3 Holiday Party Outfit Ideas From a Pregnant Woman

It’s a good time of year to navigate one’s third trimester. I am seriously on festive trend: snowmen, baubles, Christmas puddings — all legit doppelgängers for me right now. That said, clothing? Naaaaat so easy. I’m unable to wear any of my old holiday standards with my 29-weeks-pregnant body.

I love holiday parties, if only for the sequined mini dresses or something festively spicy, and copious amounts of free alcohol. Now there are things to be holstered and bolstered. Can’t drink, either. And when you spend 90% of your time now padding ‘round in loungewear, as I have been, you really want just one night to shine under that mistletoe — which means I want to swaddle my incubating baby and look, well, really fucking nice.

Black is a savior when pregnant. I had already started to experiment with a monochrome life in this piece, and funnily enough, I was pregnant during that shoot, too. (The baby was more coffee bean than bowling ball, however.) I also adore this Rhode Resort dress, which can also be worn as a coat, and this Topshop maternity dress. The ruching on the chest plays down swollen boobs, while the soft jersey skims over bumps and the off-the-shoulder detail offers a soupçon of sexiness.

Speaking of sexy, remember that stretchy Sportmax skirt I told you about? It’s still a g-dang saviour and — weeeeee! — turns out it works really well for evenings, too, with a blazer and heels. I actually wore this exact outfit last week to the Net-a-Porter Christmas party. I um’d and ah’d about buying this Racil blazer because I am trying to resist investment buys due to my oscillating shape. But then I caved and bought it in my regular size so that I can wear it open (and closed, when I’m back to my singular self). I love the velvet lapels and ostentatiously large crystal jewels. And, hey, it’s half the price of Blaze Milano (another favorite), so small mercies and all that.

Heels are a rarity, so when I wear them, I want them to sing. Sidenote: isn’t it funny how we’re all back in stiletto courts? They were the height of uncool five years ago. Ditto, anything embellished or bejewelled. Shows how nutso the industry’s trend cycle really can be.

As for sparkly things, look no further than Topshop for your shot of purse-friendly festive bling. This faux velvet dress is like a fabulous, more-affordable alternative Attico number. It’s heavily influenced by the supremely stylish Italian label (created by the supremely stylish Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio) and what makes it maternity-appropriate is the wrap-over style. In fact: that’s what makes it great for breastfeeding, too. Size up so you get more space in the bust and waist. That said, I still need to layer a camisole underneath. You could also do that popular street style thing of wearing it as a coat, over a t-shirt and jeans or something else similarly simple (key) in cut and decoration.

For round-the-clock excellence (where 8 p.m. becomes the new 11 p.m.), this crepe de chine Gucci blouse is my No.1 party pick. If I had a lot of shekels to throw at something this December, this Gucci blouse would be it. I love the way the bow trims my bump and also, that I can get away with some really comfortable, legging-type trousers and a low pump because the blouse does all the talking.

Wham, bam, thank you, Snowman. Show me what you’re wearing to your holiday parties.

Photos by Eva K. Salvi. You can follow her on Instagram @evaksalvi.

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  • Amelia Diamond

    i need that racil blazer so badly i can’t breathe

  • Ciccollina

    Oh Pandy (I feel entitled to call you this because I listen to The High Low religiously) your cheekbones are just fabulous.

  • tuberoseandvetiver

    Unrelated but damn I love your hair cut. If you could tell me how I can get it at the salon I would be eternally grateful.

  • Jackie

    Pandora, you are such inspiration for maternity outfits that still look like “you” while handling the obvious rapid changes your body makes when toting around a growing baby. I’m only 10 weeks along in my own pregnancy, but you (and Leandra) both are so inspiring and make me want to not give into my current inclination to dress like the frumpiest version of myself for the next 6 months. 😆 Love all of your pieces!

  • Sehnsational Style

    You look SO fabulous! Loving that first outfit 🙂

    Xoxo KMS

  • Pandora, this was a treat, as always. You look fantastic!

  • Babs

    These photos are killerrrr!!

  • Cynthia Schoonover

    These are classy outfits! I adore the Gucci blouse even though I’m not pregnant. Maternity clothes have come a long way in 35 years! When I was pregnant, everything looked liked it was made by Omar the Tentmaker and full of puff sleeves, ruffles, and bows. Fortunately, I was able to make a lot of my maternity clothes so I didn’t look like a walking lampshade.

  • PregnantinPortland

    Thank you for this!! I’m attending a wedding in two weeks and will be 27 weeks, need major prego fashion inspo. Congrats on your pending bundle of joy. As annoying as pregnancy is, key to remember how fucking amazing we are!! Happy holidays 🙂

  • Nic M

    A good reason to not buy clothes in your ‘normal size’ during pregnancy is because your rib cage may permanently enlarge as the bottom ribs splay slightly to accommodate the growing uterus. They tend to not revert back to their old dimensions.

  • Aydan

    oh god all three are just too too perfect!! non pregnant girl gonna replicate cause its just too good!

    • Jessa Gibboney


  • You look amazing! All black is perfect with your hair and eyebrows!


  • Mun

    I love the second look!

  • B4B

    LOVE the camisole underneath the topshop dress! Where is it from?