Our 10 Most Popular Stories in November

How is it almost December? Your guess is as good as nobodies, least of all mine. I do, however, have the numbers on Man Repeller: Below are the 10 stories we published in November that got the most attention. If you’re keen to use them as a temperature check, you might find we spent the last month thinking a lot about guilt, sex, feminism, food, celebrities, aging and eyebrows. Sound right or sound wrong? Read on to catch up on what you missed and tell me what you’re thinking about in the comments.

1. A Different Kind of Pregnancy Announcement

None of it worked because I hated myself. I had locked my heart and thrown out the key, and what I thought I needed was to get away, not to dig in deeper.

2. Movie Sex Is The Worst: 10 Myths That Need To Go

If I didn’t know better, I’d guess ‘How to Make Sex Look Bad and Fake’ was a required course in film school. Even the most progressive stuff I’ve seen — the carefully crafted characters, the realistic dialogues, the complex storylines — falls prey to the same old sex tropes.

3. My Problem With Francesca on Master of None

This kind of modern manic-pixie-Cool-Girl stereotyping may seem harmless on the surface, but it’s something I think many women, including me, are maligning when we beg for more complex female characters.

4. How to Never Wait in Line for Brunch Again

As a kid, a 25-minute weekend brunch wait sounded like an eternity. As a twenty-something adult woman who has now spent time living in the West Village and Nolita, a 25-minute weekend brunch wait sounds too good to be true.

5. The Celebrity Who Perfectly Defines Your Zodiac Sign

[A]s flawed and human public figures, they make the perfect astrological spokespeople. Below I’ve catalogued 12 famous people who perfectly encapsulate their sun signs’ stereotypes.

6. Alexa Chung’s Uncomfortable Obsession With Hotpants

The first thing I do every day when I get home from work is strip off my bra, replace my real pants with sweatpants and splay out on my couch like a beached, braless manatee.

7. I Asked Women What They’d Tell Their 28-Year-Old Selves

As a result, I was pretty burnt out on everything by the time I reached 30. I knew I needed to slow down, but how? When? Well, I found my answer in the form of a (totally unprepared for, what-is-happening) pregnancy.

8. 9 Ways To Get Better Eyebrows, According to People I Trust

It’s a little absurd, but also, I get it. Relative to the rest of my extremely low-key makeup routine, my eyebrows are the beneficiaries of copious tender love and care.

9. Carrie Bradshaw’s Most Underrated Accessory

To be perfectly frank, I’m a little confused as to why Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe collection received so much attention. Sure, she had great shoes, but she didn’t really have a specific stylistic point of view on shoes beyond “expensive and staggeringly high.

10. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

They look really cute, I must say. I love a gray look. But I’m shocked the photo exists at all. For one, I didn’t realize an on-and-off relationship could go on and off so many times. There must be rules to this kind of thing.

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