A Teen Activist on Feminism, ‘Teen Vogue’ and Trump
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17-year-old activist Hebh Jamal is why I believe we’ll all be ok. As a young Palestinian-American woman, she’s used her voice to fight injustice most of her life. Earlier this year, she organized a citywide student walkout in NYC to protest Trump’s proposed Muslim ban.

She’s garnered a lot of attention since then. She’s sat on panels with Angela Davis and been covered in Teen Vogue, but she isn’t at all interested in being a “famous activist.” The attention frightens her parents; being this public has made her a target for all kinds of hate, and Jamal herself thinks that the focus on her is actually kind of a distraction from the issues. So when we sat down to talk for this week’s episode on her day off from class, we made sure to talk about the issues that matter to her: diversity in education, what it means to be a feminist and how answering a call to activism absolutely requires some risk — no matter how old you are.

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  • Abi Newhouse Vaughn

    I loved this. Especially the part about uncovering our country’s hidden history. There is so much we don’t know! And so much we SHOULD know. I feel like I have been raised to think America is this amazing and perfect country, but the fact is: it’s not. And it’s okay to know that–in fact, it’s good to know that. This has definitely inspired me to find some truths I’m not familiar with. Thank you!

    • Audrey Niksic

      I totally agree with your comment! It is super important and eye opening to see so many young people begin to realise the imperfections and lack of certain teachings in our school system about certain issues. Take colonisation for example, I noticed a lot more people on Columbus Day this year post about the grave truth behind the foundation of America. I also think it was super cool how she mentioned that singularity is something to avoid in activism since everyone’s experiences are different. great interview 🙂