions. Was FedEx even open? Hasn’t she heard of stamps dot com? Are most of her errands run at night? I’m more of a morning errands person. Is she cold? Did she share her Kit Kats? I hope so. Is the new celeb thing to be your own paparazzi so you can further control your image? What are those shoes….? Why do I kinda love it all?

    • Meganh007

      LMAO! Did she share her KitKats that is the burning question for me!

  • Came here to say two things:

    A. Bike shorts and huge sweater combo is one of my favorite outfits ever. It’s weirdly flattering I encourage everyone to try it.

    B. Do you think Kim K ate that kit kat? Did she throw it out?


    • Maren Douglas

      Please tell me where to buy flattering bike shorts! Serious inquiry

      • I personally really like the under armor compression shorts (better than nike if you’ve got the lady curves). I also always go for the 7″ inseam because high upper thigh is not my forte.

      • Morgan Siggard

        Outdoor voices!!!

  • Daniel Szilagyi

    I will never understand the appeal of yeezy’s or any of that crap, how is it different than the other myriads of “street wear” clothing that is also cheaply made in some sweatshop? just because Kanye “designed” it? and seriously the last thing the K family needs is more attention, stop feeding them.

    • mlc

      yes please!

  • Diana McNeill

    Kit Kat Kardashian West

    • Basil

      Maybe it was a hint at new baby’s name?

  • Jam Jam

    I’m not involved in this world (no twitter, don’t watch KKwK)…and I still love it. She looks amazing, it’s charming and savvy. Advertising is boring, marketing is stale. This is actually cool! Harling, I like your analysis of her tweets, too.

  • Marielle Nicol

    “I’m up early” …. 11:11 A.M….

    • KaliKate

      She sent it at 7:11AM PST – she lives in Los Angeles, if your twitter is set to EST it’ll show when she sent the tweet in EST time

  • Lakirk


  • K

    Not into the Kardashians or Yeezy – at all, but I think that’s a smart and authentic way of marketing. I work in advertising and I wish our clients were a little more open to less pretentious marketing.

  • silla

    I don’t understand how anyone can deny the fact they are mastermind geniuses. They fucking RUN THE GAME.

  • ValiantlyVarnished

    This is the type of advertising I can get on board with.

  • Abigail Thacher

    Bikerrr shorts I have been waiting for this to come back!!!

  • alexia

    I just don’t get it, I’m too old… Bra + sweatpants + high heels = who wears that in real life ? I try to picture those clothes on myself = I would look very stupid.

  • mlc

    nothing about these looks are innovative. go to your closest branch of american apparel or gap body and get yourself most of these items. agree colors are cool, but people, seriously, the spandex shorts look good on NO ONE except kim and you would NOT want to be wearing them out to do real things other than just actually biking or going to the gym. she looks amazing it in YES, but she almost always does. that added to the price point of these items makes it complete nonsense and we are all here falling for it

  • wilhelmina

    very interesting. also harling, that is some first paragraph! nice analysis

  • Jeanne Zamansky

    Hey ! This is just a quick note to say I live how you write and how smart your point of view always is. I just read three in a row. Happy holidays !

  • amika