Bella Hadid is Bringing Back Newsboy Caps And I Am Not Ready for It

I’m confused about this one piece of her fall style that she seems so damn committed to

Photo by Christian Vierig via Getty Images.

No point in burying the lede here: Newsboy caps have returned to fashion and I am not in a good place about it.

There is something wrong with me, for sure, because I dislike all kinds of hats: the fedora, the bucket hat, the bowler, those of the wide-brimmed brunch variety. More than anything, I’m confused about where this comes from, where the stinging offense happens and why the defensive part of my brain kicks in. I’m not particularly pro-forehead, at least not in the partisan sense. I’m more forehead-apathetic, so what the hell do I care if a celebrity covers hers? And it’s not the superfluous nature of these hats that bother me. I love an unnecessary accessory. I like berets?! The fedora, the bucket, the bowler, the wide-brim (but for the sake of tidiness, let’s bring it back to the newsboy cap now) aren’t particularly terrible, either. I have liked far less visually appealing things: I find Crocs kind of fun. I “get” the ugly sneaker trend. I love a grotesque Google search.

But this stupid hat makes me really mad!!!

So far, Bella Hadid appears to be its biggest fan. She is hell-bent on making this her fall staple.

Let’s clear up some semantics. This cap ^ (where is the pointing up emoji when you need it) is more of a fiddler rather than a newsboy, which Bella Hadid, who I am sure is wonderful and kind and a good person who just wants to take a few fashion risks and live her life without me interrupting it, wears in the feature image above. We can call these hats cousins — the kinds of cousins who hang out all the time not just because their parents encourage it. Anyway, they’re similar enough. They both set off my alarms equally.

These hats have been offending me on Instagram and in private settings: on the streets, in restaurants, every time I sit down to watch a rerun of The Devil Wears Prada on cable TV. Speaking of Prada, we can put a bit of blame on the beloved house (Miuccia, please don’t smite me) for its revival of the pageboy — same family — during the house’s men’s show in January 2017. Gucci can share some of my finger-pointing, too (Alessandro, I love you). Both brands make black leather versions that, whether the tapped credits reveal these names or not, are surely the…shall we say...source of inspiration.

Almost as much as Bella, Anna Dello Russo is another big champion.

I’ll stop talking for a second to show you some more famous people wearing a version of this trend.

What is the POINT of that little bill? Your chin is still exposed to the sun, if it’s shade you’re looking for.

Love You @JanetJackson❤️ #FunTimes

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…Unsure if that last one counts but let’s just say that if we had to pick a fashion favorite, like if we were embroiled in a very serious game of would-you-rather and we were all taking it way too seriously and couldn’t help but forget the whole thing was hypothetical, I’d go with Janet Jackson based on lack-of-hat-merit alone.

I am unfair. I know! You don’t choose the hat aversion, I don’t think. In this case, it chose me.
– The overall silhouette is that of a squashed mushroom
– Assuming it’s about the outfit, one wouldn’t take this hat off indoors, and hats indoors serve zero purpose — they’re not keeping your head warm, and they’re definitely messing up your hair.

I’m fully aware these celebrities have stylists. Elizabeth Sulcer, whose ‘gram I used up above, dresser of Kaia (among many other stars), is a wildly respected one. She’s got her ear to the ground and hears the trends rumble long before the average human. If trends pooped she could probably use the droppings to detect all sorts of warning signs. So yeah, I’d say she knows what she’s doing when she secures a hat that looks like a mushroom to a head and says, “Yes. This just completed the outfit,” just like the person who put this newsboy cap (proper) on Kate Moss’s head back in the day was probably aware this photo would be eternally touted as “genius.”

ph: Paula Bullwinkel

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So I am sure there is something I’m missing. Maybe it’s a gene?

Is this like cilantro?

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  • IS THIS CILANTRO!!!???? I think you got it right at the end, Amelia. Now that hats are not required for public decency, I suppose all hats that don’t protect you from the sun -or objects falling from the sky- are indeed cilantro.

    • Andrea Raymer

      But almost all hats are great for protecting from the drizzling rain!

    • Gen

      But they’re good for keeping your head warm”

    • Madeline

      If you don’t like cilantro maybe you only like food that is super bland. To each their own I guess.

      • I love cilantro! It’s “extra”! A delicious garnish!

  • Lindsey

    I have no issues with the hat. I think the hat is fine. I feel like the trend we keep ignoring that makes *actual* no sense, are these tiny sunglasses everyone is wearing in these pictures! You wanna talk about serving lit-er-a-lly NO purpose….come on. Since when did little old lady/ancient professor nose-pinching sunglasses become a thing? I don’t get it! And then (to be fair to Amelia), the admittedly small brim of these hats PLUS the zero help from the teensy glasses is really like having a bare face. Now, we are all well aware here that we wear clothes (hats and glasses included) for other than practical reasons. So I have to call BS on the “it serves no purpose” thing regarding the hat AND my take on the sunglasses. We both know that’s not the only reason why people wear things. But also, I get it. #fashun But while I can get behind this hat, the ugly sneakers (which I think are pretty rad, even if OMG $640, WUT), the wearing of a fanny pack around your torso, etc….I just am pretty gobsmacked about the tiny glasses.

    • Amelia Diamond

      The teeny glasses don’t bug me for their no-utility purpose because I think they serve way more of an aesthetic purpose — they really can change an outfit (for me). Except now I’m very sick of them. I laughed out loud that you called them ancient professor glasses. They do look like something Dumbledore would wear.

    • Áine Hegarty

      I think the teensy glasses are atrocious. Some styles can be OK but I feel like people are just wearing them to be different and it’s not something that they actually like. They look so wrong on Gigi. I don’t think she saw them in a store and thought, “me! cute!” I think someone handed them to her and she wanted to make a statement and wear something that wasn’t popular yet. I’m just not on board with people wearing something to be different than everyone else. It feels narcissistic. Does anyone else agree?

      • Lindsey

        I kinda feel like both the Hadid sisters are trying to have their *thing*. For Gigi, it’s all the sunglasses. Never not wearing sunglasses, whether big or small, black or color-tinted. For Bella, it’s these newsboys caps and big-ass sneakers. It comes across as less “this is me” but more “this is my thing to stand out and start a trend.” Kudos to them though- it’s working.

  • Eliza

    Olivia Culpo.. girl… whaaaat is this???

    • Kattigans

      It’s so much lewwwk. She looks like she got confused about when Halloween is

      • Agreed. It’s literally a steam punk costume.

      • JennyWren

        Yeah, there are about three too many things going on there.

    • Alison

      I thought she was a Jendashian! My fault for not reading captions.

      • Shevaun

        I also thought this. I had to scroll between them several times to double-check.

  • Bmo

    I agree, I am also very anti-hat in all forms.

    Also, I 100% thought that picture of Kaia was of her mother until I saw her name in the caption.

  • I have a similar love/hate relationships with hats! It always culminates to the same end. What do I do when I go inside? Feel stupid (keep hat on) or look stupid (hat off)? The stress is unreal.

  • Tea

    So much no…

  • Kattigans

    This hat style has been going strong for a while. The hipster girls from my college (graduated 4 years ago) wore these and when they all moved to LA they kept up the trend. I would say celebs are late to the game lol. But I get it, why they’re annoying. I’m not into them. Just like wearing a wide brimmed to brunch or a *~winery~* the trend is stale and dead to me. The whole 90’s, cool girl dressing is so boring to me now. Now everyone owns a pair of Lennon raybans and is into dressing like they’re at Outside Lands 24/7 / an urban outfitters catalogue. Yaaaaawn.

    • Kiks

      I started wearing wide-brim hats about six years ago I lived in the far, far “north” of the Pacific Northwest and in winter you literally could
      not carry an umbrella — it would immediately blow inside out and break. Hats were the only way to even attempt to save my hair on the walk to work. People wearing them on perfectly sunny days to feel like Vanessa Hudgens at brunch can go fly a kite (or an inside-out umbrella, I suppose.)

      • Kattigans

        As someone who knows many Seattlers I can understand this

  • Imaiya Ravichandran

    honestly, these look pretty okay on everyone except for leonardo di caprio. And yet…he seems to champion them the most. ~wild~

  • Emily

    I HATE THESE and fedoras with a passion. But I can get behind a straw hat, a baseball cap, and an occasional brunch hat.. so i’m an unreliable judge.

  • Lane

    No, I am with you. I am very anti-newsboy, and I don’t even hate hats!

  • eva

    since i moved from boston to sf 4 years ago my hat needs when up 400% it’s so dang damp and windy here all the time my ears would fall off without the safety of a hat, but that has led me to a small collection of the knit watch cap variety for the most part, anything else makes me feel like i’m in a costume. so i feel you on your hat gene theory. i’ve even purchased hats and returned them because they gave me impostor syndrome.

  • SpiritAndCourage

    They always reminds me of some tacky 90’s biker/leather daddy type look (i know that is probably the appeal) and I just can’t get behind it.

  • eva

    oh also: l. ron hubbard!

  • Alison

    “I’m confused about this one piece of her fall style” — just one? I’m a bit north of that number.

    • Kiks

      Her style is horrible. There, I’ve said it.

      • spicyearlgrey

        tbh i feel like the only people who have horrible style are people who wear things that they feel like they’re supposed to wear. i love anything with imagination, if for nothing but the spectacle

  • They can’t make me and they won’t make me!!

  • Sleepyhead

    I hate really deliberate outfits. I much prefer an effortless style. Once you put on one of these hats it’s no longer an effortless look and immediately looks VERY put together. I have to say, I’ve noticed that both the Hadid sisters don’t do effortless. They like outfits, that match, and have hats…

    • Abbey Leroux

      I agree with the dislike of The Deliberate Outfit. But I do genuinely like this family of hats — if and only if it is worn with a casual roughed-up ensemble. Basically none of these people above will ever accomplish it. They cannot. They have stylists. This is a hat of the people!

    • You’re so right. When did everyone have to have a stylist for every outfit, every day? Plus I never get the “best dressed” moniker when everyone labeled that is dressed by someone else. Can we all just relax a little!?

  • Anna Rodriguez

    Jealous Jealous Jealous!

  • joannanyc

    I lived in the non-hip part of Brooklyn (Flatbush) for a while and I cannot shake the association of these hats with mature West Indian ladies. I just can’t. Wearing one would feel like a costume. It would feel like cultural appropriation.

  • Grace

    I feel EXACTLY the same way and don’t understand why??? Why does fabric on the head make me feel genuine anger??? Why am I then unable to appreciate the look for being a look bc of said fabric???

    • silla


  • Kay Ann
    • Maria

      the love of my parallel universe lesbian life

  • sifsgoldwig

    Okay, but what about the very practical purpose of when you oversleep and dry shampoo just can’t help you anymore and you NEED a hat to cover up the greasy mess on top your head? I have an olive wool felt fedora and a black wool fisherman’s cap that are in regular rotation for this reason.

  • TinySoprano

    Yeah… call me daggy but I’m gonna be throwing in my hat (pun intended) with the bucket hat crowd instead.

  • Christine Dyson

    Aww back in the 80s I totally rocked an east German army cap in grey blue (IMO). Only hat that ever suited me and stayed on reasonably well. Part of my ‘Napoleonic Wars French Army Camp Follower look’ according to mum who knows about such things.

    Nick Heyward of Haircut 100 looked adorable in a cap, as did the young Michael Jackson. Will be purchasing one from Debenhams.

  • EmUhLee

    if homeboy comes through with any of those hats, it’s quiet for him

    • sarahuato

      OMG the cringe! I used to think Bella was super cool but after this interview she seems like she’s trying really hard to be edgy XD

      • Kattigans

        I am cringing too..also all her plastic surgery. Eeeek it just ages her so much and she sounds like a poser. “Homeboy”..bella get real you grew up in Malibu/BH. Stop trying to make homeboy happen, its never gonna happen

    • Emma

      Haha! I love that this has become a meme! I actually find that video pretty entertaining, I mean, of course she’s acting a bit but that’s what (most) celebreties do when being interviewed/filmed, I think her lines are only half-serious and that makes it funny!

    • Yikes!

  • handsoffmymiumiu

    Damn it, I now need one!

  • Diana McNeill

    The takeaway here is that ‘burying the lede’ is correct. I had no idea. Thanks for teaching me something new!

  • pamb

    lolololol. I sell handbags and accessories for a living, and our buying office bought that newsboy trend HARD. We all roll our eyes and pretend we don’t see the shelves of newsboy caps and prefer to look at the knitted caps with real fur pom poms. So. Much. Cuter!

  • Beatrice

    I snagged a vintage version of this hat a few years ago when I was living in the Bay Area and freezing my ass off 365 days a year. It’s charming when not overstyled—and when it serves a purpose. Hats protect my hair from rain and humidity and I am fully on board when the weather is lousy! Worn with a skinny black pant, boots, and warm wool jacket, I found the look to be pretty chic. Now that I live in SoCal… no hat besides a sun hat is really a necessity.

    • Beatrice

      That being said my boyfriend calls it my Fievel Goes West hat and he is not wrong…

  • SiS

    I never stopped using them since my first year of college, especially the mushroom version that gives me more space for my big head 😀 my favourite is black velvet and very warm and cozy for full winter, than there’s the brown velvet for midseason and the grey wool one.

  • Court E. Thompson

    “very time I sit down to watch a rerun of The Devil Wears Prada on cable TV” <–THIS When Andy finally takes the stupid hat off and fixes her bangs I love her outfit 10x more! Agree with the below commentators that it feels way too "try hard".

    However worth noting that I think newsboy hats are cute when a guy wears them (or maybe just my boyfriend….or just because he is my boyfriend).

  • Megan

    pahaha, I’m on the verge of stopping wearing mine because the trend is so overplayed

  • Maria

    Cilantro is way better

  • This is so funny! Amelia – how could you not like hats?!?! As someone who owns quite a few, and just received my very first custom hat sculpted for my sweet, bean-shaped head, I can sympathize with your frustration over the newsboy. That hat is so far down my list, I’m not sure anyone really looks good in it – except Christian Bale in Newsies (and even then he only wore it in one scene!)! Either way, these ladies are all trying WAY too hard to look cool. It seems exhausting!

  • Alexia

    4/7 of the above are wearing the same designer you are not quoting or putting him in the shop section. This is unfair to the designer and shows that you didn’t do your research.
    His name’s Ruslan Baginskiy and he’s doing great job.