10 Podcasts I Listen to Obsessively
Feature photo via The High Low

Hi, my name is Ashley and I’m addicted to podcasts. Unless I’m working or conversing with a person of interest, I’m probably listening to one. Podcasts are basically proof that time is a construct. They make train rides feel faster, long walks go by in seconds. I even listen to them on runs because if I listen to music, I count the songs and wait for minutes to creep by whereas podcasts blur them into oblivion.

Since everyone is always asking me for recommendations, and since the next few months are notoriously travel-heavy, I’ve documented a shortlist of podcasts below which I think you should download immediately. Listen to them in the never-ending security line, while you wait at the gate because you dutifully showed up early like the airport asked, keep listening while you watch in awe as people de-board the plane with no sense of order, and then maybe pop them on if and when you need to avoid some family drama.

1. We’re No Doctors

Busy Phillips and Steve Agee are definitely not doctors. The two actors recently joined forces for “We’re No Doctors,” a super gross podcast where they discuss medicine and don’t really fact check but it’s fine because they’re NOT doctors. Some of the episodes are just banter between friends but some of them dive deep into flesh-eating bacteria, moroccan hospitals and Busy’s journey through the whole 30 diet. Warning: if you’re squeamish or as big a hypochondriac as Steve and Busy, you might want to steer clear. I’ve had a flesh-eating virus since I started listening.

Start with: H1N1 with Nicole Sullivan. She legit had swine flu.

2. The Jackie and Laurie Show

I’ve been listening to this podcast since the first episode but, in times like this, it’s an extra nice reminder that women in comedy and entertainment have always been there and they’ve always been killing it. Jackie Kashian and Laurie Kilmartin have been doing stand-up for decades and they’ve been naming names on this podcast for over a year. They don’t have guests but they do let you eavesdrop on an hour of their conversations every week and the situations they encounter are applicable to more industries than just comedy.

Start with: Any of them.

3. The High Low Show

I found out about this podcast because hosts Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton have both done some incredible work for Man Repeller. The only thing I love more than British accents is a critical take on pop culture and boy do they bring it. Not only do they come every week with fantastic recommendations in the form of books, journalism and more, they also recap actual news and it’s an extremely digestible way to find out what’s happening in the world.

Start with: They’re very timely so subscribe now and listen when the next one comes out.

4. The Call with Erica Williams Simon

This is a Man Repeller production that I started listening to before I even stepped foot into Man Repeller’s office. Erica brings in the most intriguing guests from such a variety of industries, no matter what you’re searching for there’s inspiration to be found inside The Call. Because she’s based out of Los Angeles, a lot of her interviews are with women in entertainment and entrepreneurship carving their own paths and it’s fascinating to hear about all the different roads that have led to one recording studio.

Start with: Lena Waithe. This was recorded before she became Emmy Winner Lena Waithe and it’s amazing to listen to someone living every ounce of her dream.

5. WTF With Marc Maron

If you’ve heard of podcasts you’ve probably heard of this one, but I still feel like it’s worth mentioning (which is probably why he’s nearing his 900th episode.) Maron is an incredible interviewer and, while he seemed to fall into a rut after he settled his beef with the entire comedy community, he’s really found a groove again interviewing people to get to know them and not to bury a hatchet.

Start with: Lorde. The most recent 50 episodes are available for free and this was a stand out episode from the last few months. They both share an intense love of music and I found myself pausing the episode multiple times because they’d talk about a song with such enthusiasm that I needed to download and listen to it that very minute.

6. Off the Vine With Kaitlyn Bristowe

I’m a late subscriber to Bachelor Nation, I even looked down upon the franchise until a few summers ago when a friend forced me down the rabbit hole. Now, not only do I tune into every season religiously and harbor strong feelings about every announcement of the next Bachelor/ Bachelorette, I also listen to SEVERAL bachelor alumni podcasts. Off the Vine is without a doubt my favorite. Kaitlyn is so honest about everything from chewing her own toenails (sorry) to how she felt about having to compete to be the Bachelorette. Her guests aren’t always out of the Bachelor world but when she does talk to fellow former lovers/competitors/etc, she really gets them to dish.

Start with: Any of the Shawn Booth episodes. I just love ‘em together.

7. Natch Beaut

Jackie Michele Johnson is an American treasure. I started listening to Natch Beaut after hearing her on another podcast at some point because her voice is like butter. She’s a vegan and a beauty fanatic but she admits to being wildly uneducated when it comes to makeup. I love learning along side her and I’m inspired by the enthusiasm of her product reviews. As someone who didn’t even use a moisturizer until last year, listening to her talk about eyebrows for days feels like a full-on education. As a vegan, she also endorses vegan/cruelty-free beauty so you don’t have to worry about falling in love with a product that’s hurting bunnies and what not.

Start with: Shaving Bumps with Ariana Madix. I don’t know if you’re a Vanderpump person, but if you watch, you’ve been curious about Ariana’s beauty secrets for years now.

8. Desert Island Discs

This is another podcast that I listen to partially for its British-ness; Kristy Young has the most soothing voice I’ve ever heard. She interviews prominent figures about the eight albums and book they’d bring when deserted on a desert Island and they’re presented so thoughtfully it’s impossible not to be lulled into a meditative state during every episode. While most American podcasts interview celebrities and reality TV people (which I love, don’t get me wrong), Desert Island Discs mixes in scientists, scholars, classical musicians and more. The genres vary dramatically and I always learn something new.

Start with: John McEnroe. He shares so many personal stories with his picks — he’s basically met every musician he’s ever been a fan of, plus he talks about yelling at people and being yelled at.

9. Rolling Stone Music Now

This is as newsy as my podcast preferences get. Rolling Stone Music Now is obviously an extension of the magazine. The episodes range from in-depth interviews with artists to expansions on some of their music rankings. It’s extremely informative, almost scientific if you ask me. Any podcast that gives me additional insight into Liam and Noel Gallagher’s never-ending feud is top 10 in my book.

Start with: The Case for Taylor Swift. This episode delves into a published ranking of every Taylor Swift song I could have listened to the writers go back and forth for eight hours.

10. U Talkin U2 To Me?

This is the best podcast in the world, but I hesitate to include it because new episodes are few and far between. Adam Scott and Scott Aukerman (Adam Scott Aukerman) are U2 fanatics discussing U2 album by album. They go off topic regularly so if you’re not a U2 fan (yet) there’s still a lot in it for you. There’ll probably be a new episode at the beginning of December when “Songs of Experience” comes out and wow I just love U2 so much.

Start with: U2 Talk 2 U. I wept when I heard Bono’s voice and finally developed an understanding of how Beatlemania happened.

If you have any to add, please throw them out in the comments, and if you’re looking for an even more niche recommendation, let me know because my honorable mentions list is decades long and I’d love to just keep talking about podcasts forever.

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  • Adrianna

    I’ve mentioned the Longform podcast at least three times in the comments on Man Repeller. I imagine a lot of people here are interested in writing or journalism, and Longform podcast has fantastic interviews with a range of writers, editors, and other media professionals.

    I’m a photo retoucher, which means I can listen to podcasts during my entire work day. Here is an absurd list of recommendations.

    How to be Amazing with Michael Ian Black (Tim Gunn episode is great)
    Never Before with Janet Black
    Anna Faris is Unqualified
    The Mash-Up Americans
    Natch Beaut – silly podcast about make up/beauty!
    Outside Podcast – interviews with athletes, hikers, etc
    Slumber Party with Allie and Georgia
    RuPaul – What’s the Tee
    Slate’s Working
    Death, Sex, and Money
    The Atlantic Interview

    If you like Radiolab and This American Life
    Malcolm Gladwell Revisionist History
    Dirty John
    Love + Radio

    Current Events/News
    Latino USA
    WNYC Brian Lehrer Show
    New York Times The Daily
    The New Washington
    Pod Save America/World

    Dear Sugars – advice
    Bon Appetit Foodcast
    Call Your Girlfriend
    Another Round
    Still Processing
    Double X Podcast

    Silly Podcasts with C List/Bravo celebrities/Bravo Recaps
    Mouthing Off with Olivia Caridi
    Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald
    Watch what Crappens
    Bitch Sesh
    Emotionally Broken Psychos (analyzing reality tv in the best possible psychological way)
    Sexy Unique Podcast (Vanderpump Rules)

    • WHAT A LIST YOU’VE COMPILED. Will be returning to it whenever I’ve emptied my podcast feed, which is often.

      And YES to Longform. It’s hard to pick favorite eps, but I loved the interviews with Caity Weaver, Ariel Levy, David Remnick, Michael Barbaro, the list goes on. Also Maggie Haberman’s was great, except the fact that she was multitasking the entire interview stressed me out what does that say about me??

    • Ashley Hamilton

      I need to start listening to Longform. I’m also ashamed I didn’t know Olivia Caridi had a podcast. I’ll be combing through the rest of your list momentarily.

      • Adrianna

        I didn’t even know who she was before I stumbled upon it based on the guest list. (I’m not part of “bach nation.”)

    • I basically came here for the comments, and Adrianna you do not disappoint!

    • smillipede

      i freakin’ love longform

    • Yas Slate’s Double X is my faaaaave

    • silla

      EBP is life!

    • The Atlantic podcast with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Ta-Nehesi Coates is one of the podcasts that turned me on to podcasts! Also Still Processing! Recently ran into Jenna Wortham at the Whitney and had a fangirl moment.

      Otis Unfiltered

      • Adrianna

        I listen to Still Processing! I think the two hosts have great friend chemistry

  • K

    Bald Move Game of Thrones Podcasts. It’s getting me through the absurdly long wait till the next season.

  • Helen

    The Adam and Joe podcast from about 10 years ago is all still on iTunes, I’ve listened to every episode over and over. They provide that warm comfort that you get from reruns of old TV shows. Other favourites include The Adam Buxton Podcast, The Guilty Feminist, Izzy Suttie’s The Things We Do For Love, My Dad Wrote a Porto, and Griefcast.

  • Anne-Sophie Gerardin

    I recommend Two Dope Queens, it’s so good ! Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams are hilarious.


    • YES. Listen to it every week. There was one ep in which Iliza Shlesinger kept making these animal noises in her set and I just…I was crying laughing.

    • Ashley Hamilton

      Loooove the dope queens

  • Oratile Moloko

    I recommend the Heroine podcast by Majo for creative females or anyone really

  • My absolute favorite podcast is Karina Longworth’s “You Must Remember This”.
    Check it out if you are interested in a superbly researched and cohesive look at history through the lense of mid century Hollywood. It is my podcast soulmate.

    • Summer

      THIS!!!! (Granted, my Disqus photo is Tallulah Bankhead, so I didn’t really have to be convinced…) I highly highly recommend the season about Charles Manson and his ties to Hollywood. It’s incredible.

    • Hannah Finnie

      Best podcast ever!!!! I’m so sad it’s on a break😭

  • Emma Kent

    My Favorite Murder, Pod Save America, NPR Politics and The Nerdist (the SJP episode from several months ago is amazing, would highly recommend).

    Also, I have my own podcast called Open: The Case of Leigh Occhi – I am an investigative journalist at a local daily newspaper in Mississippi and made this podcast about my experience looking into an unsolved missing persons case.

    Happy Thanksgiving MR fam xoxox

    • Adrianna

      omg I can’t wait to check out your podcast!!

    • Isabela Alves

      I’ll be sure to give your podcast a listen!

  • Julia

    I’ve been listening to Stuff You Should Know for over three years now! I love it and never get sick of it. Each episode is on a completely different topic so you can learn about anything from the Simpsons to Therapeutic Hypothermia

    • Isabela Alves

      Ugh, I love it so much.

  • EmilyWilson

    AHHHH, I’m a podcast addict!!! This American Life (natch), Dirty John (a serial podcast done by a reporter for the LA Times–super creepy/true/disturbing), Invisibilia, Lore, Hidden Brain, Crimetown, Judge John Hodgman (hilarious), Created Equal, Reply All, Ear Hustle (a podcast from inmates at San Quentin), Magic Lessons with Liz Gilbert, Dear Sugar, On Being, Radiolab, Singing Bones (history of fairy tales!!), Strangers, You Must Remember This (stories from old Hollywood), Undisclosed (investigates wrongful convictions), BackStory, TED talks daily, Tom & Lorenzo’s Pop Style Opinionfest. And Monocyle. Of course. 🙂

    • EmilyWilson


  • zeynep yilmaz


    • Ashley Hamilton


    • Kattigans

      Monocycle is how I got into podcasts and started to really appreciate them – also the other MR podcast (name is escaping me rn – too much food) but its fantastic!!

  • Bri

    Dear Sugar! Two Dope Queens!

  • Sometimes when I’m trying to force feed friends, family, and coworkers my podcast recs, they ask me when I listen to podcasts and I always think….when is not an opportune time to listen to podcasts?? Granted I am single and live alone so there is that.

    A few I love that haven’t already been put forth in the comments:
    – Heavyweight (a recent ep called “Jesse” is a great place to start!)
    – Terrible, Thanks for Asking (about the tough shit that life throws our way and how we humans try to deal with it)
    – The Hilarious World of Depression (interviews w folks, mostly comedians, who deal with depression and anxiety and all the mental health disorders nobody talks about enough!!)
    – Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations (I love Oprah so much, obviously I’m leaving this here)
    – Lovett or Leave It (a panel discussion about politics led by my favorite human Jon Lovett)

    • Inkygrl

      Omg the episode Jesse of Heavyweight was incredible. I love that podcast.

      • Me. Too. I cried during that ep. Straight tears running down my face. It’s fine.

  • Bria

    Pod Save America
    Call Your Girlfriend
    Who? Weekly (HYSTERICAL)

  • This gal

    Last Podcast in the Left! Definitely not for everyone but great if you want to creep out your coworkers when your earbuds fall out.

    • belle

      My all time fav, it also led me to Page Seven, which somehow makes me lol even more than LPOTL.

  • Alice C.A.

    well know I have about 55 episodes in my inbox and 15 new subscriptions from excellent recommendations to get me through the long weekend…. thanks commenters & Ashley 🙂

  • Abby

    Terrible, Thanks for Asking!! but be prepared to CRY

  • Lillian

    Listen to You Didn’t Ask! A new podcast giving unsolicited/unqualified advice on various topics

  • Chloe

    “On Being with Krista Tippett” is absolutely the best when doing thoughtful tasks like cooking, cleaning, wrapping presents, etc. You really get lost in her conversations. She interviews remarkable people and I am always so struck by her ability to ask hard questions and remember very striking tidbits of information.

    Also “You Must Remember This” is really fun and the host has such a great voice. It’s a must if you like old Hollywood! Her “Dead Blondes” series was so good.

  • Inaat

    YES finally, I love U talking U2 to me. No one ever seems to get it. Also love Comedy Bang Bang, My Favourite murder and Tanis.

  • eva

    i wish this list wasn’t so white! [erica williams simon is the only poc on this list if i am correct?] listening to and amplifying voices of color is really important!!

    • Laura

      Do you have reccomendations?

      • eva

        come on, sis; the nod; never before with janet mock; dear queer with robin cloud; ear hustle; the remedy

  • Akosua Adasi

    Thirst Aid Kit is my new favourite podcast produced by Buzzfeed! It has 3 or 4 episodes, comes out every thuesday and has never failed to make me laugh. It’s all about LUST and letting women list unabashedly.
    Favourite episode: the one about John Cho

  • Sarah Bauer

    The three Canadian dudes with charming east coast accents who run Sickboy Podcast ask all of the questions you would be curious but too polite to ask a person with (name a disease/illness/infection). Really funny and candid and heartbreaking at once.

  • Bmo

    MY FAVORITE MURDER. If you’re having trouble getting into it, skip the first 10 episodes.

    Also, Stand By Your Band, which is fairly new. They discuss bands that are generally hated, but they have a guest on who’s a diehard fan. Very funny. I would suggest starting with an episode where you’re familiar with the artist.

    • Adrianna

      ‘Skip the first ten episodes’ is great advice lol. I followed Georgia from the Slumber Party podcast, so the tangents didn’t bother me.

      I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Martinis and Murder. (The alcohol part didn’t appeal to me.) It’s unfairly compared to MFM in the reviews. They’re way more structured/prepared and bring a queer perspective

      • Talia

        If you’ve followed Georgia from Slumber Party you should also follow Alie to Ologies! It’s her new podcast and it’s great

        • Adrianna

          Yes! I follow her personal account, and I’ve been waiting for Ologies for a while! I included it in my long list of recommendations on this post.

    • Ashley Hamilton

      Literally on my way to stand by your band live right now.

  • sara_math

    You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes
    Soo Many White Guys

  • Nicola V

    I love Busy Phillips but I find the concept behind We’re No Doctors a little iffy, as it is described “a podcast where they discuss medicine and don’t really fact check”. I think there is a lot of medical misinformation out there already, which this seems to add to …

    Anyway, appreciate this list & the comments for all the new recommendations! My favourite podcast is “Mortified” where people read out their teenage diaries, it is hilarious and so relatable!

  • Veronie

    I cannot believe The Tim Ferriss Show is not on this list or crowding the comments!

  • If you like food and you like science, Gastropod is SO GOOD.

  • Kimmy

    1) 2 Dope Queens
    2) Going to do a little shameless self promotion because the loveliest Amelia Diamond was a guest on Episode 4 (sadly before our sound quality was legit) of our pod called 51 First Dates (my biz partner/partner in a once upon a time MR sunday scaries article Liza is picking out 51 dates for me to go on, scary/eek/wtf!)

    • Lorange E

      I love 2 Dope Queens! Makes my crowded af commute experience so much better! Plus listening to funny people can totally shift my perspective for the day.

  • FLAdams20

    Couple more podcasts worth checking out:
    Hey, it’s OK – UK Glamour mag podcast started by EiC. Interviews of celebrity guests.
    Table Manners with Jessie Ware (the popstar) – has celebrity guests/friends over for dinner with her mum and they chat food, lives etc.

    Both very British. Both great.

    (Massive fan of the High Low!)

  • smillipede

    bring back oh boy pls! i miss jay buim v much

  • gracesface

    Big fan of Roisin Agnew’s Irish podcast, 12 Angry Minutes. It’s short but between her voice and her charisma, I just love it. Only a few episodes though.

  • Monica M

    Love this! I’ve recently started diving into podcasts in the last year.

    For anyone who is a Real Housewives fan, the podcast “Bitch Sesh” is a must. Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider are great and they always have amazing co-hosts!

  • Ally Perkins

    The Read! It’s a biting commentary on pop culture with two fantastic hosts. It also delivers the QPOC perspective that we so desperately need in the media.

  • Caitlin Crow

    This fellow podcast addict is thankful for your list, because I’d only heard of 3 out of the 10.
    All-time number one for humor/British accents…MY DAD WROTE A PORNO. Please download and listen immediately. Also in heavy rotation: Esther Perel’s Where Should We Begin? (= her actual therapy sessions with clients plus commentary), Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History, The Splendid Table, Meet The Composer, How I Built This, Modern Love, The Longest Shortest Time, The Moth, The Knowledge Project, TED Radio Hour, UnStyled, and (guilty pleasure) the Tara & Johnny podcast.

  • Rachel

    Another Round is SO GOOD

  • Camille Laurente

    Hi Ashley! I would love for you to check out Sincerely, Hueman – a podcast about humans you should know and their stories of spreading positivity and doing good in the modern age💙 https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/sincerely-hueman-stories-on-positivity-and-social-good/id1289090441?mt=2

  • Mun

    Big big fan of The Call. I like Sporkful, Mortified, The Moth 🙂

  • Ava Cadee

    OMG this is so good!!!! I love this!
    I love listening to
    – The Daily
    – This American Life
    – Dissect
    – TOFOP
    – RuPaul’s What’s the T
    – NPR Politics
    – Hamish and Andy
    – Freakonomics
    I can’t wait to try these recs! Does anyone have good ways to find new podcasts?

    • Talia

      If you like a specific comedian, laughable is a good ap to see everything they’ve been on and find a new favourite podcast
      (TOFOP is my favourite too!)

    • Adrianna

      Good ol’ Fashioned ‘related’ on iTunes. I’ve also discovered a lot by following a guest to other podcasts.
      For example, I was surprised by how much I liked Michael Ian Black on Death Sex and Money. Turns out he has a great interview podcast. I also like reality tv, and I discovered some lighthearted podcasts because a vanderpump rules cast member guested on a comedy podcast.

      I actually discovered podcasts in 2011 because a nonfiction author linked one of those living room/Skype podcast interviews to his website.

    • Anna Charlotte

      YES Hamish and Andy!

  • Mercedes Ayala

    Throwing Shade!! A way to keep up with current events that make you want to gauge your eyes out, with some comedy to make you feel light-hearted.

  • Rachel

    Hey! I love podcasts so much I even have one! it’s called 1-800-DID-I-ASK it’s co-hosted by myself and my BFF, we’re both textile students and clothing designers who talk textiles, pop culture, and end every episode with a complaint/review of someone we’ve met in our daily lives or something that needs to be complained about in the world at large! we do some pretty cool interviews with artists and activists! give us a listen if you’re interested!

  • Hana Eggleston

    Yes I am always keen to talk podcasts!
    Throwing Shade is my all-time fave feminasty and homosensual podcast duo!
    The Blindboy Podcast is my new favourite storytime,
    Josie Long’s Short Cuts is also delightful storytime,
    Abbi Jacobson’s Piece of Work was great and isn’t time-specific,
    Wanna Be (started by one half of our kinda UK version of Two Dope Queens, Melanin Milennials),
    The Guilty Feminist,
    Conscious Chatter,
    Adam Buxton’s podcast…

  • Isabela Alves

    I love finding more podcast-crazy people like myself! Thank you Ashley and everyone who commented for the great recomendations. I also really enjoy: 2 Dope Queens (fun fun fun), Serial (LOVED), Undisclosed (Good for Serial fans), Game of Thrones Weekly (love love love), LadyGang (weekly must for me), Never Before with Janet Mock, Stuff You Should Know (personal favorite), The Love Bomb (niko niko niko), Women of the Hour with Lena Dunham, anddddddd my favorite TED RADIO HOUR <3

  • oh yes thank you this lost is so great! I’ve been listening to The High Low Show religiously these days, totally recommend.

  • Blényesi Eszter

    On Being is amazing too! 🙂

  • SpiritAndCourage

    My all time favourite podcast is My Brother, My Brother and Me. It’s one of the original advice podcasts where they answer listener questions and yahoo answers questions but really just use those as a jumping off point to be silly. It does take a little while to get into but once you do it feels like family.

    Pretty much any of the Gimlet Media podcasts are amazing starting with Reply-all (which is described as “about the internet” but is way more fun than that sounds and really interesting). Science vs., start-up, ear hustle. OH and Uncivil which is about the civil war and race and how that is related to today and even though I am Canadian it is one of the most relevant and fascinating podcasts I have ever listened to.

  • Pandora Sykes

    AH THANK YOU! We are thrilled to be included 🙂

  • Talia

    I listen to podcasts pretty much all the time when I’m at home. It’s like having a conversation, except I don’t have to think of anything interesting to say.
    My favourites are:
    -The Dollop
    -The Little Dum Dum Club
    -Thinking Sideways
    -The Baby Sitters Club Club
    -Probably Science

  • Amber

    Yaaas this is such a good list! Podcasts are the best, for listening AND for making (yes, yes I do make secret podcasts on my phone)

    (also, *Kirsty Young)

  • Brenda

    We’ll Circle Back is a great and hilarious podcast that’s definitely worth checking out. It’s just two friends talking about politics and pop culture. it’s so funny and perfect for listening to at work. I die

  • Anna23

    I love the podcast Millennials in Heat! They interview other Millennials about dating and hooking up—pretty funny and insightful

  • Ellen Howes

    MISSING: Glowing Up

    • autillicautnullibi

      Really wanted to love Glowing Up but literally every episode I listened to had some kind of racist remark. :/

  • “You must remember this” explores the secret or forgotten histories of Hollywood. Riveting stuff!

  • Audrey Schultz

    Queen Bee Book Club! It’s a pretty new podcast where two funny ladies discuss a different book every few weeks! They discuss the books pretty conversationally too, so you don’t feel totally lost if you’re not reading along!

  • Szonja Fekete


  • My pick: NYT’s Still Processing. It’s a really good mix of culture, technology and current events – Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris always have great banter and commentary.

  • Cristina

    I am late to this podcast party because I ditched my phone in lieu of creamed corn this weekend.
    Thank you for this list! I commute and podcasts make the drive bearable, I also like a good podcast while cooking! I enjoy real life ones, but also serialized drama’s. Here’s what currently in my list:
    – Sword and Scale (I’m a true crime addict. This is DISTURBING. It’s like.. if you read All the Ugly and Wonderful Things and enjoyed it, despite it’s stomach churning story line. You feel like you should stop listening, so that you can’t go to jail by association… but you can’t stop.
    – Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations. This is new for me, I was just really missing Oprah.
    – The Splendid Table. Lynn Rosetto Casper’s voice instantly makes you happy and nostalgic for hot cocoa with your grandma.
    – Milk Street Radio, it’s like America’s Test Kitchen in digital form.
    – Off the Vine. Agreed, Kaitlyn is so freaking funny I’ve swerved into the other lane from laughing.
    – In the Black, this is a creepy serialized drama.
    I’ve listened to Dirty John and it was good, I’m just sad that one you listen, it’s over. Like, I need podcasts with no end in site. You can’t hook me in and leave me!

  • Autumn

    I’m surprised not to see The Nerdist listed in terms of long-form interviews. Chris Hardwick is such a fun interviewer! His best episodes are Dave Grohl and Andrea Romano (she’s a cartoon voice director and has helped cast soooo many cartoon voices; it was fascinating).
    Also, Switched on Pop is a great music podcast. The two guys go super in-depth into a pop song each episode and musically what makes it great. Their latest episode is two new T-Swift songs.

  • Alison Weinreb

    Guys we fucked– all day er day.

    • Laura Guarraci


  • Brandon Gerbig

    Two podcasts i LOVE but dont get enough attention:

    1) Knowledge Fight: Two friends watch the Alex Jones show daily and try to understand him. They call him on his bullshit, and try to see what he is really talking about.

    2) Occultae Veritatis: Three Canadians talk about Horrible things. The banter between the hosts make honestly shocking thing tolerable, plus they make jokes and review beer. Its a pretty awesome show.

  • Hannah Finnie

    Lovett or Leave It!

  • Arden

    THROWING SHADE! Erin and Bryan are my absolute faves – give them a listen if you want to hear discussions of women & LGBTQ issues and hilarious interviews (Trixie Mattel was their latest guest and it’s amazing).

  • Winfried Schulz

    Loved the article. I really enjoy listening to Pod Save America. Also really enjoyed the podcasts I saw on here, https://www.sp-bx.com/10-best-podcasts-created-by-women-for-women/, especially the Fashion Hags

  • ES

    OMG! Somehow, I missed this list when it was first published. Some of my faves are included, but I just downloaded some of your suggestions for weekend listening :))) to accompany me while I bake Christmas cookies! Our tastes certainly intersect in the realm of podcasts that are conversational/banter-y with a lean towards pop culture and other timely issues. YAY!

  • ede

    The Read with Kid Fury & Crissle, you don’t even have to know who they’re talking about to laugh.

  • Maja

    Ahhhh Marc Maron is great and I’ve been listening to Where Should We Begin? at Haley’s recommendation and I just can’t get enough. I’ve also been loving The Bechdel Cast, which is hosted by comedians Caitlin Durante and Jamie Loftus (she’s a sometimes MR contributor, too!!) They talk about the portrayal of women in film and have different guests each episode. Check out the Twilight episode and the Manhattan episode — I’d rate both an enthusiastic 5 nipples.