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Cut Your Mom Some Slack!
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This month’s theme on Man Repeller is family, which is so all-encompassing it can seem overwhelming. Where do you start with a family dynamic? Where do you begin with the complicated relationships that engulf the word’s meaning? Are we even talking about the biological literals of a “family?” If we’re not, what constitutes a family? If we are, why are we doing that?

Our theme of the month announcement was met with some very intelligent content recommendations from you (the community!), which ran a gamut from the lighthearted and farfetched to the convoluted and deep-seated, but one particular remark regarding a reader’s relationship with her mother and her desire to, essentially, emancipate herself/make sure not to become her really stuck with me: I’ve been at that rodeo for the greater half of at least the past two years.

I’ve written about it at length.

And spoken a Monocycle episode that touched upon it.

Hell, we even dedicated an entire month’s theme to it.

So here we are, back again, talking about our moms, because one relationship that will never not be interesting to dissect as it evolves at the wildly rapid pace it does, is the one between girl and woman, woman and woman, daughter and mother.

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  • Mallory

    I loved this episode. I also forget how much joy my mom brings to my family, and this episode was a great reminder. Great moms are definitely something we should be thankful to have. ❤️

  • CM

    When I hear things like this, it sounds so foreign and unrelatable, because my mom is literally my best friend. She is 100% the person I would choose to be my mom if I had a choice in the matter, and would choose to be my friend if I wasn’t lucky enough to be her daughter. She’s one of the only people in the world that I could be with forever and never tire of.

  • Jealous of all you guys that even have this problem. I miss my mama.

    • Leandra Medine

      🙁 I’m sorry she’s not here. Can we honor her memory by hearing a bit about her!?

      • Thank you so much for asking! Her name was Tina and she gave the best manicures, made a kick-ass lasagna and was so, so kind to everyone she met. <3

  • Beasliee

    I loved this.
    My mother is a PAIN. So is my MIL. But they have many excellent things about them that my rage with them often obscures.
    This podcast helped me see things their way a bit better. Maybe I will find some more patience from somewhere in time for our annual shopping trip this Friday…
    On another note. I love how Lendra speaks – her accent, intonation, self-awareness, reflection etc. Very soothing.