At Tokyo Fashion Week, every outfit is its own cake, and by that I mean it is layered to perfection. The art of layering clothes is akin to the art of layering strips of paper to create a papier-mâché sculpture. Success lies in the ability to make the outcome look inevitable even though the process itself is quite intentional. It’s a challenge, to be sure, but not one that can’t be learned when Japan is your open textbook. Grab the highlighter inside your brain and memorialize these 10 layering tricks, as told by the subsequent slideshow of street style confections:

1. Pair a black sweatshirt with a yellow raincoat for a weather-proof bumblebee effect.

(Oh, and a hood is an accessory in its own right — so wear it up on your head where it belongs).

2. Fold down the upper half of your jackets so the yoke of your dress is on full display.

Add a belt, because why the heck not?

3. Administer patterned leggings under gym shorts.

‘Nuff said.

4. Attach a fanny pack to your lower abdomen for companionship whenever possible.

5. There’s no such thing as too much icing.

When in doubt, add a sheer slip.

6. You’ve got two shoulders, so why not wear two coats?

(One on each side, naturally).

7. Cut off a sleeve if it’s in the way.

8. Don’t underestimate umbrellas and grocery bags for their accessorizing potential.

9. A cropped vest is the new everything.

10. Layer sunglasses over regular glasses and call yourself a cake genius.

Tell me your favorite tricks (and looks) in the comments. My highlighter is itching for more action.

Photos by Matthew Sperzel; follow him on Instagram @sperzphoto.

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  • Amanda Faerber

    I love how all of these people look really comfortable … circling back to Harling’s recent article about loving wide leg pants/hating skinny jeans. I also love the color combinations and zero fear of pattern mixing.

  • me

    Love love Tokyo street style — more, please !

    Because why should (northern) Europe get all the sartorial attention ?

    ps. how are the cutoff jeans in #19 being held up??

    • Rheanonn Perez

      i was thinking maybe they are shoes? lol

  • Jillian Colin

    Omg #64 in the gallery. Does anyone know where that top is from??

    • Isa

      This seems to be a traditional top worn by the Flower Hmong of northern Vietnam

      • Jillian Colin

        Oh wow, I just checked that out. Thats awesome! Thanks for looking & sharing Isa 🙂

  • Holland Kennedy

    all SO good but #56.. OMG, amazing

  • Hayley

    Would maybe actually kill for the boots in slide #12.

  • LaurenG

    So glad to see some Japanese street style featured here! I’ve been living in Tokyo for more than a year now and I’ve never felt more inspired everyday just walking in the streets and taking the subway. What I especially love is the freedom that all men have in dressing up in very fashionable ways. Coming from Paris where street style fashion (and I’m not talking about PFW but normal people in their day-to-day life) is very dull and generic, Tokyo is a breath of fresh air! And I also highly recommend for thrift and vintage shops!

    • olivia

      Lauren, do you know of any good blogs where I can find some Tokyo style inspo? I was there last week and the style changed my life. Especially the 90’s/vintage looks. Trying to find websites/blogs where I can keep the dream going. Thanks!

      • LaurenG

        Hey Olivia!
        I must say I mostly follow people/magazines on Instagram, but to give you some ideas:
        – FRUiTS: they really are the pioneer in terms of street style snaps in Tokyo (mostly Harajuku), this magazine has really been a big part in promoting the “Harajuku style”, unfortunately thet decided a few months ago that “Harajuku is dead” so they closed the magazine and the Instagram has not been that much updated since September, but it’s worth it just to scroll through the old posts!
        – Tokyo Fashion : the website is a huge mess (like many Japanese websites actually….) but they are basically posting the same things on Instagram so I just follow them there:
        – Drop Tokyo:
        – Style Arena: : here again the website is a bit messy , but they publish A LOT of stuff and what I really like about the website is that it’s sorted by areas: Harajuku (very creative and wedgy), Omotesando/Daikanyama (more high fashion and vintage inspired), Shibuya (younger styles from high school and uni students), Ginza (work style).

        And the best for the end:
        Coco Pink Princess:
        this girl has more confidence and sass at 6 than I’ll ever get in a lifetime, I seriously think someone at Man Repeller should do an article on her !!

        I hope this was a bit helpful!

        • olivia

          Thank you SO much, Lauren! I just followed all of these accounts on instagram. I agree about the websites being messy…wow haha. These will keep me scrolling (and drooling over the amazing fashion) for days! You’re so sweet ^^
          Also I second that Man Repeller should do a piece on Coco pink Princess!

  • Nico

    I LOVE your street style posts but maybe consider adding a gallery/thumbnail view option too in case some of us don’t always have time to scroll thru 50+ photos? 🙂

  • Lanatria Brackett Ellis

    That jumper with the fuschia tights!! SIGN ME UP!!!

  • I really like how Japan has kept that punk spirit up in their clothing, some of these people look like they can slide right into Camden where as street style in the UK tends to be more… fancy(?) these day?

  • Châu Giang Viettourist