Theory: Instagram Is the Best Place to Find Cool Accessories

And a short theory on why accessories trump all


This is perhaps a function of the limitations that arise when you are in the process of deliberately growing rotund at the epicenter of your body, or maybe it’s simply a matter of the time of year — the festival(s) of lights are upon us and as such, I am festively wearing light! For one of these two reasons, I can’t stop thinking about the various and manifold ways to decorate my person. Not merely decorate my person, though, but how to do it in a way that highlights personal style possibilities that accentuate my limbs and completely ignore the rest of my body (except for, you know, my neck and head).

It is great fun for a number of reasons. Imagine this scenario: Here I sit, wearing a striped turtleneck and black leggings with at least six rings on my fingers (I say “at least” because I’m typing really fast and can’t quite tell if I have any stackables on), a faux fur scrunchie in my hair, a grosgrain headband, also in my hair, two colorful beaded necklaces around my neck and little dangling pearls in my ears. Pearls! My ears! I came in wearing a basket this morning that is lined in shearling.

There is another bag in my periphery with rhinestone studs all over it. It is so cool and so weird and also distracting. You might even forget, as a matter of fact, about the growth at my center because you’re too busy judging how wild I look! (To be clear, I wouldn’t blame you.) But it just reads to me as personal style. You want to know how to execute the cojones of personal style? Wear boring clothes and let your accessories talk for you. The other thing is that the jewelry and these head pieces and my eyeballs (at some point, there were sunglasses, too) aren’t sized — the items are all inclusive like a Club Med vacation and by simple virtue of that, we all get to participate, which makes me emotional in a good way.

Frankly, it seems like a mere matter of time before my real calling must be actualized and I am forced by the trenches of my own guts to launch an accessories brand, (are you in or are you out?), but until then, let us act like the millennials we are, aspire to be, or judge fervently, and take to Instagram, where the most interesting independent brands are making themselves known, further perpetuating my thesis that the best shopping right now occurs almost exclusively on Instagram. Here are 6 brands (really more like 10) that you should know if you’re into treating your appendages like they’re Christmas trees.

1. Nina Kastens

This brand is for you if you love pearls, faces, bodies and various animals made out of gold wire and not spending more than $100 on said wire. (And if you like this brand, you might also like this one. It’s a bit more expensive, but worth its salt.) And while we’re on the topic of pearls…

These from Safsafu can be a gateway drug, but this collection is really for you if you are willing to take a chance on half moon-shaped rhinestones, enjoy hearts and the sporadic pearl, and like a ring that is so large it could probably knock a passerby out.

2. Jessica Winzelberg

If, however, you fancy yourself more of a marbles kind of person, I found Jessica Winzelberg through Harling. Her price point is between $125 and $320 as far as my eye can tell.

3. Tohum Design

This brand is for you if you like feeling as though you’re wearing a silvered or gilded version of the ocean around your neck, your wrists or on your pinky finger. Fun fact about this brand: I actually found the designer, based in Istanbul, Turkey, through Kate Foley and then hunted her ass down on Instagram and executed my transaction through private messages. Here’s hoping they’re secure!

4. George Keburia

Restocked from 15.12.17 Ph: @etunamachavariani

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Kourtney Kardashian found him too, so I’m not sure if this can be considered one of Instagram’s hidden gems any longer, but over the summer, with the influx of tiny cat eyes (kitten eyes?) permeating the faces of anyone who would allow them to, George Keburia stood out as a uniquely qualified clothing designer with an affinity for the so-ugly-they’re-good sunglasses that have come to define this cultural moment in time. This brand is for you if you’re into pop culture (so is this, btw). If you’re not, maybe I can lure you into my armpit with these heart-shaped glasses, of which I am a huge fan.

Do I look a sociopath y/n

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I call this “proof,” but you can just answer the question if you want.

5. Couture des Iles

This collection is for you if you are familiar with Heimet Atlantica, but feel more connected to straw bags that contain bamboo handle bars, and also hail from the Bahamas! You can buy them through Instagram, sure, or just hit up Fivestory. They’re $250 a pop and in my opinion, may as well be an Hermès Kelly. Eh?

6. Roxanne Assoulin

It would be super weird if I didn’t include Roxanne Assoulin on this list, right? Although I did not find her on Instagram and have in fact known her for the greater part of a full decade, without her equal parts bright and sparkly ass contribution to the social media app, I have no idea how I would have been able to execute any of the following photos:

The wrist chronicles volume 100.

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Does anyone have more fun making jewelry?

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Beads out, pimple still in tact

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It's like playing dress up but on your arm

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I could keep going, but there’s no point. The conclusion is single-fold; for as many handicaps as Instagram has produced for the the fate of our abilities to socialize, focus, get stuff done and so forth, it is also a dazzling discovery tool that facilitates the publicity and subsequent success of small brands with small inventories and small, piecemeal shops. Couple this with both the holiday hankering to ~accessorize~ and a natural want to speak without words — through your wrists, not your clothes, and often at a price point that can feel more digestible — and what we have is a trifecta that results in emotional excellence.

Now, seriously, should we launch an accessories brand or what? Would you buy into it? What would you want to buy? Tell me everything!

Feature photo via Nina Kastens

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  • Caroline

    I am in!!!! Big earrings, a zesty headband collection, tiny weird wristlets, colorful rings with big stones, and all the infinite bandana collection you seem to own!

  • Chalisse Burrell

    Please Please Please Please!!!! I need this is my life. You can never have to many accessories. HEADBANDS, HAIRPINS AND EARRINGSSSS. I think I have room for more 🙂

  • Love the idea of an MR accessories collection!! I am a sucker for rings and dangly earrings, hoops, and scarves! Love a good quirky scarf.

  • Julia Park

    yes, yes, yes to MR accessories!! (affordability would be key though.)

    • Leandra Medine

      That’s the goal!! You should be able to re-up your lewk on a monthly, even weekly basis if you want to without feeling like you’re spending your 401k, or even your salary, frankly

      • Julia Park

        oh yes! or without plunging into the “pay off the student loans debt” fund :///

  • Kattigans

    Yes to MR accessories (pls do a good price point too!)

  • Briony Somers

    YES! Liked what you said about it on the Girl Boss interview. Things that have no real function but you just want. Like boxes from Muji where I’m like “How do I feel such desire for a piece of plastic?”Also I don’t have my ears pierced and just don’t feel I should have to cave to having someone stab my earlobes but there should be more clip on earrings in the world.

    • Briony Somers

      I reckon international shipping would be the problem for me… especially because I like to imagine it being at a price point where I can buy lots and frequently

  • rolaroid

    I actually find it weird to include Roxanne Assoulin because she is all over this website already AND I LOVE IT!!!!! Love all of these, actually!

  • accessories definitely make or break a look, earrings are a huge part of my style!

  • Hollie Bell

    Yes please launch an accessories brand!! I’m struggling to find the things I want at the price I want, i.e. Fun but not cheesy hair accessories, jewellery that has a sense of humour without looking cheap and you can never have too many pairs of sparkly socks can you? Think it could be great!

  • Leslie Hitchcock

    Zozi design out of TLV. I’m obsessed with her work. @zozidesign on IG. And ~obviously~ to an accessories line! My mother always said ‘exercising is good but accessorising is better.’ X

  • Emma Daeleman

    Absolute YES on the MR accessories. You should also check out feltatelier on Instagram, they’re handmade earrings from Amsterdam! Really affordable and beautiful

    • Dylan Zack

      thank you for sharing! love their stuff!

      • Julia Park

        i second this!

  • Greer Clarke


  • I LOVE all of these creators and will be following a few for inspiration but please please PLS try to include a mix of price points! >$200 for the majority of this stuff is well out of reach for me (and I assume a lot of other readers).
    La Madeleine | Unofficially the best lifestyle blog ever

  • Rachel

    I got all excited about those Nina Kastens earrings thinking they’d actually be under $100 but nope! Can MR please write something on cool accessories that are actually affordable and under $100 please!!

  • Gwenn Guthrie

    Yes to MR accessories!!!!

  • DATowpe

    Fun stackable bracelets @ $80 a pop = $300+ for something cute and whimsical. Most people who even have that much disposable income would choose to invest it in something like a good pair of shoes. I’m really waiting to meet this mystical group of people who can throw hundreds of dollars away for impulse items. They must exist because of all the online catalogs that pop up in my feed but even at my most reckless I spent that kind of money on quality designer investment pieces.