Monocycle, Episode 62
A Conversation With Bozoma Saint John
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Bozoma Saint John wears her flair on her sleeve: beads, rhinestones, gold accents; you name it, she’s got it. And her clothes? There is no color too bold, print too loud or silhouette too challenging for Uber’s Chief Brand Officer to try. On traditional executive uniforms, she asks with genuine wonder in her voice, “Who made these rules, and why do we listen to them?”

But there’s more to Bozoma Saint John than the impressive way in which she carries herself, the seemingly effortless confidence that she holds and espouses, the degree to which she believes in herself and wants to be the best, do the best and perpetuate the best: She is also incredibly compassionate. You almost get the sense that she’s lived multiple lives, and this is why, for whatever reason, when she speaks to you, it is almost like she is speaking directly to your soul.

Please enjoy a very candid conversation in this week’s episode of Monocycle. There’s a bit of everything: advice for the grieving, a sound way to reconcile hardship, how she has become such an unflinching cheerleader for herself (and how, too, we can learn from this), and a little something about the persistence, reliance and beauty in the way the sun rises, day in and out. Just like, you know, we do. 

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  • Imaiya Ravichandran


  • SL

    This was so great. As the conversation progressed you both got better and better at talking with each other, but also that little bit of stumbling at the beginning was really interesting. It seemed like I could hear you figuring each other out. Bozoma’s warmth and strength and words are so important. I really learned! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  • Lyla Smerchinski

    Thank you so much for this treat of a listen! Was really cool for me as a female in STEM to listen to this. I love reading man repeller etc but often find it difficult to relate sometimes to interviews with people in fashion and media (not that you can’t learn things from those in different fields) so this was really neat and inspiring for me to listen to. So thanks!

  • Daria

    How great and motivational this talk is! Just in time and very helpful. Thank you so much!

  • Thank you for having such an honest and open conversation. This was what I needed to hear today, especially the part about feeling like the world is rejecting you but you’re still here. An added bonus was seeing that there are a few Monocycle episodes longer than ten minutes. Please keep them coming.

  • Andrea

    Listening now and it’s SO GOOOOOOOD!

  • Love Bozoma, but the first 15 minutes of this interview were sooo depressing. The rest was awesome!