Man Repeller’s President Kate Barnett makes apple butter in the coziness of her kitchen each fall. Could she make apple butter in the coziness of her kitchen in seasons other than fall? Sure. Apples are year-round fruit so long as you’ve got a supermarket near you, and as far as I know there are no hall monitors who give out detention for off-seasonal non-dairy butter making. But there is something about autumn that makes you want to embody autumn! What other season encourages you to dress in colors that correspond with the changing foliage? “I LOVE BURNT ORANGE!” The weather crisps and suddenly, you crave pumpkin and cinnamon. “SOMEONE LIGHT A GOD DAMN CANDLE.” If we were animals in observation, this is where the narrator would say something about maple lattes and cuffing season. “HOLD MY HAND AND LET’S BUY CIDER DOUGHNUTS.” So why fight it? If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, as they say.

Below, Man Repeller’s guide to being Super Fucking Fall in New York. Add your recommendations for your hometown in the comments section. Meet you there with boots on!

Visit Storm King Art Center

One good reason to try it: Louisiana likes it because it’s a sculpture museum set outside: nature and art all in one.
Inside scoop: It’s less crowded during the week but heads up: they’re closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
How much does it cost: $18 for adults, $8 for students, or $40.50 for the whole package with transportation
Where is it and how do I get there? 1 Museum Rd, New Windsor, NY 12553. You can drive, take the train or take the bus.
How much time should I budget? Practically a full day.

Spend a cozy evening drinking mulled wine at Spuyten Duyvil

One good reason to try it: If you love mulled wine, you’ll love this stop. It’s a favorite of our social media intern, Reed.
Inside scoop: The garden in the back is open year round until 11:30 and it’s the BEST! (Bring a parka though.)
How much does it cost: Depends on how much you drink…
Where is it and how do you get there? 359 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY. Take the L/G/JMZ to various stops.
How much time should I budget? An evening.

Pay a visit to Tender Buttons on East 62nd Street

One good reason to try it: New York City native Edith loves this place because “everyone knows autumn is the best time to stock back up on buttons.”
Inside scoop: It’s a teensy townhouse that sells buttons from the ceiling to the floor. They come in every color and shape. It’s closed on Sunday!
How much does it cost: $0 – however much money you’d like to splurge on buttons.
Where is it and how do you get there? 143 E. 62nd Street, Manhattan. Take the 4/5/6.
How much time should I budget? 10-25 minutes.

Stroll through Abingdon Square Farmers Market

One good reason to try it: It’s so fall it’s almost offensive.
Inside scoop: Amelia likes to walk through here on Saturday mornings. She brings her coffee and buys a pastry at one of the stands, then sits down in the adjacent Abington Square Park to people watch. It’s open Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
How much does it cost: Free to meander.
Where is it and how do I get there? Hudson Street and West 12th Street in Manhattan. Take the 1/A/B/C/D/E/F.
How much time should I budget? As much time as you have to do nothing within the hours of business.

Walk around the Central Park Reservoir (Also known as the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir)

One good reason to try it: New York City native Harling says the reservoir loop is not only incredibly picturesque, “it’s also the perfect length for people ‘like myself’ who aren’t particularly outdoorsy but still want to commune with nature on occasion, especially this time of year when the maple trees are looking so sexy.”
Inside scoop: The path can get a little dusty so don’t wear your new white suede loafers.
How much does it cost: Free!
Where is it and how do I get there? Central Park, 85th Street to 96th Street from east to west. Take the C.
How much time should I budget? 30 minutes total.

Have a drink at Noorman’s Kil

One good reason to try it: Nothing warms the body quite like bourbon, and this place has a great bourbon variety.
Inside scoop: Madi, Partnerships Coordinator, says to check out the backyard and try the grilled cheese.
How much does it cost: Depends on what you’re drinkin’!
Where is it and how do you get there? 609 Grand Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Take the A/B/C.
How much time should I budget? About an hour.

Fall Forest Weekend

One good reason to try it: Explore “the largest remaining tract of old-growth forest in New York City” and take a canoe trip while you’re at it. You’ll probably see Ashley, who recommended this.
Inside scoop: The 11th & 12th is the last weekend to do it.
How much does it cost: $25
Where is it and how do you get there? New York Botanical Gardens. Take the B/D/4/2.
How much time should I budget? Give yourself a full day.

Take a trip to the Dia Beacon Museum

One good reason to try it: Patty will give you two reasons: the extremely “fall” train ride up there and the art once you arrive.
Inside scoop: It’s only open from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. so it’s definitely a weekend activity if you keep normal working hours.
How much does it cost: $15 entry plus train fare
Where is it and how do you get there? 3 Beekman St, Beacon, NY 12508. Take the Metro-North train (Hudson Line to Beacon Staton).
How much time should I budget? Make a day of it.

Warm up in the New York Public Library

One good reason to try it: It’s a sweet place to wander when it’s cold. It’s also right by Bryant Park and near Times Square so there’s a lot to do nearby. Haley says to make sure to check out the small theater that plays a 30-minute documentary about the place on a loop.
Inside scoop: It’s very quiet in there, but a breathtakingly beautiful/storied place to wander around alone with headphones or with another person.
How much does it cost: Free!
Where is it and how do you get there? 476 5th Avenue in Manhattan. Take the 7/B/D/F/V to 42nd Street/Bryant Park.
How much time should I budget? 1 hour.

For the more seasoned rider, bike the Henry Hudson Drive(River Road)

One good reason to try it: Nikki is a serious bike rider so if you’re into cycling, take her word. She likes River Road because it’s lined with trees changing color, and if you go down to some of the boat basins, you can see the George Washington Bridge with a backdrop of the NYC skyline — not to mention that there are a few waterfalls along the road. (Plandid time!)
Inside scoop: If you’re coming straight from the city, use Strictly’s bike shop as a pit stop to get coffee, use the bathroom, fill up tires and buy any cold weather gear you might have forgotten. Another great pit stop is the 9W Market after you’ve done River Road for a mid-ride lunch. If your legs are too tired after Alpine Hill, you can come back via 9W for an easier ride home.
How much does it cost: Free.
Where is it and how do you get there? New Jersey, right over the George Washington Bridge. You bike there!
How much time should I budget? A full day.

For the casual rider, bike to the Cloisters

One good reason to try it: Another Nikki pick, this is a great way to enjoy the outdoors before it gets too cold and see a different part of the city without riding the train for an hour.
Inside scoop: If you’re nervous about riding in the city, the bulk of the route can be done on the West Side Highway bike path. Wear a wind vest/jacket and gloves because it gets especially windy along the water.
How much does it cost: $25 suggested admission for adults, $12 suggested admission for students.
Where is it and how do you get there: 99 Margaret Corbin Drive, Fort Tryon Park. New York, NY 10040. You bike there!
How much time should I budget? A full day.

Walk around Manhattan’s Upper West Side

One good reason to try it: Elizabeth wants to spread the word about her parents’ ‘hood. “It’s a beautiful, underrated neighborhood to explore and it’s so ‘fall.’”
Inside scoop: She says the people seem to be especially calm and pleasant on the Upper West Wide.
How much does it cost: A ride on the bus or subway.
Where is it and how do you get there? Start around 87th Street between Riverside Drive and Amsterdam Ave and make your way around the neighborhood. Take 1/A/C/E.
How much time should I budget: As long as you want!

Have a Kings County Sour and a side of fries at Henry Public

One good reason to try it: Jasmin used to lived in Cobble Hill for a year and this was her favorite bar in the neighborhood. It’s also modeled on an English pub and she’s British, so there’s that, too.
Inside scoop: Everyone will tell you the turkey sandwich is the thing to have here but it’s not; the bone marrow is.
How much does it cost: Roughly $15-$20
Where is it and how do you get there? Henry Public in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. She used to walk there, but you can take the F/G/4/5/A/C/F.
How much time should I budget? As long as you want to hang out.

Pig Beach

One good reason to try it: It’s an outdoor bar and BBQ restaurant. Matt says if you love drinking outdoors but don’t love a ~scene~ and you’re down to get your hands dirty, this is the place.
Inside scoop: Wear stretchy pants.
How much does it cost: It depends on your stomach, but the overall price point is pretty reasonable in comparison to some Manhattan BBQ haunts.
Where is it and how do you get there? 480 Union Street, Gowanus, Brooklyn. Take the A/F/R.
How much time should I budget? Two hours to eat, two hours to digest.

Cozy Series Presents: Voices on the Hudson at City Vineyard

One good reason to try it: Editorial intern Caroline recommends this because “just the name alone gives you tingly ‘fall feels.’” She says you get to drink wine in a cool venue and listen to a lineup of interesting emerging musicians while feeling like you’ve escaped to a rustic autumn wonderland. “You’ll totally forget you’re in downtown Manhattan.”
Inside scoop: The shows are intimate so it’s first come, first served. Doors open at 4:30 p.m. and close at 8:30 p.m. Arrive early and eat dinner beforehand.
How much does it cost: Tickets range from $25-$100.
Where is it and how do you get there? 233 West Street in Manhattan. Take the A/C/E/1.
How much time should I budget? Devote an evening.


Your turn!

Illustrations by Gabrielle Lamontagne; follow her on Instagram @gabi_lamontagne

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  • Amelia Diamond


  • I just got back from a long weekend in NYC… last night. Damn the timing! Still a great piece.

    • Amelia Diamond

      come back!

  • Emily

    yes!!! ok, also: walk in riverside park – so beautiful right now – and go ice skating in central park!

  • Julie

    I had a joy stroke reading Amelia’s description of her Abingdon Square Greenmarket plans. I plan on doing this with the added element of pretending I’m starring in a rom-com while listening to the Amelie soundtrack or something.

    • Amelia Diamond

      oh great call to BYOSoundtrack

    • Theresa

      There is an apple stand at that farmer’s market with the BEST apples I have ever had and they also sell apple cider donuts which I ate 4 of in the span of 1 weekend #blessed

      • Amelia Diamond


  • Hayley

    I grew up going to Storm King and the Dia, great suggestions.

  • Aleda Johnson

    This is great! My first Fall in the city, and I was wondering what New Yorkers do when the leaves (sidewalk litter?) turn colorful.

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Emily O’Reilly

    This is amazing!

  • Lara

    This is perfect since I’m spending my first fall in NYC this year, going to do this all!

  • Nancy

    Noorman’s is my neighborhood bar. The grilled cheese with brie and a Four Roses Single Barrel is my go-to. We had a date night at the Flatiron Room on Friday, which is lovely and has an encyclopedic whisk(e)y selection, complete with live jazz and a fireplace. Then we had dinner at St. Mazie in Brooklyn. Sit in the tiny downstairs bar, get the porchetta for two.
    I’m kind of anti-“typical fall shit,” which I think is why I really like a bunch of things on this list. They’re activities that are enhanced by the season – not things that only exist because of it.

    • lilyelle

      I’m going to St. Mazie tonight for the first time! can’t wait to check it out.

      • Amelia Diamond

        oo i wanna try!

  • Deborah

    I live on the UWS and I agree with Elizabeth. My neighborhood is, in fact, so fall. Smells like a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils year-round.

    • Amelia Diamond

      omg i lovee that description

    • Julia

      Not to mention piles of fallen leaves, dogs wearing winter outfits, friendly people who’ll struck up a conversation *anywhere*, and fantastic bagels. I moved there because it feels like a friendly little town in the middle of Manhattan.

  • Aydan

    I’ve been on a bit of a sabbatical in between jobs and I have fully been embracing the warmer fall weather in new york! I’ve found even picking a neighborhood and taking a subway or walking (especially if its a scenic long walk) and exploring all the neighborhood hangs (bookshops, coffee shops, etc.) has been an amazing way to take in the city!! (this was at the suggestion at one of my friends!!)

  • Sarah

    Apple Butter Latte would be an amazing seasonal Starbucks drink

  • Tess

    It’s harder to get to, but Grace Farms on the NY/CT border is great! It has a similar vibe to Storm King, except it’s more of a spiritual sanctuary than a museum.

  • Jay

    Originally planned NYC for spring, cause love it in the spring. Now reconsidering for October next year… we‘ll see

  • Henriette Klok Dupont

    Great tips. I am going to spend Christmas in NYC, does anyone have recommendations on where to eat on 24th/25th of December. Thinking somewhere that serves traditional Christmas dinner. Thanks, Henriette

  • So many museums!!! <3

    tbh this fall has been particularly hard, one of the only cozy things i've done (and have done it repeatedly) is eat curry at Dojo (W 4th and Mercer) with my friends before crawling back into the library.

  • I have never been to Pig Beach)) Who can tell me more about it?