I Spy a Curious New Red Carpet Trend

Not long ago Amelia wrote about the widespread epidemic in which celebrities are wont to ruin their red-carpet outfits with bad shoes (or, as she so succinctly put it: shoes “so boring they work better than Ambien if you’re having trouble falling asleep”).

She proved it 15 times over with photographic evidence aplenty of A-lister after A-lister trotting across crimson rugs in stunning, elaborate dresses paired with safe, simple shoes. Once you see it, you can’t un-see it, which is why I’ve been mentally flagging awards show footwear ever since.

And that, my friends, is why I happened to notice the delightful parade of risky shoe choices at the American Music Awards on Sunday night — a rare red-carpet footwear feast for the eyes! The only thing missing was a trombone.

The parade in question featured nary a nude high-heel and was populated instead with…


Yes, boots. Red-carpet boots, to be exact. Nicole Kidman’s were the first to color me surprised. While she could have easily accessorized her LBD with matching black strappy sandals, she chose to ditch the training wheels and pull a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti boots that are, quite frankly, the opposite of boring.

Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage via Getty Images

Then I caught sight of Ciara, who must be reading Man Repeller because she was wearing glitter boots — a long-overdue dose of disco ball-dipped shins the red carpet never saw coming.

Ditto for Garcelle Beauvais in her silver, slouchy version. At this point it was apparent that something was in the water, by which I mean the red-carpet boot Kool-Aid was flowing like a 5-minute Enya single.

Sabrina Carpenter was the next boot-sporting Kool-Aid drinker to register in my field of vision. I feel it is important to confess I didn’t know who Sabrina Carpenter was until this very moment, upon which I Googled her and learned that in addition to being a boot-sporting Kool-Aid drinker she is 18 years old and starred as Maya Hart in the Disney Channel series Girl Meets World. Bless Wikipedia.

Last but not least, Alessia Cara deserves honorable mention for wearing what appear to be lace-up rain boots.

What do you think? Should we all start wearing boots with black-tie? I’m not opposed.

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