Outfit Ideas You Should Steal From Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross is the kind of cool that pains me physically. I have so many positive feelings toward her that my chest tightens at the mere sight of her beautiful face. She’s so good. She’s so funny, so kind, so effervescent that it’s almost rude. It’s as if the cats in heaven spent all their time kneading her into existence then just coughed up a few fur balls to make the rest of us. That said, I’d choose to be a fur ball to ensure her continued existence.

In addition to being an actor/comedian/model/black girls activist/author of a children’s book that explains sexual harassment to men/natural hair advocate/professional pep-talk giver/daughter of Diana/fun aunt to everyone on Earth including her elders, Tracee has Style. The proper noun version. Her Instagram, which you should follow, is a parade of delights not unlike a Krispy Kreme conveyer belt in 2007, back when people cared about Krispy Kreme. She also just launched a line with J.C. Penney which is really good, size-inclusive and all under $75 because, as she puts it, it’s for “everybody and every body!” If you don’t love her already/yet, please see me after class and come with an apology in the form of an ambitiously-executed diorama in her honor.

Of her many public services, which I’ll be outlining in parts two and three of my forthcoming Tracee dissertation, she provides the general people of the world with a panoply of free outfit ideas by way of her aforementioned IG. If you’ve found yourself short on ideas or general well-being lately, join me below for five of her recent looks sure to bolster you in the way of both.

1. Big sweater, bigger pants

Do me a favor and go find your largest top and largest bottoms and wear them together for maximum corporal/spiritual comfort. If you’re in the southern hemisphere, pair with slides. If you’re in the northern hemisphere, pair with slides and camp socks. If you’re in any hemisphere, make them purple to stand up for LGBTQ youth like Tracee did.

2. Weekend with dad(‘s shoes)

Who needs a dad sneaker tutorial when you have this? (Sorry Harling.) This is the outfit of my casual weekend dreams. Need access to these shoes + that coat + a curly ponytail before sunset or I’ll melt. So do you, not to judge.

3. Outfit elevation via fanny pack


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What we have here is an outfit not unlike one you or I would don to grab coffee: jeans, tee, sweater. However, with the inclusion of a fanny-pack-as-belt and matching hoops, the game is forever changed. Bonus points if you approximate this with a shirt that has your mom’s name on it.

4. Pink and red with a large helping of khaki

TRAVEL DAY ~ #thegirlwholovestoshop 🙄

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You know how I feel about pink and red, but do you know how I feel about pink and red under an enormous khaki trench coat with white sneakers? Didn’t think so. (I feel incredible about it.)

5. Gaze at literally anyone like this

GOOD MORNING AMERICA ~ @thombrowneny photo by @anatolli

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This is what we in my basement call a gentlewoman’s look, replete with pleated trousers, suspenders, tie, stilettos, hoops and the facade that you’re gentle even though you aren’t, not even close. Wear only if you’re ready for eye contact and to accede to the position of my idol.

Also did I mention this:

CFDA ~ @prabalgurung

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Feature image by RB/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images via Getty Images.

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  • Chalisse Burrell

    She can do no wrong. Amazing style and energy. How could you not love her!

  • She is PERFECT. I aspire to be her and often find myself getting dressed in the morning thinking WWTW – what would Tracee wear?

  • Kelsey

    My prayers have been answered!!! Thank you, Hayley!

  • Anastasiya Mozgovaya

    I want literally all of her outfits! every single one!!!! and her Instagram is so much fun to follow <3

  • Basil

    But wait – what about this? https://instagram.com/p/Bcakf89jGQb/
    Or this? https://instagram.com/p/BaPrC_BjaQR/
    Pretty much anything she wears. She’s the best

    • Nora


    • Grace

      oh my god !!!!!

  • Selena Delgado

    QUEEN.. she is unapologetic, what I love the most about her

  • Millie Lammoreaux

    I’m so happy she is being recognized by the mainstream now, after many years of working her ass off. She is so wonderful and weird and HERSELF that it just makes my little heart swell!

  • Nadiya Ellen

    I adore this article as well as everything that Tracee Ellis Ross wears!

  • Nora

    I’ve been waiting for you guys to post this kind of article! She is a BOSS who doesn’t take fashion too seriously and isn’t afraid to take risks=Man Repeller!

  • Jennifer

    Excuse me but I still care about Krispy Kreme! And yes, she is a dreamy dream.

  • Autumn

    Her “73 Questions with Vogue” was adorable:

    • This was so good! “Eclectic, comfortable and bold” (!!!)

      • Kattigans

        Love her smile!

  • erin

    Okay, love the outfit in #4, but what the heck is that yummy looking patent-leatherish looking square bag in the foreground? Can’t we get that too? Erin

  • 3thechicway

    Tracee is literally EVERYTHING!

  • tinygoldenpins

    She is the coolest ever.

  • jenn lynn

    I have always been a fan and of her style. I love to see people finally seeing it! Lets take a look at the pics below me!!! yaassss !!!

  • Ellington

    Tracee Ellis Ross is just stellar!!! 🙂

  • Kattigans

    Last look is everything. Tracee slays

  • Katy

    You first paragraph perfectly captured all my feelings towards her. I too have so many positive emotions towards her that I don’t know what to do with them.

  • Micaela Verrelien

    I just love this and her!

  • starryhye

    I want to be friends with Ms Ross SO. BAD. I’ve been following her on Insta for a while now and she is every bit of fabulous that is stated here.

  • Iva Quint

    Let’s talk about Karla Welch (her stylist who is GREAT and styles many an amazingly stylish celeb)!!

  • gracesface

    #1 is like, my dream, going to grab my husband’s giant white sweater to wear, lates.

  • Xaolynn Lee

    I love her outfits, except fanny pack. Even for Gucci- A brand I’m in love with, I just can’t do fanny pack……

  • Liliya Segal

    MR seriously reading my mind. I have been obsessed with Tracee Ellis Ross for over a year now, even met her once at an event. She is gorgeous.
    You guys are writing about stuff that is on my mind, I don’t know how you do it but I LOVE IT!!!.
    Haley, you’re seriously the best. FAN LETTER!!

    • TinySoprano

      Omg you met her??? BLESSED! I still consider following her Insta to be one of the best decisions I’ve made this year.

      • AndLilly

        Yeah, i was at a work event and met her briefly. She was sooo incredibly sweet.
        Her insta is serious goals, for sure!!!

  • Lionel Boyd

    i can’t stand your ass. You write book about sexual harassment the you show or tease you ass and gap you legs all over the page. What you womman awi is abomination and this sexual harassment is not fair because you woman can tease when you want to turning it on and off as you please. Plus you need someone your bio clock is ticking you need someone to flirt with you before you and eggs expire

  • Charlotte Nteireho

    I read this article, looked at the insta and promptly DIED. I am a ghost. It has happened. It is beyond and I couldn’t comprehend the perfection. I literally told my friend, I need an actual fainting couch, so… thank you for helping me finally see the light.