Hello and welcome to a snow-globe of a month called HOW IS IT DECEMBER?

November was all about families — untraditional ones, child favorites within them, speaking of: how to avoid family drama. We talked about pregnancy (Leandra’s, specifically), surrogacy, high-risk pregnancy, maternity fashion. We explored friends-as-family (and how to make them), and interviewed one very cool grandmother. We also re-shared stories that fit into November’s fam, like this one about adoption.

There’s so much to say about families that there were a few inevitable leftovers. But just as we all know there’s nothing better than a cold turkey, stuffing and cranberry midnight sandwich, or last night’s apple pie for breakfast, these stories work magically for December.

The theme is “All of the Lights,” not like the annoying internet phrase “all the _[feels/food/memes],” but instead like the Kanye West song, title wise, and way more importantly, like all of the lights IN December, such as…

+Festive holiday lights strung around your home, on the streets, in the sky. It’s a pretty-ass month. Get ready to have your eyes tickled.
+Refracting lights on sequins,  on sparkles, on rock candy jewelry, on fake snow. It’s a magpie month, and we’re in disco ball beauty, planning for parties, gift-giving mode.
+ Lights that light up from within and make you feel warm. It’s a cozy month. Prepare for your fair share of warm and fuzzies.
+Lights that shine on topics that deserve a spotlight. It’s going to be an illuminating month on Man Repeller.

As always, we want to see what you’d like to read in accordance with the theme — or in general. Leave your snowflakes down below and let me know if you’re a coal-for-eyes kind of snowman builder or like to use earrings as peepers instead.

Photo by Louisiana Mei Gelpi; Creative Direction by Emily Zirimis. 

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