Carrie Bradshaw’s Most Underrated Accessory

To be perfectly frank, I’m a little confused as to why Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe collection received so much attention. Sure, she had great shoes, but she didn’t really have a specific stylistic point of view on shoes beyond “expensive and staggeringly high.”

Her socks, on the other hand, tell a different story. I’ve been re-watching the series and started to notice them in a way I never had before — perhaps a side effect of Prada and Miu Miu’s Spring 2018 collections, both of which were chock-a-block full of chic knee-high and over-the-knee sock looks.

Carrie doesn’t wear them often, but when she does, oh, man. Talk about a point of view: knee-height or over-the-knee, oftentimes eye-catchingly patterned and frequently reserved for more casual activities such as running errands or sipping wine indoors.

Albeit indicative of a “low-key Carrie” vibe, the socks themselves are decidedly high-key, acting as the statement piece of each outfit in which they’re permitted involvement. Granted, it would be hard for them not to make a statement given how unusual it is for adult women to accessorize with knee socks, much less rainbow-striped ones.

⚡️STAY ALIVE IN 85⚡️ As far as we can tell, Carrie is completely apolitical. She doesn’t even fucking vote. So it was a tad surprising to see her wear this iconic Katharine Hamnett slogan t-shirt in the first SATC film. Hamnett designed the shirt in 1985 as a show of solidarity with a group of female anti-nuclear activists that held an ongoing protest outside of a military base in England. We doubt that Carrie is aware of the history behind this garment, it probably just looked really good on the rack at Resurrection. But thankfully what Carrie lacks in political adeptness, she makes up for in styling. #FuckingCarrie #KatherineHamnett #Givenchy #ArgyleMoment #StayAlivein17 #WomensMarchLook

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Though observing the various risks Carrie takes with her style has made me more willing to experiment with my own on numerous occasions, I always wrote off her adventures in knee-grazing socks as worthy of appreciation but ultimately not for me (too closely linked with memories of my elementary school uniform, perhaps).

Apparently the combined endorsement of Carrie Bradshaw and Miuccia Prada is my kryptonite, so much so that I’ve sailed right past the justification stage and settled comfortably in the armchair of creativity. I now find myself ideating a million and one ways to bathe my calves in argyle as soon as possible, wallpapering them to the “Figure Out How to Approximate, STAT” Pinterest board that’s posted up inside my fickle, fickle brain.

Indulge me in the following outfit fantasy: an enormous sweater (like this) paired with a gray felted wool mini skirt, red over-the-knee socks and some juicy platform loafers. Mmmmmmmm I’m salivating just thinking about it.

What about you? Yea or nay on treating your adult shins to a little schoolyard nostalgia this fall?

Collage by Edith Young; Photo by Bobby Bank/WireImage via Getty Images. 

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  • I’m all about wearing my cropped pants every season so I just throw on some patterned/fun crew socks. I don’t think I’d ever want to wear over-the-knee socks, unless they were pair with over-the-knee boots.

    • Julie Lopez

      Not a bad idea. Had not thought about this. I always wear dark (boooring!) socks with cropped pants. Patterned socks would look great indeed!

  • Bmo
    • Leandra Medine


    • Ciccollina

      She looks so so cute in this pic.

    • Mack Nielson


  • Danielle Cardona Graff

    Oddly enough, as the show became more and more successful, I felt that the clothes became more try-hard, and I was less convinced or inspired. Granted, Carrie still had her moments, (and I totally support this sock thesis) 🙂 but after like, season one and two, I sort of lost interest in the show as a source of fashion inspo. I love Pat Field, and realize I’m probably the only person that feels this way about SATC, but as the women got older, I expected more.

    • Danielle Cardona Graff

      I loooooooved Carrie’s high waisted skinny jeans, and slips under fur coats are forever my go-to stage look when I don’t know what to wear!

    • Caitlin McMurray

      I agree. Before she had more style – afterwards it was just a who’s-who of designers.

    • Maria Fernandez-Davila

      has anyone seen Younger? Pat Field does styling for them and I love it!

    • Ciccollina

      I semi-agree but honestly the fashion in season six was drop dead.

  • Anne Dyer

    Literally refused any phone that didn’t flip because of her. Man, that click it made when you snapped it shut was EVERYTHING.

  • please never stop finding material to write about sex and the city. we need a sex and the city themed month THERE IS STILL SO MUCH TO UNCOVER

  • Loved this post! Yaaaaaassss. Now I need to binge on SATC!

    Much Love,



  • @sarihtasch

    Love this post!! I realy Love Carrie and her style!! 😘😘😘

  • Kat

    What I have never understood about over the knee socks (and the currently-everywhere otk boots) is how on earth you get them to stay up?
    Granted, it’s been a while since I dabbled and maybe the technology has improved…?

  • Erica Van Buren

    Love it. Such a fan of Sex and the City and your post just made my day.

  • I have always felt the same about Carrie’s shoes. Yes, yes, high fashion, tall, we get it…yawn….mer…

  • L’énoncé

    Yes!! What a great article!
    Let your socks talk and make some bold statements!
    What is also great about socks as you mentioned is that even high end socks can be affordable so it’s so much easier to change and have fun with it!!

  • I’ve always loved Carrie’s socks, most of all the over the knee socks. In Italy we called them “parigine” (Parisians), I even love the name!

  • Ann P

    I don’t remember saying this ever, but I might be a bit too old for this one. I’m pretty unafraid of people thinking I look like a fool, but I think knee socks push me out of my 40ish comfort zone for some reason. So of course I’m going to have to give it a try and see how it actually feels in public. Actually, maybe my main concern is warmth… am I going to get cold above the sock?!

    • JennyWren

      You can out socks over opaque tights!!! You have to have better legs than I will ever possess, and your toes will hate you, but it CAN be done.

      • Julie Lopez

        I am there with you where it comes to my legs, but lately I’ve discovered it’s so delicious not to care and just to try something for fun, because it makes you smile 🙂 That said, socks over opaque tights is a great tip. Thank you!

    • Kimberley Boehm

      You are never too old for knee socks.

  • Rosie

    Bought two pairs of over knee socks in late September – one gray pair, one striped. I have no idea why I bought them, it just felt like the right thing to do..

  • ladybirda

    I had those rainbow toe socks in high school. They were the BEST.

  • mooshoo

    Her worst accessory is probably the voice she does when she calls someone “honey” or “sister”. Please stop using that voice Carie.

  • your outfit fantazy sounds delish ! can’t wait to see it live 😉

  • belle

    I love SATC and will rewatch forever but I’m not sure Carrie has ever worn an outfit that I liked.

  • ytho

    Do a styling shoot with socks like these!!!

  • Julie Lopez

    You have made me reconsider wearing knee-high or over-the-knee socks… Thank you! Nobody wears them like this, “out in the open”, where I live, so it will fun to try just for the heck of it. Ha ha. Love your articles 🙂

  • As it gets colder here in Toronto, I just cannot bring myself to NOT roll up the ends of my jeans to show off a little ankle. I just love that little peek!! Why!!?? I don’t know. But I’m thinking of stepping up my sock game so I can stay somewhat warm in the foot region. I’m thinking bright striped socks, sparkles or fruit designs? Anyone digging this?