Everyone’s always talking about trying to keep cool in the summer, meanwhile I am over here, every year, trying to remember how to keep cool in the winter. It’s hard, but I suspect it doesn’t have to be. All you need is one coat that carries you through the chilly fashion slumps, that brightens your morning commute by virtue of, say, lavender colored plumes or blue teddybear fuzz. I’m just spit-balling, of course, but I can rationalize it:

After you’ve lived in a cold weather climate for long enough — let’s call it at least two winters, if not three (because some of you Californians, and I’ll include myself in this, like to pretend that a leather jacket plus a scarf is warm enough) you have likely stocked your closet with at least one practical, parent-approved anorak. I’d bet that you also have a thin, packable “layering” puffer that heats up hotter than a handful of ski beans, and long underwear. If this is the case, congratulations. You have graduated from How to Stay Warm in Winter 101!

Which means it’s time to get thinking about your whackadoodle winter wonder-coat. It’s time to embrace your furry fantasy. It’s time to compete with ice cubes over chill factor.

Enter stylist Nicole Chapoteau, long-time New Yorker and no stranger to dropped temperatures, not to mention mom of two, which makes her a bundling professional. She styled three women — Coco Mitchell, Laura Medine (Leandra’s mom!) and Junko Geisler, today’s models — in the coolest coats this side of the North Pole.

Can’t decide which one to try? Me either. Walk with me then, won’t you, through this cozy snow globe of a journey to decide which cool coat is right for your hot soul.

If you’re so bored of black anoraks that you fear you might fall asleep while crossing the street in one…

Might I suggest this pinkish/lavender-y fluffy monster coat?

If you’re not ready to get too crazy (in fact, you prefer the classics) but you’re craving something different…

This white J.Crew marshmallow is mighty toasty.

If you’re a cat person…


If you’re a puffer-layering pro* and need a slick overcoat…

This is the icing on top.

If you want to finally try color — this is the year, you swear! — but it still kinda makes you nervous…

Maybe baby blue could be your new neutral.

If you got this far along and realized you actually, oops, don’t own a proper puffer…

No time like the plaid/present!

And remember: stay cool, but don’t freeze.

(*On extra cold days, no matter the coat you choose, layering your thin puffers and long underwear underneath is always an insulation game-changer.)

Photos by Edith Young; Styled by Nicole Chapoteau; Modeled by Laura Medine, Junko Geisler and Coco Mitchell of Iconic Focus; Hair and makeup by Ritsu Hirayama. Photographed at a Breather

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  • Charlotte

    Such a fantastic story!
    Styling was impeccable and the models were stunning and amazing. A joy to read !

  • Adrianna

    I first realized I needed a leopard print (cat print) coat when watching the opening sequence for the Elaine Stritch documentary

  • Abby

    This is the year I finally got a nice winter coat, I found it in a vintage store for $60 and I love it. Sage green, real wool, silk lined, and perfectly oversized.

  • So excited to see Leandra’s mom in this piece! All these women look so genuinely happy 🙂

    • Kelsi

      they RADIATE

  • stephanie

    these women are so chic, love the casting!

  • Yes!! that first outfit is everything I’ve ever wanted to be!! Happy to see Laura Medine in the lineup! More non-models as models plz.

  • Courtney Johnson

    As if I needed another sign that I need a furry coat in my life- love these all!

  • urgirlalice


    • PJB

      I was going to say, i can barely focus on the clothes because the models are SO GORGEOUS.

  • Charlie

    Love the casting! Laura Medine is stunning as always. She is just pure class. I would love to see Coco Mitchell and Junko Geisler modelling in the future. Photo 1 and 12 WOW! And those nice Rebecca Taylor pants are done justice!

  • dsyh.nyc

    this is my first time commenting – i’m usually a lurker – but i had to say something because i love each of those models! they’re selling the crap out of those coats.

  • Cynthia Schoonover

    The pink fake fur was love at first sight! However, my wallet didn’t agree. I do like that you are not showing black coats. I do have a black leather coat, but I generally try to avoid black coats because everyone buys a black coat. I do wear bright scarves with it.

  • Dawn Duhaney

    Beautiful models, fantastic styling (as usual from MR!)

  • Jessica Williams

    Lovely ladies! They wear all of it so well.


  • Suzan

    The styling, the models, the photography… All amazing!!

  • Danielle Cardona Graff

    I AM SO THRILLED to see women actually older than me for once! I am only in my 30s but I am so tired of looking at fashion meant for me, being translated on girls as young as 13, (who I didn’t relate to even when I WAS 13)!!! Go Man Repeller go! 🙂

    • Danielle Cardona Graff

      The looks themselves are also super fab btw

    • Kelsi

      AMEN! something to aspire to!

  • Rosemary

    LOVING these models!!! and also those striped boots wOw

  • Larisa Ikeda

    Ditto. Gorgeous casting! Way to represent MR.

  • Thank you Man Repeller for promoting age diversity! Your models are beautiful and prove you can rock a look at any age!

  • Selena Delgado

    These women are STUNNING, they distracted me from the clothes.

  • meganjones

    OBSESSED with these models!!! Great work MR!

  • Kimberley Boehm

    I’m swooning over the models and the coats. Women in my age bracket! The coats are mighty fine, too.

  • LaurenG

    Small things that make me happy.
    Falling in love with the baby blue coat, thinking “that must be another designer coat I can’t afford” and reading that it’s actually from Zara! Ohh 😍

  • Talia

    Summer has just started here and I decided to finally buy a fur coat in the Black Friday sales. It barely even gets cold enough in Western Australia to warrant a fur coat but I’m pretty excited to try and slow cook my entire torso when it comes

  • mandy

    wow these women are so incredible

  • Beatriz Medeiros

    I’m a Brazilian from the tropical Rio de Janeiro but can’t accept one thing: DON’T YOU GUYS FREEZE YOUR FEET DURING WINTER???? Ok, this is an editorial etc, but I really mean it. On street style photos, there is ALWAYS someone wearing thick coats + strap sandals, how come?
    Here, if we have like 12ºC during winter I literally wear 3 socks and boots.

  • mlc

    YES to the choice of women here. different, beautiful and just kind of normal ! it makes you realize the power of media and images and how strong is the subconscious when it come to accepting or expecting certain images. v happy to see this

  • Mellisa Scarlett


  • clairmk

    leandras mom!!!!

  • Meg

    THANK you including A) models of age diversity, and B) products of price diversity! Love to see the stuff I can actually afford here 🙂

  • Leslie Hitchcock

    Coco Mitchell is my spirit animal.

    This piece!! Thank you, Amelia and Nicole!

  • Karla

    I love the coats and your diverse model choice, but why cant winter editorials be inspirational for actual cold temperatures?
    I live in Germany and in the UK and I would be freezing to death in every single of these outfits if it’s below its below 10 degrees, which is the case for at least 5 months a year.
    But neither do I want to be wearing Ugg/moon boots and a puffa onesie in winter.

  • Incredibly late to the party (I’m catching up on everything I missed over the busy Christmas run up!) but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a piece where I’ve loved every look so very much. Bravo!