Help Me Compile a List of the Best Movies You Can Stream

After seeing Her in 2013, the Spike Jonze film about a man falling in love with a voice, I was so moved I got annoyed at the guy I was with for not liking it. He said the slow pace “made him anxious”; I feigned sympathy and privately rolled my eyes. I thought about the film for days. My surroundings took on the same orange-y hue of the film, my friends’ voices the same warm timber. I felt unusually present in my body and understood by myself.

When I watched the movie again last year, it didn’t affect me the same way. It still lit up my senses, but it more so brought me back to a mental space I’d since vacated, and made me realize how much I’d changed. I reflected on how rude I’d been about my partner not liking it, and considered what about it had, at the time, felt so urgent. Even though my emotional landscape had changed, the film still managed to turn my wheels.

My affection for Her is distinct because, normally, my movie memory is embarrassingly short. I forget most plots within days of viewing them and return a blank stare when asked about my favorites. I just don’t watch many movies, and rare is the one that sticks with me. Every time someone suggests a title I’ll love, I swear I won’t forget it. And the moment I sit down in front of the TV, a free night in front of me, the Netflix search cursor ready and blinking, it’s like I’ve never heard of a movie in my entire life.

I once asked the MR community to help me compile a list of genuinely addicting books, and I was spoiled with over 1,000 passionate suggestions. I don’t know if you all have the same enthusiasm for movies, but I’d even take a fraction of it for the next time I’m giving my TV a blank stare. This time, the same rules apply: I don’t just want good movies or entertaining movies or ones you recently saw that met your expectations, I want your most heartened recommendation. The one you saw and thought about for days and never forgot. The one that changed you, that you told all your friends to watch immediately, that you’d actually consider buying on DVD if that were still a thing.

What is it? What’s your one? Help me build a safe landing place for those of us prone to Netflix spirals of indecision.

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  • The Dark Crystal has always been a weird favorite of mine. Not sure if it’s on Netflix, but I do own it on DVD.

  • K

    Don’t go to Netflix for great films!** It’s like the cheap section of Blockbuster back in the day: just loads of bad sequels. I think the only genuinely great film I’ve watched on Netflix is Annie Hall, about which I understand something new and different every time I watch it.

    General recommendations, though are:
    – The Great Beauty (Italian film about a man reaching older age who has wasted his talent. Just AMAZING).
    – Handmaiden (Excellent Korean thriller)
    – Grosse Pointe Blank (I’m a sucker for John Cusack, this is a lovely black comedy – the sort where even on 17th viewing you find jokes you missed before).

    *****or at least UK Netflix.

    • Adrianna

      Netflix pushes their original content now, so unfortunately you have to do some digging to find films.

      I’m in the US, so I appreciate Netflix as a source of foreign movies. There’s not a lot, but I appreciate having the chance to watch a few Polish movies without attending an obscure film festival. Ida won an Oscar a few years ago. I laughed when Pawel Pawlikowski thanked his distribution team during his speech, because that movie was streaming everywhere.

      • Lindsay Smith

        Haha- I saw Ida on netflix and loved it!

      • A Local Honey

        I so loved Ida!
        Other great foreign films on Netflix: Remembrance, I Am Love, Amelie (obvs)

        An exhaustive list of great movies on Netflix:
        Inglorious Basterds
        The Little Prince
        Moonrise Kingdon
        War Machine
        Life Aquatic
        Dead Poet’s Society
        Burn After Reading
        Blood Diamond
        Pulp Fiction

        • Becky Jantzen

          anything by WES ANDERSON! Seriously

          • A Local Honey

            Awaiting the day I can watch every WA movie via Netflix.

  • Ashley Hamilton

    I’d like to re-submit my suggestion – Bend it Like Beckham

    • Betsy

      That is a great movie. Second.

    • Maren Douglas

      Third! Literally just bought it on iTunes like its 2008.

    • eganmay

      theyve been showing this on hbo and i’ve watched it about four times this month.

      • Ashley Hamilton

        Watched on HBO go last week, will watch again this week and likely next.

    • Keisha

      so funny, I was just thinking of jonathan rhys meyers.

  • amelie

    Well. I feel like my name and avatar speak for themselves.

    In all seriousness: my favorite films I can watch time and time again next to the obvious one are: Little Miss Sunshine, Frances Ha and Fargo.

    • Tessa

      Fargo is one of my favorite movies of all time! And Frances Ha is one of my favorite depictions in film of female friendship 🙂

      • amelie

        You have great taste! 🙂 I love how often Frances Ha is mentioned here. I have been a fan of Greta Gerwig ever since I saw that film and I can’t wait until Lady Bird comes out here!

    • Amelie is a must. Haley’s mention of the orangey hue in Her made me think of the red/green filter in Amelie. So dreamy.

  • Adrianna

    People make fun of me for this, but you’d be surprised by how many movies are available at the public library. (At least in NYC/Brooklyn)

    Um, Zootopia.

    I feel like the Man Repeller crowd would appreciate Frances Ha. I was also recently pleasantly surprised by the 2012 version of Anna Karenina, thought I would recommend you read the book first. Y Tu Mamá También also stands out in my Viewing History.

    Are we including documentaries? Bc Netflix is basically my documentary channel. I recently watched:
    One of Us, Icarus, Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold, Amanda Knox, The First Monday in May, The Barkley Marathons, Inspired to Ride

    • Aydan

      ditto on Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold — I saw it at the Metrograph and I just kept making excuses for bringing it up in conversations with everyone from coworkers to friends!

    • Andrea Raymer

      I also love that 2012 Anna Kerenina. I love how heavily stylized the Art Direction is and I love to look at everything.

      • Adrianna

        Same here, exactly why I recommend it!

      • mariahg

        And the fact that Tom Stoppard wrote the screenplay!!

      • A Local Honey

        It’s the only version of Anna Karenina I’ll ever need. (says the Lit major)

      • Becky Jantzen

        the make up! this film is a visual masterpiece- I could watch it on mute

    • Camila Restrepo

      As someone from Medellin, Colombia; thank you for suggesting 30 for 30: The Two Escobars; it was heartbreaking to watch it.

    • Selena Delgado

      Y Tu Mama También is incredible! One of my all time favorites.

    • Eileen Fritz

      Frances ha gave me the feeling I think she described in the article, basically changed my world view. I can usually depend on Greta gerwig for that.

    • Ariane Laurent-Smith

      Documentary-wise: Chef’s Table, exquisite series looking at a different restaurant per episode

      • Adrianna

        Seen it, love it!

  • Camila Restrepo

    GET FILMSTRUCK! * if you like foreign classic films aka the entire Criterion Collection is on it.
    My christmas vacation start tomorrow, and even though I’m trying to finalize a graduate school application, I’ll probably be having an Antonioni marathon.
    There are a couple of goodies on Netflix and Amazon.

  • kaitlyn conway

    OMG i have so many but my cursor is blinking on this comments section like ive never seen a movie before. stand by.

  • Aydan

    BPM — not sure its in the streaming world yet, but its probably one of the best movies I’ve seen in ages. Frances Ha used to be on Netflix and its one of my all time faves. Noah Baumbach’s new Merkowitz Stories (or however you spell it), is pretty great too–apparently it was sold to Netflix in post production (I went to a directors screening of it and it was wonderful to hear Baumbach talk about his process)

  • Frazier Sandlin

    I am SO here for this.

    Recently the best movie I watched was Erin Brokovich, but HBO and Cinemax have so many good movies.

  • Andrea Raymer

    I could watch the Before trilogy every day. They are usually not all streaming at the same time but they are all available to rent on amazon prime. if they pop up for free on a streaming service TAKE ADVANTAGE of that moment because it will not last long. (Before Midnight, the third installment is currently on Netflix)

    I also used to watch Like Crazy at least once a week while it was still streaming on Netflix.

    Lion. on Netflix and I hysterically sob through the entire movie whenever I watch it.

    The last Five years always satisfies when I am in the mood for “indie” broadway musicals

    there is also a random movie on Netflix called A Royal Night Out which is terrible but I have watched it at least 6 times purely for the 1940s pin curl hair Inspo.

    • Andrea Raymer

      I also just want to point out that having spent a weekend visiting my brother in Montreal, I realized that Canadian Netflix is SO MUCH BETTER than American Netflix.

      • Cristina

        I believe it. The British thrillers/dramas on Netflix are slower to start, but so much more rewarding to watch and so intense! A friend suggests that the reason British TV is so much better is that they know when to stop. There’s 1-2 mayyybe 3 seasons of something unlike 16 seasons of American shows.

      • Laura

        I was visiting Mexico and their Netflix selection was much better as well D: D: D:

  • ashley

    Lost in Translation, Contact, Never Let Me Go, and Dogtooth all lingered with me for days after I watched them, pretty sure they can all be found on netflix, amazon prime, or hulu!!

    • ashley

      one more!! The One I Love is truly mind bending and will have you watching it 4 more times to see what you missed

  • Lindsay Smith

    Movies I have actually paid to own, so I can watch them even when nobody is streaming them for free:

    -You’ve Got Mail ( Classic. I am sure I won’t be the only one recommending this, and I’ll be surprised if you haven’t already seen it!)
    -What If (Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan indie “rom com” but only in the best way possible/not cringey. Adam Driver is also in it)
    -Mood Indigo (French film based on a novel- I’ll admit I don’t rewatch this often, but the first time I saw it it stayed with me for days)
    – Only Lovers Left Alive (Imagine if all vampires were dressed by the staff at ManRepeller and were actually Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton)
    -A Bigger Splash (Another T-Swint film, with Matthias Schoenaerts, taking place on an Italian island and costumed with lots of Raf Simmons for Dior… it’s a movie that makes you feel constantly like you are squinting into the sun yourself. Lots of undercurrents of sensuality.)
    -The Handmaiden (I see this below as well… it’s based on a Sara Waters novel and it is BONKERS good- dark, erotic, and gorgeous costuming and cinematography)

  • Oana

    Any Eric Rohmer film really. Also Jules et Jim. Inredibly forward for it’s time.
    And while I know you said films I cannot help recommending SKAM, the Norwegian teenage TV series. I think everyone at team MR would love it.

    • Mika Deshmukh

      SKAM is everything!!!!

  • Christina

    Bachelorette (the MOVIE) is back on Netflix, and it is one of my all time faves. For comfort value, I’m going to add in Mean Girls and Mulan.

    • and now 4 different Mulan songs are stuck in my head simultaneously and I LOVE IT

  • Halina

    It is depressing, as per the name, but I also couldn’t get it off my mind: ‘Melancholia’

    • Emily E

      YES! I am not being hyperbolic when I say Melancholia changed my life. I saw it in theaters when it came out and it was so relatable to me then. Now, it’s not a film I can watch any old time, but it remains one of my favorites ever.

      • Joanne Brown

        Me too!!!

  • Mika Deshmukh

    Frances Ha on Netflix, Bill Cunningham New York on Amazon Video!! The story of best friendship in Frances Ha absolutely moved me, and getting an insight into what a wonderful person Bill Cunningham was also made me v emotional.

    • Mickey Galvin

      The Bill Cunningham documentary was soooo good!!

  • Eliza

    Please pardon my refined taste in movies, but here you go for all my favorites which are guaranteed to keep you entertained:

    If you have Hulu: It Takes Two (a Mary Kate & Ashley classic), Election

    If you have Netflix: Moonrise Kingdom, Begin Again, Heathers, A Cinderella Story (Chad Michael Murray in his prime)

    If you have Amazon Prime: The Big Sick, She’s All That, My Girl (if you need a good cry), Clueless

    If you have HBO Go: About a Boy, Erin Brockovich, The Lizzie McGuire Movie (because come on, it’s awesome)

    • Christina

      How could I have forgotten Heathers?!?!

    • Betsy

      Heathers! How could I forget? (Obvious answer: I had a brain tumor for breakfast.)

    • Shawna

      Ditto Heathers. The best.

    • Julia

      Moonrise Kingdom!!!! Such a good movie and never gets old

    • Allegra

      A CINDERELLA STORY!! Watched it over and over as a pre-teen and would definitely not hesitate to give it another go!

    • I’m not embarrassed to admit I regularly listen to the My Girl soundtrack on Spotify.

  • Tessa

    A little different, but one of my favorites nonetheless, is a movie called Things We Do in the Shadows (on Amazon Prime)–an amazingly absurdist Kiwi vampire comedy. Also (obviously) Legally Blonde, aka the best film ever made. I used to watch it every semester in college!

    • Tessa

      Ooh and I forgot Best In Show

      • jolene73

        Yessssss! Parker Posey & Jane Lynch are amazing in that film.

      • starryhye

        Yes! Best in Show is one of my all time faves.

    • Morg

      We’re werewolves not swerewolves!

    • Kat

      If you like Things we do in the shadows, check out everything else by Taika Waititi – hunt for the wilderpeople and eagle vs shark are particularly good! Also of course Flight of the Conchords (tv show) if you haven’t seen it yet!
      Also he just directed Thor Ragnarok and it is the best combo of that kiwi sense of humour with a marvel action film ever…!

      • Tessa

        Thank you so much for the movie suggestions! I’m already a huge fan of Flight of the Conchords 🙂 I love me some kiwi humor

      • Hunt for the Wilderpeople had me howling with laughter and then SOBBING! It is an INCREDIBLE movie! RICKY BAKER 4 EVER

    • Becky Jantzen

      LOVE this hilarious vampire satire!

    • I love What We Do in the Shadows. Speaking of Jemaine Clement films, I hold such a soft spot for People Places Things.

  • rolaroid

    I am a big fan of Lynn Ramsay. Morvern Callar (with Samantha Morton!) and Ratcatcher are impeccable. And I am partial to Truffaut, notably Les 400 Coups (The 400 Blows).

  • Betsy

    I just watched Barefoot in the Park again on Netflix and I still love it. Also Frances Ha is so charming. Kicking and Screaming is so 90s and dated and also so good (Parker Posey + Noah Baumbach version not Will Ferrell soccer version.)

  • Jane

    Like Crazy!!!!!

  • AbiTX

    Has anyone said Amelie yet? Is it still on Netflix? Because Amelie

    • amelie

      I have actually.

  • Rita

    Spotlight (2015) is so so interesting and you easily find it on Netflix!

  • Lauren Thompson

    If you don’t mind subtitles, or musicals, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL and haunting movie I’ve ever seen is The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (Les parapluies de Cherbourg). The colors are so vivid and beautiful and the music makes my heart ache. It’s a perfect rainy night cozywith a bottle of wine and no glass kind of film. I’d recommend it even if you normally hate subtitles and musicals, it’s that enchanting and delicious.

    The clothes are also dreamlike (buuuut maybe a bit more Harling than you)

    • Ci

      YES!! And Lola, Demy’s first film -recently restored from oblivion- a “musical without music”

  • Sophie

    The grand torino, saw it on an airplane which probably heightened the experience.

  • Elyse

    Yes, excellent, ok.

    Take This Waltz — I think about the set design in this ALL THE TIME.
    Grosse Point Blank
    Frances Ha

    Also, Nocturnal Animals (on HBO I think?)

    • Diana McNeill

      Nocturnal Animals was one of those films that flew under the radar for so many people, but MAN is it haunting. And BEAUTIFUL. Also it was written and directed by Tom Ford–yeah, like THE Tom Ford.

  • Sarah

    Little Women! (The 1994 adaptation, with Winona Ryder). It’s available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

    This was my favorite movie at age six. It’s pretty remarkable to connect with something so strongly as a very young child, and to have that feeling grow with you for twenty-something years. It’s a gem.

    • lydia

      My FAVE christmas movie. I love it.

  • Hannah Nichols

    Marie Antoinette. Fave movie. Actually styled my wedding around it. Informative storyline, aesthetically pleasing, bomb soundtrack, Jason Schwartzman in short pants.

    • Becky Jantzen

      also- THE VIRGIN SUICIDES!!!!! Also by Sophia Coppola- brilliant!

    • Camila Restrepo

      How did I forget Marie Antoinette??? I actually do have that on DVD because I loved it so much when it came out.
      That soundtrack….. I love that scene when Adam and the Ants’ song comes on!

    • Marie Antoinette is so good! The whole thing feels kind of decadent.

  • Kat

    – Buddymoon (though only if you have the same sense of humour as me!)
    – Hunt for the wilderpeople
    I also loved Her. I watched it on a plane back from Canada to the U.K. at the same time my 3 year relationship was ending (though I hadn’t realised that yet)…

  • I mean “stream” is a generous word here, BUT I watched ‘Desert Hearts’ last night c/o an internet link. It’s the lesbians-out-west movie you’ve always needed, didn’t know you did.

    Also, hi to all xo.

  • Lindsey

    Room. I think it is still on Amazon prime

  • Nia Mariah Gaines

    Please watch The Talented Mr. Ripley! Jude Law, Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, and more!

    • Ci

      And please watch Purple Noon! (Plein Soleil)

  • Terri Mallett

    Katie Holmes is amazing in Miss Meadows.

  • Sarah

    Whiplash! I never thought 5 minute drum solos could be that exciting.

    • lydia

      I don’t think I exhaled that entire movie. So intense. So so good.

    • beatrix kiddori

      as a former band kid I felt so connected to that movie. geez.

    • Charlie

      Yes! I agree (also Lydia… I didn’t know I could hold my breath for that long!)

    • Autumn

      Yes yes! I love JK Simmons so much but was kind of scared of him after this movie. But it’s absolutely amazing.

    • Delphine Gintz

      Oh! I forgot Whiplash! Most intense movie I’ve ever seen

  • Ap4rna

    Frances Ha. I’ve watched it over 40 times within the last four years (seems pretty crazy when I write it down…). Started out watching it, then got to the point where I’d play it as background while going about tasks in my apartment. Greta Gerwig is brilliant, and the difficult best friend relationship portion really hit home for me.

  • Morg

    1. The Santa Claus. Scott Calvin’s facial expressions will catch you feeling nostalgic, while Laura Miller’s wardrobe will make you rethink your own.

    2. Frozen Planet. David Attenborough is back again to navigate us through the life and environment of the colder parts of the world. The penguins will steal your heart and make you want to consider surfing as a new hobby. Packed full of polar bears, whales, and owls- this multi episode documentary is a delight.

    • Rebecca

      omg the santa claus. my favorite holiday movie of all time. bernard was my first crush

  • rachelattack

    The Lobster and I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore are both on Netflix (last I checked)

  • Shawna

    Obvious Child, with Jenny Slate, so heartfelt. Also, Chef.

    • Amelia

      Oh my god I loved Obvious Child. I pretty much recommend it to every person I come in contact with.

    • Literally paused Chef mid movie to make myself a grilled cheese!

      • A Local Honey

        Chef was an instant classic for me!

    • Ariane Laurent-Smith

      Obvious Child is fantastic

  • Laura

    I don’t know if it’s still on HBO, but I loved Brooklyn.

    And because of your interest in Her, have you seen Black Mirror? What I like is that each episode is like its own mini film so you don’t feel the need to binge watch.

  • Amelia


  • Mallory Bergman

    When Harry Met Sally – probably the reason I moved to New York
    You’ve Got Mail – Love watching this around the holidays. Thank you Nora <3
    Before Trilogy — Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and Before Midnight – These movies really stay with you for a few days because they are so beautiful and feel real. The ending of Before Sunset is one of my favorite endings of all time. "Baby, you're gonna miss that plane."

    • OMG great selection. I recently just watched the Before Trilogy and found it oddly captivating because the movies are really just one long conversation with the two characters and there is very little music that plays in the background. Would 100% recommend these!

    • The Before Trilogy <3 <3 <3

    • Robin

      that endinggggg its my favorite movie scene of all time

    • M. Taylor

      The Before Trilogy is the kind of thing I watch both when I’m inconsolably sad and when I just need something beautiful to put on in the background. The dialogue gets me every time – it’s both realistic and completely magical. Also, the off-screen friendship between Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke shines through their acting in an amazing way. Ughhh, my heart. <3

  • Camila Restrepo

    Okay, so I realize that I wrote about FilmStruck but about the movies that have stayed with throughout time.
    As a huge self-proclaimed cinemaphile, here goes.

    Gomorra (I read the book afterwards, I talked about this movie to everybody around me, etc. I currently love the series but it’s very different to the movie)
    Schindler’s List
    The lives of others (WOAH, WOAH what a movie- I saw it two years ago when I lived in Germany and I haven’t forgotten it)
    Volver (Penelope Cruz is just drop dead gorgeous in this movie)
    Bicycle Thiefs
    Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
    Divorce Italian Style (I’ve seen this movie like three times and I still don’t get sick of it….Marcello at its finest).
    Midnight in Paris (always watch it before I go to Paris)
    Cinema Paradiso
    Life is Beautiful

    I can’t think of others right now. Clearly, I love the italians.

  • KTD091

    #1 pick: The Staircase, avail to stream on the SundanceTV website (there’s an app for Apple TV users). If you loved Making a Murderer, you’ll be obsessed (it’s WAY better).
    The Staircase should take up most of your time, but here are some other favorites that I return to and continually recommend (purposely omitted rom-com/indie dramedies as they are well represented already on this list)
    – Zodiac, Netflix (Fincher’s best film, hands down)
    – Hell or High Water, Amazon
    – Ex Machina, Amazon
    – The Prestige, Netflix
    – Kill Bill, Vol. 1 and 2, Hulu
    – 2 Days in Paris, Netflix (okay technically a rom-com, but its kind of dark and truly hilarious)
    – The Hunting Ground, Netflix (doc)
    – Catch Me If You Can, HBO
    – The Silence of the Lambs, Amazon (a personal favorite)

  • Kathleen FitzPatrick

    Meet Joe Black

    • mariahg


  • E


    • E

      And almost literally any Tarantino film (Pulp Fiction fa sho)

  • Emma Charlotte Pratt

    Erin Brockovich for your badass female inspo
    the Pierce Bronsnan/Rene Russo remake of The Thomas Crown Affair for the plot twists and general sexiness
    Arrival for hands down the best plot twist I’ve ever experienced
    The Hunting Ground because everyone just needs to watch it.

  • Mairi

    La Piscine, with Alain Delon and Romy Schneider <3

  • Emily

    The Woodsman on Netflix (IT IS SO GOOD) is not a scary movie but it is the kind that you watch w a pillow half over your face

  • Christina

    Into the Wild
    Still Alice
    and ALWAYS a special place for Matilda!!

  • Julie R.

    Sunset Boulevard is fanTAStic and I believe on Netflix right now!

  • grace

    Haven’t a clue where you can watch some of these so apologies, but..

    Short Term 12 (used to be on Netflix, very underrated role from Brie Larson)
    Atonement (when my heart is vulnerable)
    We Need To Talk About Kevin (don’t watch it if you ever plan to have children)
    Shutter Island – one of the best plot twists.
    The Talented Mr Ripley (baby matt damon whats gooooooodddddd)
    The Way He Looks (still on Netflix I think, so so good)
    A Single Man
    Noctural Animals (v hard to narrow down my favourite jake gyllenhaal movie but this movie just something else)
    Lady Macbeth (very underrated, amazing film)
    Dallas Buyers Club (Netflix)
    August: Osage County
    Captain Fantastic
    The Nice Guys (really annoyed than Ryan Gosling is actually very funny on top of everything else) ((Netflix)
    American Honey
    Under the Skin (you need to watch till the end, sounds stupid but i nearly gave up due to slow pacing but omg it was so worth it)
    The Diary of a Teenage Girl (Netflix – really quirky, sweet, vulnerable movie)

  • Patrizia Chiarenza

    I am a movie-buff but if i think of movies that have somehow changed me, that i will watch over and over again because they feel like a cozy warm blanket, and because i genuinely love them like my dearest friends, they would be the following:
    Stealing Beauty – directed by Bernardo Bertolucci and starring a young Liv Tyler
    Marie Antoinette – Sofia Coppola & Kirsten Dunst
    Stand by Me
    Like Crazy – although this one just makes me weep like a big baby

  • Maddie Eiden

    I watched this movie called Young Ones (2014) over two years ago, and I still think about it super often, I think mostly because of the acting. It’s not exactly THE BEST movie ever, but I tend to really enjoy movies that somewhat miss their mark in a way. Rotten Tomatoes said that it “adds little to the dystopian Western genre” but I felt fully immersed in this story, so whatever.

    It centers around this farmer and his two teenage kids and their struggle to hold onto their land in the midst of a drought. The cast is fantastic (Michael Shannon, Nicholas Hoult, Elle Fanning). It’s set in the not-so-distant future, so there are weird/creepy/cool farm robots but also people still drive their old trucks into the dusty town. I was really into it. It’s kind of like if Tall Tale and Mad Max had a really cool, somewhat fashionable baby.

  • Basil

    These are on the U.K. sites (so may not be helpful for people in other countries)
    On amazon right now – Mustang. It’s basically the Turkish version of Virgin Suicides, but so so amazing. The soundtrack is wonderful, and the film stays with you and is beautifully shot
    On Netflix – when Harry Met sally. It’s just wonderful
    Zero Dark Thirty – so good

  • Allele


  • Macy Hicks

    The Social Network
    Mona Lisa Smile
    Nocturnal Animals

  • Catie


  • Amy

    I humbly submit Ghost World for your consideration.

    • Monica

      HECK YES this was on HBO Now not too long ago I think

  • Dymond Moore

    Okay but side note DVD is very much still a thing for 19 yr old me, mainly bc i want to envision a life where I have my own space, a TV, and my favorite movies and shows on hand and I’m not at the mercy of streaming contracts.

    NOW my fave movies/lonnng shows to stream
    Mean Girls
    Legally Blonde
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    Mad Men
    The Breakfast Club
    Gossip Girl

    Plus those that aren’t streaming but are worth a DVD (or at least digital download)
    Perks of Being a Wallflower
    Baby Driver
    Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist
    The Book Thief
    World War Z
    Any and all Spider-Man flicks (with a toby McGuire preference)

  • April Christensen Logulo

    The Young Victoria starring Emily Blunt. I don’t watch movies over and over, but this one spoke to me, again and again.

    • mariahg

      I re-watch that movie ALL THE TIME. I melt whenever they play Schubert’s Swan Song.

  • BROKEN ENGLISH!!!! Parker Posey! Gena Rowlands! Sexy frenchman!

    • Also! The picture from this article is a Goldie Hawn + Chevy Chase movie called Foul Play! It is SO weird and wacky. I watched it a lot as a kid.

      • Also Overboard is another Goldie Hawn CLASSIC

  • Anna R!!

    The Imposter. It’s a documentary, but its told through a narrative that’s like watching a suspenseful drama. The plot is hard to describe without giving too much away- it starts with a kidnapping and speeds up exponentially from there. It’s always the first thing I recommend!

  • irembezek

    I Origins, is the best if you are into movies that has some unrealistic sides.
    If you want a different experience, watch Dogville, amaaazing movie which goes on a theatre scene.
    If you want a romantic movie, go with the Love,Rosie and melt when you see Sam Claflin 🙂

  • Sophia Feist

    The Little Hours!

  • Tessa


  • Lizzie

    Drive with Ryan Gosling

    • Lizzie

      Also Pulp Fiction and (500) Days of Summer!

  • DK

    The Grand Budapest Hotel and Interstellar, which fucked me up for days

  • Jenna

    Timer, Upside Down and About Time

    • Emy M

      Timer! whoa

    • Tia

      I loved Timer! It kind of haunts me in a good way.

      I also recommend Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. It did not get the attention it deserved.

      If you’re OK with subtitles, I adore the anime movie Paprika. It’s trippy and gorgeous. I re-watch Ghost in the Shell a lot, too. And Spirited Away.

  • M Rae

    the witches of eastwick…this is for the outfits and actresses only. plot line, who cares.

  • Jeanne

    Beginners!! I watched it multiple nights in the row the first time I discovered it, and I still feel the storyline hit me deeply when I think about it.

  • Selena Delgado

    Stand By Me is hands-down, one of the most memorable movies I have ever seen. It explores friendship, love and loss in a way that influences the course of peoples lives. Loved it.

  • MargotSilentT

    *the soft sound of Australians crying in the distance*

    Our online options are so limited compared to our stateside friends.

  • Katie Love Little

    American Honey on Netflix <3

  • Katie Love Little

    Haley – you would definitely enjoy The Squid and the Whale and The Grand Budapest Hotel

    ps: should I read “A Little Life”?

  • NikNak

    Patti Cake$

  • Emily

    An old classic, but… Casablanca! I watched it when I was young with my parents but it resonated really differently as an adult. A truly beautiful film

  • Tori

    Landline w Jenny slate on amazon prime! She’s the best.

  • eganmay

    on netflix: august rush, mona lisa smile, adventures in babysitting, SING STREET, (i knooooowww but i love this movie) the life aquatic, EASY VIRTUE, and the incredible jessica james, penelope, leap year

    on amazon prime: big fish, stardust, A KNIGHT’S TALE, ella enchanted,

    great movies not on anything i’m aware of but maybe hulu: moulin rouge, gattaca, contact, howl’s moving castle, kiki’s delivery service, down with love, you’ve got mail, 500 pounds beauty, (questionable message) both father of the brides, both cheaper by the dozens, julie and julia

  • Delaney

    Drinking Buddies on Netflix if you feel the need for some hipster grunggeeeeee

  • Addie

    I watched Apichatpong Weerasthekul’s “Cemetary of Splendor” on Netflix earlier this week and have genuinely been thinking about it non-stop… it’s pretty light on dialogue and action but feels so beautifully ambient and thoughtful in its slowness. Not super gripping in the traditional sense, but I found it totally absorbing. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever watched.

  • Kendall

    I make everyone I know watch Beginners and Into the Wild because no one would not like those two movies. They’re also those kind of big makes-me-think-about-life movies. Beautiful movies.

  • Mickey Galvin

    – Almost Famous
    – Stuck in Love
    – Miss Congeniality

  • eva

    -Peter and the Farm
    -Grosse Point Blank
    -Fruitvale Station
    -Endless Summer
    [tried to pick a little bit of every genre]

  • Shelby Scudder

    “Given” is absolutely beautiful and so different – an artful film following a real (but surreal!) family traveling the world.
    “Hunt for the wilderpeople” was one of the best I’ve seen in years. Heart warming and hilarious and unique.

  • Zoe Tsai

    In recent years, I love Tangled. It is just so lovely and warm. The characters are so cute. Especially the scene about the lights in the sky is my favorite. When I have nothing to watch and wanna laugh, feel warm, I will play this movie. Since Christmas is coming, I do watch Die Hard on Christmas lol. Think it is just something I got from watching Friends.

  • Gretel Stroh

    Bagdad Cafe! Amazing movie with a haunting theme song throughout……funny, uplifting

    • Claudia Brooks

      seconded! I LOVE this movie, and the haunting theme song.

  • Rosemary

    August Rush.

  • Caroline

    Personal fav on Netflix right now is Carol!! Ugh so amazing

  • Eileen Fritz

    Shopgirl. Great story with some fashion background and LA cultural commentary

  • mhw

    Arrival (starring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner). I wept in the theater — didn’t get misty-eyed…WEPT — and felt completely moved. The most surprising film I’ve seen in years. Couldn’t recommend it more.

    • Arrival was far better than I thought it would be. I also recommend it.

    • Ariane Laurent-Smith

      Same, I had few expectations but absolutely loved it (also cried)- it should have got more awards!

  • Brittany Jackson

    I can’t remember if it’s on Amazon Prime or Netflix, but Stardust is my absolute favorite movie to stream. I could watch it every day for a year and not get tired. Claire Danes is a dream and a half

  • KY

    Amy Winehouse, the documentary. Not being a fan of her I watched it on a long flight after running out of options. Have watched it over and over again since then, and every time I wish I could change the course of the story 🙁

  • Lydia O’Sullivan

    Cold Comfort Farm is one of my absolute favourite films (and books) – clever and funny, but gently so. Also apparently available on Amazon

  • OMG YES. I’m the same way. “Every time someone suggests a title I’ll love, I swear I won’t forget it. And the moment I sit down in front of the TV, a free night in front of me, the Netflix search cursor ready and blinking, it’s like I’ve never heard of a movie in my entire life.” >> this is me to a T. So glad you started this thread!

  • Grace Birchall

    It’s got to be Bridesmaids (on UK Netflix) or Superbad (UK Sky movies). Also Lord of the Rings on amazon Prime – still the best film trilogy ever

  • Leah

    Hunt for the Wilderpeople and The Big Short on Netflix! My two favourite movies of the last few years! Hunt for the Wilderpeople is hilarious and adorable and The Big Short is serious and dark but also funny

  • Yana Georgieva

    I have many many suggestions, but I’ll submit just one: Jeux d’enfants. You’ll love it if you love French cinema, you’ll love it if you love love stories, you’ll love it if you love out-of-the-box movies. Also, Marion Cotillard.

  • Paris Is Burning – Netflix, voguing in nyc doc
    Girl 6 – Amazon Prime, spike lee, sex phone operator, psychological (?) comedic drama
    Veronica and her Week of Wonders – (idk where I watched this online) surrealist horror
    Jim and Andy – Netflix, doc about Jim Carey playing Andy Kaufman for Man on the Moon
    Santa Sangre – Amazon prime, Alejandro Jodorowsky thriller
    White Christmas – Netflix, musical
    The Invitation – Netflix, thriller
    Full Metal Jacket – Netflix, Stanley Kubrick

    You have to rent it on YouTube or something but the Love Witch was my favorite movie last year. Highly recommend, it’s beautiful, smart, and funny.

  • I’m a sucker for Noah Baumbach films. Squid and the Whale is one that stayed with me for years. I also love While We’re Young and Frances Ha. All three are on Netflix I believe. Mistress America is another great, but I don’t think it’s available to stream.

  • alohatara

    The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – something to remind myself that the adventure awaits me.
    Devil Wears Prada – movie that I have to watch before my first day of work/interview.
    Gaga Five Foot Two – I never liked her until I watched this movie.
    …or basically anything written or directed by Nora Ephron and Nancy Meyer

  • Lindsey Hook

    On Amazon: Ex Machina (major mindfuck)
    An Education- Carey Mulligan as an English teenager in the 60s who falls in love with an older man (Peter Saarsgard). SO GOOD and so stylish.
    A Royal Affair because I’m always in the mood for a period piece and also for Mads Mikkelson + Alicia Vikander

    On Netflix: Camp X-Ray, about a guard (Kristin Stewart, this movie made me a fan) at Guantanamo Bay who develops a friendship with one of the prisoners. Save for when you need to cry

  • david ramsey

    Very good suggestions. Buy Youtube Views, Likes, Subscribers…

  • ygriega

    These comments are great! So fun to add some to my list for a week off.

    These are streaming on US Netflix at the time.
    What the Health, Cowspiracy, Dior and I, Jiro Dreams of Sushi

    The Great Gatsby (Robert Redford version)

  • clairmk

    haley idk why but i think you would particularly luv real genius with val kilmer… pretty pos its on HBO go and it will change your life

    first wives club, the departed, big hero 6, wreck it ralph

  • clairmk

    i can’t believe no one has mentioned crossroads starring britney spears yet SO WEIRD!!?@!?!!!!

  • Joanne Brown

    How about “Mighty Aphrodite” — I know it is Woody Allen but Mira Sorvino is INCREDIBLE and I think about it still. Also, “The Red Violin.” just so beautiful and evocative <3

  • Alyssia

    The 1939 version of The Women is available on Amazon. Its about a group of women who get divorced before it was socially normal. It’s witty and the fashion is not something to pass up!

  • Mollie Ward

    on Netflix: Frances Ha, Parenthood, Freaks and Geeks, Love, Minimalism, Our Souls at Night, Parks and Rec, Trevor Noah Afraid of the Dark.
    on Amazon: The Marvelous Mrs Maisel, Ocean’s 12, Sex and the City (sorry not sorry)

  • The Meyerowitz Stories! Noah Baumbach directed it, and it’s on Netflix. My best friend, who has impeccable taste, suggested it to me. We’re both obsessed with Noah & Greta. It’s also fun to see Adam Sandler in it playing A Serious Role.

  • Aggie

    Elizabethtown, Boy and Into the Wild!

  • Emily M

    If you for some reason haven’t seen ‘Lion’ with Dev Patel I cant recommend it enough, and it’s finally on Netflix!!

  • Jessica

    Interstellar, Amelie, Monsoon Wedding, and Shame. I’ve watched all multiple times with equal love. And for comedy, the original Pink Panthers always crack me up.

    • Jessica

      Oh,and also a hard yes to Super Troopers for some silly mindless hilarity. Holds up every time I watch it.

      • Jessica

        Ahh, and how could I forget Labrynrth! Muppets AND David Bowie together is perfection. One of my favourite childhood movies that continues to hold up. With that in mind, I guess I also have to mentio The Princess Bride. Btw, I have no idea if any of these are on Netflix, but anything can be found online with enough hunting.

        • Jessica

          Last one: DR STRANGELOVE. (The all caps is necessary) An absolute classic.

  • Arden

    Maybe not technically a “movie” because it’s a taping of the live Broadway show, but Oh, Hello is just the best ever (and on netflix)

  • Emily M

    I came back here to say that I am on Netflix at this very moment and I came across August Rush. Baby Freddie Highmore gets me every time.

    • Katy


  • Claudia Tetreault-Percy

    Valley of the Dolls is a classic 60’s film mixing handsome older dudes, doped up actresses and fab hollywood all in one. And the hair and makeup will make you dream for days.

  • Katy

    A few days ago I watched Sleeping With Other People on Netflix and loved it. I thought it was a truly awesome rom com. Speaking of rom coms, my underappreciated fave romantic flick is Friends With Kids. I think it was taken off Netflix but it is worth finding because Adam Scott and also it’s just adorable. And although I’m sure you’ve seen it, the best movie currently on Netflix is Bridget Jones’s Diary, obviously.

    In terms of staying power, one of the first movies I can remember really staying with me for days is Brokeback Mountain. Gets me every time. And for old classics, Charade, Psycho, North By Northwest.

    Oh, and if you need me to, I will gladly recite every word of Easy A.

  • Gentlywithoutnoise

    This year movies that stuck with me even days after are the talented mr. Ridley starring Matt Damon , blue jasmine starring cate blanchette, and last but hardly least “the human stain” by Nicholas Meyer which is based on the novel The Human Stain by Philip Roth.

  • Jayanna Watts

    Frances Ha. When I first saw it, I watched it twice in a week. It made me reflect on my own life, decisions that have got me to this point and relationships I had formed. It still creeps into my subconscious every time I question why I moved to a city.

  • Aquagal

    priscilla queen of the desert ❣️

  • Marie Seeba

    This is coming from an 18-year-old who LOVES buying DVDs!

    For those who are streamers only:
    – Sunset Boulevard (US Netflix)
    – How to Steal a Million (US Netflix)
    – Ocean’s Eleven (Hulu)
    – BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S (my favorite movie ever- currently on Amazon Prime)
    – His Girl Friday (Amazon Prime)
    – Heathers (US Netflix)
    – Anastasia (US Netflix)
    – Midnight in Paris (Amazon Prime)
    – Bridget Jones’s Diary (US Netflix)
    – Sex and the City (HBO Go)
    – The Truman Show (Amazon Prime)
    – The Untouchables (Amazon Prime)
    – Dirty Dancing (Amazon Prime)
    – Ghost (Amazon Prime, Hulu)

    For those who are willing to pay the rental or DVD price for a GREAT movie:
    – Charade (amazing storyline, amazing fashion, AND Audrey Hepburn- triple win)
    – Vertigo
    – Along Came Polly
    – When Harry Met Sally
    – The Other Woman
    – Bringing Up Baby
    – Anatomy of a Murder
    – I am Legend
    – Sabrina (the Audrey Hepburn version because DUH)

    I know this list is extensive, but I tried getting a little something for everyone on here! Also tried not to be too repetitive of some great movies already mentioned although I know I still ended up doing a little repeating! Enjoy (:

  • Néo Bourgeois — Christum

    Do American women miss the old days when they were the envy of the world, because they figured out how to use men as banker-laborers and just chill all day and play with kids on a man’s dime. Now they want to scream at jew flicks and make net 5USD an hour in an office setting to get groped, raped, jizzed on and beat up. hahahaha what happened

  • Renn Mulloy

    Hunt for the Wilderpeople (Hulu)….great movie from New Zealand director Taika Waititi

  • Savannah Jeanelle Burcham

    Theres one called Syrup, i think its on netflix (but if not its easily found elsewhere), Amber Heard is in it, and ive been obsessed with it for at least 5 years now

  • Keisha

    Hot Fuzz – this is a very funny British action movie, I have lost count of how many times I’ve watched this.

  • Yawynne

    Almost Famous !!!!!!!!!!! I always rewatch it as a form of comfort when pulling all nighters to finish assignments!! Personal fav scenes, Penny Lane dancing in leftover confetti in an empty theatre after a gig and the “Tiny Dancer” BUS SINGALONG !!

  • Lizlemon

    Here’s my suggestions of some gut puncher movies.

    Christine – it’s best to go into this movie blind. It’s a dark take on women and tv journalism in the 70s

    Mistress America – Greta Gerwig stars in a women buddy movie that’s also a caper.

  • Katie Binhack

    In the Mood For Love, my most favorite movie.

  • Hua

    2001: A Space Odyssey, Heathers, In the Mood for Love, and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance!! Good shit.

  • rien de rien

    A bit late on this, but I’ve been doing the usual holiday season watchlist browsing, so…
    Netflix: Oldboy
    Hulu: The Usual Suspects, The Crow, Let the Right One In, In the Loop
    Amazon Prime: Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears, Pan’s Labyrinth, Seven Psychopaths, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
    Can I just say, though, I’m deeply disappointed in streaming services right now. My holiday tradition is usually to get a little drunk and watch old westerns in honor of my grandfather. This is the first year ever I can’t find any of my favorite westerns streaming anywhere, and that includes the really popular ones like Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, Unforgiven, and even the remake of True Grit. What is the world coming to?

  • beatrix kiddori

    I love movies and would be happy to help!
    I love the ones with insane cinematography and cool special effects or twists. Ideally, all 3.

    Netflix: Lion, Mudbound, The Prestige, Woman in Gold, Raw, We Need to Talk about Kevin
    Hulu: Arrival, Fences, Kill Bill (both volumes), and Ocean’s Eleven.
    HBOgo: Gia, The Dark Knight, Get Out, Nocturnal Animals ,both Princess Diaries

  • Isabelle McLeod

    20th Century Women (amazon prime)

  • Noelle McHenry

    OKAY HELLO I HAVE A SUGGESTION: although normally it isn’t my go to genre, lately, I’ve been watching my fair share of 90s action movies, and more specifically, ones featuring none other than KEANU FREAKING REEVES. I truly believe that everyone at least once in their lives needs to watch Point Break (1991, can be found on Amazon Video and other sketch websites online). There is so much suspense, and so many good lines to quote. Show me another movie with surfing, bank robbery, the FBI, and Patrick Swayze gracefully skydiving, and then we can talk. Keanu is a beauty, Swayze is a beauty, their bromance is a beauty. Also if you’re having a bad day, just watch videos of Keanu running and his jaunty jog will brighten your entire life.

  • Anna Márton

    Perfect strangers/perfetti sconosciuti

  • Natasha

    It was so hard to narrow it down to three. And I’m not sure if they’re on Netflix. But here goes:
    – In Bruges
    – Scent of a Woman
    – Everything is Illuminated

  • if Call Me By Your Name was out on streaming services I’d recommend it in a heartbeat (I’ve seen it twice already in the past week; honestly just leave your house and spend money in theatres on this film because it is GREAT). as for movies that you can stream, my favs are The Royal Tenenbaums (on HBO Go, also recommend all Wes Anderson films, Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and Moonrise Kingdom are on Netflix), Heathers (Netflix), We Need to Talk About Kevin (Netflix), Frank (Netflix), Kill Your Darlings (which you can’t stream but you can rent on Amazon), Birdman (also can’t stream), Whiplash (also can’t stream :/), Inglourious Basterds (on Netflix, 100% the best Tarantino film), Donnie Darko (Netflix), The Place Beyond the Pines (Netflix), Requiem for a Dream (Netflix), among many others. I would include Her if it wasn’t talked about in this post (it’s one of my fav films!!)

  • Charlie

    Flipped! I know it’s a kids movie but make sure to give it a chance. It’s not childish whatsoever. It is so beautiful, really resonates with me as an adult and if I were ever to show my kid a movie it would be this one! Makes you laugh, think, gives perspective. I could go on and on about this one.

    (Also, You’ve Got Mail is my other all time favourite! Million Dollar Baby if you want to hurt your eyeballs crying.)

  • Emily Bruce

    If you want your joy and serotonin levels to go through the roof I recommend My Neighbor Totoro.

    The movie I can’t stop rewatching is Amelie.

    Other top contenders that I’ve never stopped thinking about are Me, Earl and the Dying Girl, Grandma, and Ingrid Goes West.

  • Ciara

    Begin Again, Dead Poets Society, Saving Mr Banks, and my guilty pleasure: Mamma Mia!

  • Shira Resnick

    Love me if you dare! beautiful french film. Interesting take on love.

  • Carrie Callaway

    Moonrise Kingdom. Whenever I am stressed I will watch it and it calms me down. And it’s on Netflix!

    • Carrie Callaway

      Oh, also any Studio Ghibli movie. Literally any of them.

  • megbiram
  • Stephanie Lagunes

    You haaaave to watch The Great Beauty, directed by Paolo Sorrentino. I found it one day after endlessly searching the internet for a movie that would make me feel like Her was for you (its rare). Its the best mix of kitsch Italian fashion yet simple mediterranean taste.

  • Alison Hope Murray

    If you’re confused about the relevance of the Kardashians, aside from their place as business women. Watch The Truman Show. Addictive to watch but also insightful. Also Frances Ha (Greta Gerwig) funny but sad and all in black and white.

  • Katherine Adams

    While You Were Sleeping (Netflix). It has been one of my favorites for a long time but during this particular holiday season I have watched it every single night–I’m a college student on break. Sandra Bullock (it was her first nomination for a Golden Globe) and Bill Pullman are the main love interests and if you love a man in light denim jeans this movie is for you.

  • Anne

    August Osage County – amazing cast and I think about it alllll the time

  • Alison Hope Murray

    The Truman Show, the pretence to Big Brother and the foundation for the Kardashians and Frances Ha (Greta Gerwig) sad but hilarious and all in black and white.

  • T-Fierce

    Okay I don’t think Talladega Nights (Netflix) has been mentioned yet and that is my FAVE Will Ferrell movie. Also, Beauty and the Beast (Emma Watson version) and Cool Runnings!

  • Sara

    The salt of the earth!

  • Maggie

    Hello. Chiming in here to recommend my favorite movie of life so far, August Rush. Just thinking about it warms my soul, not to mention has a GREAT score and Robin Williams.

  • Cool Stuff

    Some of the Best on Netflix in my opinion would be Erin Brockavich (won 5 oscars!), Okja (the best Netflix original blockbuster about a super pig and its owner), Adventureland (brilliant rom com with jesse eisenberg and k stew), Sing Street (adorable Irish coming Of age with great 80s music), Slumdog Millionare (one of the best films EVER made), and finally Precious.

  • Maartje Leemans

    Captain fantastic! Beautiful movie, saw it 4 times this year!

  • duc

    amour by michael haneke — i watch at least 4 times a year

  • Sandra Campos

    Pride and prejudice 2005 film. One of my all time favs, with Harry Potter ones.

  • Autumn

    Let the Right One In (the original Swedish version, not the American remake) – I really loved this movie’s subtlety. While it’s a movie about a vampire it’s also about bullying and how everyone needs someone. Just a really lovely movie.

  • Maria Luice Grayston

    Watched “Barefoot in the Park” last night, new favorite, it’s charming, funny, and the main character has amazing fashion sense! (Whatched it on Netflix). From 67.

  • doctor Zoidberg

    Dawn, rise and war – the planet of the apes movies are amazing.

  • Carolina Abello

    Moonrise Kingdom (netflix), Get Out (its on HBO tho), Black Swan (dont know where you can stream), Cinema Paradiso (netflix), White Chicks (used to be on Netflix)

  • Delphine Gintz

    Dear Haley, and everyone else,
    Here’s a list of the movies that stick with me everytime I wonder if I have a favorite movie. I’m quite picky and can stop in the middle of a movie if I feel like it’s not moving enough, or if I’m just bored with it, so consider these worth your time!:

    Another Happy Day
    When Harry met Sally
    Cinema Paradiso
    Forrest Gump
    Pirates of the Caribbean : At World’s End (I actually know the entire script from this one)
    Before Sunrise
    Be kind rewind (the film of all films)
    Thelma & Louise (I don’t like it as much as my 13 year old self, but it changed me then)
    The Mexican
    Frances Ha
    Benny & Joon
    Meet the Fockers
    My Best Friend’s wedding (I don’t think I’ve ever watched the whole movie at once, I always skip to Rupert Everett’s scenes)
    The curious case of Benjamin Button
    Le Grand Bleu
    Bruce Almighty (my parents used to let me watch this movie at least once a month instead of Disney movies)
    Les Demoiselles de Rochefort
    Charlie’s Angels
    The secret life of Walter Mitty
    L’auberge espagnole (the whole trilogy is a gem)
    The Help
    Finding Forrester
    The Holiday
    Toy Story
    Poetic Justice
    Silver Linings Playbook
    Roméo + Juliet
    Did I say When Harry met Sally?
    (Plus a much too long addiction to Confessions of a shopaholic as a teen)

    This was fun, although stressful because I know I’m forgetting a lot,

  • beginner

    I am not sure if these movies are available on Netflix, but these are my favorite and hope you would love those:
    – Secret life of Walter Mitty
    – The Help
    – The Pursuit of Happyness
    – Like Stars on Earth
    – Joy
    – The Blind Side
    – The Truman Show
    – Lion
    – The Prestige
    – The Hundred-Foot Journey
    – School of rock
    – Hachi: A Dog’s Tale
    – Chak de India
    – Life Is Beautiful
    – Inside Out
    – I am Sam

  • alex russell

    Captain Fantastic changed my life and had me dreaming of escaping into the Pacific Northwest to raise a clan of wild philosophers with minimal modern social skills.

  • No.sleep

    500 days of summer
    He’s just not that into you
    Dark (netflicks original)
    Mi vida loca
    Big ( with tom hanks)
    Night at the Roxbury
    Nick and nora
    Never been kissed
    Budapest hotel & Moonrise kingdom
    Oceans 12 movies
    Fight club
    Scream (1 through whatever)
    In the mouth of madness
    What dreams may come
    City of angels
    The craft
    Original planet of the apes movies
    The witches (1990)
    The women
    Anything Ryan Gosling
    Science of sleep
    Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
    (Not sure if these are currently on Netflix)


    Say a big YES to “BIGFISH”